Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's a well known fact that I destest children, especially those of most of the parents in my neighborhood. Yesterday there was a meeting of those of us who are active in the accessibility for gimps group. During the second half of the meeting, after the 'out of towners' left, the locals stayed behind to go over a few more issues. A subsidised trip to Jerusalem has been organized for us, those who participate in the accessibility group. Turns out that two sets of parents want to take their kids along. After much discussion, they were given permission to take the kids. The person in charge of the trip brought it up in oreder to 'warn' the rest of us that there would be kids coming along. Me, being me, said very calmly that if THOSE kids are going I'm not. End of story, except that Lilach said that that was all she needed to not allow the kids to go. She said in no uncertain terms that the trip was arranged for us, and that if having kids along caused even one of us not to go, the kids were out. So, I guess I'm going.
I'm very sorry, but the mere thought of being stuck with those kids for a whole day just makes me sick.
I ended up going to Safad to pick up the money Dem Der owes on his phone bill. It's also a good idea to take the car for a jaunt. I put the phones with car keys at the foot of the bed, along with a pack of fags, my glasses from their spot by the TV, my bag of holding from it's hook, and picked up the phones and bag of holding, and out I went. Getting into the car is a well tuned ritual. I have to pull up to my gimp parking space sign pole so the rear wheel of Harley is almost touching it, pull up the snake lock, open it and run it through a rear wheel. Then I get up, open the car, toss the bag and phones in, and start the car. Then, I get the fags out of the bag and put them in a little pouch on the sun visor. I was not pleased to discover that the fags were nowhere to be found and figured that I'd just left on the bed. There was no one around I could ask to go in and get them, and I really didb't feel like going through the whole get out of the car (the same as getting in except in reverse order), and getting back in again, so I decided to go without. I had told Dem Der that I'd be leaving in half an hour before I did leave. He called to ask where I was and I told him. I also asked him to try and bum a few fags for me for the drive home. He also told me that he was waiting for the bus to take him to the market not far from his house. I told him I'd pick him up there. So far so good. Then he called to say that he hadn't been able to bum any fags, but he'd buy me a pack, what kind did I want? The cheapest, was the answer. By the time he called for 4th time to verify the brand, I'd had it. It's not exactly rocket sience. When some who asks to bum smokes says the cheapest brand, it should be obvious that she means exactly that. I do not like talking on the phone while driving even though all I have to do is hit on it's head(the phone) and listen and talk. It's still enough to feel that you are not paying 100 percent attention to the road. And a major part of that road is under construction, or, destruction. It's hard to tell. So he got a blast and I hung up. What I want to know is; why does it take me so long to learn? Poor Dem Der just wants to get it right, and will drive the strongest amongst us to self commitment to the local funny farm in the process. He just about drove me wild a while back at KFC. I told him exactly what to get, and they guy kept making suggestions and he'd run back to car to ask. I finally just told him again what I wanted and nothing else would do and to quit running back to check. He did the same thing one day when staying here under the alias of Homeless and he was making spaghetti. Do you want this, or that in it? Ok, I do understand that he means well and just wants to please. But there are limits. He's a good friend, and I appreciate his willingness to do things. It's just the obssesive attention to detail is way OTT. I hope I've learned my lesson this time.
I found a great way to fake myself and save on a/c use. I found a screen saver of a snow storm, complete with sound effects. The first time it came up, I was in the kitchen washing dishes. I stopped for a minute to try and figure out if I was finally losing my mind because I heard a snow storm and I new it was over 80 degrees outside. Then I saw the screen saver and knew I had a winner. I've gotten through two whole nights without the a/c.

Monday, July 27, 2009


It's been a busy few weeks, to put it mildly. Trips to and from the clinic, and scattered meetings with the head honchos of the major gimp group in the country. Yes, indeed, the very one that I've refused to join ever since they hooked up with the Union. They've been up here a few times to talk with us, and we found out that some things we suspected were indeed true. Oh, well. It really doesn't matter at this stage as long as we learn from it. During one of the meetings, I threw an idea to the chairman, and when he came back two weeks later, he said that he is trying to put it together. It's not exactly a brand new idea, but more of a clarification of an older one. He wants credit for it? Fine. I know where it came from and so do the other four.
We've been having more frequent meetings of The Five, which is very good. Yesterday we all met at Hezi's house in the morning. Most evenings we are either at Moshe's or Alberto's. I enjoy the evening meeetings more as they are more social. The meeting at Hezi's was more formal and Moshe and Savta got into it so that no one else could get a word in edge wise. That is most annoying, and has to stop. One thing we all do agree on is that we have to get moving on a few things locally and stop waiting for our nominal hand holders to do anything. We have to do it ourselves because no one else will.
I finally got an appointment at the gastro clinic at Rambam Hospital in Haifa for Aug 11. Maybe they'll figure out what is wrong with me (aside from the usual sanity issues!)
I am now going to pay for my own stupidity. I woke up at 0700 to go to the loo and went back to sleep. The phone woke me up just after 1000, and Peg had squitted all over the living room floor. I really could have let him out, then, gone back sleep. Now I get to wash the whole mess up all by myself.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


I'll try to be as delicate as I can. While in hospital in Tiberius, the docs decided that I am constipated because I don't 'go' every day. My definition of constipated is not being able to go when you feel you have to. I remember clearly, my Uncle Doctor Kiddy Quack, aka, Uncle Maury, or The Yankee Clipper (he did circumscisions) telling my mother not to worry if us kids don't go every day, that what went in, will come out, and that that is one nuerotic obsession we don't need.
Right. So, while I've never gon every day, I can not remember a time when I had to go, but couldn't. Since March, things have been well and truly messed up in that department. Every single thing I ate came right back up, so nothing was getting through to make me go. Then I had the great shite bomb squits. Until yesterday, I was pretty much back to normal. I woke up feeling like I had to go. My morning coffee intensified that feeling, so I parked myself in the loo and waited. Nothing. Not a damn thing. I was up and down all day, had several coffees in the hope that they'd get things moving in the right direction. Nothing. I ended up staying in all day, just in case.
Things started off the same way today. While I was sitting there, it finally struck me that I was suffering from pschosomatic constipation, thanks to the docs in Tiberius. They put the idea in my head and my guts adopted it! So, I thought to myself, let's see if I can fake out my body. I got up and mixed up a glass of psyllium(Metamucil) and drank it right down and chased it with more water. It worked! I was out of the loo and off the bog in no time. I told my doc at the clinic about it and he had a good laugh over it with me.
I am quite pleased with myself

Thursday, July 02, 2009


It looks like I've finally learned my lesson. Tomorrow I go back to the hospital in Tiberius for yet another endoscopy. After finding myself admitted to the hospital with pretty much only the clothes on my back, the last time, if they decide to admit me I'll be ready for them. The car has a full tank, and just for good measure I had it washed. I have my meds, a whole carton of cigarettes, baby butt wipes, water, clean jammies, cell phone charger and stuff to read. As I am ready for them, it remains to be seen if they are ready for me. The way I figure it, if they want to hack and wack, I'll be staying, if they don't.......I get to come home. I vote for the latter, but am ready for the former!
While out collecting the last few odds and sods that I need, I swung into the clinic to find out how much I weigh now. They always want to know at hospitals. The good news is that I'm down another 5 kilos. Only 15 to go to get down to 'normal'. I'm not sure I want to be normal, even if it is healthier. I hate normal and average. I just might try to hold things one kilo above normal, just for my peace of mind!