Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I was happily sitting on the edge of my bed yesterday morning when McGyver, (Alberto) yelled from outside for me to get my butt in gear, we have workd to do! Someone had called him to tell him that there was a scooter that needed rescuing. While I was getting dressed, he went to get to get Moshe to join the rescue party.
The scooter in question had broken down on the street behind his house, which is a good 20 minute scoot from here. Moshe loaded his tool box onto his scooter, and off we went. When we arrived, we were faced with the oldest scooter any of us had ever seen. After a quick check we realized that there was no hope that it would ever run again. McGyver called the owner and so informed him. We got his permission to take the batteries and charger, and any other parts we might want. The batteries were not new. Well, they were new in 2007. We removed them and transported them to Mc's house, where he got the charger running. We'll know later today if the batteries are salvagable.
When his kids got home from school we all had a lovely lunch of couscous. It was great fun to be back in business again.
Mc is getting a new van soon and offered me his wheely lift box contraption. We call them Gottliebs after the company that makes and installs them.

He is now trying to get the company to give me a better price to install it. It was given to him, and he is giving it to me. All I have to do is come up with enough money to have it installed. We could probably do it ourselves, but, it really is a better idea to get it done by experts. With any luck, we'll get it done next week. He, Moshe, Golan and I are planning on going together and making a day of it.
That Gottlieb will give me a whole new level of independence. The wheely now lives in the trunk and I simply can not manage it on my own any more. That means that I have to have someone go with me whenever I go to one of my out of town doctors, or any place else. With the Gottlieb, I'll be able to have the wheely come down and go back up from right next to the driver's door! Won't that be loverly?

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Now we have the naked dog! Poor Pegasus hasn't had a bath or hair cut for at least two years. I made an appointment for him to get beautified today, and we just got back from the two things he hates most in the world. A car ride and bath/shave. The first thing we did when he came down all hairless was to go get him an ice cream cone at McDonald's, as promised. He scarfed it right down and is now recovering on the living room floor.
Before and after pictures.

They are the same dog! Golan had to help me get him in the car, and again, to get him out. He laughed at poor nakey Peg until I told Peg to just ignore him because he's jealous! At least now there won't be huge fur balls all over the house for a good long time, and he won't get mess stuck in his rear skirts.
I am feeling much better these days, but this little excursion kind of tired me out a little. Not that I had to much of anything except drive and wait, but, I'm still not quitte back to full strenhth. I'm getting there, but, still have a way to go.
I really don't know how it happened, but, for the first time in my adult life I made a stew that was edible. I've never managed to do that before, but, did make a pretty good one on Friday. Just a few chunks of beef, onions,garlic, carrots, potatoes, salt and pepper. It was quite good. Maybe for my next trick, I'll figure out how to cook rice! That will have to wait for a few days. I'm not up to the ultimate culinary challege quite yet.