Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just checking in

It's been one of those years. In truth I just got lazy and was a bit disconnected from myself after that insane trip to the States last summer. In most ways it was great. I got to see a lot of people I've really missed over the years, but also missed some, like my son. A full week had been planned to visit with my son and his family in Florida. That never happened for an assortment of reasons, among them was sever exhaustion from driving from Maine to Kentucky. The heat didn't help either. I was feeling so out of it that I didn't realize that we had flight from Orlando to Reno until less than 24 hours before it was due to leave.  We piled everything in the car and took off on an all nighter from Kentucky to Orlando. We made it in the nick of time, but I never got to see Aron and the kids. It looks like I'm paying for that now. They were just here and I didn't find out until after they had left. I'm batting 100 with my kids. Neither of them is speaking to me. Never mind. They have their own lives and if they don't want me in them, so be it.
The last week and a half has been a bit weird, even for me. About a week ago, I developed a cough that had a somewhat usual effect on someone with a stroke damaged bladder. Urine started escaping every time I coughed, so I took to wearing adult diapers and taking cough syrup. Then, on Thursday the escaping urine turned into blood. Uh oh. Not being one to panic, I just asked Mr. Google to tell me if what I thought it might be was possible, and sure enough it was! I had been taking way too much rat poison by accident, I had pulled  muscles from coughing, and that stroke damaged bladder. I immediately stopped taking the rat poison (coumadin), and figured out a way to keep the Israeli 'diapers' in place. It was truly a bloody mess around here. Luckily the worst was over the weekend. By Monday it was over. The next  step was to organize a shower. I planned the shower around my cleaning lady's times, and turned on the solar water heater's electric booster. She is supposed to come at 0900, So, of course she showed up at 0645. So much for my plan. I had a feeling that I wanted someone else here while I showered. A little before 0830, Golan wandered in and I decided the electric booster had been on long enough. Into the shower I went. I had to ask Golan to close the sliding door for me, then, I got in, and scrubbed myself down. The cleaning lady left just as I was going in,but Golan was still here, or so I thought. I got out, and into my 'shirt', and discovered that the sliding door wouldn't open because it fell off it's roller.There I sat in the bathroom with no way out and no phone. Now what? There IS another door to the bathroom from the living room but it's blocked on the living room side by a massive pile of junk. Don't ask how, but I did get it open and tossed all the junk into the living room, and with the help of the floor washing squeegee's wooden handle somehow got to the recliner in the living room. How I did that is a mystery to everyone who knows Gimp House and it's gimp (me).Ok, I'm out but my wheely was not. Now to get to a phone. for that I needed to get to my bed. To that end I scootched the recliner to the entrance of my bedroom, and somehow got to the bed, then, on it. I called Golan and I swear he broke every land speed sprint record getting here. Bless him. He went out to my car to get the tools he needed to sort that sliding door's slider, put all the junk back where it had been, and rescued the wheely. I took a pain med because my usual hurts had aches and pains. I ended up staying in bed rather that going out and doing what I had taken the shower before doing. That was Wednesday. on Thursday I still didn't feel like going out, so I finally went out on Friday because I was expecting something I'd ordered from the States to arrive. It did in fact arrive so I went to the post office to collect it, then to look for a cordless phone that I can take with when showering I not only found one, I found a purple one. I skipped the things I had showered for as Friday is not a good day for either thing. I'll just do them on Sunday.
That was one insane week and a half. I'm not at all sure how I made it, but I did. I really don't know when or if I'll post next.........