Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I just staggered in from firing the first shot in the great War With Egged, or WWE. The letters of complaint were mailed, along with one full of pictures to Spike who you might know as Teadrinker. She is having major renovation construction work done in her mouth and as of yesterday has a row of front spikes where her teeth used to be.......hence the renaming. And, yes, of course that's how I addressed the envelope! Spike, Gill, Lexie, Tonto, and Bronco B***! It's so much fun messing with her that way, and it keeps 'Cohen The Mail' in constant confusion. I sent her the pics of my new haircut, and the Aga box on the roof near Gimp House. After stuffing those 3 letters into the post box outside the post office, I went to get some bottled tap water, better known here as Neviot. Gotta support the local employees at the expense of City Hall!
Then, I caught Natan and asked if he can fix my gas stove top. I'm conflicted. It will be cheaper to fix than replace, but I saw a cabinet that is just the perfect size for "built ins" and will allow the frigging fridge door to open all the way. That's what I really want to do, and most likely will, one of these days. Until then, I guess I'll just get the old hob repaired.
I also took a swing by Sari's shop and got a new indoors only wind chime. You guessed it, purple dangly things! I got it hung on the ceiling fan opposite the a/c and it has a very pleasant chime.
Someone stole the big outside wind chime, and on Thursday I'll get a new one, some chain and a padlock. This is the 3rd one to disappear without a trace. Bet it's 'them' upstairs.
Not trusting the smart asses at the forum at Kiryat Shemonah on line, I swung by the Zafrani's looking for a proper notice. There Wasn't one, but Albert and everyone were outside putting up a tent and chairs and stuff. So, sadly it's true. I'll go there during shiva.
STL called earlier and said he's going to Jerusalem tomorrow or Thursday and should have an answer about the money then. I'm getting really itchy about buying a car.
I'm from Mars! Let's see if I can copy it here.Well, it sort of copied.Let's see how it posts.
You Are From Mars
http://www.quizdiva.net/bt/mars.jpg">%20/>You' a >

Monday, November 29, 2004


Here I am rabbiting mindlessly on about purple coats and TV actors, only to go the Kiryat Shemonah site to learn that one of the warmest,kindest, friendliest, women in this town is no longer with us. Zarhi reminded me in many ways of my own mother. I never saw her when she didn't have smile, a kind word, and time to chat. I really really liked her and am sad that I didn't know her better and now will never get the chance to. Albert must be devastated. We have lost a wonderful person and it makes me sad and puts stuff like purple coats in a whole new perspective.
Baruch dayan haemmet. Zarhi, you will be missed.ברוך דיין האמת


How stupid can I get? I had most of this post written, then lost it when I went to another site to check how to spell a name. Serves me right. I had an odd dream last night. I don't usually remember dreams, but this one I did. I like to watch Highlander-Adrian Paul is the best looking guy I've even seen on the tube or off. Good grief, there should be a law. Of course the Sorbo guy from Andromeda and Hercules runs a close second. I also like to watch Relic Hunter. Never claimed to have sophisticated taste in TV shows, now, did I? Anyway, I hunkered down to sleep with AXN showing Relic Hunter, and somehow Mac Cleod and Amanda were there with Sidney and Nigel mixed up in the search for DeMoley's sword. I was all confused when I woke up. Those shows seem to use lots of the same shots of buildings and locations. Things got a bit clearer when I watched a rerun of RH today. Mac's barge was in it, as was the Watcher's headquarters and a woman who looked a lot like Amanda, but wasn't the same actress. So...that got sorted.
While all that confusing stuff was wreaking havoc with my sanity, I went through my morning routine, coffee, e mail, meds, dressed and out to look for the coat I decided to buy this year after 13 or so years of the old one. First stop, cash point. Second stop, store where I got the purple sweater coat, where I found a dark purple sweater/poncho/cape with a turtle neck, which soon will be mine. I love T necks. Then off to the other mall, where I found THE COAT. I asked if they had any purple coats like *those* black ones. The answer was "no". Then I turned around and saw IT. Exactly the coat I've been yearning for since forever. A long light purple parka with a hood. Of course it wasn't my size. I left the shop, got a few things at the grocery store, checked to see if my book was in, then went back to find out about getting that coat in my size. I stopped Harley in the middle of the store, dug in my heels and announced that there I would stay until they found *my* coat in my size. 6 phone calls later, they found it. It will be there by Thursday, at the latest! I can't wait. This is going to be the best winter yet and I have sneaking suspicion that I will never buy another winter coat again! Happy happy gimp. I just love it when a purple plan comes together!


I think things are pretty much back to normal-for me, that is. Yesterday was a complete waste except for Dark Matters. I was up on time and the connection held for the whole 3 hours. I took the dogs out and washed the floor (shelter guys were coming). At 09:30 the power went off, grrr. No computer, no TV, no radio, no heat. When will they come up with a way to run things with candle power? Being used to having to flip the breaker here, I went out and opened the box, it wasn't here, and Yad Sarah was dark too. Sooo, I took a book and went out on the ramp with the wheelchair to read in the sun. At noon, I decided it was time to go in, open the shutters and read in bed until the power came back. 'lectric company said at 15:00. I backed the chair in, got the the dogs and let them off their leads. I went into the living room to open the shutters and discovered that I had done it yet again. I left the other door wide open and Peg and Ragamuffin went straight out again! I immediately shut and locked the door and resolved, yet again to NEVER forget to close and lock it. By the time I got the leads, and off the ramp the ramp with Harley, Muffin was back and easily captured. Peg was horsing around and Muffin and I went after him. After half an hour of high speed chase, her lead had chafed my wrist to the point of blood, so back in the house she went, secure on a door handle. about 45 minutes after that, I got Peg by the tail and he joined her on the door in the bathroom, where they still are. I got into bed and waited for the 'lectricity, fell asleep and woke to power at 06:30, got the TV sorted, and checked the inside temp. I have a smart TV. It tells the date, time, and temp. It was 15 C in the house and around 5 C outside, so a decision was made to turn on the heat. HA! I got it done all by myself. I crashed on the bed to watch mindless TV and at 08:30 or so, there was a knock on the door. Aaron Milman came to collect the stickers I made for him by taking a picture of the address in Denmark, then made into stickers. He thought it was brilliant. I sort of agree. He left most pleased. At that point I realized the shelter guys never showed up and decided that if they don't show by 09:00 today, I'm out of here. I have tons of things to do that didn't get done yesterday, like send Teadrinker her present and get stamped envelopes for the complaint to the bus company and some whole wheat roll thingies. A proper shopping with a looooong list will wait for Thursday when the Visa clears. I'm still playing e mail catch up from yesterday. I'll go get caught up there, then get out of here.

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Friday, November 26, 2004


I love traveling, and just about any excuse to go out is good. It's even better when it's to meet an old friend.....even one I've actually never met in RL before. I will go just about anywhere in the world to meet a fellow/gal VAer. For those of you who don't know, the VA is the Virtual Asylum for A Team fans. One of the VAers from the States has been in Jerusalem for a conference, so of course, I went to see her. The report I just posted follows.
Middle East Wing Meeting-Nov.24 2004
A report 1/1
By: I Franne Golan
Warnings: None. It might seem like a total fabrication, but it’s not. This is a true to the facts report.
Disclaimers: All characters are real people, not fragments of my imagination, and are free to correct any mistakes.
Publisher: Purplegimp Publishing Ink

06:30 The alarm cell phone rang at Gimp House and an arm appeared from under the tousled covers to turn it off. A vision in purple (nightgown) struggled to sit up only to discover that her sandals were still wet from the previous night’s shower, but that Billy and Fred were perfectly dry. After a quick pit stop in the loo, a coffee, and 12 pills later, the gimp of purple was dressed in her favorite suit, and ready to go. The cab arrived just as she was pushing the wheelchair down the ramp, and the guard at the bus station let them in with no argument. The bus to Tiberius left on time, after a soldier slung the chair into the baggage compartment and arrived at Tiberius on time.
The bus to Jerusalem also left on time (a rare enough occurrence to warrant comment). This is a new route. The old one went through the Jordan Valley and took just over 3 hours from Tiberius to Jerusalem. The new one use a newly built road through the center of the country and cuts an hour and a half off the old time. Safely in the Jerusalem bus station, the gimp promptly got lost (happens every time), but finally found a short flight of stairs that lead to the street, and did the gimp butt slide down the stairs while yet another soldier took the chair down. (now you know why we have an army!) Just as the gimp was getting into the taxi to go to Wallygator’s hotel, the cell phone rang. It was WG calling to check on the gimp’s progress. Less than 10 minutes later the first meeting of the Middle East Wing of the VA was in session. Two very happy MCBA members dressed in purple,(see picture at VA site) were happily nattering away about many topics, which very soon had Mr. WG dozing off. WG gave the gimp lots of beautiful fridge magnets with pictures of Murdock (see picture of MCBA official fridge) A festive lunch was had by all (Mr. WG woke up for lunch) in an appropriately purple (upholstery, menus, etc.) restaurant at the hotel. Replete and happy WG and PG continued chattering and Mr. WG soon drifted off to dreamland once again. Suddenly it was almost 17:00 and time for the gimp to head out to the bus station, in order to be on time for the 17:30 bus back to Tiberius. After getting slightly lost, yet again (it’s a huge bus station) the gimp found her platform, a soldier, and was soon safely ensconced in her favorite front seat. In Afula, the town before Tiberius, the gimp made her first really stupid mistake of the day. There was a bus there going to Kiryat Shmonah and even though the driver offered to help her transfer,(it turned out that the driver knows the gimp’s daughter and son in law) she decided not to, as her left leg was too unsteady to get to, and on the other bus. She decided to continue to Tiberius and wait for the next bus to K.S. from there. Big mistake. The driver of the next bus was running a bit late and had no patience for a gimp. In the end heated words were exchanged and an official complaint sent to the bus company. In the end, the gimp arrived home, happy, tired and a bit sore, but mostly happy. While bringing the chair inside, Pegasus, the noble keeshond escaped and had to be captured and returned home with the help of Ragamuffin, the westie and a piece of steak. At 23:00 the gimp was happily in bed with both dogs safely at home. It was a wonderfull day. WG and PG had a fantastic visit and it was as if they were old friends, not two people meeting for the first time.

It really was fun and I felt like we had known each other forever! The only bad part was that idiot driver from Tiberius to Kiryat Shemonah, but he'll get his. He was talking most of the way with a cop, and managed to say several times how powerful his father is in the bus company. Well, so is my son in law's family and Guy told me exactly how and where to file the complaint. I will take a lot of crap from a lot of people, but not from 27 year old pisher of a bus driver. I had had 3 different drivers that day before that one and they were all most helpful with no connection to my *free ride pass* They just were. Then, this jerk. "if you can't get on, don't ride the bus" Excuuuuse me? I can get on easily enough if you pull the bus close enough to the platform, that's YOUR job. I haven't had a good fight with the bus company since 1999 when I took down the clown who was the driver I had the misfortune to run into on the way home from from the demonstration in Jerusalem. I learned a lot from that battle and put the knowledge to good use this time. His rudeness and attitude could well cost him up to and possibly more than 1000 hours of pay. The bus company is working very hard on it's image and my daughter doesn't like it when anyone is mean to her mother. Guy REALLY doesn't like it.......Let the fun and games begin.
I spent yesterday resting from the trip and composing the letter of complaint, so, didn't get to the blog. I went through my e mail at warp speed and deleted most of it. Of course it's raining today, so I'll be in, I guess, unless it lets up a bit. I really want to get today's local papers but, I don't want to get wet. I also have a bunch of stuff to mail. I got Teadrinker a present in Jerusalem. Something she mentioned that she wanted years ago. I saw one, and bought it, and now I'm having fun torturing her with it. She'll never guess what it is!
I woke up this morning at 06:30 (that'll teach me to not cancel the alarm on the cell phone) to no electricity. I called the power company to find out if it's them, or me. It was me, so I went out and flipped the breaker switch. It's irritating to say the least. I must get a lock for my meter box.
The guy from Homefront Command called on Monday and said they want to come on Wednesday to fix a few things in the *liberry* I told him I wouldn't be home, and asked him if the lunatics upstairs can build on *my* roof. A delegation is coming on Monday, and we'll sort that then. I'm pretty sure they can't and the more the they build, the more fun it will be to see it torn down. I can wait. There are several laws being broken and the mayor will most likely try to make it legal after the fact. He's going down hard if he does!
I had an interesting conversation with Irit. She says that as something can't be changed, why bother. My response was along the lines of, "Things will for sure not change if we don't try, but, might, if we do try therefore, I try." That pretty much explains why I often feel Don Qui........the windmill guy. The one time I really did get something changed, it got pretty much undone not long after. Does that mean I should stop trying? Not on your life.
Irit also informed me that her brother is coming over next month. My first reaction was to start planning a quick trip out of the country, but after a few minutes I decided that neither he, nor his bitch of a wife will run me out of my own home. He'd just better keep her away from me.
The talking heads are blathering on about a peace initiative from Assad of Syria, passed along by Larsen. Yeah, right. After the Europeans went a gave Iran what is essentially a green light on continuing their nuke program, Assad is trying to get attention off his control of Lebanon and focused on us. If only the Europeans had let the US continue without interference, Bush could have brought the Iranians, Syrians and other baddies to their knees at Khaddafi's side. They will do anything to make us look bad. The Europeans just never learn that appeasement is a bad idea and NEVER works. The rest of them can just ask the Dutch. They are beginning to see the light. Of course things will only get better here when the Mukata'a parking lot is full and paved with marble! I think I'll go out, rain or not.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I just checked my bank account, AND the nightmare is over! All I have to do is not go overboard for the next few months and things will be great. I couldn't believe my eyes when I ran the numbers! That's two loans later and even if STL doesn't pay me back (he'd better).
The other miracle was a phone call from Irit. I'm not the only one who doesn't check the mail box frequently. Guy got the mail and told her what I sent her. She seemed pleased. All was well except she told me that they had been sending pics of Romi. I didn't get any. The reason I didn't get them can only be that they have a virus that the 3 layers of protection didn't let in. She started to get upset and said they do not have a virus. Considering her level of computer knowhow.......I can state with confidence that they *do* have a virus. Knowing her, she'll go home and tell Guy that her idiot mother is casting aspersions on their computer, and he'll check it out and find one! Guy is no fool. I have AVG and my server's anti virus prog and another AVG trap! Not much gets through. Of course I have that nasty trojan horse that I'm waiting for Gerald to get rid of. I'll give him a call later today.
It's off to Jerusalem tomorrow to see Elise. Thankfully there's a bus that use Road 6 and gets there much faster than the Jordan River Valley road.
The weather has cleared a bit and I think I'll take advantage of the break in the rain and take the dogs for a walk. Their food finally arrived........more later on the Marine hero from the mosque in Faluja and Raful, who drowned yesterday.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


I really should restrain myself from making *curiosity* searches. The house I loved the most in Brunswick, for many reasons, is now owned by (are you ready for this?) Jakey Aldred! Longfellow Ave is a family affair. We moved from # 10 to 22 in 1954. The Leiths lived to the left, in the house Sandy and Chuck Morrell Rooney live in now. To the right we had the Brownes, next to them were the elder Aldreds, who at some point moved to Harpswell, they bought OUR house when we moved to Mere Point when I was 16. In fact, Happy, Mrs. Aldred Sr. returned the pearls that got lost down the heating baseboards years before, after they were found by the furnace crew from BCL, now, Downeast Energy, and owned by Sandy Morrell Rooney's family. The Aldreds Jr. lived on Mere Point until they bought the house the Srs sold to move to Harpswell. NOW I find that Aldred III has bought, or inherited *my* house. I wonder why Sandy never mentioned it. I *do* feel better knowing it's in the hands of an Aldred. Aldred Jr, Paddy, still lives in # 18. When we lived on Atwood Lane, the Aldred daughter also lived there. Almost incestuous, no?
I forgot to mention in my previous post how great the weather is going to be for the next few days. RAIN and SNOW! It's for sure not cold enough yet, but they say it's going to get cold overnight and I can already feel it! Woohoo. Weather.
Another bright note is that my bank account is getting healthier.
I am a happy happy gimp. I think I'll go see who has the other houses on Longfellow Ave! This reverse directory is great.


Here we go again. I've known for a while that the Lunatics from upstairs are doing something on my *liberry* roof. Today I got the proof. A nice picture of the wall they are building up there. There's just one little problem! IT'S MY ROOF, and they don't have my permission. Ok, so, maybe legally it's the Housing Authority's roof, BUT, that doesn't mean they can just start building on it. No how, no way. I called Shula and sicced her on them. If she doesn't have an answer tomorrow, I know just who to talk to about it. These are the same people who announced that no way would I move into this apartment, then, went and got an illegal stop work order on my ramp. At the time 3 members of Knesset and Shimon Peres' daughter explained to city hall that the law applies to them too. That's never been known to bother them before. In the end I got Gimp House, ramp and all. THEY ARE NOT BUILDING ANYTHING ON MY ROOF! I've been patiently waiting in my corner for them to try something. The law says they need planning permission and that part of the procedure is for them to get approval from all the residents in the building. RESIDENTS, NOT OWNERS! If the planning board even thinks about trying to claim they have those approvals, they're all going down. The corrupt city hall people think the law is for everyone except them. The difference with the ramp is that a law was passed back then that says that as long as the ramp is for a gimp/crip and it doesn't obstruct anyone else's access to the building, resident's permission is not needed. It doesn't say anything about waiving that requirement for building additions! I've been waiting for years to take down the City Hall Mafia and it looks like my patience has been rewarded!
The day started off with a wonderful Dark Matters show, during which I discovered that my watch was dead. Yup, the same one I got a new battery for not long ago. As soon as the show was over, I charged over to Yochanan's and ended up getting a new battery for that watch as well as a new one.....picture of new purple watch to follow.
I've been wondering what it was I did that pissed off Teadrinker. I know why just about everyone else is pissed off at me, but had not an inkling of why she was. I found out last night why.........no reason at all. The phone rang once, no one there, then it rang again and a very tentative Teadrinker voice asked if I was going to hang up her. I said "it all depends on what I did to piss you off" She said "Nothing, I was just in a mood" Go figure. I'm the one who is always hanging up on her, but for a reason. Here I am with no one talking to me and SHE hangs up for no reason. All is well until next time.
The bloody Europeans are at it again. They are now trying to appease the Iranians. They are going to give them nuclear material in return for their promise to stop their military nuke program. How stupid are they? These same geniuses who think Americans are stupid for reelecting Bush? The same Bush who brought Khaddafi to his knees, knocked Iraq and Afghanistan out of the terror game (pretty much) and if only the Europeans had stayed out of it could have knocked the stuffing out of Iran, Syria and Hezbolla with just a few well chosen words. Don't they realize that Iran has rockets that reach Europe? Or, is it that realizing that, they hope to sweet talk them out of using them? Haven't we seen this movie before? And wasn't it called WWII with a sequel called The War on Terror. Who the hells do they think is going to pull their asses out the sling this time? Has everyone forgotten that the EMP will knock the whole world back to the stone age? And possibly even farther back than that?
Things are heating up on the other side of the border here. Our Shelter crews were checking the bomb shelters in town and there's tons of military traffic up here. Shlomi had a near hit from a katyusha last week, which means they'll be moving east towards us.
Dwight and Don also talked about genetic manipulation..........animals with human DNA and vice versa. Shades of James Patterson (When the Wind Blows and The House On The Lake) and Dark Angel. Patterson claims that things are already pretty far advanced in the field. Wouldn't surprise me abit. I think I'll go post there now.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I figured out a long time ago that I have been a total failure as a mother. Aron, the same child who, while in High School, read a story in the local paper about a single mother who was having trouble financially, and pompously pronounced that the older son should leave school, go get a job to help, yet, refused to the same when in the same situation himself, did everything in his power to keep me way from his wedding, is long lost to me. His sister has taken a different route. She didn't call to thank me for her birthday gift, of the cards Peg and Raggy sent. Fine. She saved me the cost of the anniversary/Hanukkah gift I had planned for them. How the hells did she end up so rude? She is the daughter of a woman who stills sends proper thank you notes by snail mail. Not even an e mail from her. Her defense will be that *I* should have called *her*. Sorry, but that's not the way it works. After all the fights and no talking periods I had with The Philmore, I was one the one who broke the brogus barrier. That's the way it works. The role of martyr doesn't sit well on her. By the time she figures out that the problem is that we are too much alike for her comfort, it will be too late. Of course, what goes around comes around and she will have as much trouble, if not more trouble with her kids. She just won't see it until it's too late. But that's the way things work.
I'm having a grand old time with the rain, lightening and thunder. I took the dogs out for a quick walk and it started raining just as we got back home! I hope it lets up enough for me to out for a quick newspaper run in the morning. The forecasts say Friday night and Saturday will ne wild. Yippee.
Mr and Mrs. Wallygator will be arriving in Jerusalem on Monday. I can't wait. When I find out what day they have free, I'll call Zehava and see if she can put me up for the night and to come visit. If not, then maybe Savta Rivka? Or, I can just come home that home night. Round trip Jerusalem in one day is not my idea of fun, bit it will be well worth it to see them. I've been sitting here for 4 hours and my knees are protesting with picket signs! It just might be time to give them a rest.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I'm so happy. It's been raining off and on all day and it just rumbled thunder! What a great day. I really do like this weather. In fact I love it; until the power goes out. Yeah, so, we're a modern country, or so we like to think, but just get a little fun weather in here and bye bye power. I have more than enough candles though. At last count 150 purple candles scattered all over and ready for action. The only real problem I have is that candles refuse to power the computer! The only solution to that is a battery powered lap top, and I don't really want one. I *do* want a PDA, for several reasons. They are good for traveling and whole books can be downloaded to them. Ah, well, one day. That twit of a daughter of mine had better call soon. There's no way her gift didn't get to yet and to not call and say thank you is just plain rude. Peg and Raggy sent her an e card earlier. Both should be icebreaker, each on their own. This not talking crap has gone on long enough. It's about time she realizes that she will not change the old gimp, just like the old gimp will never change her and just stop being so superior. She's only got one mother and I won't be around ever, much as she'd like it if I popped off tonight. Not for her or anyone else........Aw well, her loss. In fact I'm a lot happier not having to negotiate the mine fields that are her phone calls. Wonder what she'll tell Romi when she asks about 'her other grandmother' Who needs it?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I made a point of catching the weather forecast on two different channels AND checked Yahoo. Winter will be here tomorrow! I'm so excited. Cold, wet, and, with any luck noisy with a natural light show. I'm ready. My Billy and Fred slippers are brushed and ready. My purple house coat is washed and dried, as is my down quilt. The fun part will be putting it in the quilt cover. There's a quilt under the flannel sheet. Yup, I'm ready.
Some poor corporal in the army got busted for making 'gloating' comments about Arafart dying. Does that mean they'll come get me next? My comments were far from P.C. Ha!
George W. nominated Condoleeza Rice for Sec'y State and there's been talk that she might have a tough time with the entrenched old timers there. It makes me wonder if George W. remembers our conversation about the State Department old timers. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Powell ended up, as I feared, being sucked in by them. I think Dr. Rice just might shake them up and get them off the pro Arab band wagon. If anyone can, she's the one, and if any place needs shaking up, State's it. I wish her luck there.
Have you noticed that the good folks who are supposed to report the news AFTER it happens seem to spend more time speculating on what they think WILL/might happen? I guess there's nothing wrong with that other than that their speculations can and possibly *do* skew the actual events. The world has gone nuts. So, I should fit right in, right?


I'm driving myself wild. I finally got a desgn I can almost live with, but I can't get it into a sendable format and my knees are screaming loudly from sitting here way too long. I'm going to try and get it on here somehow. Not that it's so great, but it's not doing what I want it to do! Grrrrr.
Other than that, things pretty much suck. STL is still messing about and I won't have enough cash to go to Jerusalem next week unless he comes up with something. An A Team list friend is coming over, and I want to go meet her. One bright note. I found a gorgeous purple sweater coat very similar to my old brown one and bought it on the spot! There's lots of purple this winter, so lots of money will go on new clothes. So far nothing is working. I'd better go and give it my undivided attention.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


It might sound ridiculous, but I'm tired tonight, and it's not like I overdid today. I went to the post office to collect the money I sent to Val, but she never got. It only took almost an hour to get it, then a half hour wait at the bank to dump 500 of it into the bottomless pit. After that, I went to the big mall to get Irit's birthday present, then to the little post office to mail it to her-registered. I got home just as Charmed was starting, then after Highlander I tried to have a snooze, and STL called, so end of snooze. I'm trying real hard not to watch the news, here or on Fox. This whole Arafart croaked thing is just too much and I'm sick and tired of hearing what a wonderful leader he was for the so called Palestinian people. He was nothing more than a terrorist and such, burial in a parking lot is too good for him. I'd plant him in the toxic waste dump with appropriate warnings.
everyone is getting all excited about the possibility of peace now that he's gone, but they seem to be forgetting Kadoumi. I love his name; it means 'primitive' in Hebrew and is spot on for him. He has already said that he has no objection to talking, but armed struggle must be kept as an option. Same old same old. Maybe he'll kick off next and they pave the Muka'ata parking lot with dead leaders' crypts.
Last weekend I saw a 9/11 movie on Hallmark that put Moore's leftoslander flic in the dust. There were a few great shots of Bush juxtaposed with portraits of the first George-Washington, and then one with Lincoln. It is a pretty factual portrayal of that day and has the ring of truth. I will tape it next time, if I can stop crying long enough. That movie is sure a tear jerker.
I was weepy a lot today;Veteran's Day. A piece about Bangor Maine and the way they welcome planes full of soldiers returning home got me all teary first thing, then there were a few more tributes to vets.
I've managed to mess up the computer yet again. Paintbrush and powerpoint have disappeared. I'll have to call Gerald tomorrow. Photoshop has gone too. How do I do things like that?
The really good news is that even if STL doesn't pay me back, and he probably won't, my account will be in a health plus by the end of January!!!!! Don't worry, I'm not letting off the hook.
Tomorrow night is Dark Angel marathon night and I had better get a good nap before. I'll be getting up early because I have to help Richard with cable and do a bit of shopping shopping at the other end of town.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Normal for me, that is. Except, not really. Something is very wrong, indeed. For some unexplained, unfathomable reason, I simply can not keep my eyes open after midnight, even if I had a nap. I am back to Reshet Bet, my all night talk radio. No more Fox at night. That is definitely not normal for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, not really. The up side is that I wake up early and get even more awake with my first coffee. This is good because I can go out early and get back in plenty of time to catch Charmed.
They are taking their sweet time to disconnect Arafart. The P.A. hot shots are going on about euthanasia being against their religion. Suicide bombers are ok, but freeing up machines for a really sick person is not. By all accounts he's deader than a doornail, but, still hooked up. There's been speculation that they are waiting until the so called Palestinians have been properly prepared for the news that their hero is gone. Like they don't already know? And Souha is still playing her game. Bet we never know what that's all about. It does look like she's trying to guarantee her financial future and is holding things up until the new bosses agree to her terms. There's been some talk that no one really knows where all the billions are stashed, not even the financial guys.
Looks like it's time to get dressed and go to town.
STL is still stalling and telling fairy tales. More on him later. Until then, put aside the cash for that bridge!

Monday, November 08, 2004


She actually does look stupid enough to be doing what she's doing. Yeah, so by force of a piece of paper that says she's Arafart's wife and therefore his next of kin and the only person (other than his daughter, who is a child) who can legally act in his name, she is playing power games with the PLO. How stupid is that? I should start a betting pool on when they'll *do* her. It is somewhat fun that this is all going on in France. Of course Chiraq insulted whosit from Iraq and tried to visit a terrorist in a coma. So.......who is stupider, Chiraq or Souha? The French are welcome to both of them.
The bank was open for a change, so I dropped the 500 into the bottomless pit, then sent flowers to Susie (the card worked, TG), came home and did my vegetable imitation until 18:30 or so and came here to see if there are any interesting conventions coming up in England. I found one in Feb. and STL had damn well better have things sorted by then, because if I'm still upset about not getting to Collectormania, it'll be nothing next to what is coming.
I'm in a really weird mood and am not sure why. Part of it is STL, part, I need a break, and part, I don't know. Just feeling off somehow.
The weather changed today and at last it was cool enough to wear long sleeves and pants. I couldn't find the shirt I wanted, so will have to organize a proper search for it tomorrow.
I never thought I'd be saying this, but it was quite a wake up this morning. Yvette (Avigdor to you) Lieberman was being interviewed by Dovi Gilhar on Israel 2 this morning and what he said actually made him me forgive him all the crap from '92. At last...and so simple! He says that we have to give up land and move settlers, there is no reason that Israeli Arabs who identify with the PA shouldn't be made to do the same. Dovi tried to make him sound like some kind of racist, but Hey! It's easy, right, and why not? Two States for two peoples. No Jews there and no Arabs here. Fair is fair, but it makes too much sense for it to ever happen. Too bad.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


This whole Arafart thing is dragging on and on and they can't get their stories straight. One brilliant spokesperson actually said that the only person authorized to comment on Arafart's health is Arafart himself? Like he's capable of doing that while in a coma and braindead. There are actually reporst that he is not in a coma. Go figure it out. And I thought election night was bad. The only thing I can think of that is as nervewracking is waiting for STL to pay up. Today's fairytale revolves around one of the Jewish charities ending money to Edith or someone else they trust. *That* actually makes sense, except it could and most likely is just another lie to delay the day I send him to ICU.
This morning's Dark Matters was great. Dwight was in a fantastic mood from the election results, as was I. I enjoyed every minute of the show.
The minute the show was over, I charged into town to deposit the cash I have in the bank and to see if that Yank Mara wants me to meet was there. He wasn't, but Aaron Milman was. We had a nice visit, then I went to the bank which was closed. Discount Bank closed on a Sunday morning? Odd to say the least. I asked the guard at the entrance to the mall and he said they are always closed on Sunday now. Hmmmm. Somehow the top brains here can not get their minds around the concept that a 5 day work in other parts of the world means that the business is open 6 days but the employees get an extra day off. Not here! Here they close the business. I'll just have to pop in and make the deposit tomorrow, even though my account is in relatively good shape, but only because Gerald again forgot to redeposit that check. The 500 I have to throw into the bottomless pit will help alot.
Aaron Milman stopped by with some stickers he wants me to design and print up for him. He is such an interesting old geezer! 80+ years old and still walks all over town. I could listen to his stories for hours. My facial muscles hurt from smiling at all his stories. I wonder if I could get him to let tape and then write the story of his life. He was born and brought up in Egypt, and had many experiences that are worth the effort to preserve. I just might start something using the stories he told tonight. It's almost 20:00, news time and I want to go see/hear what's going on with Yasser.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Knowing me, I'll probably be sorry I did this, but, that's nothing new! I downloaded a new browser, Maxthon, and so far far, I like it ok. It will take a while to learn, and I *do* love a challenge.
The other thing I most likely will regret is my Saturday splurge. I decided that I deserved a treat, so off I rolled to Burger King to try their 'new' tortilla wraps. Ok, but nothing I'm likely to get addicted to. I'll try the Micky D's new thing next week.
For my next trick, I think I'll try to get Zone Alarm to work for me. I really do not like being without a firewall. That project will wait until Monday. I'll be starting the 'lectric chair thing then, so won't be going out too much and will have tons of time to mess around here.
I've been meaning to rant about a couple of election related subjects I just haven't gotten around to yet.
This whole 'pending' (or whatever they call it) ballot thing is a crock. I see absolutely no reason that anyone who is there (as opposed to out of the country and eligible for an absentee ballot) should be allowed to vote any place other their own precinct, after showing proof of identity. Excuse me? There are laws, no? Anyone who is of age and a citizen must be allowed to register after showing proof of both. Non citizens should NOT be allowed any of the rights and privileges of a legal citizen. It's real simple, people. Either you are or aren't. Not a citizen or legal resident? No voting, welfare, or anything else. You want to vote? Go back to your own country and if it's not as good as the U S of A, work to make it as good, or better. And to all you poor losers who want to run away...if things are so bad and you are so right, stay and convince the rest of the country that you are right. As the absentee ballots are being counted and the par is widening, you might want to rethink your position on the issues, and look for ways to work to make things better.
Another, admittedly minor irritation, has been some of the blogs I've visited. I admit that I am far from being an influential blogger, BUT, my thoughts are my own, not pasted reprints of other peoples. I also freely admit that I read a conservative newsletter every day, and am somewhat influenced by it, but I at least try to express MY views in MY words and not rehash anyone else's. It could be that I'm just being bitchy here, but there are a lot of people who just *glue* a whole article they agree with into their page and leave it at that.
Moving right along to Arafart; despite conflicting reports, it looks like he's pretty much gone and just the machines are keeping him going. There's lots of speculation that Souha is waiting for things to get sorted in the P.A. before she pulls the plug. I've read some interesting opinions as to what will happen next and most of them pretty much agree with me that we are a few more deaths away from a so called Palestinian leadership that will be able to do the right thing for their people. The old time PLO leaders have to die off so the moderate ones will be able to take over. It's not enough that Y. Arafart dies. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
I have half an hour until news, so I think I'll play around abit with the new browser, then go watch news, set clocks and cell phone for Dark Matters. I'm really looking forward to Dwight in the morning.

Friday, November 05, 2004


That pretty much describes my moods today. I'm very sad about Susie's sister. She died yesterday and Susie sounded so forlorn in her post that my heart literally aches for her. I'll call her later and let her talk. If anyone in the world DOESN'T deserve the pain of losing a sister, it's Susie.
I usually run through the channels to see if any of my favorite movies have by some miracle appeared on the schedule. I forgot today and had a little snooze in preparation for the Dark Angel marathon tonight. I woke up to discover that I missed most of Bye Bye Birdie. The original 1963 with Dick Van Dyke and Ann Margaret. DAMN I love that version. The update just isn't as good. I alternately roared with laughter and cried through to the end. I also sang along with the songs. I bet the whole town ran away with their fingers in their ears. I would have too, but I was having too good a time. They usually run movies a few times over several days but I can't find another listing for this one. I WILL be checking for it every day and have a tape ready to go.
Pegasus deserves a medal and has been getting doggie treats all day. Last night, I went into the loo and stepped solidly on his front paw. The poor sweety didn't move a muscle except to let out a rather loud whine. He waited until I got my foot off him and found my balance before he flew out of there. It's scarey to think what would have happened if he had done what ny other dog would have done. I'd still be trying to get up from the floor. Peg is so special. Imagine having 200 pounds come solidly down on your foot or hand and not moving until it was gone. Yes, dogs DO know.
I tried to call STL at 11:40 and he said he'd call me back in 10 minutes. It's 17:55 now and I'm still waiting. As it's already Shabbat, I'll try him again tomorrow night and if that doesn't work he can expect a visit on Sunday. Time for a coffee and to read the olde home town online newpaper. I still don't know if Y.Arafart has popped his clogs yet or not. I hope it's soon. Part.......er.......funeral arrangements are moving ahead.


All Arafart has to do now, to die is just that, to die. Reports have him more or less braindead,(but, then, that's not exactly news, is it?), on life(?) support supposedly so that his disciples can prepare themselves for his death. It has been interesting to note that while he was ill and still at home, very few so called Palestinians kept vigil outside the Mukata'a, and even fewer turned out to see him off on what can only have been his final journey. European security types should take note of the crowds hanging around outside the hospital. To me it looks like the rank and file so called Palestinians just want to get on with it and really don't care all that much beyond perfunctory lip service, which is how it should be.
The P.A. spokesmen seem to be in denial and refuse to admit to themselves, or anyone else, that the old terrorist is all but dead. Press releases have stated that the old araFART is on life support in order to allow the P. Authority to get ready for a smooth transfer of power. There has been speculation about an outbreak of violence when he's unplugged, but our lads seem to think that is only likely if we refuse to bury him where he said he wants to be planted-on the Temple Mount. We have already stated that it just isn't going to happen. *I* think that one of our toxic waste dumps would be just fine, and Hiriya, close to the airport with a guarantee of constant noise gets my vote! It's going to be interesting to see how long the quacks leave on life support before they decide that the equipment can be put to better use and that those in denial have had enough time to get over it. What a lovely victory gift for Bush. He won't have to deal with AraFART any more. THE DEATHWATCH continues, as do the part......er funeral plans.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

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....but guess who isn't? I'm taking things nice and slow as I know from experience that there really is *no* rest for the weary. Second thing this morning, as threatened, I got my hair cut. Pics to follow soonish. Then I went to Richard and Mara, who has some registered letter slips for me. Richard and I sorted Barak and cable so the payments will be made through their bank account, the I went to DoogiStyle to make an appointment to get Ragamuffin shampooed, then to the post office to get the registered letters which are at the OTHER post office. Rachamin called and the letters are from the phone company, so I went there, paid the bills, got an autopay form so that phone bill can be pais directly and we can forget about it. Whew. Then back to Richard to give him the form and find out when he can he pay me back. He had the cash on hand, and has already phoned to say the autopay form is signed and on it's way!
On my first swing by the coffee shop, Aaron Levine was there and he told me that Condoleeza Rice has already threatened Sharon about military action in Gaza. I asked him where he heard that and he wasn't sure of the source. To me it sounds like Dummycrat sour grapes and a bad attempt at spreading panic here. I have serious doubts about it. Nothing was said on the 17:00 news and I haven't checked the Hebrew press yet, but will soon. Aside from it just plain not sounding right, I doubt that she would have done something like that so soon.
Looks like Arafart is on his way out. Can't say I'm sad, but it *is* interesting that there is already speculation, or maybe just wishful thinking that any governing body after him will be more reasonable. We'll just have to wait until after the part......er...funeral to find out, won't we? Ach. Falula Face is returning to politics so there'll be plenty for me to moan and groan about in the future. I truely detest him. Speaking of detestable people, I just called STL and he says he'll call later tonight and even though the dosh is on it's way, it won't be going to him. Gee, I wonder why? We'll see if he calls tonight. I'm not holding breath, but I have been polishing the Brooklyn Bridge just in case!
Enough for now. Time to post a pic of the haircut. I'll post the reat view tomorrow as I can't take a pic of it myself.


I'll get off politics soon, but not quite yet. As long as the commentators are commentating, so will I.
So many seemed surprised that New Hampshire went so solidly for his toiletship that it's a bit puzzling that it isn't obvious to them that N.H. has been taken over by refugees from Massachusetts' high taxes and real estate prices.
Then, there were the bright lights (here) who figure that now that Bush has been elected for the last time, he will try to put pressure on us to accommodate Yasser's ragheads. I think it's just Israeli megalomania and that Bush (who is NOT the author of that idiot road map) will, if anything, pressure the P.A. not us. I also can't see him running around appeasing the Europeans. He will most likely keep on doing what he knows is correct.
All the speculation about him changing the things that are fundamental to him are just plain wrong. His re election tells me that Americans want a return to morality and tradition values.
I'm quite enjoying the reports that Kerry REFUSED to concede until it was made clear to him that Ohio was well and truly lost. His "I give up" speech was far from gracious as opposed to Bush's victory speech, which was gracious to a fault. Who was it that *divided* the country, if not Kerry?(Bush was supposed to fold up and go home so Kerry could preside over a unified country? I don't think so) It was Kerry who kept whing divided, not Bush! Now that the losers can't even try to claim that Bush won any way other than fair, square and solidly, they can't do anything other than let him (Bush) get on with the job he was re elected to do. The country is much less divided than Kerry, Moore et.al. would like to believe.
In celebration, I'm off to get my hair cut! It's way too long in the back, and not messy enough in front! If you are very nice, and post comments, I might, just might, post a picture!?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


It looks like this fat lady doesn't have to sing. You have no idea how lucky you are. I *am* concerned that Kerry will be following his well established pattern and rescind his concession to Bush. The ultimate flip after his resounding flop. At least Bush won with no dispute, and we won't have to listen to the dummycrats cry that he stole the election. Oh, they might cry, but there's no basis for it! I couldn't be happier.It has not escaped my notice that lots of the talking TV heads are going on about bloggers. I'm just glad that I started mine long before the whole blogger thing became an issue, and even though I am far from being widely read, I have had a lot to say about the election (hysteria not withstanding)

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So, the Untidy Bowl man has yet to concede, but he won't have much choice soon. I got a wonderful gift from Richard today, his Bush-Cheney-2004 button. (see pic) I'll post the one of me too, for those with a strong constitution. It shows how I went around town today with a goofy gimp grin. Hey! I got both pictures posted. I'm not wild about mine, gives a whole new meaning to shellshocked happy!Netvision is now sorted and up to date, so I guess it's time to start hassling Striar the liar again.
Ooooooh, I *do* like the pic of the button. I will treasure it, but now it's time to go hear what our talking heads have to say and wait for Kerry to figure it out.
Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled griping!


YAY!I can breathe again and my eczema is clearing up all by itself! I also have a huge silly dipsy grin! It actually looks like the Johns have lost-any chance for them is gone. Does that mean the johns have been flushed by failure? Toilet man sent the other john (the VP whore?) out to talk to their supporters. He didn't even have the common courtesy to talk to them himself. What a wimpy loser. I'm just glad that there won't be any more of that fist punching the air and the ketchup queen can go back to squeeze testing bottles. That's one brand I won't have to boycott. I detest ketchup, so never buy it anyway and there are enough Israeli brands of other stuff they sell here that it's no problem not to make her any wealthier! An assette indeed. Yippeeeeee. I am so thankful that the world doesn't have to face 4 years of (sneer) that man.
Bet the Clintons are happy too. '08 is open for Hillary, perish the thought. I can just see them smirking through their condolences. I think that might be why they sicced Carville and the others on Kerry; to insure a Bush win.
I actually got some sleep this morning. I dropped off after Bush hit 269, and only needed one more state. I called Achy when I woke up to tell him about the Fox off air thing. That was just about the funniest thing this whole long election period. Too bad none of our news stations are worthy of that story, however, I might tell Menachem if I run into him when I go out for fags later. I don't even care that I missed Charmed. I'll call The Philmore and gloat later. I think I'll also write to Sandy later and thank her for making me a Republican. The things we did and said to each other way back when we were kids who just parrotted our parents during campaigns. Then, I grew up and saw the light. It's just common sense, people, common sense.
I *do* wonder what will happen to the initiative to prosecute Kerry for treason. I hope it goes ahead. He deserves a nice long rest at Leavenworth. Oi! Today is Wednesday. I have to call Netonesh and pay them. Grrrrrrr. Then go out for fags and maybe a Guinness,(the Jamesons is safe for now) but I think I'll finish my coffee first. WOOHOO the world is safe for now. Thank you Lord.


I must have drifted off to sleep at around 04:00 with Fox on, I woke up to silence at around 06:00. No Fox News. Thinking how unacceptable that is, I called cable and asked the guy who answered why they are making things even harder than they have to be for me. He said there's a problem, then asked why the Americans are so put out that Fox is off, afterall CNN is on. After a silent giggle at the thought that Americans in Israel are watching Fox (must write them) I explained that most of us over here are a bot to the right and tend to prefer Fox and some of us even boycott CNN! He said he'd get back on to the techies. This is no way to start a day like today.........but is was fun watching Carville sweat. I should have known Kerry was in deep kaka (like that weapons depot in Iraq when *he* signed up for Toilet. He worked for Barak last election here and look where falula face is now! For those of you don't know Hebrew falula is a not polite word for mole. Maybe I should stay with CNN. The THs there are not looking happy, and they are holding off on calling the winner. I WANT BILL O'REILLY, LIVE not a rerun later.


Wouldn't you know? No sooner was That 70s Show over, when (force of habit) I hit 11 for the Israel channel 1 late night news, and the first thing I heard was Dudu Vitztum gaily announcing that Zogby is predicting 'you know who' or 'He who should not be named' as the winner. He also had the nerve to say that Zogby is THE poll. My eczema is getting worse by the minute and is on the verge of bleeding freely. I don't need this crap. If I thought I'd be able to sleep, that's what I'd do, but I'm way too tense and my stomach is doing 'bad news butterflies' Oh, crap, they're running the Jib Jab This Land bit and no one in this idiot *know it all* country will get it. I know! I'll wash the floor, then call STL. Calling him when I'm in a bad mood is such fun and washing the floor is a real good way to get in a bad mood! I wish I could read something, but my mind (what's left of it) keeps wandering. Considering the state of my eczema, maybe I should just take the dogs out for a long walk? Or maybe I should just fool around and look stuff up on the great www, or call The Philmore and torture him with the fact that I voted Bush. It's fun to wind him up sometimes. I wonder if Alice is home or at Tiger Hill. I haven't spoken with her in yonks.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


No matter how I try, I can't get away from the election. Even Law and Order got me going. The murder suspect in tonight's episode was named Hillary and she had a passing resemblance to that Clinton woman. At least she was convicted. Not only was she a murderer, she was a prostitute. That I enjoyed. One of the main jerks looked a bit like the one I hope will soon be Mr. Also Ran. I'm already hitting the bottle. I had the last half inch in the Bushmill's bottle and I'm going to open the Jameson's and drink the whole thing if the results are........not good. I have a feeling I'll be rolling back and forth between the idiot box and this blog most of the night.
The talking head from Israel 10 news is in New York to cover the results and he is not a Bush supporter, to put it mildly. He was reporting from the roof of the CBS building and said that the CBS people are running around insanely downstairs, and they showed Cronkite looking on the verge of hysterics. Too bad our guys just don't get it. In fact, tonight's personal opinion guy tried to explain why Kerry would be better for Israel. Boy, did he ever get it wrong. I can't understand how he didn't hear me yelling from here.
Time to try and zone out on Chicago Hope. Wanna bet they have a cast that will get me wound up yet again? Arrrrrrrrgh.

Mrs. Kerry-an ASSETTE?

It's now election day in the US and when the results are in, either 36 hours or 2 months from now, I'll be able to relax, or not, depending. I've been very good today and not gone to Fox News even once. I *did* go grocery shopping and stock up on some much needed things, like little individual containers of humous and tehina, which are fantastic when mixed into a bowl of brown rice! I have a nice pot of rice and onions cooling now, and will soon put it in a plastic box.....
I was excited to find a comment to my Bye bye Y.Arafart post from someone on the DM list. It's delicious trying to figure out who sent it. Comments are so much fun. I wish there were more.
I'm having much fun at the ketchup queen's expense calling her an assette! As in too insignificant to be a full fledged ass. Same goes for husband.....except he really is a full blown ass and as such should be wiped off the political scene entirely. I'm desperately trying to keep my mind off the elections, while at the same time explaining heavenward why Bush has to win. Not even the Americans deserve the alternative. How many times can G-d save their butts before they figure it out?
I only have a few more pages to go in the new J. Kellerman and I've enjoyed it muchly. He made a reference to my internet server, but got it backwards. I don't think that was goof, it looks more like he did it for security reasons. He also has the source of the psycho's murder spree named pretty close to the Hebrew word for murder. No mistake there, I'm sure! You just have to know Hebrew to get it. There is also reference to the bombing at Mike's in Tel Aviv. Reading this book while watching the coverage of yesterday's attack at the Carmel Market was spooky. Al Qaeda isn't stupid enough to think that an attack in Israel would in any way influence the US election?
Of course Arafart is still in Paris(which is in France- you figure it out), and, as the comment speculated, quite possibly meeting with bin Laden or one his henchmen, not to mention others he couldn't have met with while in Ramallah. I *did* get a bit of a giggle from speculation that he was poisoned. How? By someone with access to his kitchen, and why? So they'd be able to moved past being a terror organization and start acting like an entity that could one day become a state? They for sure can't do that as long he's alive. Time will tell. I just hope our lot are keeping a close eye on him in Paris. Those terrorist types are a slippery bunch.
I just wasted an hour looking for a picture of a white French Provincial grand piano like the one at Cfar Blum to no avail. I guess I'll have to go there and take one myself. We'll see. Harley is not doing too well these days and I'm not sure I want to try that far a trip.