Sunday, December 05, 2010


There are times when I really do wonder about myself! I know for a fact that I posted a picture here of something very out of character for me to buy, never mind wear. I went looking for it this morning, but it was nowhere to be found! It wasn't anywhere on here, nor could I find it in any of the stuff transferred from the old computers. Then, I had a brainstorm and thought to look in the camera, and yup, there it was. Let's be clear about this. I only wear this garment when I am playing WoW, and, these days, with my warmest robe over it. It makes me feel quite strange while wearing it; nice strange, though.
I found out a few this week somethingsthat I wasn't really aware of before. One is that you can actually have a physical reaction to someone you've never met except for in a game. Quite interesting, that.
I also realized that the gum grunge I've had for a few months was in fact, eczema! Yes, Nechama, I do know that there's a first time for everything. I've had eczema just about every place else when in money induced stress, but getting it there was a first!
And last, but far from least, I discovered that I am better with computers than I thought! I got that blasted game working again, and rediscovered the guy my main character fell for so hard, after a few months of no contact. I must say that my fictitious character has phenomenally good taste in men.