Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am in no small state of shock as I write this. I checked the *gimp list* last night and discovered that my least favorite minister is on the verge of signing new traffic regulations designed to keep the users of scooters off the streets and roads in Israel. I don't think so. He can sign the regs, but guess who is not going to obey them? Right first time. Not I! Not a chance. Any cop unfortunate to try to give me a ticket is going to have to give me another for littering, and yet another for insulting a 'public servant' and so on until he arrests me. No way Jose. Hey! Meir Shitrit, your Napoleon complex is showing, you arrogant, supercilious,contemptuous, egotistical, overbearing, know it all, malevolent, treacherous, avaricious, fatuous, thoughtless, wretch. Just who the hells do you think you are? Do you think that those of us who spent our own money on scooters (no, there are no discounts for us and the health ministry doesn't help us buy them) are going to put our scooters on the junk heap and buy cars so we can leave our houses? I am here to tell you, no way. It is mindboggling that a country that produces so many crips can not provide the minimum so we can go out. There are absolutely no ramps at crosswalks or the ends of street so we can't use the pavements or crosswalks. Not to mention the danger to pedestrians on the pavements. It's not going to work and there will be a flood of civil disobedience that will rival the corruption of the government the day you sign that regulation. Oh, what's that you say? There's no money for bicycle and scooter lanes? Too bad, bubba. I will continue to use the streets and roads and you can figure out a way to solve it. I will be toodling along on my daily excursions to town until you sort things in a manner satisfactory to us scooter users.
Am I upset? Damn right I am. Israeli lunacy at it's worst. These new regs are supposedly for own protection. It seems that 5 scooters riders have been involved in bad accidents. I bet they were all the fault of the car drivers, and what about the hundreds of accidents involving bicycles? Are they going to outlaw bikes too? And pedestrians in crosswalks who get killed while legally crossing streets? Who is going to protect them?
This is not going to a good month otherwise. The fridge is still busted and I took everything out and put it all in trash bags that I know have to figure out how to get them out of here myself. Orna is out of commission with her foot. She has some kind of infection and can't walk on it, so I'm stuck with a filthy floor and a pile of trash bags to figure out how to get rid of. I also have to go into town and have a word with Mordy at the bank. I'm in no mood to mess around with him, or anyone else. I also have to get some veggies in. This no fridge thing sucks eggs!

Saturday, May 28, 2005


It never occurred to me that I would have to change the name of the *liberry* so soon after naming it in the first place, but sadly, it has now been changed from The Louise And Harry Abelon Liberry to The Abelon Family Memorial Liberry.
I had another of my 'personal someone died notifications' this past week, and as I only check the Old Hometown obits on Saturdays, I only today found out that Michael Abelon died of pancreatic cancer on Tuesday. He was only 58 and Beck never mentioned that he was ill when we last talked so this really came out of the blue. The *Liberry* I designed my after was in his room after all, so it's only fitting to change the name. I'll be calling Beck a bit later as it's way too early there to call now. I am so sad for her. Both her parents, uncle and aunt, and now Mike. Of course they were all my family too, but she was, and still is like the sister I never had, and there were times we were never sure whose house was whoms! We just wandered in and out of each others house as naturally as can be. I have very few childhood memories that she isn't a major part of. Her sorrow is mine.
I had another 'notification' this morning and I'm really nervous about who it might be as it was a very strong one. I'll do some checking later as a 'notification' of that magnitude means it was someone very close to me, and I do not want the jolt of reading about it in the paper so a couple of phone calls are in order.
On a much more mundane note; the local papers are full of complaints that our fearless leader, the mayor of Kiryat Shemonah is enjoying a vacation in the US and Canada while the city falls apart around us. The consensus seems to be that he had no business leaving town while it goes to he** in a handbasket. I beg to differ. If things are so bad when he *is* here, maybe he should just stay there and never come back? Things just get worse when he's here. I'm going to send letters to that effect to all the papers that thought he should have stayed until the worst was sorted! And yes, I'm going to sign it! I hate anonymous (name and address available in office) letters to the editor. People are scared that there might be retaliation if they go public with their opinions. I don't give a damn. Let them try. What can they do to me? Not a damn thing as I am not dependent on them for anything, and if I'm right and they are wrong, it's all over! Been there, done that, and things got changed real quick. AND I worked for them again!! It's just a shame that that organization has somewhat gone back to it's old ways of coercion and duplicity, but at least I'm not involved with them in any way, and can take pot shots at them from afar. I've got some minor maintenance to do on the computer, so......

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


After humming merrily, if noisily, along for a week, the fridge decided it was bored today and started shorting the electrickery! I went out to flip the breaker three times, then gave up and unplugged the ungrateful wretch. Why now, when I'm maxed out for the 10 or so months and have other plans after that? Yeah, well, why not? The fridge fixer guy is coming tomorrow and with any luck he'll come up with a way to keep it alive for at least a year. My only objection to buying a new one now or in the near future is financial. No way can I afford the one I want and no way am I spending so much as 10 agorot on one that isn't exactly what I want. That's how I got this one. Grrrrrrrrr.
I haven't quite gotten around to putting the bookcase in here yet, but will start that project in a minute or two. I just wish I had the energy to do it. I don't, but as I have decided, it will be done. As I have to stay in and wait for the fixer guy tomorrow, I'll use the time to try and sort the stuff that isn't quite working here like the video prog, Picassa and Hello. Computer says the vid one is not connected, but I think it is. I guess I'll have to get down there and check it myself. I don't know what Picassa's story is, but it's not working. The software *is* installed, and I saw the wires go in, but they might have fallen out or g-d knows what.


The PT for the electric was here yesterday, so now there's nothing to do but wait and see if the paperwork actually gets to the Health Ministry in Sefad. He was a totally unfriendly type which leads me to believe that Dr. Bad Shit sent him with instructions not in my favor. I'm not sure how he can do that considering the tons of medical reports and recommendations he left with. It's not his call anyway, it's the Health Ministy's job to decide. I've got to get the social worker's phone number today and alert him as he has no doubt that I need one and can bird dog the paperwork which has a tendency to get lost in the Safad Health Ministry office! Igal has been great about the whole thing and without him I never would have gotten my regular chair. The paperwork got lost twice until he went and put in their hands himself! The next stage in the never ending saga is for a delegation from the Safad office to come to Gimp House and pass judgement. That should happen withing the next two weeks according the guidelines. I'll get onto Igal soon, then, call the Safad office on Sunday when Maris, the gal in charge is in. I had a few bad minutes yesterday after the PT left because I thought the electric chair home visit was supposed to be like the one for the regular chair, and include measurements, which he didn't take. Seems that isn't part of it as I found out after I called Zehava to ask if they measured her for her 'lectric chair at that stage. They didn't, so I'm breathing again. I *did* show the most impressive bruises I have on left arm, and the ones that live semi permanently on my legs. He asked all the right questions but showed no interest what so ever. It was just a rote proceedure to him, and nothing I did or said got any human reaction. My antics usually produce a smile at the very least but he wasn't having any. I'll be happy if the paperwork gets to Safad. *He* and Bad Shit won't be if it doesn't. I'm ready for round two and Bad Shit had best watch his step and do his job. At least the first letter of complaint got the desired results, and they should know me well enough by now to realize that I am dead serious about this. We've had several rounds, my insurer and I, and I won them all!
After the PT left I raced out and mailed the letter to my brother and picked up a surprise package at the Post Office. I now have my very own VA minion and am a secret source for the gal who sent it. What a lovely surprise, my very own almost purple minion that now sits in pride of place on my CD rack!
I spent most of the rest of the day with my pesky left foot up, and feel better today.Nethan, Danny's brother strolled in to ask me to decipher his bank statement. Banks here have their own codes that are meant to keep their customers in a state of perpetual puzzlement, but as we use the bank, I was able to figure it out for him! Now, if I can just get Danny to make some progress on the patio, all will be well. I can feel a motivational converstation with him coming on a bit later.
It always takes me a while to recover from a stress filled day, which yesterday sure was!
I just realized that the bamboo bookcase that lives in the nook in the livingroom will fit on the wall behind me, so, I'm in the throws of trying to decide if I want to move that one, or just get another one. The nook is rather useless, and the bookcase fits in perfectly. I'll think on it for a bit, then decide. Of course I could always move that one now, the get another one for the nook! It would solve the mess behind me, which really does het on my nerves. Yup! That's the answer. I'll do it when I get back from my daily patrol!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


After spending hours yesterday getting all the medical stuff scanned and printed, I was woken up this morning by the PT who is coming to do his report for the electric chair I need! Something stopped me from growling at him and I was quite polite. No sense scaring him over the phone. He sounded very pleasant, and with any luck he'll see things my way and this will be the end of it! I've been busy all day trying to get Gimp House sorted for his visit, during which I'll have to use my regular chair, which I am still avoiding like the plague because it hurts less to walk the few feet I need to traverse here than it does to struggle with the chair. How's that for timing? Saved a fair amount of stamps too! I didn't go out today. I just stayed in and did stuff around here, and laundry. Tons of sand have filtered in through the window and invaded my bed. There's only one thing I hate more than a gritty sandy floor and that's a gritty sandy bed. Now I have to make the bed. May I yell OUCH in advance?

Saturday, May 21, 2005


After a quick search in the archives, I realized that I just assumed that anyone who reads this blog knows how I got gimped! Those who *do* know, are invited to skip this post.
The road to criphood started 52 winters ago when my mother let me go skating on our neighbor's back yard rink. That was the start of most of the troubles. She had to wait every day until the neighbor's kids came home from school for them to get me off the ice. I refused to get off and she had no way to get me off. That was the beginning of my passionate love for skating. I spent every minute I could on the ice and at some point actually learned how to skate properly. Not long after Bowdoin College built their hockey rink, I became an instructor at the figure skating school at around 12 years of age. One of my *stay in shape* exercises was to run up and down the bleachers in the rink. Then the college obligingly built a 16 story building practically across the street from my house, so I had 16 flights of stairs to run up and down. The stair running AND the skating were the eventual reason for my knees to be in the shape they are today-ruined. My left collar bone got destroyed by a katyusha rocket in 1992 and because of an idiot doctor at the local hospital, I ended up losing 2 or so millimeters off the end of it and being introduced to the concept of constant pain. Then, in 1998, I had a stroke which effectively shut down the left side of my body and finished off my right knee completely. It doesn't work any more and is a constant pain. My bladder is shot too, and I am thankful daily for my handy dandy anti pee pills. Add that all up and what you get is a degenerating purple crip in a wheelchair. Did I mention all the damage in my spinal column? There are several bulging on the verge of bursting disk's and signs of degeneration and another word I just forgot. No matter, I'm a mess. And that's the short version. It could have been much worse, and I *am* grateful that it wasn't. I CAN still walk a few steps, but not without major pain. It's slowed me down, but not stopped me.

Friday, May 20, 2005


I was confined to my wheelchair today by my sawbones, because of the results of the Glow In The Dark test AND the various bruises from unplanned landings. I'll have all the paperwork together to send off to the appropriate places, and the form for another "transport exam" this time with correct clause ticked and the letter confining me to my wheelchair. AND just to be contrary I'll wear sandals again and ask them what exactly the issue with that is as I don't walk anyways and it's a bazillion degrees outside anyway, so what do they care if I wear sandals or ortho-boots?
It's a million degrees in here and the a/c will have to go tomorrow, unless I figure something else out. I HAVE to get all the stuff scanned and copied and printed and it's just too hot here, even now at 2230 with the door open. At any rate ole el cheapo gimp will only use the small a/c that blows directly here from the *liberry* as there's no place to plug in my only fan, all the sockets are in use.
Orna and I have kind of come up with a way to get my wheelchair in here close to the computer. We'll take all the paint stuff from the 'other' side of the washer-dryer and move them closer to that wall, which should leave enough room for the rear wheels on *that* side. We'll try it on Sunday.
Poor old Pegasus has gone nuts these last two days. He whines, and jumps on my bed and on all the doors and is just completely unsettled. He's never been like this before, and it's driving me wild. I took him for a looong run in the hope it would tire him, but it didn't. I took him out when I came here and he's quiet out there, but I want to put my foot back up and get the sandal off. Please, let him be quiet. I have so much to do Sunday that I'm afraid to leave him if he doesn't settle down.
The local newspapers war is heating up. The one run by the illiterates published a letter against the new one signed by the Mayor's cheerleaders. Ooops, wrong side. One of those things I have to do on Sunday is to give the new paper the investigative rights to the illegal building on MY shelter roof. That should be fun, as they really don't care who gets got as long as the shenanigans stop. Our city hall is possibly even more corrupt than Sharon's government, but more of that tomorrow at A Gimps View.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


The freaking sore on my ankle bone just won't heal, or more accurately won't stop hurting. My sandals might be part of the problem as one of the straps rubs the spot that hurts. The doc wants me to stay off it as much as possible, and let it heal, but that so isn't my thing. The very thought makes me wild. New sandals might help, but I can't get any until next month when my credit card frees up. I still HATE shoes and the worst part of my crippedness is not being able to gimp around the house barefoot. I could if I had carpet here, but that's just not on with Peg. His hair will grow back, so no carpets for me! Damn Hammertoes. Of course I really shouldn't be griping because, I *am* thankful that I can still walk a little, even it is getting harder by the day. The wheelchair is the obvious answer, but it doesn't fit in the kitchen or here, so it's still easier to walk a few meters. I'm restarting the 'Battle For The Electric Chair, yet again. I didn't follow up the last mini barrage of letters because I was too damn lazy to argue with the printer and the computer went off to be legalized and since it's come back, I've just been lazy. Today I'm off to the Sawbones to see if he can justify a 'confined to wheelchair/recommend electric chair note. If he can, I'll dig out all the old ones, copy them and include them with The Letter. It's not like I don't need one, or that there aren't crips out there in better shape who got an electric chair (Bat Chen, for example) It's that freaking Dr. Badshit who still refuses to do his job, and come see for himself that things are not as they were 1998 when he last made a home visit upon which he bases his decision. That was in the previous apartment, not Gimp House. Among others, one of the reasons I want an electric chair, is that the wheels are UNDER it, they don't stick out the sides and will go into the kitchen and here without breaking down walls. It's really getting critical. My right knee hurts like hell all the time now, whether I'm sitting, lying down, or using it, and better it's not going to get! There's also the issue of my shoulders. Because they are both shot I can't propel a regular wheelchair except by pushing backwards with my right leg, which is really not good for that knee-duh. I WILL win this one this time. Ok, time to get moving so I can ambush the sawbones today instead of waiting until next week! Must get dressed, photocopy the glow in the dark test results and get there before 0945.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New table Posted by Hello
The camera might not be working but the contraption finally is! After futzing around with it for a few hours yesterday, I put the whole kit and kaboodle aside and waited until this morning to take it back to the shop for an explanation even *I* could understand and here's the proof. See? It really is small here, and I was so frustrated by the camera that I couldn't be bothered to straighten the throw on the sofa, or take the folder thingy off it. But you *can* see that color of the chair (arms only here) is picked up in the throw. I'm still using old tablecloth because I haven't found the exact right one yet and this one will do as it's only for protective purposes. No matter, the right cloth is out there somewhere and I'll buy it when I find it.
After getting a demonstration on how to make the reader work, I took my ankle to the doc because it just won't heal. I've tried everything, including several kinds of antibacterial creams, a 1 layer gauze dressing, no dressing, no shoes, an nothing worked. The damn thing HURTS, so I took it to the doc who gave a sheet of stuff for pressure sores and said to Ilana the nurse put it on. Poor dear Ilana wasn't happy about it and wanted specific instructions-like it's rocket science, so the doc came in and did it himself under the guise of showing her so she'd know how to do it herself tomorrow. It kind of burns and itches now, so maybe it's working. Oh, do I ever miss my barefoot days. Try going barefoot with 3 hammertoes. Can't do it. Not that I walk so well with proper gimp shoes. I manage with sandals but they are part of the problem with the ankle as the rub on the very spot. Aside from the pain, I'm in a pretty good mood, downloading Picassa and Hello without major problems contributed as did getting the card to work. Now all that's left is to get the camera unstuck. It refuses to open and it looks like I'll have to get a new one. I'm not to sure about repairing this one. In any event it can wait.

Monday, May 16, 2005


So, Irit said I'd never get a table in here! Ha! So she said. So what? The new ROUND table is here and fits in just fine. If I ever get the #$%*&^ card reader to work (there's a software hitch) I'll post a picture. It will be perfect when I find a lighter table cloth for it. To say I'm excited about it, is putting it mildly. I *do* love Gimp House;all 62 sq.mms of it. It's far from finished, but it just keeps getting better and better.
I got Orna in this morning to clean up the aftermath of the fridge repair and table putting together and she agrees that it looks fantastic. Of course it(the whole place) looked even better when she was done! She does magic with a broom, rag and squeegee!
There was a quagmire of sticky icky dog hairs behind and under the fridge, which were the cause of the troubles. They got in and covered the compressor and caused it to overheat and short circuit. It only cost 150 to fix it, and it no longer sounds like a strangling jet fighter of one of Jeremy Clarkson's reject cars! I must admit that there was a little corner of my brain that was hoping it was beyond repair because it IS NOT the fridge I wanted, and I have decided that I will not settle for anything other that exactly what I want anymore. The computer is now exactly what I wanted (the card reader excluded) as is the *liberry* (will be when it's finished) the dining table and chairs, sofa (thanks to a throw cover that picks up the exact shade of the chair) the patio is coming along nicely and I've decided to put tons of plants in pots out there and to get a swing thingy. With any luck I'll get around to the kitchen one of these days. Walls have to go and cabinets put in for a hob and built in oven. I know exactly how and where, just have to wait a bit for a few things to be paid off. I also want a new bed to better match the wardrobe, maybe wrought iron. There's a guy up here who does them. By the time all that's done, it will be time to repaint! I kind of like having a couple of 'small' projects going while larger ones are being paid off. The *liberry* and patio are the two smallish ones that don't interfere with the others.
There are times when I seriously worry about my sanity. I can't count the times I've seen Die Hard, but never once did I notice that Alan Rickman was in it, until last night! When looking him up on the www I missed it there. I love cable because movies are rerun ad nauseum which means I'll get to feast my eyes on him often in the neat future. Oh yes, I do like him. Bruce Willis, somewhat less, but he's not exactly hard on the eyes either.
Moshe just left. Who is Moshe? You ask. Moshe is the owner of the shop I buy all my furniture from. No, he didn't come to see the new table and chairs, but he did like them in here and had many compliments for Gimp House. He came for me to help him write a letter to his son in London. Moshe used to go swimming at the pool in the hotel I worked at way back when in 'the good old days' and a few other townies swam with him and we used to have coffee together before my shift started. It was fun talking about the 'good old days' with someone who was there and knows the *crew* Of course, that's always fun because you don't have to stop in the middle and explain everything. Plus he's just a nice guy.
This just into my inbox;I couldn't agree more and hope I can adopt most of these points.
I know there are a lot of beautiful words that get passed around on
the net. Here's some more:

In honor of women's history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who
lost her fight with cancer. Here is an angel sent to watch over you.

(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the
earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it
melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was
stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried
much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about
his youth.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer
day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more
while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical,
wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished
every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was
the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later.
Now go get washed up for dinner." There would have been more "I love
you's." More "I'm sorry's."

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every
minute...look at it and really see it .. live it and never give it
back. Stop sweating
the small stuff.

Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing

Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do
love us.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


After spending a quiet Saturday burning CDVs I decided to take a look at my bank account to try and figure out why my credit card was refused on Thursday. I still don't know why as there is a fair amount still available, BUT, there was yet another charge from overseas. I thought that was all sorted but it obviously isn't. I called Visa first thing this morning and they cancelled this card and will send another that will officially be blocked to overseas internet use. It's most annoying especially when I didn't even think about buying through the net. Visa will be sending their investigators after whoever is doing it and I don't much care who they find. It's stealing plain and simple. I have my suspiscions and it's sad if I'm right, but it's not a good idea to steal from me via my credit card. Never mind me, Visa will deal with them and it's just too bad. My new card will be here by Thursday and then, I'll have to run around and give the new number to the few places that have it for monthly charges. There are only two such places, the dog supply store and Gerald, so not a major problem. Speaking of the dog supply store, I have to call them and order more food for Peg. He's out of food. I also have to find someone to fix my fridge. I am unhappy about that in the extreme. It's the last thing I need right now as I am once again on the verge financially, but with the solution in sight, as Murdy obviosly understands even though he doesn't yet know that the Victor issue is well on the way to it's 30000 shekel conclusion. The ruling in my favor will be handed down today or tomorrow, and one against his daughter who is also involved within the month. I don't expect to see anything from them until Hadass's ruling comes down, but as soon as it does and we file for liens they'll pay up PDQ for the simple reason that Hadass is his darling and he will do anything to keep her clear of liens and other not nice stuff. That 30,000 will go a long way to easing things around here, not to mention being enough for a car.
Done! A nice lad who goes by the name Gaby Kirur or in English, Gaby Cool will be along in two hours or so and with any luck will be able to sort the fridge with minimum fuss. All that's left is to get onto the housing authority about the electrics.
It's just one thing after another, but, I shouldn't complain as one of my mottos is "life would be without taste if not for the challenges, so bring it on"
I think maybe it might be interesting to see if the Electric Company can send someone to check and see if there is a major problem with the power. It can't be legal to not have the ground, and 237 volts are coming in which most likely contributes to my high electric bills.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Ah, yes! We now have a brand new industrial strength cpu fan and two new ones on the box, a legal XP Pro OS, a new surge protector that is connected to everything except my blood pressure, and a couple of other doo dads. Almost everything is back in place including most of my purples but Seti doesn't want to install, nor does my pale purple firecat paws add on for Firefox. I'll get it one of these days but in the meantime the computer is so fast I'm having trouble keeping up! Whew! I fully expect to spend the next couple of days getting everything back in place, hopefully for the last time in a long while.
Thanks to the surge protector I've discovered the problem with the electric system at Gimp House. There's a major problem with *ground* and if that's not enough, 360 or so whatchamacallems are coming in instead of only 220. That is so not good and most likely what screwed up the fridge which has been disconnected since Wednesday when it repeatedly blew the circuit breakers and generally drove me wild. I connected the freezer, micro and new purple kettle to the same circuit the cooker, washer and dryer are on and obviously am not stupid enough to run more than one at a time. I'll get onto the housing authority and elctric company on Sunday. I've known something was way wrong with the electrics since the day I moved in, but never suspected it was the *ground* My pal Avi was supposed to come today and jerryrig the fridge but his wife's mother died so I told him to forget it and go home. Most of the stuff in the fridge can go in the freezer for now and the stuff that can't, I'll just eat today and tomorrow as it's mostly fresh veggies that are still ok.
There are lots of planes overhead today after my friends in that lovely peace loving Lebanese *political party* Hizbolla shot at Slomi and Har Dove yesterday. Hmm, I almost wonder what that's all about? My nose is twitching and I guess a few katyushas are not out of the question for us in the very near future. Peg is acting like he does before they start landing-trying to curl around my legs and not acting all excited when I want to take him out and getting all whiney when I go out. It's not like thay need an excuse or anything resembling a reason to shoot at us. I think it might be a very bad idea for them to get too rambunctious.
I have a couple more things to do to the computer, then, I'll be back at A View for an update there.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I'm running a bit over time on line this morning, but I can hear fans running, so, with any luck the CPU won't go into meltdown.
I put out an SOS call to the usual suspects yesterday for the 300 cash I need to cover the filing fee goof on the Great Airconditioner Case. Mara came through and I invited them to come over later to see the new improved enlarged Gimp House later. I was a very good girl and didn't turn the computer on again yesterday. It wasn't easy, but I managed. I have one more thing to do on line, then no more until tomorrow. Best get a move on, heat's building up......and not much else has been going on.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Gerald was here and the news isn't great, but also not a complete disaster. It seems the CPU fan is clogged from all the dusty stuff that went on in and around Gimp House and if I'm very careful and only use the computer for e mail and quick posts here he will just have to vacuum the crud out and put in a better CPU fan. He's coming by on Monday morning early to pick it up and hopes to have it back all fixed up and legal on Wednesday with 256 more RAM and a couple more bells and whistles. I guess I can just zip through my e mail and post here until then. The other projects can wait.
Ye Oulde shyster was here and the court wants 300 more in filing fees so I'll have to work something out as I'm cash poor at the moment. There are a few folks I can ask for help, and another trick or two if all else fails! It's going to be odd not having the computer at my beck and call as wanted, but, I'll manage somehow. I'm still reading on my 'figure out religion' project and not having the computer for more than an hour a day will give me time to get on with that and hopefully start sorting it in my mind and on paper. It's starting to come clear, but I'm not done the reading yet......Ooops my hour's up!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


It was an amazing two days! Three wheelchairs on maneuvers in the tiny Gimp House, but fun like I haven't had since I can't remember when! When Chana wasn't sleeping (night owl that she is) we were out showing the good people of this town that us crips can have a good time from our rolling thrones. Zehava is a relatively quiet, decorous well mannered gal, but enjoyed our antics. Now that they've found the way to Gimp House/Tardis, I hope they'll come visit more often.
My new dining room chairs arrived yesterday in the midst of our morning coffee ceremony and Chana and Zehava had to evacuate the scene so the chairs could be brought in. They were temporarily banished to the spare/guest room for the duration and when they were released from exile, they promptly fell in love with the new chairs. After getting organized (I use the word with reservation) we headed for town and a quick swing through the other mall and for the coffee shop, then to stock up on fags. When we got back, they rolled into Zehava's van and left. I *do* wish they could have stayed longer as we were having so much fun. I now have the answer to those who think Gimp House is too small and crowded for 1 wheelchairer! Three at a time managed just fine, so it's plenty big for one! It is a Tardis after all!
I'm still a bit groggy from the late nights but should be back to *normal* in a day or so. Danny sorted the reiforcing steel grid for the concrete we want to pour for my patio, and with any luck it will be done in the next day or so. I'll catch him later to find out what's happening with the concrete.
I still have a few things to pick up in town before Gerald gets here, so I'd best get my butt in gear! It *is* Thursday which is pretty much the end of the week here, and I really should get the things I put off while the girls were here done! Friday is not a good day for any kind of shopping here! Laters!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Zahava and Chana finally arrived around 1800 and things got crowded real fast in here! But, Hey! For all it's smallness-62sq mm, we actually managed to maneuver around each other with the 3 vespas as Chana calls our chariots! We sat around and had a great gabfest until about 2230, when the gals decided it was time to show Kiryat Shemonah what it's all about. We ot dressed and drove our trusty steeds out onto the street that leads to the mall. Giggling and laughing we went to find Chana a loo and to see what open for a light snack. We had to find a loo because Chana has trouble moving from any other seat to her vespa as we discovered when she free fell from her seat in Zehava's van when trying to get to her vespa. We had to call in the neighborhood cavalry to rescue her from the floor of the van. My loo is definitely not for her, so, off we went to the fully railed crip loo at the mall. All the eats places upstairs were closed and there were still people at the expensive coffee shop downstairs. The boss man, who adores in spite of my ultimately causing their restaurant to have a name with a huge mistake in it (long story for another time) told us to come on in. So, of course we did, and our waitress was a daring girl who adored our antics, and was more than happy to hang around and talk with us for about an hour after they closed the shop. We had a great time and are now embroiled in a fight to death over who gets to keep Ophira, the waitress. Just for the fun of it, we spread out across the street and were most foolish on the way home until a cop car flashed it's 'bubble gum' at us. We kindly let him through and spread out again. It was fun. I haven't laughed so hard since I can't remember when. At Gimp House again, we sat around and gabbed until Zehava pulled up anchor and went to sleep. Chana and I talked until about 0545 when I pretty much dozed off in front her. They are still happily snoring away, and I'm here with a bucket of coffee getting a head start on myself. This is so much fun! I'll try to get a picture of the three of us on our chairs to post here. It has to be seen to be believed.

Monday, May 02, 2005

At last! The second of the month and the credit card is free to filled up again! I still have 2 cartons of fags from last month, so, could skip the cigarette shop, I did go out the industrial area where Home Center lives to look for a coffee table and to get the electric kettle I saw a couple of weeks ago and some more grow bulbs for my spoiled silly plant. What did I find there? A purple kettle that turns yucky pink (read with snear) when the water boils, a grow light, and a set of purple shower thingys. Back in town, I paid Yehiel the handsome for the Panasonic which he will bring soon, saw a super cheap purple cheched sheet, 3 purple ashtrays and a small imitation flowers in a purple pot. I promptly bought them all and hurried home so as to not miss Zehava. Oh, yeah, Orna came early, finished the dishes, did the loo and floor and I flew out. I sat here from 1230 until almost 1600 when Zehava finally called to say they were in Afula, I then charged out of here to pick up breakfast stuff and milk and made it back by 1700. She should have called by now, it's almost 1800 and it doesn't take that long from Afula to here unless she got lost. Her cell phone is off, so who knows. Zehava on her best days is somwhere out there beyond the charted universe. Ditzy doesn't quite do her justice. If/when she figures out that she's lost, she'll call, I hope. Zehava has a heart of gold, but a 2.1 watt bulb is like the sun next to her. I hope she's not trying to find Gimp House on her own. It's just not possible!
My favorite shyster called and wants to see me tomorrow. He says that as things stand now, the judge will hand down in my favor within the next week or so! Yes!! He mentioned something about a mistake in the filing, so I think I'll get it and find out what he's on about.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Yes, I know I haven't been here for a while, but as I wrote a while back, I'm feeling a bit "off" and not in much of a mood for anything. Today I'm feeling a little more "normal' and have the energy and desire to get a few things done. Zehava called last night and she and Chana are coming tomorrow for a couple of days. Gimp House is somewhat upside down and in desperate need of a wash and straightening. Orna will be over later to take care of it. I'll be heading out soon to see my building supplier about getting the strip next to the house cemented for a patio. I've only been planning that since the day I moved in! Now that I will soon have an excess of tables and chairs, I kind of need of spot for the plastic table now in use as a flower arrangement holder. A patio is the best answer to that. As long as I'm down there, I'll stop in to find out when the chairs will be here. Moshe said this week, and I'd really like them to be here soon. I also have to pick up some milk for Zehava and Chana's coffee. And maybe some eggs and breakfast stuff for them. I'm going back to rabbit food as I am miserable about my weight and determined to do something about it. It's gotta go and go it will. Having some of my energy back will help. There are tons of things on my 'to do' list and I'm actually looking forward to doing them! I'm going to get the shelves to finish the *liberry* tomorrow morning, and get moving on that. I only need about 6 more, so, no big deal. Maybe I'll wait until the gals are here and take advantage of Zehava's van to have her haul them home? It's a freaking pain to do it on Harley Too. They tend to fall off and scatter on the road. I can make that decision later. The main thing is to get moving on it. I also want to get a light purple round table cloth for the new table. I have a square one that's a bit too dark and an oval one that might be ok if I sew it up the middle to make it round? I'll see if I find the perfect one right off, then, decide.
Now that Passover is done, I have to light a fire under Gerald to get the computer redone. The list of stuff I want him to do is getting longer by the day. It's almost 0930, so I think I'll bring Peg in and get a move on. He's gone back to Clintoning in the living room and HE KNOWS BETTER. I *MUST* break him of that habit. He taught Ragamuffin that it's ok to go outside and she taught him it's ok to go inside. Well, now that it's just him, it's NOT ok to go inside anymore. He's been good for several days, the all of sudden oopsy, Clintons in the living room! And he goes out at least twice a day so there's no excuse. Whatever, gotta get a move on here.