Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Considering that he reads this, I probably should not admit here how much I missed him, should I? Or that I was on the verge of tears when BT kicked him off just when I sent him an IM? That hurt, but, he came back on a few minutes later and my right leg raced my left leg back to the computer. I'm still at war with my prudish side, but I guess it's getting easier. I missed him so much. I still don't know this is going, but I guess I'll find out one day. There are moments when I feel like jumping on plane just to find out, but, oh, hells, I just don't know. Things are just so weird on the net, and there's no way to know this way. Chemistry is so important, and just because my "gut" says one thing now, it's no guarantee that it will say the same thing in person.
I finally remembered to take my reading glasses to Amos to get them changed. I'm having lots of trouble with small print and getting my multifocals tweaked to use all the time will cost 2000 and new lenses for the reading glasses is only 120 for BOTH pair. A no brainer there. I'd much rather use the money for an escape this summer, if I can ever decided where I want to go, and if they ever finish the room!
My quack at the clinic found a new way to get me in there for blood tests. He made them a condition of the scans, no blood tests, no scans! So I'll be out of here early tomorrow to get that done! With any luck, I won't forget to pick up a couple of beers.
Fanny just left after cleaning up the paint we splattered on the floor in the new room. I wonder how long it will take to get the smell of the turpentine out of there. It does leave a nice shine on the floor, though.
Now here's an idea, I'll let the dogs off their leads and make a quick run into town for beer now. My next show doesn't start until 18:00 so I have plenty of time!
I might even pick up the hinges for my dog barrier!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Not quite sure how it happened, but I got out of here early and had a run of luck that even *I* find hard to believe. First stop; the housewares shop at Rasco. She was not only open, but had the squeegy thing with the floor cloth holder I've been loking for. Then, on to the clinic to find out about the CTs in Haifa. Orly, (dimwitted on her best days) made the appointments without waiting for me. I'll sort it tomorrow. Then on to Yehiel for blank VCR tapes, then to get tabouli. I had decided, after reading Benny Avrahami's article on Friday to suggest a weekly picture in the local paper of parking criminals, so off to the community center to look for him, and there he was! I also ran into, almost literally, Hertzel and I'm signed up for the get rid of the mayor project. On my way home, I saw Meir of new room fame. He says they're still waiting for approval to make the new hole. So, I am now caught up, and just have to wait for Sabti to call about the pictures. It might be a good idea to get the sheets out of the drier and make my bed. I was too lazy to do it last night.
I did something last night that I haven't dared do since I moved here. I went to sleep nakey (as we say at the VA) It just isn't done when katyushas are flying around. But now Sderot is getting the heat, so, I did it! Naughty me, but I just love it.
I think it's time to do the sheets, then have a quick shower, and go rest until with any luck Billy shows up. Where is he? I miss the poor misguided fool!

Monday, June 28, 2004


I just might switch my night time radio station to a music one. That way I won't hear the idiocies I get from my all night talk one! Kerry managed to get me all wound up with his bullshit announcement of support for Israel. Is he really that stupid? With any luck, a nice peaceloving raghead will be so pissed off by what he said that he'll get 'done'. Any one who knows anything about the State Department knows that the President has very little to say about policy and if the old time arabists don't like what the Prez says, the old timers will do to him exactly what they are doing to Bush now. All Kerry did was reprove to me what an idiot he is and how little he understands about the way Washington really works, on top of being a liar, traitor, and coward.(he's a senator?)
Also woke up to hearing about the Kassam rocket attack on Sderot, with 3 killed, I think. AND SHARON STILL WANTS TO PULL OUT OF GAZA. Like they'll stop terror if we leave. I don't think so, it will just give them more incentive to turn up the heat so we'll pack up and leave. I'm going to skip the news tonight because I don't want to hear all talking heads saying how wonderful Kerry will be for us, BECAUSE HE WON'T, and because as resident and one who was injured by a hizbolla katyusha, I don't need to see hear it. Been there, done that. How long will it take the people in Sderot to demand evacuation? Another victory for the terrorists. Sheeeit.


........things go so well it's scary. Contrary to my expectations, Social Insecurity *did* pay my transportation allowance this month. AND MAZAL TOV! The computer is mine. Last payment, and after a short discussion with Mordy at the bank, he's going to pay that big check on the Victor thing. It's over, except for the shouting! The shyster can file now, and it's encouraging to know that the judge here detests Victor, so it will be inertesting to see what he does to him for what he did to this poor 'helpless' crip!

Striar the liar called early and said he'd be making a transfer later. There's a warrent out for him and he had to go to the cop shop first. I was pretty nasty and told him it might be wise to send first, the go to see the cops.He called back after a few minutes and said "A car just bumped into me, what should I do?" Not missing a beat, I came back with "lie down and die!"and hung up. Of course he didn't. He *did* however start calling while I was talking to Mordy, I turned both phones off and called him back when I'd left the bank. He gave me the transfer number, I went and got the cash, bought fags and then bought a bunch of bags full of salad. I'll get some tabouli tomorrow, and do a proper shop when my Visa frees up on the second. At least there are no split payments this month! Teadrinker found out today that she'll be getting her retro payment in just a few days. She'd better order that computer today, or I'll stop talking to her! It took long enough to get that one sorted, but at least it is, and she has no reason not to get a computer! Speaking of which, I should call Gerald about my old one. It's so much fun talking to him, with his South Africanisms. He won't get to the old one until tonight, but that's ok. No rush at all. Oi! This computer is now mine. The last check cleared today and IT'S MINE!

In his last sweet e mail Billy said to catch him on IM next time I see him there. I haven't seen him there yet,but there's a window open just in case. I hope he's ok and it's just BT being a pain. Damn it all, I *do* miss him. How did he do that to me? Well, I'm just hanging around most of the time,ready to hot foot it over here, hoping he'll show up: MEN.
I think that just for fun, I'll go wrestle the linens off my bed, wash them, then wrestle them back on, while pretending they are all the men in the world. A new therapy!

Sunday, June 27, 2004


Naomi Shemer died yesterday and was buried today in the Kinneret Cemetary. The only good thing about that is that radio and TV are playing her songs nonstop. She was such a prolific talent. It's sad to her leave us, but she left us so many wonderful songs that we should feel blessed that we had her to write them for us. They really do cover the State from the beginning until now. Her legacy will live as long as we keep singing her songs.


It only took 50 some years, but when I get my ID card and renewed passport back in about a week and a half, my name will at long last be correct! I put Franne as a middle name correctly spelled, and Ilana as a first name. Of course keeping Golan. So, get ready to greet Ilana Franne Golan in the near future. Those who know me as Franne had better keep on using that. Now that the old ID card is gone, I'd better find the CD with the picture on it.

It must have been a big weekend for local criminals and cops. I've never seen so many at court as there were today, and so many shackled hand and foot! Bet it's no fun climbing those 3 flights of stairs to the court with shackled feet!(note to self: Self, either don't do it, or don't get caught!)
It's shaping up to be a hot one, so, it's off for a quick shower, then to veg in bed with TV and a bottle of ice that soon will be water, with an ear ever open for IMs of interest.


What is so complicated about alarm clocks that I can rarely get mine to go off on time? Thanks to my incompetence I missed the first hour of Dark Matters yet again. It's just a simple clock radio, so why all the trouble? It might be a good idea to 1) get one that is an alarm clock only or 2) get the cellphone book out and start using it as an alarm clock(not the book, the phone!). Thankfully Cynthia posts a very comprehensive recap of the show, so I'll be able to catch up.
Oh, shit, the Lunatic upstairs is washing windows. I'd best get the dogs in before she starts dumping water on the ramp side.

I'm feeling better now that I've heard from Billy. He still doesn't understand all the issues I have with myself, but I guess only those who knew me back when really can get what The Philmore did to my self confidence when I was a kid. It's really scary to think what I'd be like if not for my mother. I'd most likely be locked in a rubber room while wearing a straight jacket. My head *knows* better, but somehow, I just can't get around it, however hard I try. Maybe one day? I was a bit surprised by how happy I was to see his e mail and by how much I missed that flutter when I heard the IM buzz. The internet supposedly puts enough distance between people that they can be more daring than they would be in person, but it doesn't for me. No matter the media, I can't be anyone other than myself. I suppose that's good because in virtual life, as in real life, what you see is what you get, even if the webcam only shows from the shoulders up! Anyone looking for a super model lookalike is 18 years too late. I MUST find that CD! It's not where it's supposed to be, so I'll have turn out my alternative hidey holes. It just might be in Mom's Japanese box or with the A Team scripts. I KNOW it's here some place.

It's after 10:00, so I guess I can go out, now that I've upheld my end of the bargain with Igal and Melul. The cell number is on the door if someone arrives to drill the new hole for the a/c. But first, I have to talk to the shyster about ading the 450 in bounced check fees to the suit. His line is busy. Grrrrrr.

Friday, June 25, 2004


I can now state categorically that the Chinese restaurant at Sde Nehenia is horrid. I got dressed, took the dogs for a run and left on time with the stuff I bought for Romi, the charm Cab sent from China for Irit, my camera, wallet and cellphone, or so I thought. I got there at 18:35 and when I went to get the cell phone to call them, it wasn't there! I'd left it on the bed. Thank God for solid tyres that can't get flat! The kids pulled in a cigarette later and in we went. The restaurant overlooks a lawn that leads to the Jordan River, but as it was early evening, the sun was in my eyes which made it hard to enjoy the view. An even better view was in the carriage, so I looked at Romi. We decided to order al a carte because it was less expensive than the *meals* I ordered chicken won ton soup and beef and almonds, Irit got an egg roll and chicken lo mein, Guy had corn soup and duck in honey. I was quite happy with the soup and should and could have happily stopped there. The beef was not very good, in fact none of us were very happy with our meals with the exception of Romi, she was thrilled with hers! I was not pleased, to put it mildly when the waitress informed me that my card was refused. I just handed the cash I had over to Guy who put it on his card, without blinking. What I gave him, and the baby clothes I bought at Irit's request, the bill was covered. Still a lousy feeling. Irit asked me about my hair cut. My hair was going every whichway from the wind on the ride out. I didn't wear a hat because the sun was almost down and I like the feeling of wind in my hair. I told her it was the wind, but the cut was supposed to be as much like Romi's as possible. She almost choked! Then, after Guy made some comment about Irit being perverse about something, I told her that I tried on the dress she'd wanted me to wear to Yogi's brit, and it fit even better now, but I decided not to wear it just to be perverse and that this one is more comfortable for riding Harley, and that last summer when I got these dresses she liked them a lot but hated the other ones, and that she really should be more consistent. All in all it was a nice visit, even though the food wasn't very good. They kept teasing me about "getting better" and told me about a triathalon next month that I might want to try. Guy is, at last getting less uptight about that kind of teasing, but I wouldn't want to be around if someone else tried to do it!
The ride home was incredible. The air was just the right temperature and it felt like being caressed by the smoothest silk. The half moon and stars(maybe satellites?) were right over head and I was sorry to get back to town. I'll be going out on Valency's Promenade a lot now. On the way there were lots of power walkers and dieters walking along. The bitch in me says, "good, they need it" (like *I* don't?) I would give anything to be able to walk out there again, but as I can't, I'm thankfull that I have Harley and can get out there that way. My back is protesting the long ride on solid tyres, so I think I'll let it get comfortable. All in all, it was very nice. Next time, we'll go to a better Chinese place.

Social Insecurity

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the letter from Social Insecurity. I was expecting to see that they've stopped the transportation allowance, but, no! They've actually reduced it to what it's always been(????????) Of course this letter *could* be a mistake and they have taken it away, but now I'm hopefull that it will stay the same. I'll know on Monday. If it comes in the same, I'll have to find out what means in regards to buying a car. I'll do the appeal in any case. Dare I hope that letter is correct?
I got the 200 Striar the liar sent and a new battery for my watch. and the local papers. I'm now going to have a shower, then read the papers before I get ready to go meet the kids at Sde Nehemia.


It had to happen. It's all my fault that Irit *has* to quit the cops. It coudn't possibly be because she didn't listen to ANYONE before she got married about putting in for a transfer from Hebron. Her excuse that she had to be near Jerusalem to finish her degree was just that, an excuse. She could have finished from Meitav as easily, but, nooooo, she knew better and now, when she can't get a transfer, it's all my fault. She's also pissed off that I won't just up and die so they can leave the country without feeling guilty. I don't think so.The really annoying part is that she thinks it's funny. I'm getting a bit, no a whole lot, tired of hearing it. I have to appologize for living? We got into it again yesterday when she started up with the whole "you can't hold Romi' thing again. "Why can't I hold her?" "She kicks and you might drop her AND she might breath dog hairs" Ok, so one of my arms is kinda gimpy, but it works well enough with the ok one that I can hold her without dropping her. It's not like I'd try to carry her upstairs or anything, and I only ever wear *slippery* fabrics that doghairs tend to not stick to, maybe not 100%, but....She got me so riled that I said, (read yelled) "then don't bother coming here until she's big enough that I *can* hold her and slammed the phone down. In the 10 minutes it took her to call back I think she figured out that she'd gone too far. She also let it slip that they have hotel reservations this weekend when I suggested we postpone it until next week after payday and my Visa frees up. It's a state secret that they are staying up here? I know they won't stay with me because of the dogs and smoke. Guy hates it, so she didn't not tell for fear of offending. What's the big deal? She has no problem telling me to pop my clogs already; I think it's great to take a weekend away from home. If I could manage it, I'd go there and take care of Romi so they could get away on their own, but for obvious reasons I can't! That girl had better get a grip and start thinking. She's started swimming lessons with Romi and says that Romi has stopped babbling since then so she's going to stop the lessons. Brilliant, nothing like teaching a 4 moth old that if she just looks like she doesn't like something, Mommy will let her quit. Irit never stopped to think that they start baby swimming lessons at that age because there's still some residual memory of the watery womb and babies are less scared of the water because of that very reason. It's just one more step to figure out that babies don't babble in the womb to figure it out. I hope she keeps it up. Romi obviously loves it, but what do I know? It will be interesting today but, at least I'll be independent. I hate being at someone elses mercy. If she really winds me up, I can just hop on Harley and come home. Where did I go wrong with that girl? She didn't like what I wore to Yogi's babys' brit, so told me to wear some thing else and nicer. No matter how many times I explain that I wear what I wear for a reason other than fashion, she just doesn't get it. No way am I wearing a *nice* dress that is uncomfortable on Harley for a 35 minute ride, and then to sit for who knows how long on a chair that wasn't exactly designed for a gimp in a dress. I will wear what I find to be comfortable. If anyone in this family knows fashion, it's me, not her. How quickly she's forgotten the last weeks of her pregnancy when just wearing skin was a pain, never mind making a fashion statement. Just living in this body is uncomfortable, I have to add to that with clothes that are stylish? COMFORT RULES. I could rant on about her for hours, but Striar the liar sent 200, so I'd best go collect it. Sheesh, I sit here and complain about Irit, but as a child, he takes the cake, or should I say, the whole bakery? His mother was supposed to send him $200 but was hospitalized, and he's pissed off at her. His poor mother. At least Irit realizes when she's gone too far, she doesn't ever say she's sorry, but does do a quick back peddle which is just fine. If things go as usual, I should have plenty to rant about tonight or tomorrow. I don't suppose she asked if the cleaning lady has been here because they are planning a surprise visit tomorrow? I'm in deep shit because she wasn't here yesterday and the floor is in desperate need of a wash and my eczema is super bad. Oh, hells, I'll just do it in the morning.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


At least someone still loves me. My new sawbones saw the protocol from the transportation board that says I'm getting better and had even worse things to say about them than I did! He's ordereed a whole bunch of tests and scans and x rays that we KNOW will show changes and not for better! He did make one condition- a pint of one of Ireland's finest Guiness or Murphys. I'll get him one of each. Gili goes to Haifa at least once a week, so I'll just ask him to bring, our even better, I'll get them when I go to Haifa for the scans and all at that lovely tavern in the port. Striar the liar called while I was in with Dr. Sawbones and I decided not to call him back before I got home. I just rolled in from an excursion to the Chinese restaurant at Sde Nehemia. I wanted to clock the trip on Harley. Exactly 35 minutes on the Valency Promenade. Now all I have to do is figure out if my Visa will work. Striar the liar got an earfull and he's trying (or so he says) to get 300 together. That should cover it if my visa doesn't. I could scream. Of course I could postpone it to next week when the Visa frees up, BUT I WANT TO SEE ROMI.
On the up side, I did enjoy the ride out to Sde Nehemia. It reminded of the days long gone when I used to walk out there to sit at my favorite spot along the Jordan River. Now that I know Harley goes and comes back easily (bless solid tyres) I can start doing that again! It's so nice riding along the promemade. The Golan straight ahead on the way out and the Naphtali range on the way home with the Hula Valley stretching away on both sides. I must remember what a great relaxer it is and go back to doing that when I need a time out! Of course it doesn't do much for my back and shoulders, but the calming effect is well worth the pain. Lots better than tranqs! I have a feeling I'll be going out there a lot in the future.


I just never seem to learn. I followed my gut instinct with Billy and let him in further than anyone else in the last 30 so years. It wasn't enough for him. I sent him a mail explaining stuff and have yet to get so much as a 'f**k off' in return. I just don't know what he expects or wants from me. Hells, I don't even know what *I* expected or wanted from him. An IM relationship can only go so far, can't it? What's the next step from where we are/were? I just don't know.

Striar the liar just called and as usual, more stories. I told him that if I have to cancel lunch with Irit, Guy, and Romi tomorrow, he doesn't want to know. I got the shakes at Menashs' waiting for the approval from Visa for fags. If it hadn't come through, my next stop would have beenON HIM at his flat, and he would have come out of that flat, as in rolled over steamroller flat. I'm so close to maxed out on the card that I don't dare to even think about taking the kids to lunch without a cash back up in my pocket. AND I HAVEN'T SEEN ROMI IN OVER A MONTH. STRIAR THE LIAR said that in order to pay back what he's paid so far he's had to hit everyone he knows. I reminded him in my nastiest voice that he would not be in this situation if he hadn't done what he did and caused 30,000 damage to my bank account and playing the whining victim TO ME is just going to piss me off even more.
At least the shyster arived yesterday with suit almost ready for filing. He made two minor mistakes and I want him to correct them so it will be as accurate as possible. I'm not going up against Victor without all the *t*s dotted and *i*s crossed. I am enjoying the thought of case being heard outside in the parking lot where everyone will be able to see it. Victor has done half the town at one time or another and it might give others the strength to go after him too. While I was reading the brief, the shyster sorted the fax. It's working, so I just might keep it. Handy for copying and I have to copy all the Visa statements to prove that Victor over charged me on the a/c he finally delivered. I just hope all this crap will keep me occupied enough not to mope around about Billy giving up so easily? Or, maybe, at some point I'll figure out what it was he expected? I'll wait until Sunday to take him off the IM list. Guess who's court the ball is in?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Not happy

Lousy rotten stinking shyster. Yeah, he called last evening and said he'd be here today, and to come over and check the filing. So, I hopped on Harley to go and HE WASN'T THERE. Not only wasn't he there, his cell phone is disconnected, and he hasn't called. If that isn't enough, Billy doesn't love me any more. Not that I blame him one little bit. I'm far from easy. So, of course nothing got done today. I didn't even get a can of beer, and boy oh boy do I want one! Oh, yeah, I'm in great shape, got 2 fags going now. Men! Why do I even bother? I'm going to say goodbye to Teadrinker and go rest. I'll get up if Billy buzzes on IM. Damn him, I already miss talking to him.

How NOT to start the day

Take it from me. I know from experience! If yo NEED a good cup of coffee to start the day, take care that water gets added to coffee. This is important whether you are using a machine,Chemex, percolator, or instant. Where and when did I aquire this expertise? Why, right here at Gimp House this very morning. It came about thusly; I staggered into the kitchen, hit the on switch of the kettle and put the cup where it's supposed to wait for the hot water. Then I took the dogs out and came back to boiling water which was promptly poured into the cup. Somehow I got the cup over here without noticing the color of the water. 2 fags later, I saw the color- none! I forgot to put the coffee in.
It happened this way because I hadn't had my first coffee yet.Ok, now for the big question: Is it possible to have a first cup of coffee before preparing the first cup of coffee? I just can't function at all without morning coffee, and two is better. Just ask anyone who has had the misfortune of being on the same planet with me before my morning coffee. I AM NOT and never have been a morning person. Let me stay up all night and sleep all day.
The shyster called last night and he's bringing the papers today so we can go over them and file them in a day or so. This is taking sooooo long, but not everyone can move as fast as I can on stuff like this. It could and should have been filed the week after I first saw the shyster, but we can't go back. I'll be happy as long as it's filed and Victor's bank accounts get frozen. That's when the fun and games will start! I can't wait. There's no way he can get out of this. I may have been stupid enough to do business with him, but I *was* smart enough to keep every scrap of paper relating it, and to get everything in his own handwriting! I didn't even write the checks, I just signed them and ALL the credit card slips are in HIS handwriting. The jerk doesn't even use a machine for CC transactions. He writes them all by hand. Gottcha! It will take time, but eventually he will pay. I hope it's not too long because Alice just told me her dad has prostate cancer. I might have to go there on short notice. She's not going through that without me. She was there for me everytime I needed her. I will not do less for her, Not with her pain in the ass sister in the area. Wes just isn't equipped to handle her, where as I've been doing that since 1957. I'm the only one with the experience and knowlege to keep her where she belongs.(a soundproofed crate with airholes) I'd better get my passports renewed, and soon. GG isn't getting any younger.

Monday, June 21, 2004


Gotta love Israeli's. There's always one who deserves to be shot on sight and the Texas defense will get the shooter aquitted. "Now what's she whinging about?" you ask. "Why, nothing of importance!" she answers. Just some jerk with a governmet owned Peugeot van parked ON the ramp that leads into the area the shop I needed is in. The part I don't understand is why he didn't just go all the way in. The glass doors are a pretty flimsy barrier, after all. Ok, so he had a crip parking sticker on the van, but when he finally came out, he was walking just fine. He could and SHOULD have parked in the spaces to the side of the doorway. If I catch him there again, I WILL take a pic and send it in, after checking to see if the sticker is in fact for that van. I exchanged the cord with out the adapter to one with and will hook it up and try to record.
I also had a go at the idiots at the clinic about dr. badshit. They are trying to tell me that a nurse is in charge of the doctor. Yeah, right. A doctor is going to put up with a nurse for a boss! It looks like I'm going to have to drag the big shots in on this, but first I'll send a couple of nasty letters and see if that works.
Before I do anything, I think it's time for lunch and a short rest.
There was some action over Har Dov way, and Achy didn't answer his phone, so I tried at home and left a message with his son, Guy. Achy should be rining any minute now. He might already know, but it hasn't hit the newspaper's site yet. I've only checked his site, not the other papers' sites. Lunch, rest, and back to *work*

Sunday, June 20, 2004


......the techie is nice. Of course it's been working just fine all day. And the timing gods were on my side today, mostly. Eli came and sorted the a/c-seems it has to be set to cool to in fact cool. The problem is that the symbol for cool is the same as the one for heat. The trick is that if the symbol is in top right corner of the remote, it's on cool, if it's just above and to the left of the temp, it's heat! That should be easy enough even for me to keep straight.
Fanny came and did her cleaning magic, and had just finished when the cable techie came. I STILL HATE CABLE, and can't wait for the year of punishment to be over. I never did get out to return the fax and Striar the liar is still futzing around. I just might go to Safed tomorrow and spread some misery there for him. What a louse about timing.....when I was writing the part of the previous post about the hizzies, Achy called and asked me to let him know the minute I hear any booms. Not a problem, except, I'm not sure I'll hear them with all the windows closed and the a/c on. The dogs don't even react anymore because they are so far way. It's not like it was when katyushas were landing all over town and they both hid under the bed.
Hertzel Ben Asher has started a campaign to get Barbidoll kicked out of the mayor's office. I've been meaning to call and offer to help. I want to see him go from the mayors' office straight to jail, and will do just about anything needed to help. That man is such a sleazy liar. Must be related to Striar. Ok, campaign promises are just that, but there are limits. I really can't feel too sorry for all the municipal employees who haven't gotten paid in over 5 months. They knew the situation and voted for him anyway. Granted, there's no excuse for them not to paid, but.....He's got to go, and I'm itching to be in on it!
It's father's day in the States, so I'll call The Philmore in a while, and remind Irit to call her Old Man and grampa!


Eli, the a/c guy just left. Did you know, that if the remote is set on heat,it will not cool, no matter what degree it was set for! Gerald was here before the end of Dark Matters, and sorted the computer, I think. I've lost the format stuff for Outlok Express, and my beloved e mail informer. It seems that Hotbar creates more havoc than it's worth. NOW, the cable modem is making trouble. It's behaving itself at the moment, and probably will until, and while, the techie is here. I don't care, he can either change it or come back every time it misbehaves! I HATE CABLE.
The electric guy was here with the supervisor/inspector, and the air filter/conditioner will be a while arriving. Seems there are none of that model in stock now. They say it's THE top of the line, VERY BEST system manufactured in the country! Had a bit of a giggle, while they were here. They said on the news that the hizzies were shooting mortars over on the western end of the border at imaginary airplanes. We exchanged a *look* and the boss said they'd do everything they can to finish it up real quick.
I find it interesting that the hizzies started up again right after the Iranians announced they are restarting their nuke program. Hmmmmmm. Where are the Yanks? They shut Khaddaffi down, Iraq is out of the picture, leaving Syria with Saddamns' WMD and North Korea, and a few others of that ilk.
Poor Billy. Worked an 18 hour shift. That's just insane, says she who worked 28 hours a day in '96 during Grapes Of Wrath! Now, that was a wild 6 months. I think I'll go lie down when Teadrinker gets off the line. It's nap time. I did it again, stayed up late and got up early to listen to D.M. Now, I want to sleep until the cable clown gets here. With any luck, I'll have an hour and a half!

Saturday, June 19, 2004


wEEEEEL,I almost have the template sorted. I might get it right in another hour or so. In the meantime, the post by e mail is not exactly working. That may have to wait until next week. Let's see what happens to a post. If it's no good, I can just go back and play some more!


....was me. For some inexplicable reason, ole gimpy decided to uninstall Hotbar and in so doing lost her favorite e mail notifier. It only took a day and a half to get it back and God only knows how much extra crap got downloaded in the process. And YSS, I have added that to the list for Gerald to fix tomorrow. I also moved that useless garbage fax down from it's perch. It's going back tomorrow and if they won't give me credit for it, I'll destroy it right there, and go looking for a proper chem paper one that doesn't make trouble. Then, of course by the time I got that done, this hunk of junk refused to connect to the great WWW. I called my behated server and she made me get up (ouch) and disconnect the freaking modem I HATE CABLE It finally connected. Then, of course it refused to bring up Gimp House. I HATE CABLE but in the end it came up, as you can see. Comic relief arrived in the form of Pegasus dragging the hand mixer with it's cord wrapped around his back. How he did that, I do not know, nor do I want to know. By the time I got him unwrapped, I was almost grinning. Of course I have a whopping headache now. I HATE CABLE
My next project for the day is to figure out how the email feature on this blog works. I have a vague memory of having seen that pics can be posted by e mail, but I could be wrong. Nothing new there. I sent my dad an e mail inviting him to look in here, as he never answers mails so I never know if he gets them. I HATE CABLE
and have a headache. Maybe I should take my meds. Might help the headache. Ok, I'll give the meds half an hour or so, and if the headache is gone, take the dogs for a quick run. I can't leave Ragamuffin out on the ramp coz she's in heat. So, a quick outing with Harley is the answer.
I was awake until almost 03:00 which didn't help a bit. All kinds of idiot things running around what passes for a brain in my head. Oh, yeah, those pills are good. Time to take the dogs out, then get the fan spining in here. It's hot and Eli can't come until tomorrow, if then. Then, figure out the e mail thing.

Friday, June 18, 2004


Had to kick that idiot picture bot prog out again. Nothing works right when it's installed. Gerald will be here on Sunday morning. Maybe he'll be able to figure something out.Of course if he gets here when he said he will, I'll miss the last hour of Dark Matters. Other than that, it's been a GOOD morning so far except for the pain, but, hey, without it, I'l probably think I'm dead, so........
I got the most amazing package from Cab today. I adore that gal to pieces and feel so privileged to know her. She is truly one of the special ones.She sent a ciggie holder, purple bracelet and Chinese fertility charm for Da Brat, and a gold leaf,(must remember to ask what the leaf is aside from pretty?)along with the most fascinating tale on the origin of the holder. How did she know I've been wanting a holder for years, not just to hold fags, but to use where smoking can get you in big trouble, like airplanes and buses. I absolutely love it, and HER!My thoughts on all kinds of subjects aer chasing themselves round and round my head and making me dizzy.
I called Eli about the a/c and he said he'd try to get here around 12:00. It's 13.20 now, so it won't be today. Maybe Sunday? They just announced on the radio that this is suposed be a super hot summer here, and dangerous to the elderly and chronicaly ill who don't have a/c. I *do* have a/c, it's just not working. Haven't really needed it yet. The new room helps keep Gimp House cool. Don't ask me how, coz I don't know! Could have something to do with 40cm thick walls and and even thicker ceiling/roof? Not that I'm complaing or anything,inquiring minds want to know is all.
Teadrinker is on the line, and all I want right now is to build a salad, crawl into bed and have a nice read/rest!
I MUST, figure out a better way to sit here more comfortably, this just hurts too much after a shorter and shorter time. Achh. Maybe I'll try the new wheelchair. At least it's feet are at a 70 degree angle. Good for kneesles! And the back of it has adjustable velcro thingies. It pisses me off a bit that last year I was gimping around the house and only used the chair to go out. Now, I'm spending half the day in it. AND THOSE IDIOTS SAID I'M GETTING BETTER; Yeah, right.
It is now time to do the above and try to figure out if yesterday's post pissed Billy off. I'm so good at that. Anyway, we shall see what we shall see.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Odd as it might sound, after doing the *clean the beige keyboard* thing severalo times, I decided it was time to get that new black one I've been eying. Got it last night and conhookdeded it, too short cable and all. This morning I messed around for an hour or so trying to find a comfortable position for IT and ME. No luck, so at 11:00 I went charging off to try and catch my sawbones, get fags and look for an extension cord for the KB. The sawbones had been and gone, so I made a proper appointment to see him next week I also had a go at dr. badshit by way of Oranit. She doesn't know who badshit's boss is, but said she'll get back to me on it.
Then I took off to see Eli the a/c guy, but his shop was closed. I'll call him a bit later. Then off to get fags, and back to the shop where I got the kb. They *did* have an extension cord and now all is well. While I was at it, I got a new optic mouse-black, of course, AND a new microphone. The mouse is working just fine, but I'm not going to do anything with the mic until Gerald comes to sort the other stuff. Next on my to do list is to get that bookcase out of here, this table turned around and the fax sorted. Not today.
The electric guy said the inspectors are suposed to be here on Sunday. That means they will either be inspecting an unfinished room-nothing new there, or they will show up soon to do the rest of the stuff.
I AM going to the movie this evening, unless they show up to work, which is entirely possible with that lot. I DARE Igal to even think they were here and I wasn't. We agreed that they would either call or be here by 09:30. I didn't leave until 11:00 and the cell phone that's number is on the door and was with me. I DARE him.
Sheesh, my watch died. It just needs a new battery. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on when I get out of here. Of course by the time I get around to changing it, I'll be back to knowing the time without it.
At least Teadrinker caught me while I was doing my pill boxes. I could listen to her and finish filling them. That's done.
Been doing a lot of thinking about Billy, but so far no conclusions. I just can't get a handle on this whole thing. What in the world does he need with a mean, old hag like me? And what ever possessed him to IM in the first pace? He needs psychiatric help even more than he needs new specs!
Time to get some weeds to eat and get ready to go to the movie. With any luck I'll be home in time for part two of yesterday's Highlander. If not, it'll rerun on Sunday. I should be back at the computer by 22:00 or so.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Ok, I got the new black keyboard and so far so good. It's more comfortable and it will be harder to get all fingyprinty. That lousy rotton stinky garbage picture bot is going to drive me to drink. I got three pics posted, but not the ones I wanted. The ones I wanted simply would not post no matter how many times I went back over the directions. Then just to really piss me of the picture on the CD has disappeared from it's place. That really pisses me off because it was expensive and making another is just a pain. Maybe it will show up tomorrow. Oh, yeah, tomorrow. I HAVE to go to the sawbones. How do I do that if they come to finish the room tomorrow? Moshe took off without a word. He is going to be soooooo sorry. I'm pouring sweat, so I think I'll go for a quick (for me) shower. Might put me in a better mood. Ohhhhhh, I like this keyboard. I do.
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I think that by some accident of fate I've stumbled accross the secret of pictures here. I'm going to download that prog again and see if I'm right. If I am, I'll stick the 1986 pic in here and a few others. DOWNLOAD HERE I COME.


There is something very wrong here. The electrician guy actually got here BEFORE 09:30 and is moving right along! Computer is misbehaving. I'll have to Gerald in to sort it. Ran scan disc and defrag last night, but it wasn't much of a help. I finally downloaded the picture I took for Wallygator and sent it to her.
Striar the liar is still dragging his feet. I might have to actually come up with a plan *B* and implement it. It's almost time to buy the bricks for new room and I don't have the cash to pay the electric guy if he agrees to put up the other fan light.
I finally figured out how to make that picture prog for the blog work, 3 days after I uninstalled it. I'll wait to reinstall it until after Gerald has a look see here.
Dare I hope that the electric will be done by 17:00 so I can go to the movie and get a new keyboard? If not, there's always tomorrow. Now he tells me that I have to get the phone and cable companies in to connect their respective services in the new room. Not urgent, it can wait!
I think I'll go stretch out with J. Kellerman for a bit, then get on with Mooncat's fic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Incomprehensible. That's the only word I can think of to describe what went on here today. The electric crew arrived at a bit before 11:00, phutzed around a bit, created a new deeper layer of dust with their drills, then at 12:15 disappeared for lunch, gaily annoncing that they'd be back in an hour or so. I had some lunch, a nap, was here for a bit, and they returned at 15:35! I guess that comes under the or so part of what they said when they left? At least they sort of swept up a bit, the operative words here are sort of!
Before they left I begged them to get here earlier tomorrow bacause they totally messed up my new keyboard, no movie, very little progress on their work. I could scream. Dare I hope they'll get it finished tomorrow? Nah, Even I'm not that stupid!
With a bit more luck, they just might install the fan light in here. They *did* promise to sort the big light in my room. Must remember to remind them of that promise.
Am I going on a quick jaunt to London in August? I'd really like to, but it pretty much depends on if OTJ will be in Oct. Can't do both, must choose. But I want a get away.


I was on Harley and on my way out of here when the electric contractor for the new room appeared. They were supposed to notify me before they came, OR arrive by 09:30. If I'm not mistaken, 10:45 is AFTER 09:30. These guys are also enfossilated to the specs and won't install my fan without permission from the *gods of the white paint* [sigh] But he will fix the big light fixture in my room so that maybe I'll be able to see what's in the wardrobe without a torch or candle! If this whole thing was not so infuriating, I'd be rolling around laughing and most likely will be when it's finished. Now, off to do battle for my fan light! How exotic. I just love them. I have one for the new room and another for either the living room. soon to be dining room, to replace the old one that threatens to shake itself loose from the ceiling. Damn idiot who installed it! In principle, they should be able to finish by the time I have to leave for the movie! One can but hope!


Some idiot gimp left my cellphone on my bed last night. Said idiot didn't lock the keys. While I was on the computer after Rivka and David went to sleep, Ragamuffin was doing jumpy jumpy on the bed. Some of her jumpys landed her on the phone and somehow it dialled Guy's number, 9 times to be exact. When I finally went to bed, I put it on the nightstand. The phone rang at 04:00 and there was an extremely irate Irit on the end of the line. "WHAT WERE ALL THOSE CALLS TO GUY AFTER 23:00?" Luckily she knows Ragamuffin, so it was clear what happened. She called again this morning to have another go at me. I MUST be more carefull about where I leave that phone.
Rivka and David just left. They don't know when they'll be back, maybe next week, maybe the week after. It's kind of fun when they are here. They are out all day and just come back in the evening. After a nice visit, they go to sleep. It's not at all like having house guests that need entertaining. I barely know they are here.
Rivka, bless her little cotton socks, left me 20 so I can see the new Harry Potter movie. I can get anything I want except fags and movie tickets in this without so much as half a shekel in my pocket! I think I'll go to the 16:30 show. I also have to get a new keyboard for this. This one has sticky keys and I've been wanting a black one for ever so long. They don't make purple ones, or if they do, they aren't available here. This one is driving me so nuts, I'll get black.
It's going to be a hot one today. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get away with not using the a/c. I'd better get Eli over to check it out. I have a feeling it needs gas. I'm going to run defrag while I'm at the movie. With any luck it will finish by the time I get back. If not, I'll redo it before I go to bed, which will be early tonight. Phone calls at 04:00 tend to be disruptive to tired gimps.

Monday, June 14, 2004


A post just came through from Susie about one of Cab's fics, so, of course, I tried to call her at home. She's not home yet. It must be just Yahoo being Yahell, as usual! I did have a quick chat with her mom. She thanked me for doing so much for Susie. It's a crime that families with special children have such a hard time financially. It's a privilege to be able to bring things to Susie that otherwise she'd only dream about.
A post just came in from her about it. She must be at Val's still. Can you tell from post how excited she is?

Oh yes my biggest dream finally came true ,Thanks to friends.

I meant Dwight . This was so cool. I handed my picture of Miss Bunny
my cat and said this was Murdock 's daugher. He laugh and said well I
hope not . (BG) I menat my cat not Murdock . Then at the question
time I asked two question. 1 did he like cats. He said he was a
dogman but cats were okay. He didn't hated them just thought dogs
were smarter. Then I asked what was his favorite Ateam show which he
said the one with his wife and the James Bond one . Which as you all
know was Bounty and The Spy whose mugged me. I got my picture taken
with him. He put his arms around me but dumb me was too scare to put
my arms around him. I then caught him outside in the hall and asked
him if he read the cook book Purple Gimp and send him. He siad he did
but have not try any of the recipes. I told him the chili one was
mine he laugh I got another hug and hand shake . ( Sorry Franne no
kiss I was too afaid I would faint )

OT : My mom going to be thrill I meant India


That e mail was well worth every penny it cost. Now, how to bring her over here for a couple of weeks. Maybe next winter when the airfares are low. Susie in the Holy Land is something I have to see! I feel all fuzzy and warm. Susie finally met Dwight. In spite of all Striar the liar's crap, I pulled it off! Where is that girl? I want to hear her voice.

What a great sort of conference call with Val and Susie. Oh, yeah, they both had a good time.

Fanny just left after cleaning out the trash, dishes and floor. Called Susie at Val's and got a complete report. She sounds a bit shellshocked still.
Rivka and David are on their way in, so.........Maybe David will be able to figure out how to sort the #%&*^$@ fax?
One oddity. A request from Billy for me to add him to my Yahell list? He's been there for ages. Wonder what that was about?
I now have a rebound headach from the release of tension over Susie's weekend. It should be gone soon.


As I suspected, I didn't make it to 03:00 awake. I'd planned to call Val then to get a report on Susie's day. There was a post from Wallygator, so I know they got there. The waiting is killing me. I'll call at the same time I called yesterday. It's already 11:00 and no one came to work. I'm too pissed off to call Igal, and I have to get out of here and stock up on whole grain bready things and maybe some fruit? I MUST sort the freaking fax. I just don't have the patience needed and the hammer is missing!
Billy was in a bad mood yesterday and I didn't help any. Doesn't he get it that the bad goes with the good and in spite of my usual ditzy attitude, he can tell me shite stuff. And *I* thought *I* was standofffish and had a hard time opening up? Ok, so we don't -know- each other yet, but he really could and should have told me about the guy who died. I'm not so insensitive that I'd have just continue with my idiocies as usual. I've lost enough friends to know how rotten it is, and much as I claim to be, I'm not a totally unfeeling bitch.
On an unrelater note, it hit me yesterday, that in spite of hating to be one of the crowd, I'm still posting here. When it was just a few of us, I still felt like I wasn't part of a fad, and was still one of the few, but now it seems everyone has a blog here, and I'm not even thinking of leaving in a bid to maintain being *differnt* It's me, remember? The who won't do it if everyone else is. Nonconformity at all costs. But I like it here. Just sorting through my mind to decided what and how to post focuses me and helps sort out all the crap in my head that looks like the embroidery yarn corner at the UVA!
Gotta get out of here now, so more later, as and when.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


At this very moment Susie should be in Dwight's immediate vicinity. I can't wait to hear how it went. I'll be up most of the night as I had a late nap, so I'll probably cal Val later to hear all about it. I doubt Susie will be able to talk about it today. It was a week before I could get anything out other than a very squeacky "he kissed me" So, I'll hear about it from Val. She has such a lovely voice. I could have listened to it all day.

Had a bit of an argument with Billy. Poor guy. He's just going to have try to keep up. What is it about him that reminds me so much of Mark, damn him for killing himself. The smartest thing we ever did was decide to be business partners and not a couple. In spite of the way it ended, I miss him. We could sit in that garage all day and talk non stop about everything and anything. It was best when we didn't agree. I really miss having someone who can keep my mind working like he could. I still am surprised when people ask me about him. Israelis just can't get their minds around the fact that we were only business partners, and not romantically involved. That almost messed things up with Gili, but I don't want to get into that now. I want to keep the good mood about Susie and getting into the whole Gili mess just makes me sad. I'll update on Susie when there's news.


I knew that post would get me in hot water with someone at DM. Of course it was stupid and insensitive to use a member's name. I only did it to focus my mind. Bad gimp, bad, bad. I just edited her name out and generalized it. I hope she won't stay too pissed off at me for too long. I really enjoy her and can't believe I was stupid enough to leave her name there. While it *is* my right to express my opinions here, odd as they may be, it is *not* my right to do it in such a way as to insult those who believe different to me. I'd better watch it from now on. Anything to do with religion is really too sensitive to write about and drag in a friend by name. I can but promise to make every attempt to not do that again.
Now that that's sorted, I think I'll try for a nap before the panic button techie gets here. I'm falling asleep as I type, and Billy hasn't shown up to wake me up.
On the bright side, my timing was good this morning. Don got the mail for Dwight in time for him to have it before he left. I think it's safe to say that Susie is in for a big surprise. I'm so excited for her that tears well up every time I think about how wonderfull her day is going to be. I'll be calling Val's in an hour or so to say "Hi" before they go on their adventure! It only took an hour to find where I'd written Val's phone number, but find it I did! This is so exciting I'm giddy!


Time just seems to fly. At least I got something done today. I finished beta-ing Mooncat's fic, all 28 pages and sent it back to her. Whew! The Swiss sure can torture English, but her stories are so great!
Aurelia dropped by and was amazed at how nicely Gimp House is coming along. She loved the way the old living room, soon to be dining room is shaping up, then, she hid my beloved hammer so I won't try to fix the fax with it. I MUST move the CD player and put the put the fax on that stand. I'll do it tomorrow, maybe while listening to Dark Matters. That's a good time to do things like that. It's in the same room so I can listen and move stuff around. I won't be able to figure out how to retrieve the faxes from the memory until after the show because that will involve no small amount of frustration and direction deciphering,and I'd rather hear the show.
I even got to read for a bit. This is so not like me. I usually can't put a Kellerman book aside until it's finished, but lately, I just can't read. Maybe I just can't concentrate because of the insanity of the medicos here, and part of my mind is working on that?
We just had the funnest run of mails on the DM list. Vicky finally got the credit she so richly deserves for inspiring my blog,Cyn's, and Sandy's! I do wish we lived closer, because I think we could maybe be good friends. I don't often feel that way about women. I've always been more comfortable with male friends. Could that be because there were so few girls in the old neighborhood, that it was just more natural to hang out with guys and do *boy* things? Football, hockey, baseball, cars and motorcycles? I wonder. Even today at mixed gatherings, I'd rather talk with the men than the women. The men's conversation is just more interesting to me. Come to think of it, Alice, Aurelia and Teadrinker don't go in for the usuale girly topics either. hmmm. Could be it's just my lack of patience with *stupid* people who can't keep up with me, never mind challenge me? Whatever. It's time to go to sleep so I can get up in time for DM.

Saturday, June 12, 2004


The good:1) It's so much fun to wake up to a mail from a great person I only met once, and had a fun time with. It almost makes the morning coffee uneccessary!
2) Susie is at Val's and they are going to see Dwight tomorrow! I'm so happy for her and thrilled that I was able to keep my promise to her. I just hope Val will be able to keep her from floating off into outer space, like Jips did for me, in spite of her preoccupation with that card.
3) I talked with Richard about maybe getting a few teaching hours in his department next year. He's going to check it out and if they will/can accomodate my *demands* the A Team English course might just get off the ground. They have to allow me to keep one of my chairs there and give me my own room on the ground floor. If they can do that........we're in business. Richard was actually excited about it. We'll just have to wait and see. It will not be easy, but I can handle one class, which is 3 or 4 hours a week, and having the chair handy will make it possible. His school is actually one of three in town that I can get into without breaking my neck or legs!
4) Eema Rivka and David are coming back on Monday. I can't wait for them to see the changes here. With any luck, David will be able to help wallpaper the door. I found a great contact paper for it, and am thinking about getting enough for all the doors in Gimp House. It's a light, airy flowery pring with just enough purple to keep me happy. No way am I going to try to put it up myself. Remember the one armed paperhanger? That's me.

The bad:1) I'm still seething and working on how to solve the two big issues, AND how to post pics here. The friendly helpfull support staff here was less than useless. There is supposedly an upload button here, but it's no where to be found. That bloggerbot prog they're flogging was the cause of the problems I was having with the computer. It's running better now that it's been uninstalled, and it never did post anything other than an ad for itself. Not so much as a shadow of a pic. Oh, well.
2) I really wanted to go to see Harry Potter today, but I'm 11.00 short and they are selling tickets for cash only. How stupid is it to be short so little? Thankyou ever so much, Striar the liar. I'll get it sorted and go tomorrow.
3) Not really bad, more sad. Billy hasn't been around since the other day, and yes, damn it,I miss him. I hope he's just been busy.It really bugs me how much I've come to like him. I just never learn do I? Of course it's usually me who tells guys to get lost, for reasons of their dumbness, but something about Billy tells me he's not one of those. There's a reason why I answered him and didn't make a rude comment before hitting *ignore* which is how I deal with just about ALL of them. I find myself wondering if this is going anywhere. What does such a sweet guy want with a total bitch like me?
3) There are a bunch of faxes in the new fax machine's memory. I HATE this new one. Why can't it be nice and simple and just spit out a fax instead of forcing me to try to understand the directions in the book? All those freaking useless functions and not a fax to be seen. It's getting close to hammer time, but I'm not quite ready to smash 900 shekels to smithereens. I'm going to try out an idea had for getting the fax down to usable height. Where is now, I need a ladder to see the thing. I'm going to put the CD player player on something else and put the freaking fax on that stand. It just might work!

The PIA 1) I don't know if they are going to show up to work on the roomtomorrow.
2) The panic button techie is coming to sort the connection, but they didn't say what time. I just love hanging around waiting for techies. I'll only have to do that if they show up to work on the room. If no one shows by 09:30, I can go out and the techie has both my cell phone numbers and I'm never more than 15 minutes from home.
3) I have to get on with Mooncat's fic. There's half an hour before that movie I want to see starts. Such sophisticated taste in movies, but, hey, The Munsters are fun! Then there are all the shows I missed yesterday that rerun today, Raven, Adventure Inc. and Relic Hunter! I'll gladly pass them up if Billy buzzes.
Onward to beta duties!

Friday, June 11, 2004


I knew it was too good to last. The other shoe fell yesterday BANG on my head. I was too upset to even think about a semi coherent post then, but I just might be able to write one now.
What happened? I got a bad case of 'smart ass' and tried to get 'confined to a wheelchair' on my transport file. BIG MISTAKE to put it mildly. The idiots decided there's been improvement and dropped me from 80% uses w/c to 70% uses. That means 1,800 less a month unless I win the appeal. Appealing means going to Tel Aviv in the heat of summer. Grrrrr. I just couldn't leave well enough alone could I? I AM NOT GETTING BETTER. My left leg is much worse. So bad that I can't even kick myself with it anymore with out falling over. And both legs are one big bruise. The good news there is that the bruises are purple! At least I have 60 days to put the appeal together. I should have it organized by Thursday. I need a strong letter from my sawbones, and he won't be here until Thursday. Maybe I'll e mail him and ask what he thinks.
Luckily I found that out after my run in with that asshole Dr in charge of continuing care for my Kupat Cholim(heath insurer). The bastard had the nerve to tell Ilana that two PTs saw me and both said I don't need an electric chair. That is an out and out lie. They both said that I do, but there are eligibility issues. It's not his call. The Ministry of Health decides, not him. HIS job is to send the completed paperwork, then let me handle the issues. There's another very nast letter taking shape in my mind on the subject. He hasn't seen me in over a year so has no idea of what has changed. Once I get those two problems sorted, I'll just leave well enough alone and depending on what the appeal exam says, just get the car and wait on the van. That's what I should have done in the first place. Ain't hindsight grand?
And just to complete the day, the computer is misbehaving. I'll have to get Gerald in to look it over.
On the plus side, they put the blast door on the new room and I have to get some contact paper to put on it. They haven't heard of prepasted wallpaper here yet. Igal and I agreed that Meir would notify me before anyone came to work, but of course he didn't. I'm getting the sick feeling that he just might be the kid I carried on my hip during my first year as an Englishes teacher in Beit Shean. He's the right age and lives in that area. Wouldn't that be hysterical? He redefined hyperactive. Ok, time to get dressed and out of here. It's after 09:30 and no one has showed up to work yet, and I *did* tell Igal that they could just show up by 09:30 to work. And Billy hasn't shown up yet. It *would* help if I brough Yahoo up.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

OF ALL THE NERVE- Channel 10 commentary

It comes as absolutely no surprise that Israel channel 10 has the most left wing news commentators on the air today. I've always enjoyed Yaron London and Motty Kirschenbaum. Until today, that is. Nitzan Hororwitz, the keeper of their foreign desk did a bit on Reagan's funeral and had the unmitigated nerve to sneer at Reagan and be rude about Nancy Reagan's decision to not have that fuck face slick willy clinton, may he rot forever, speak at the funeral. Can he really be that stupid? Who the hells does he think he is? After all the crap that went on here after Rabin got done, can he not understand that Americans are sad at Reagan's death? Much as I adore Alon Ben David, I'm going to watch Israel 2 and suffer through Ronny Daniel who I detest, mostly because my glasses look better on him than they do on me! I really enjoyed the good old days at the hotel when katyushas were flying and all the press guys were staying there. Alon and I had a few long talks over pilfered beers about his wife's books, which I love. She's never been to Maine, but somehow she wrote it right, and in Hebrew yet. Alon had a good laugh over my description of reading about my *home* in Hebrew and getting totally disoriented. And my tape swapping pal Zohar is with channel 10 now too. The only good guy from then is Yoav Limor at Israel 1. Maybe I'll just quit watching news at all, after I send a nasty e mail to I-10 in Hebrew. I'm super pissed off. There's got to be a better way to vent than by destroying a new TV?

Starting to take shape

Gimp House is starting to look good! Fanny and I moved the sofabed and *coffin*[my grandmother's hope chest] into the new room and put the plastic table with the purple table cloth, and chairs in front of the window in the now dining room! I put the beautiful purple silk flower arrangement the kids sent for my brithday on the table along with one of the new purple ashtrays and candle holder! Now Pegasus can't get to the window and it can stay open until the a/c starts. I'm more anxious than ever for them to finish the room so I get the books out of here and catalogued properly. I'm so excited and proud of how it looks now, I'm grinning like a fool. Poor Peg, he can't figure out what happened and is wandering around in complete confusion. He'll get used to it. Ragamuffin doesn't care as long as her human is in sight! I even figured out how to block access to the broken screen door to Peg with BBC. The window in the new room is open and there's a nice flow of air through the whole place.
For some reason I though yesterday was Wednesday and was totally pissed off that Charmed wasn't on. This morning I saw an ad for it for Wednesday and it hit me that yesterday was Tuesday! Says so right on my watch. I can't wait until Eema Rivka and David come back. They won't believe their eyes! I'm not sure I believe mine, but the pain says it's so! There's only one problem. They hung the window from the wrong side and the computer won't fit into it's planned corner. They can either hang it from the other side, or, after I get the screen sorted, I'll take it off and just use the blast doors. OR I just might leave it here, and push it closer to the wall after that bookcase is gone. There's time for that! I still have *the window thing* and am still not entirely happy unless the whole wall is a window! I haven't given up on the one I want in the bedroom. Happy gimp, happy happy. So, why am I getting nervous? Bank problems almost gone, Gimp House looking good, Billy hasn't been scared off yet; so what's my problem? Maybe it's just time for things to be good for a change instead of a constant struggle. If so, it will take a while to get used to it and enjoy it. I think I'll cut up the watermelon after after Charmed unless Billy buzzes.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's becoming clear

I was wondering why all the hurry up with the new room. It seems there's been a lot of things going on at Har Dov on the border. The ragheads are shooting. One soldier got injured, a bandaid injury only but they sent him to the hospital so the idiots there could finish what the Hizzies started. Achy was here for several hours waiting for a press conference. The Northern Border is back in the headlines.
Fanny didn't come because her brother in law had a stroke and he's in the Afula hospital so she was there with her sister. Turns out we were neighbors back in the good old days when I lived in N.E. I'll call Etti later and ask her about them I'm sure I knew them then.
Fanny forgot her bag there and came home without fags or money so I gave her two packs and she took out the rubbish. She'll come and clean tomorrow morning. Poor thing. Highlander is on in 10 minutes and Achy will probably call in the middle of it with an update. I MUST remember to call the a/c service check out the a/c before it gets turned on for the summer. It's nice and cool now, but boy was it hot today.

Mission Accomplished!

Funny how things turn out. Eli, my beloved hair cut guy was closed today and as I had decided to get a haircut, a little thing like that was not going to stand in my way. I drove around looking at all the places in town, and on the second or third pass by Michal's something said "That's the place" I went by and took a good look inside. Lots of purple and she had time! I looked through the only book of styles she had there and found exactly what I was looking for right away. I now have a new hair cutter and my very own new style! I love it, it's short, shake dry and unusual.
While I was waiting my turn, Igal the inspector of the 'new room' project called and we closed a few lose ends. I informed him that it's been over a month since I refused to let them continue work and that I spoke to Meir and Melul and told them both they could continue, but except for last Friday, no one showed up, and that I just happen to have better things to do than sit and wait around for them. We agreed that Meir will call and tell me when they are coming. I told him to make it before 09:30 as I rarely leave before then. AND that if he says they are coming, they damn well had better appear. He also had a go at me about the purple paint. I told him that the paint is now is a non issue and my responsibility only, and unless he wants to come across looking stupider than he already does, he'd be well advised to let the issue the drop. That shut him up real quick. We'll see tomorrow if Meir calls.
It's 5 hundred gazillion degrees out and it's time to put the a/c on but I have to wait until after Fanny cleans the filters. I think I'll grab some tabouli and water and watch some TV. Have to call Irit too. Exchanged the wrong sizes for correct ones! I'll be glad when they get back to work on the room and I'll be able to stay in and catch up on all the stuff I'm behind on.

Can I really be that dense?

How hard can it be to get pictures posted here? Well, I've mastered everything else I set out to learn on this electronic pencil, now it's time to concentrate on the picture issue. I just need some quiet time with no stress. If all else fails, I ask Vikki how she does it. It will have to wait until I get back from this mornings errands-exchanging those things I got for Romi in the wrong size, a long need hair cut, and a few other things. Fanny's coming at 16:00 to clean so I won't miss Charmed! Gotta get some new tapes so I can record Any Day Now when it reappears. Richard Biggs' last show. Time to get the dogs in, shower and get out of here.
Playing tag with Billy here is driving me nuts, but we'll get it right one of these days, maybe.

Monday, June 07, 2004

A Mother Panics

Irit told me that she took Romi to the ER yesterday and she, irit decided that Romi is lactose intolerant. Seems she couldn't pump enogh milk and they gave Romi Similac and Romi developed a rash. Lactose intolerence is, of course possible, but it doesn't usually manifest as a rash. Dr. Granny Gimp thinks it was some kind of reaction to pesticides that were sprayed on the moshav. Irit said it didn't bother Romi at all, no itching or signs of discomfort. Believe me,had it been lactose intolerance she would have shown signs of great discomfort. I know.Ok, now's as good as time as any to try to figure out how to stick a pic in here.


I need at least 10 more hours in a day just to keep up with myself. I just don't get to half the things I want to do on the net. I have 40 or so pages to beta for Mooncat, about 70 sites and issues I want to check out. And 10 more chapters of Charon's fic to read.AND pictures to send to Nancy. I think I've maybe figured out a way to that, but there's no time. When am I going to get to all this? Of course it would help if they'd get moving on the room again. I HAVE to stay home while they are working here. I guess I'll have to call Melul and ask what's going on? Striar the liar sent another 700 today and that's a start with Richard and Mara. It was abosolutely deliscious telling him that. He really hates them and it was fun to rub his face in it! Richard enjoyed it too. Then, off to get dogfood and have a chat with Gruber about riding again. It'll be another month or so, but, I might be able to talk him into it sooner. I really miss it and NEED the exercise. On the way home I got those summer things Irit wanted for Romi and got Irit a customer *club* card for that chain. Got one for me too!.
I can't believe I'm writing this, but I haven't even started the new Kellerman book and I got it. last week. I should have finished it last Saturday at the latest. What's wrong with me? Too many IMs with Billy? I guess it's all about priorities and choices.AND TIME. Speaking of which, it's time to call Fanny and ask if she has time to throw a bucket or two of water around here and muck the place out! I'll go have a lie down until she gets here. My back is screaming that I tried to murder it!
Will it post now, or play silly buggers?

Sunday, June 06, 2004


It's doing it again. I wonder if that whole long entry will show up like the other ones did when it decides to finally post. This is so f***ing frustrating. I think it's nap time.


I don't know if it's wicked, but I *do* know it's fun! Poor man, he's such a dear and I'm so mean. Maybe I've forgotten how to be nice? Wonder if I can learn, or even should? Actually I'm going to need all the mean I can muster to deal with Dr. Badshit. He's going to make trouble about the electric chair. Not very wise. He won't keep his job long long if he does.
I found out who died-Reagan. Granted I never met him, but he was one of the reasons I came here when I did. I learned to appreciate him, but am glad I came here then. It reminded my of that whole long autobiographical post from the early days of Dark Matters. Might as well stick it in here for explanatory purposes. There was a lot of discussion of psychic stuff and of course I jumped right in.


Ok, here we go. I'll be taking some of your questions out of order as most of
it is age related!
My very first experience with anything of this sort was a deja vue that
happened when I was about three and a half. It quickly turned into family
legend, but I do remember it quite clearly. We were going to visit my mother's
newly married brother in Brookline Massachusetts. None of us had ever been there
before, all my dad had was the address and some vague directions from my uncle.
We were stopped at stop sign and Dad made some comment to Mom about the
vagueness of the directions. I piped up from the back and told him which way to
turn, until I said "That's the place" and it was! Now, how in the world could a
three and half year old know that?
That was the beginning of my career as family navigator. Somehow we always got
to our destination!
My next brush with the otherworldly was in high school. A boy who had been a
very close friend and whom I played guitar and wrote songs with and saw or spoke
to daily, killed himself with a gunshot to the head. I'd had very bad feelings
about him for several days but he refused to tell me what was wrong. The
previous summer we had made one those pictures you make by squirting paint on a
spinning piece of paper. He gave it to me and I somehow managed to attach it to
the ceiling over my bed. The day of his funeral I put my guitar in it's case in
a corner of my room, after taking the strings off. It sat there like that for a
year until I felt like playing again. The day before the year was up, I bought
new strings and put them on without tightening them or tuning the guitar. That
night I was woken up by each of the strings popping in turn. Not plucked, but
that twang when they break. I looked up at the picture and there was Peter's
face, looking both sad, and at the same time telling me it was all right. I took
the broken strings to mean that he preferred I not play without him, so I never
did. I could also never carry a tune after that. Still can't.
The next time was a few months later. I walked into the house as the phone was
ringing (my parents were in New York on a buying trip) I picked up the phone and
without waiting, said " Hello, Aunt Mimi (my mother's sister) when did Grandpa
die?" I don't think Aunt Mimi has quite recovered from that one. In fact she
told my daughter and her husband about it when they all went out for dinner in
Florida last year when the kids were there on their honeymoon. Things were
pretty much quiet after that except that I always had a feeling in my stomach if
things were wrong for/with those close to me.
After high school I spent most of the summer out on Casco Bay trying to decide
what to do next. I really didn't want to continue in school, coaching figure
skating or in the family business. I knew I had to get away and find out who I
was, and turning into a hermit on an island in the Bay just wasn't an option.
Something pulled me towards Israel, a place I had never thought much about in
spite of growing up in a pro Israel environment and fairly traditional Jewish
family. I took all my savings out of the bank and bought a one-way ticket to
Israel. The original plan was to stay for a year, but the minute I got off the
plane, I knew I was home. I spent the year wandering around and learning the
country and language and about myself. My parents started to put the pressure on
for me to return. I agreed on condition that they send a round trip ticket as I
KNEW I'd be returning, which I did, again knowing I'd come home. I'll try to
keep this part short as it does lead to a few odd twists. When I got back, I
decided to try a new kibbutz, one founded by holocaust survivors, and there I
met the man I KNEW I'd marry. Another lad from the kibbutz was trying to get my
attention and I told him to forget it. I'm going to marry 'him'" I'm not sure
who was more surprised, but I did marry 'him' after we went back to Maine where I
started school, worked in the family business and did some coaching and radio
spots. In fact, I took myself straight from the skating rink to the hospital to
have my first baby! The years in Maine dragged on with me pushing to go home. We
even gave our daughter a name that could be said easily in both languages (sort of),
our son too After he was born my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so obviously
we weren't going anywhere. I was starting to panic as there seemed to be a black
curtain drawn across my future from the age of 30. I knew that if I stayed in
Maine, I wouldn't live beyond 30. I just KNEW. My mother also knew I wanted
desperately to go home and told me to do it. She also knew I was not happy in my
marriage. I quit school and the family business and went to work for the Maine
State Republican Committee. At the time I was suffering from extreme acute
eczema. I took a weeks vacation and went to Israel where the eczema vanished. My
mother died in the spring of 1979 and two good friends forced me to promise not
to do anything drastic for at least a year. I kept that promise and in June 1980
packed up the kids and moved here. No more eczema and much happiness and many
adventures. I was home. That black curtain went away and I made it past 30. I
had a wonderful wild celebration on my 31st birthday! And I'm still here 22
years later in spite of Hizzbolla's valiant efforts to get rid of me!
Back in '82 when I was living in Upper Nazareth and going out with a doctor
who was serving in the Army in Lebanon, I had my first psychic experience here.
He had been home for the weekend and I dropped him off at the agreed junction
for him to be picked up by the army transport. I went to my cousin's house
instead of straight home and as I walked into her flat, went off my
rocker...."something bad has happened" I went on like that for a hour or so
shaking and trembling hysterically. Then suddenly it went away and I knew he was
ok. Two weeks later when he was home on leave I found out their vehicle had over
turned on some very twisty turns and fallen into a ditch. It overturned at the
same time I walked into my cousin's. It took an hour for them to be rescued. The
frustrating part is knowing that something happened but not what. Then there was
the time when I was at work and knew something had happened to my daughter. The
phone call telling me she'd hurt her knee badly was quick in coming and I raced
home breaking every traffic law on the books but not caught! The incidents with
my children go on and on so will not bore you with them.
I've never seen a ghost here, but have heard my mother's voice several times.
As I mentioned before someone once explained to me why ghosts are not seen here.
I'm trying to find out the explanation, but it might take a few days.
The effect I get when someone I know dies is just white lights across my
eyelids when I close them to go to sleep. It happened last night but I still
don't know who. I'll be checking the obits later.
The explanation of purple is very simply that it has always been my color.
Always and forever I have been and will be purple. I added the Cloudwalker to my
name because I've been walking on clouds since a certain weekend in Bournemouth
England last month and I'm still not back on firm ground quite yet, but I'm
getting there fast.

Franne Cloudwalker of the purple

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I Done Didded It!

What's all the self congratulatory noise about? No big deal to folks with two functioning arms. I just assembled the new fax, put it on it's perch, conhookded it and sort of formatted it,all without dropping it even once. That seems to be a repeating refrain in my life. "And I didn't drop it/him even once" To this day I wonder how true that statement was about my baby brother? I'm told that he was crying and I took him out of his crib....(I was 3) and took him into my room, and told my panicky mother when she didn't find him in his crib where she'd left him that "I didn't drop him, not even once." Looking back I rather suspect I dropped him more than once!? But not the fax and I didn't even need the hammer to get it together and running. There was a lot of colorful language and cursing, and I have yet to figure out to erase the faxes that are not for me from the voice mail, but I will one day soon, maybe. I even got the panic button to shut up. There's one wire from it missing the connector thingy and I dodn't know what it connects to! I'll call them to come sort it tomorrow. Now all I have to do is figure out where to put the webcam.
Aside from the excitement (not) of getting fax sorted, (it's only been sitting here in it's box since Thursday!) I managed to watch the 2 Maine movies on Hallmark. Now if I could just find out who it was that popped their clogs yesterday, I'd be alot calmer. Nothing in the Brunswick or Portland obits and I know damn well Striar the liar couldn't have been so obliging. I'll just try to settle down and wait until I hear. It's 17:00 so maybe I'll just get something to eat and settle back in front of the TV. Maybe a fun IM will come along. So far it's just been rude sods who seem to think that just because I'm online I should come running when they buzz. Yeah, right! Those slobs get a *Watch this hotshot* and then I hit ignore after watch this posts! [much giggly giggles] There's only one person I'll come over here to answer........but he hasn't been around much today. Probably out birdhunting.......

Friday, June 04, 2004

New Bruises

All those black and blue marks are a result of pinching myself repeatedly. I'm having trouble believing that the painter guy actually painted the steel "wooodwork" with my purple paint and not even half an argument. He just did it! One of two reasons; 1) He knew I'd just repaint or 2) They were told to humor the old bat! It does look nice and is a good contrast with the lighter purple walls. My only complaint is that it stinks to high heaven, but the smell will go away and I'll be left with nice purple door frames!
Of course I had to buy a big Friday paper to get the local ones. I also got two more cartons of fags and almost have enough to finish the month! On my way out of the shop I scared that gals half to death by almost falling. Somehow I caught it at the last second before crashdown. Had I finished the fall, it would have meant a few more fractures and most of the summer in a cast. See? Someone is watching over me! I think I'll put on my elephant shirt and climb into bed with the papers.

How lucky can a gimp get?

I spent the night driving myself wild on how to pay Richard and Mara back, and the solution was in my wallet the whole time. Richard called this morning and we decided that I'll put things they need, up to what I owe on the handy dandy credit card!Too bad I couldn't just pay them with it, but then, there's no earthly reason that they should accept a credit card when every other government office does, is there? Of course if Striar the liar comes through, I'll be able to give them cash, but we're talking about Striar the LIAR here, so I'm not holding my breath. The credit card is the best way for me. Richard wanted to cancel their internet connection, but I'm going to let it run as a thankyou. It isn't that much and they were there when I needed them.
The timing on this whole thing is just too incredible. Someone *is* watching out for me.

I thought I'd made it clear to Melul that the contractor was to let me know ahead of time when they were coming to work. The paint guy appeared at around 10:00 and now I'm stuck here until he finishes. I just hope Hadass saved the papers for me. If not, maybe Richard and Mara have them and won't mind letting me have them. They don't read Hebrew very well. We'll see. Aside from that I'm missing those fun morning IMs with Billy. Think maybe he's decided I'm too much of a headcase for him? Wouldn't blame him at all if he did!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

An insane day or I Give Up

Way back, about a year and a half ago, I ordered an airconditioner from Victor and as is done here, gave him 10 checks. At the time I gave them to him, I had no idea that a major disaster was only days away, thanks to Striar the liar, and my own stupidity for helping him.Mordy, the boss of my account called and informed me with glee that from Nov. 15, my account would become 'restricted' which means all outstanding 'postdated' checks would bounce sky high and I would not be able to use checks for a year (we have some strange laws here). I went directly to Victor to ask if he wanted to cancel the deal and return the now worthless checks or keep them and I'd pay them every month. Victor's wife was alone in the store and she said cancel, we'll return the checks. The next day I talked to Victor and he said, fine, don't worry, you'll get the checks back next week. I foound out later that he used those checks, knowing full well they were worthless to 'pay' some of his debts. 4 checks went to his bank and 6 to a supplier. I came to an agreement with the supplier and they get 300 a month by auto debit from my account. He kept promising to return them and saying not to worry. Stupid me, I believed him, and almost had the VCRs TV and new computer taken today. I *did* get 2 of the checks he'd given the bank back, but there were 2 more. Bless my friends Richard and Mara, The gave me 1200 to fend thre repo guys off and I gave them a check for the balance. Thank God it's over except for the suit we're filing against Victor next week. When I was talking to Mara the repo guys were right next to me and when I told her it was Victor, they became very solicitous and tried to help. They let me get dressed and go get the money which by law they don't have to do. It seemes the brother of one of them got ripped off by Victor a few years ago and he took pity on the crip who was also done by him. Granted, I should and could have taken care of it before it got this far, but as there's supposed to be a hearing in court on the 16th, I didn't. No need for a hearing now! It's paid, but I'm still left with a lousy feeling on one hand while at the same feeling so thankful and greatful for friends like Richard and Mara, who helped no questions asked. Those minutes spent thinking about who to call were a nightmare.
Then getting dressed and going out a second time today, which I almost never shoulders are killing me from the stress.
On the plus side today, I finally heard from my old high school partner in crime. I saw her brother's name and e addy on the net at one of my old school sites and mailed him asking him to pass my e addy to Nancy. He replied saying it might take her a while to get around to answering as computers are not her hing. Sure enough she wrote from her class on E Mail! I'm going to call her a little later and have a nice catch up. It's so much fun doing the catch up thing with good friends from back when and we were/are good friends.
I just had a lovely catch up with Nancy. That's the great thing about childhood friends. Even after 20 years it's as if it was yesterday! Now all we have to do is get her up to speed on a computer!

I missed Billy today.I hope it was because the gas guys were working and he couldn't use the computer.

Who me? Paranoid?

After a nice lazy read through the mornings posts,I went to see if the Visa payment went through. It did, but I almost had heart failure when I saw that Gerrald's check bounced. I got dressed in record time and flying to the bank. Hell, I'd just had a chat with Mordy and he daid he wouldn't bounce the check. Poor guy was all insulted innocense that I thought he'd bounced it! Turns out Gerrald didn't endorse the check. That doesn't surprise me much. He can never seem to get it deposisted on time. Oh, well, there's only one more and then THE COMPUTER IS MINE! After appologizing prufusely to Mordy, it was up to roof to get the scrips for my meds, then back down to get them. Then to the phone company. Ha- bought a new fax there, and got Richard's bills and took them to Mara! Striar the liar called with the transfer number and I went to get it, then to the bank to deposit it! From there to the mall to see if the new Kellerman was in. It was and the cover is a lovely purple. Bought it AND the DaVinci book I've been eyeing for a month or so. Then upstairs by way of the freight elevator to tease Lior a bit. The sweetheart gave me a nice purple Cellcom bandana. I gave him a great big kiss on the cheek. If looks could kill.......his girlfriend who was there didn't like it one bit......but exteachers have some rights with exstudents. Then a-grocery shopping we went! I haven't heard much from Alan {Billy) but he's probably been turned into a gas installers assistant. Poor guy doesn't know yet about my *thing* for renaming every one. Let's see if he can figure out why Billy?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Almost Forgot

Ran into (almost over) Melul from Bentzi's office. He was on his way to the house to see me, but saved him the trip. Bentzi wanted to know what's going on. I told Melul that I'd told Meir they could continue work, but no one showed up. Melul called Igal, the inspector-idiot and told him to tell Meir to get a move on. Igal told Melul to tell me that if I give them any more trouble they'll stop work. He sooooo doesn't want to get in a pissing contest with me. He really doesn't.
Striar the liar just called and said he'll have the money in a day or two and wanted to know what I'm going to do after he pays it. I told him that plan *B* will just go in a drawer. I understand that he's getting the money from Edith. I really want to call her and tell her not to give it to him. If he doesn't pay her back, plan *B* will come out of the drawer so fast his head will spin. You just don't do that to an 80+ year old woman. He is such scum. Maybe I'll have a chat with Edith afterwards. I wonder what else I forgot? I think I'll just read the Portland paper now, then head for bed. I have some interesting new aches. I'd kill for a nice hot bath and back rub. Purrrrrrrrr

I've had worse days

I woke up at 05:30 grumble grumble groan, and read my mails, then headed back to bed for a while longer. Surfaced at 08:15 or so,made coffee, read the rest of the posts and my favorite right wing newsletter. Billy TK popped up and what a nice way to start the day. The poor dear man is demented! But growing on me. Yeah, I know, I need this like a hole in the head or more brain damage, but the poor sod is so sweet. Toddled out to do all the unfinished business, couldn't get the scrips for the meds because there wasn't a proper quack at the clinic and Pnina the nurse is starting with the same old bureaucrap about the chair. I'll light a fire under her tomorrow, and get the scrips. Had a good talk with the shyster. He'll file next week, Striar the liar called and told me it would be a few more days. Social unSecurity checks haven't arrived in the States yet. That can mean only one thing. The louse is conning his elderly relatives to get the money he owes me. I told him time is up and Plan *B* is ready to go. More moaning and whinging from him. Hung up and turned the phone off. Got home to a voice mail asking me to call him. Fat chance. The phone rang a few more times but stopped by the time I got there. I so don't wonder who it was. Another IM with Billy TK, shower, and off to the brit.It was nice, but the only thing that interested me was Romi! Yogi and Dahlia were so glad I came. That's about it for now. Bring the dogs in and settle in for some TV. Highlander is up in 3 minutes.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sometimes I surprise even myself!or Isn't Evility Fun?

Phew, what a relief. After yesterdays matinee with Striar the liar, I came up with a plan to save my financial situation, and took off for the bank to implement above mentioned plan. Had a quick chat with Mordy who is The Boss of My Account, got his agreement in principle and went to Sarah to carry it out. Sarah came up with a plan to save the situation without losing 2,000 and wonder of wonders Murdy agreed to it! The original plan was to bust open my savings and cover everything. Had I done that today, the money would have been released to my account in a month, AND I'd have to take it all. As there is a "station" at the end of July, she suggested waiting until then and taking out only what I need. That's just fine with me as long as Murdy will go along with it and not shut me down AND let me have 400 today for a gift for Yogi's baby. He went for the plan. While I was waiting to take out the 400, Striar the liar called to tell me that he should have the money sometime tomorrow! Funny what a wonderful effect that threat had yesterday. I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime I am very pleased with myself. I'm also sooo thankful that I started that savings account and now have a very nice amount in it. More than enough for Mordy to be able to cover his ass in the event questions are asked!
Todays only bummer so far was leaving the house just before my favorite IMer came on. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll try again when he wakes up. A Gimp can hope, right? Until then, I'll go look for something to wear tomorrow, build a salad, and go watch TV. I think it's cooler today. At least I don't have to worry about running the a/c whenever I want now. The end is in sight.


Poor Irit. She was so sure Yogi wouldn't invite me to the Brit! Ha. He came over last night to give me the invitation and yell at me for not turning the cell phone on, bless his little cotton socks. It's wonderful to have such a good a friend and a bit amazing after what his first wife put him through because of me! At least he had the sense to go to court and wrestle back the part of his salary the law MUST leave him after giving her what she isn't entiltled to at all. BITCH. We had a nice giggle about the whole eviction thing, and The BITCH's accident and the time she got so rattled she drove right past her own driveway. Bad as those days were there a few great moments. I KNEW that if I threatened The BITCH in front of Michal it would get to her in record time, and it did! She still has the sense to steer clear of me. The best part was that she was dead wrong about me and Yogi. The unforgivable thing was the wedge she drove between me and Aron. But she'll get hers for that. Then, there's what she is still doing to keep Paz and Sa'ar away from their father. One day they'll figure it out and turn away from her. Paz must be almost finished with her Army service which should mean his child support days are almost over. There's no reason for him to pay alimony. The BITCH works though how she can be teacher is beyond comprehension. I'd best make coffee # 2 and take the dogs out, then call Irit with the news! Of course she can't talk now! The fun will have to wait. I'd best post this and head over to my bank account to figure out how much my plan is going to cost me! It's worth almost anything to get back on track! I'll just hit Striar the liar for it.