Saturday, April 18, 2009


I don't know what's wrong with my doctor. He almost killed me again. If I were the paranoid type, I'd think it was on purpose.
I'd been feeling really bad since March 2. The bout of food poisoning that started then was just a trigger for what came later. I kept trying to figure out what the problem was and finally realized that it was the rat poison Coumadin! I decided that enough was enough and got myself hauled off to hospital very late on Monday night. The ER doc stated that it could not possibly be the Coumadin, and the doc on the floor stated unequivacably that it was that I sometimes take a few of my meds without eating. Then, the blood work came back! It was indeed the Coumadin. So much for those two residents. The fun part came on Tuesa=day night when I got my revenge on that ward which was the very one that had treated me so badly when I had my stroke in 1998. This part is more than a little gross, but, I quite enjoyed it as it put a screeching halt to that stupid resident trying to send me home!I was hit by the most urgent need to get to the bog, but didn't quite make it. I managed to fill my jammy bottoms with a mess worthy of, well, me, and leave not a little of it on the floor. They washed me up and tucked me into a nice clean bed in another room. I had no sooner settled in when the urge struck again and I raced for the bog, again just seconds too late. There I sat, surrounded by a huge puddle of mess on the floor while I filled the bog to overflowing. Dem Der called to see how I was doing, and I had to ask him to the nurses to rescue me as I was flooded in. I so wish I had thought to take a picture of the nurse's face when he opened the door! He raced off to get three other nurses to get me out of there. My last view of the bathroom as they backed me out was truly insane. Who would have thought you could fill a toilet to overflowing? Well, I did. In fact it looked like someone had set off a poop bomb in there. It was everywhere. The toilet was not only full, it was coated on the outside as well, and the floor. The nurses got me cleaned up again and put me in a nice lilac colored Depends. I must say that it was a most satisfying revenge on those same people who were so mean in 1998. I did feel bad for the guy who had to clean it up. None of it was his fault.
That was when they decided that it was indeed the Coumadin and because there was some blood in the sample they sent off, it was decided to stick a tube down my throat to empty my stomach to see if there was any blood there which might indicate that idiot resident was right too. Not a drop. So much for her. They started giving something IV that would bring down the poisonous levels of the rat poison, and sent me off for an abdominal ultra sound, which showed a gall stone that had nothing to do with any of it.They srung me on Thursday afternoon with a whole list of things to do and not do, and tests to have as and when. Now, I'm happily at home and savoring the happy memories of getting my own back at those horrid people! Maybe the next time they'll take me a little more seriously when I tell them someting. That was just the highlight of the week. There were lots of little triumphs as well. But, I'm home now and feeling better. No more nausea and on Monday my doc and I will sit down and redo all my meds as they added three more to the list. But no more rat poison! And no more late night barfing after taking that blasted Coumadin.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


On the bright side, the nausea has gone away. On the dark side, I just don't at all feel like eating. Eating doesn't upset my stomach any more, but it seems that a strange pain has moved into my gut under squatter's conditions. It's there all the time, just under the radar. Last night it felt like a huge snake slithering around. I wonder what that's about. I will take the issue to clinic on Sunday.
The really good news is that I've lost enough weight to be out of the obese category, and smack in the middle of the overweight one. Now all I have to do is lose enough to get into the normal category. That will be a day for celebration!
And just to make things interesting, the surgeon who looks at my burn evrey two weeks says it's gotten a little worse. That's just fine with me, because *I* know it's gotten a little better. It doesn't hurt like it used to and the itching of the surrounding area has prett much stopped. I wonder if that has anything to do with the new band aid type dressing I'm using coupled with being back in sandals because things have warmed up just enough to stop wearing those heavy winter sock slippers. Time will tell. I'm just happy that it's less bothersome these days.