Saturday, July 31, 2004


Richard called earlier to ask if I can repay them as agreed by buying the stock they need for their new coffee house. Not knowing exactly how much trouble I'm in at the bank, thanks to STL and his delaying tactics, I said sure, they should be wiling to accept two postdated checks (very common and legal here), so it looks like I'll be able to pay them back somewhat painlessly. I told him that I finally came up with a plan *B* and asked if one of them could write up a synopsis of their experince with STL. Richard loved the plan and agreed to both join the Yahoo Group AND send me the story.
I absolutely love the computer being back in it's corner, but have discovered a minor problem. This part of the floor slopes from the door to the new room down to the living room. It's not a big slope, but it is noticable after sitting for a while on a chair that isn't quite level. A small inconvenience for the advantages of having the computer back here.

The goings on in the PA are fascinating. It seems that some of the terrorist groups have had it with Arafarts dictaTorial ways and the corruption of his cronies and are taking things into their own hands. It will be a lot better for all concerned if his stranglehold on the PA is released. I'd be alot happier if it was just citizens who were up in arms at him, but I guess it sort of is as most of the PA population is associated with one terror organization or another. It's just nice to see them pissed off at Arafart at last. Even Colin Powel had a few things to say about him; none of them complimentary!

Thank God the Democrap convention is over. It boggles the mind that there are actually people who suport Kerry. The man is nothing more than a lying posturing self serving manipulator who should be serving hard time for treason. What a war hero.........demanding a purple heart for a wound treated with a bit of disinfectant and a BandAid! Get real. 3 purple hearts and he was out of there. He even had the unmitigated nerve to demand one of the hearts and told one of his C.O.s that it would look good on his record as he was planning to enter politics. Even his fitreps were a travesty. I just hope the Swiftboat crews can get the record straight on what a despicable opportunist he is. All of his anti war activities which included besmirching the U.S. military, telling out right lies about atrocities and war crimes committed by service men should have been enough to get him locked up long ago. It drives me wild that our press, in addition to the US press, are so pro the johns. That's the best part of the democrap ticket as far as I'm concerned. 2 johns, pick your definition-john-toilet or john-prostitute's customer. Perfect for that pair! Please, God, don't let them get elected. Not that Bush is perfect, but next to those two, Bush and Cheney are doing a damn good job and know what needs to be done. The Democraps want one thing and one thing only; to defeat Bush, and if Americans think that's a good enough reason to vote for two jons, they deserve what they'll get as a result. I wonder how they'll feel when the terrorists strike again as a result of john & john's appeasement policies which will not take long to go into effect. Those two are only in it in hopes of defeating Bush. What will happen if they succeed? Who will run things? They are certainly not capable. Will they pass a law.......if they can't buy bread, let them buy ketchup and sue their family doctor?

There's a new commercial on TV for El Al, my airline of preference. If tickets are bought ahead of time, London costs $339. I just hope that's round trip. I'll go to my travel agent and find out tomorrow. If it's true I'll cancel the IsraAir charter and go El Al. It's alot cheaper than that charter and Heathrow is just fine. I think it's time to write the hotel I want and ask the questions I need answers to before reserving a room! AND I MIGHT MAYBE send Teadrinker a fax detailing the conditions under which I might let her speak to me again. MAYBE.

Friday, July 30, 2004

BOOKCASE? deserve this? Or, nothing happens by chance, you just have to wait to find out the reason. What brought this on? What happened today.......started a year and a half ago. When I moved to Gimp House there was no room in here for my table. The only thing I had that was even close to resembling a table was the corner computer "desk" that lived in it's own little corner by the back windows. It was crowded to understate things, but was just fine there UNTIL they broke through that wall of windows to put in a too narow doorway for the new room. They very carefully moved the whole shebang around the corner into the living room. The fact that the window in the new rom opens in the wrong direction meant no computer in there. Here we digress to about a year and a half ago. One day, for no reason at all, I went over the bridge behind the neighborhood school and saw an old school table discarded in a pile of rubble. Aha! A table. It can live outside on the ramp. Somehow I wrestled it onto the back of Harley and got it home! I had a table outside for coffee and stuff. I moved it inside for the Great Book Project and put it where the computer used to be and used it as a way station for moving the books. It was scheduled to go back outside tomorrow! My dear friend Aaron Milman was over the other day and decided that he didn't like my baby 15" monitor. He went home and called his nephew and told him to bring the largest monitor possible. They arrived here this morning with a 19" monster that wouldn't fit in the old table. What to do, what do? We all came up with off the walls ideas, then he saw the table in the itty bitty alcove and YES! He charged out to shanghei one of my neighbors he'd sold a computer to last year to come and help with the conversion. The took the bookbag holder off, put a plywood top on and set the computer up in it's old corner. Who knew when I wrestled that table home how incredibly useful it would be? I'm so happy and thankful that I can't think of it without leaking a few tears. Aaron GAVE me the monitor because........well, just because. And this after all the grief from STL and Teadrinker. I'm still in wonder at the whole thing and the table. Who knew it would solve so many problems one day? The old corner one is now in a corner by the front window patiently waiting to be cleared off and turned into a proper writing desk! There just might be enough room in there now for a chair or two; the ones that are just stuck in new room and were used as shelves during the Great Book Project. At least one of them can come out and the sofa bed can go to wherever it is old sofa beds go.

The cable techies who pretty much had moved in here, discovered that the network card is bad. No more flip flops from them. The big boss was here yesterday and things sort of almost worked for a while, then NOTHING. Because he assured me that all was well when he left I had a go at Netvision and threw a hissy fit when they told me to get up and do something. I HATE NETVISION. I had another go at them this morning, then, called cable. The boss who was here yesterday called and said he'd get a techie here ASAP and the techie finished just when the new monitor arrived. Timing. Now, all that's left to do is survive the remainder of my year with NETVISION: I HATE THEM and go back to Barak. Yogi just called and he's on his way over to copy a prog. I can just imagine his face when he sees all this! Ah, yes, he was properly impressed by the computer returning to it's corner in such a brilliant way AND by the finished bookcase. I must find a way to get the picture here.
Maybe this will work! I'll post, then test it.
Ha! Never mind. I got the blasted blog bot to work! Ha! The hell I did. I only got it to work on Yoffee Coffee. Shite Blogger Blot. I think I'll kick it out again. I HATE IT MORE THAN NETVISION. AND THAT"S SAYING SOMETHING.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Cable, which is now HATED less than Netvision taught Kerry how to do the flip flop. When I first made *that* mistake, the one where I  got cable, and the automatic disconnects started, the cable techie said it was the network card and switched it to USB. The guy today said it's the USB and switched it back to the card. Go figure. Well, time will tell.
STL sent 1000 today and I got fags and shelves. It's progress, and he still owes 2700. I'll have to go out again and get in a few beers, bottles of water, and some of my beloved whole grain bread thingys. The shelves are in place and I'll be disappearing into that room after the sun goes over the Naphtali hills. The store is out of my shelves, and I'll have to wait to get the rest, but as I can only bring a few home home at a time, that's ok. Oi, almost forgot to call Achi and tell him that Ein Zahav is dry through the park. That usually means that the Hizzies are diverting the water. In the 12 years I've lived in town, I've never seen it DRY. Hmmm, he's puzzled too and will look into it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


That long loud shriek of frustration was me. Why? Where to start? How about waking up to no connection? Cable is quickly moving back into # 1 as most hated. Then there were the 3 idiots who waltzed in and demanded wheelchairs. I AM NOT Yad Sarah(an organization that loans medical /rehab equipment that is next door to me)!! Yad Sarah does not have dogs tied to the ramp(they don't even have a ramp) nor do  they have a bedroom with a TV, nor a computer. Don't people look at where they're going?
I got out of here at 10:30 or so and went to see Richard and Mara at their coffee shop. Richard is still pissed off at me from last week and hasn't even opened his e mail. He can either get over it, or not. There's too much else crap going on for me to worry about it. I sat with the Lebanese crew and am going to get involved with their fight to get what they were promised by our idiot ungratefull government. I'll get into that more in detail another day.
On the way home Harley crapped out on a hill. I tried to manuever him into some shade after I called Tsabri to rescue us and his rear wheel fell off. Laugh or cry? Not being able to decide, I somehow managed to inch my way over to the stairs to sit in the shade. We were rescued within half an hour. They took me home and took Harley to the garage to fix him. Danny called, picked me up and Harley and I were home by 17:30 to no connection and a with a bill for 250, to be paid by the end of the week. I called cable and had a right go at them. The techie was supposed to be here by 22:00, but they didn't say on what day! I finally got connected and expect to unconnect at any minute. I'll have another yell up at them tomorrow. It's the modem.
I also had a go at Netvision, who are still # 1 on my hate list, right after STL. They seem to enjoy letting those Nigerian fraud letters through. Today's was from Iraq! With a Netvision addy. After my last somewhat nasty mail to them, I got one back saying they will take it up with their spam blocker. One more, just one more and I'll pay the penalty to get out of there. I think it might be a good idea to get into bed, watch Jag and go to sleep early. I'm really tired and tomorrow is not looking to be much better than today. STL was supposed to call an hour ago. ONE OF THESE DAYS.........

Monday, July 26, 2004


On the one hand, I've got something to feel good about. The books are ALL listed and sorted, which brings me to the money to buy the last of the shelves, and even worse, I'm out of fags and STL has more new stories than Readers Digest. He's blaming poor Edith, as usual. How is it her fault? She doesn't owe him a thing. Now there's the poor cigarette wholesaler who supposedly is bringing the Winston lights I  couldn't buy on my last hop to England. I told him that I don't *need* Winstons, my usual brand will do. He claims he'll call me in 2 hours with news. He's also trying to get my sympathy by whining that he might cirrhosis of the liver. Yeah, right and last year he had cancer. For someone so close to death, he's in pretty good shape and I don't buy the terminal crap for a minute. He HAS agreed to make good on the whole debt, and claims to have paid me 26,500. I'll have to add up the amounts, but I think it's under 20,000, and he did 30,000 damage, before interest and penalties. He should only live long enough to pay up. This guy is poison. Pure poison. He destroys everyone stupid enough to feel bad for him and try to help him. I almost figured out how to get his site listed in search engines, but was having a hard time concentrating. Maybe later. I think I'll get the last chairful of books in the room now, sweep it up, figure out where to store the paint and tools, then head into town. Cigars with morning coffee, just doesn't do it. Much better with evening Bushmills!

Sunday, July 25, 2004


It should come as no surprise that once again STL has not kept his word. He keeps blaming it on Edith, who refuses, or so he says, to help him out. I don't belive for a minute that she ever intended to. I think his *Edith* story is just one big lie to keep me quiet. Well, no more quiet. I'll go to Safad tomorrow and ICU him. It's not enough that I let him get me 30,000 over my head; now, things that were supposed to happen to get my account sorted, won't. I'm still 4000 short of that goal. I decided today that no matter what, he will repay me the 8000 loan I took out to in a desperate attempt to get even, as well as the interest. All this playing around and lying is over. My next stop on the great WWW will be the school Brian teaches at. They usually list faculty members e mail addys.
On the up side today, I got up in time, and heard all except the first 3 minutes of DM. Just as it finished, the Bezeq guy came and found that he couldn't put a line in the new room, so he put one next to the fax line and I'll put the other cordless on it. I *did* get another 100 or so books listed, and they are waiting to be sorted so I'll be able to arrange them on the shelves if I'm ever able to buy them.
Peg was acting very oddly for him last night. He decided that one way or another he WOULD get into the new room. I got up and closed the door, but he opened it. He also kept getting up on the bed and whining. I wish dogs could talk. I want to know what's wrong. He seems just fine today. Actually, it's pretty much the way he used to behave during katyusha attacks. Hmmm, I wonder. Speaking of dogs, I found out what all the     noise was the other night. The little dog that belonged to Gaston, down the street was killed by a big dog. The police came and no one dared catch the killer dog. I hope the killer dog has been taken away. I don't need it getting into a fight with Peg.
Rivka called and she and David's sister were going to come up here and go shopping for stuff for the flat. It's after 16:30 and I haven't heard a word from them, but Moshe has his orders in the event they show up. I only have part of a pack of fags left and I'm feeling nauseous from STLs lies and games, not to mention on the verge of tears. My eczema is off limits as a topic. Blood drips as I type. How did I do this to myself? England in October is now in jeopardy. If I can't go there, my next trip will be to the women's prison for murder. Enough is enough. I just can't take any more. It might be a good idea to go work off some of the frustration by sorting the books and finish listing the ones left in the alcove.  SteamedSoapbox

Saturday, July 24, 2004


It certainly took long enough, but boy oh, boy, did I ever come up with a plan *B*! I've busy putting toether a web site dedicated to Mr. STL, and learning how to manage it! I also started a support group for his victims at Yahell and just uploaded the 16 page cell phone bill to files there. All 16 pages are HIS calls. The numbers called are on the bill and are now on the net for the whole world to see. I also started a blog at another blog site. And I've linked all the new stuff to my Yahell profile. He is not going to be happy about this. ESP had his brother's e addy once upon a time and I've asked her to either send Brian a heads up, or send me his addy. Little does he know that the synagogues and JCCs in Maine all have sites and that I am not above posting to them as well.If I sounf gleeful, it's not because I'm pleased about this, rather that I'm pleased to have come with a plan *B* and figured out the site stuff all by myself. He IS NOT going to like it one little bit, but, if/when he pays up, all can be deleted. I'm turning over plans for a Gimp House site too. That will be MINE, not his! Sooooo, that's what I've been up to for the past two days. I'll add the links here and then any of you who bother to read this drivel can go see for yorselves!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I so wish I could blame the whole Teadrinker mess on STL, but, at the end of the day, it's my own damn fault. No one made me do what I did for him. He does have a not small part in it[he could have paid on time and then none of this would have happened], but, I could have NOT bought into his con. I knew he was going to cause major trouble, I just never imagined how much or how long it would it would take. Of course he's still at it. He called this morning to say he was at the hospital, but would call again in 20 minutes and implied that he'd have the money sometime today. Of course he didn't, and I didn't waste any energy trying to call him back. He now is up to 2900, and knowing him, it will hit 3200 before he pays, and pay he will! I *did* go grocery shopping and am now set for the next two weeks or so.I somehow forgot to look for VCR tapes. Little did I know that AXN would be starting Highlander from the first ep today. They did and I wasn't ready. I'll have to go through my collection of tapes and see what can be taped over. Getting all the eps from ep # 2 is ok too.
I was lolling on the bed reading when the phone rang. It was Teaddrinker. She managed to spit out that the 1000 is a gift before I  reacted and hung up. Does she really think it's about the money? It's not, it's even more about her attitude towards it. I could shell out close to 4000, never say a word, then have to listen to her tell me how stupid I was to help STL, THEN be reminded in the rudest way possible that *I* owe *her* when all I did was be stupid enough to agree to let her help with the Benny debt. It's amazing and enlightening that she thinks it's about the money. It's not and never has been. I had managed to get through a whole day without thinking about it and being sad, then, boom, there she was again. Let go woman. I don't care what Rivka says, It's over, and not because of the money.
I saw Sonia at the grocery store and she took great delight in telling that now *she's* not talking to Orna and Danny. And Danny's her brother. Seems Orna is behind that, and that it was loud enough that she thought I  might have heard it. I really don't sit by the window waiting for the neighbors to have a loud fight. I have better things to do and when the break came with Orna it was silent. I just stopped talking to her.
I think I'll go make the soup for the couscous then read the Portland paper.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


It was a quiet day on our end of the border. Two soldiers were shot dead by snipers on the western end.  IAF planes overflew Beirut and left a wake up call in the form of sonic booms and sent a message through the press that if they don't pipe down, we'll turn off the lights!
I got a call from Richard and Mara asking about the thick black smoke coming from the eastern end of town. Not having a window on that side of the house yet, I had no idea what they were on about. Mara was on the verge of hysterics. I called Achy and he answered his phone, not with "hi", but with " The Neviot storage area" Neviot is a bottled mineral water factory in town. The storage area they use for plastic ottles-the BIG ones was appparently torched along with an abandoned bus. Mara calmed right down when I called her back with the info. A little later Achy called back and said he's in town and wanted to come over. I told him "GREAT bring beer, please" Bless him, he arrived with beer and bourekas. I love it when he can pop in for a visit.
Today was a bit busier than the first two days of the week. I went to Bezeq and got the unpaid phone bills for Richard and Mara to pay, found them at their soon to open coffee shop, had coffee, a nice gossip about STL, then went to meet Rivka and David at the secondhand shop in the industrial area. I had hoped to do some grocery shopping as the cupboard is bare, but it didn't happen. Good thing Achy showed up with bourekas! I'll do the shopping tomorrow. When I got home, Meir and co. desended to fix the the stuff in the new room. Everyone went wild over the bookcase. Rivka and I shoved some mini pizzas in the oven for a snack, then they left to go home. By then I was feeling a bit woozy because I hadn't had any water all day, so I sprawled on the bed with a bottle of water, and rested until Achy arrived. It's 23:45 now, and I'm headed for bed. Tons of stuff to do tomorrow including having another go at STL.

Monday, July 19, 2004


I felt a bit better today and managed to get out for a while. The results of last weeks CT arrived and they are not great. I'll wait and hear what the sawbones says, then talk to the *plumber* .
After I got the results from the postoffice, I went to my travel agent and I now have reservations for the England jaunt. I (of course) forgot the name of the hotel I want, so will have to write it down and go back and have her do some research on it. It looks like a good group is forming, and like with the noncon last year, we will all try to stay in the same hotel! We'll be quite the international group; Israel, Holland, Sweden and the US! And that's just so far. There will be loads of UKers there too.
Achy called during my rest and asked if my new room, THE SHELTER is finished. It seems Nassralla has promised us a noisy night. I'm not so sure about that. Either my katyusha early warning system is rusty, or they will make do with the District Judge a group of Nassralla's henchmen murdered outside his house tonight. Never can tell what they'll do next, but I can't FEEL and katyushas on the way. Time will tell. Achy is convinced that he'll no sooner get home than he'll be called out. He popped in for a quick drink after his voice lesson and I asked if he expects me to call him if a katyusha hits the house. His answer was a pitying look. So, I promised to call if..........
STL said he was in Rambam this morning and that he'd call me later. Did he? No, he did not. 2700 and counting. In the end he'll pay for the whole UK jaunt. He already owes the price of the plane ticket in late penalties.
Rivka and David are coming north tomorrow, and we're going shopping for furniture etc  for the flat in Safed. I can't wait til Rivka sees what I've done in the new room. Achy loved it! Never mind the rest of it, STL has caused a major delay in getting that bookcase finished and I am very not pleased about it. He is sooooo going to pay.
I know there was something else I wanted to write about, but I've forgotten. I think it's time for a quick shower, then to bed until/if katyushas hit. It's been a long time, and I've never gone through it down here. My last flat was tucked under the hill and they never got too close there. This building took a direct hit a long time ago and the neighborhood has been hit lots of time. [sigh] No sense in worrying about it. If I hear it, I'm ok, if I don't hear it, I won't be alive to care, so why worry?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

One of THOSE Days

It's only taken 6 or so months, but I finally got thecell phone to ring on time this morning and made it to Dark Matters on time. I got cut off once- Netvision or Cable, who cares. But I got to hear most of it.
I'm just enough depressed by Teadrinker, Billy, myself, and STL that I stayed in today and got absolutely nothing done.
The Amidar fix it guy came to see the sink and will come fix it tomorrow. Better a year and a half late than never. The insane moment came when he managed to mispronounce Ilana! Frances written in Hebrew is a recipe for mispronouncement, but ILANA? I'd better get used to my name being a no win situation and learn to live with it.
STL is now up to owing me 2600 if he pays tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. And just last week I was feeling a bit better. The Billy thing looked like it might be ok, but he hasn't shown up for over a week. No big deal, right? His loss, yeah? Now I'm wondering if he was even on the level, but I don't really care now. He got me to come a little way out of my shell, and start thinking that having a guy around might not be so bad. We shall see what we shall see. At any rate I'm more open to the idea than I was before, and that's good right? He'll either pop up again, or he won't. I'm not going to sit around waiting.
I told Tess I'd go to my travel agent about the England thing tomorrow and let her know what's going on with that.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


The binders are all contact papered and on their new shelves! How I did it, I do not know, but the fact of the matter is; I did it, and it looks ok, not great mind you, just ok. Now all I have to do is find the energy to finish all the filing that's piled up since the last time I did it!
It was probably a pretty bitchy thing to do, but as long as the binder was to hand, I added up how much Teadrinker's cell phone cost me. It cost 1971 shekels. Add the 1000 for Pegasus 1 and other bits and bobs and we've got around 4000. AND SHE'S PISSED ABOUT 1000? Rivka called a while ago and I told her the whole story. She was even more upset than I am. She tried to talk me out of paying her back or at least waiting until after England. I'll think about it, but I probably will pay her back. Rivka says I should send her another fax and explain why I'm not paying it back and tell her to get lost. She really went ballistic when I told her that TG has just gotten 20000 retroactive transportation allowance and had 8000 in her account when that went in. Well, at the end of the day, it *is* her money and I did say I'd pay it back. The whole thing just sucks so much. I'm still weepy about it on and off.
And then there's Mr. Billy. If he's tired of me I wish he'd just say so, or at the very least tell me to take him off my IM list. He was on again this morning-invisible, as usual and he logged out a few minutes after I started the binder project. I could just write and ask what's the story, but it seems his e mails to me get lost in Netvision hell. I can only conclude that he's gone off me. Well,why not? I've pretty much gone off me too. Here it is 15:15 and I haven't even eaten yet. A salad sounds pretty good right about now. Then back to sorting this room. The knick knacks have to go from the table, and will right after I eat!


Today I am going to get my filing binders covered and put on the bookcase next to the computer, then, get on with putting the rest of the books in the list. The interesting part will be covering all those binders with my one and a half functioning hands. Contact paper and I never got along that well back when I had two good hands. I just have to remember to take it nice and slow and not let the frustration get to me. I already have the contact paper, so I'll use it rather than spend money on new purple binders. If the binders go well, I just might do the blast door as well. That's what I got the paper for.
10:40 and so far no calls from Teadrinker. She must be next door. I'm not ready to talk to her yet. I'm not ready to talk to anyone except Billy now, and maybe Alice. I'll call her tomorrow. I really want to know how GG is doing. If Alice isn't home, I'll call Tiger Hill and have a chat with Mom.
Ok, enough procrastinating. To work!


I don't do things by halves. It's all or nothing. This time it was a doozy. Mistake # 1 was accepting Teadrinker's offer to pay Benny back, and it was an even bigger one than not sending him a few hundred a month til it was paid. I didn't do that for the simple and stupid reason that STL is driving me wild by doing that to me. This copy of the fax I sent her this afternoon pretty much explains most of it.
God damn it to hell. I hope you are happy now. You lost the best friend you had in this country last night. All I did was ask how pissed off youd be if I went to England before paying you back. Now I know. Don’t worry you will get it back before I go and go I will. 500 at the end of this month and 500 plus the transfer charge at the end of August.
I am going to point out for the first, last and only time that when Ruth, Benny and I chipped in to get Pegasus 1 for you, we never mentioned it again. When you bought Bumper, we told you to go for it. We did that because we wanted to.
Ive been bitching about paying Benny back for ages. I never asked you to help and that was NOT the reason I whinged at you about it, and you know it.
Every time I helped you, and there were many times, from Freddy(I paid his 55 shek bills for a damn long time and never asked you to repay me. I even signed ownership  over to you, and believe me, those 55 shek bills added up, and I never said a word, not even when you traded him in on a new one, except good for you, enjoy!) to sending fags in a box of books, and a couple of other times.
That time you gave Doron cheques, you got the money spot on time. I got through that crisis and Ill get through this one too.
Ill just chalk this up to another lesson learned. No one, but no one will ever get a shekel from again. You and Striar The Liar taught me well. Now that I know why you are so pathalogical about money, I understand your horror of losing any. Too bad it cost you a friend. I wish I had never allowed you to send it to Benny, but I did, and you reacted totally in character. My mistake. Its just too bad your obssesion cost you a friend. Don’t worry.  That which is of utmost importance to you will soon be back where it belongs. You will get your books back too, after I finish The Great Book Project which is currently stalled due to lack of funds.
Don’t bother calling or trying to fax. Im out of film and am erasing the ones in memory.
That’s all I have to say except that I hope your money  doesn’t hang up when you call, because*I* will.
I'm not proud of it and I've been crying on and off all day. I wrote it this morning after turning the whole thing over and over all night. I didn't exactly get a lot of sleep, and this just about wrote itself. I didn't send it until she started calling and I started hanging up. This after she made a very nasty comment to effect that I'm planning a trip to England on *her* money and hung up with nary another word. I  probably shouldn't have sent it and will most likely give in sooner or later. First I have to forgive her AND myself for letting this whole mess happen in the first place. I can't blame it ALL on STL because I knew he was going to screw me over when I agreed to help him. I just didn't know how badly then, and where it would lead. I forgot my # 1 rule about "lending money" Don't do it unless you can afford to not get it back. I  just never dreamed that STL would have the unmitigated gall to go so far and get me in so far over my head and then play around paying me back. At least not until I did some refresher research on con man profiles. He fits the pathology to a *T*
I had a nice, if accidental nap today and most likely will be up just about all night, and then sleep most of the day tomorrow.
I found a great macrobiotic site and have been reading there for the last hour or so. It's given me the incentive to get serious about it again and stay with it.
It's nice to see some easy to use features here. I think I'll try the upload picture one with my favorite picture of Da Brat and Romi. Let's see how/if it works! Nope! The pictures have to be on a web site and all of mine are in the computer. I'll have to find a place to keep them on a site, but not right now.
Other than being upset with myself over the Teadrinker mess, I'm also very sad that I keep missing Billy when he's on line. I wonder how I managed to mess that up. It's absolutely rediculous the way I run to the computer when I hear the sign on note and it's not him. I only find out he WAS on line after he signs off and then I get all sad that he didn't buzz or even leave a note. A basket case, that's what I am these days, a basket case!
I think I'll post this, then wander over to the VA MB and see what's new since yesterday. Then maybe I'll cry and read myself to sleep.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Hah! Oct. 1-3 Collectormania in some place called Milton Keynes. Must start investigating that place! The site gives a couple of hotel that are close by. Maybe I'll get really lucky and Jips will agree to be The Boss Of Me again! It was so great with her the last time. I'm so excited I'm literally bouncing around with the widest grin imaginable! Dwight AND Dirk at the same place. Better get another copy of the Cookbook printed for Dirk and drag the cover page with for him to sign too! God, I LOVE going to England. Maybe I can figure out a way to stay a bit longer and see a bit more. One of the nice things is that it's in an area I haven't seen yet. Even nicer is that it's not a con with entry fees and all. Just airfare, hotel, and spending money. AND it's soon enough to already get excited and far enough off to get the money stuff sorted! I already asked Jips if she wants to be Boss of Me again. I'll be a basket case until I get an answer from her. I think I'll go find out more about that place right now.


It's supposed to be downright cold today. I guess 93 will feel chilly in comparision to yesterday's 96? I only have to go to 4 places today to finish up the change of name business! And one of those places is to get the lense that fell out of my new glasses put back in.
We don't hate CABLE any more. I now HATE NETVISION. With more of a passion than I ever had for CABLE. I called them and they said to just fax them the new ID and that's all. So I sent it, then in the evening the cellphone rang and it was some twit who told me that I have to fill out a form. Netvision has enough money to call cell phones before they call a Bezeq line? That's enough to drive me wild right there.Add to that their losing an e mail from Billy,,,, Fill out a form? I don't think so. THEY have to be different to every other company? A bit later I called them again and told the gal who answered that they had better get it together. Later yet, a male manager type called, again on the cell for which he got an earfull. He called back on Bezeq and asked me to resend the fax. He claimed they never got the first one. If they never got the first one, how did the first cell caller know about it? I HATE NETVISION. I haven't heard back from them and had better not.
It's time to get out of here and finish up the notifications.
Billy, where are you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


It's legal! I am now ........ta dum.......Ilana Golan. No more garbled pronounciations of Frances! Ha! And just to keep it right, I now have Franne with the proper Hebrew spelling for a middle name. After I got the new ID card from the post office I embarked on a wave of passing out photocopies of the new card to all the places in town where I need to change it-Clinic, bank, city hall,Pelephone and Ezer. I spent an hour on the phone faxing it to the phone company, cable,Irit, Barak and Netvision. All that's left are Amidar, electric co. Social Insecurity and Cellcom. I'll do electric co. now, and the other three tomorrow in person. Ok, electric is sorted! And the cable techie will be here in a minute to put the Sony and digibox in the new room. The phone company will put the wiring for 41231 in there on Sunday! Yeah. Boy, can I be efficient when I want to be. Oh, almost forgot. Drivers lisence, it gets updated automatically by the Int(f)erior Ministry and the lisence itself reissued after paying 18 shekels. I'll do that next week if/when STL pays up. Speaking of whom, I had royal go at him today and informed him that he now must pay 2000 and 100 more per day he misses. He didn't whine too much. He knows Plan *B* will be nasty. Ilana is feeling most pleased with herself right now! Funny how a little thing like finally getting your name straightened out can make you feel so good (and it only took 52 years to get it done), but now that it is, I'm not wasting any time! The cable guy who came is the same one who was here before, he's almost enough to make me stop HATING CABLE operative word, ALMOST.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Irit has gone and gotten herself some sort of virus on her vocal chords, which has resulted in her having been told not to talk. A blessing for some.........while talking about it, I asked if it's contagious and she said it isn't. She also said something about Romi having an angel to protect her and that she's thankfull that Galit watches over Romi. I agreed and reminded her that not only Galit, but Romi's great grandmother is on the job too. Irit got a bit choked and said that she's always known that her grandmother was *her* angel and that she saved her many times, most notably during the shooting incident at 'Ougja when the bus was shot up on the way to Jerusalem and she just knew what to say and do, and only one bullet found it's mark and that soldier died in her arms, but because she yelled at everyone to get down even before the first volley hit, everyone else was unhurt. Irit said many times that she felt a very strong presence guiding and protecting her and it could only have been her grandmother. Galit was still alive then. She got killed a few months later by that terrorist who shot at her a split second before she shot and killed him, thus saving many potential victims on a busy street in Jerusalem. Galit was Irit's room mate at the time and it was not easy for any of us. Irit was a wreck and by Galit's side when she died in hospital later that day.
*My* angel has been working overtime lately as well. I've been obsessing about paying Benny back and my eczema has been worse than ever because STL is farting around. Little does he know (he will shortly) that he is going to be paying even more now. It's gone up to 2000 now and will go up 100 a day untill he pays. He can whine all he wants, but I've had it yet again with him, and I'm not putting up with one more day of it.
I don't have to worry about Benny for the moment because Teadrinker took pity on me and sent him a bank transfer today, so now I have to worry about paying her back, but not immediately. She got a huge retroactive payment on her transport allowance, and will now be getting 1777 more every month. I *will* pay her back (God only knows when) but for now, Benny is sorted, thanks to my angels, Teadrinker, and Himself.
On the downside, I found out yesterday, that my bank account will still be a mess even after the end of the month, but if STL ever pays up, it will be less of a mess and I'll be able to ride it out untill we get Victor sorted. That bit of info did not add to my mood yesterday. Between STL and Victor I truely fucked up. The one good thing is that Victor WILL pay up in the end. The court will make him.

I'm also sad today because Billy has disappeared again. I haven't heard from him since the 9th when he sent that sweet IM 5 minutes after I left the house. And, yeah, I miss him.

I think I'll go copy last nights TV appearance onto a blank tape, then go work on The Great Book Project. I just can't seem to get into gear today. It's 33 degrees C outside, so I decided to stay in, but I think the lethargy is a result of getting Benny sorted. I have the oddest reactions to stress relief. Ok, Cow, to work.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Wowsers, that was some piece! They actually showed the stuff we taped today! They only cut a few of the good parts and left the important stuff in. Did I ever look ferocious! Teadrinker said that any government would be wise to think again before changing things. The look on Gadi Sukenik's(the anchor/presenter) face at the end of it was very much a BA "I pity the fool who........look. Yay, Gadi! Aurelia thought it was great, as did Mazal and Benny. It will be interesting to hear what is said tomorrow, and Motti Even Tzur is going to get an earful from me for the comment he made about the geezers. Is he ever! Mazuli says they rerun the news at midnight, so I think I'll go get ready to tape it again just in case. Teadrinker said she's rerun her tape of it 10 times to figure out what I said. Her Hebrew isn't as good as mine, and hey! No Yank accent tonight. Funny what I worry about. AND Teadrinker said I look like Harley and I are part of each other, that it's clear that I pretty much live on him. Irit is the only one who didn't call, but there was a period when I just ignored call waiting!


Yup, the room is indeed finished except for a thing a two the inspector wants fixed, like the holes in the drywall and the big hole into the pantry. As I was on my into town, I ran into Meir and dragged him back here to show him the hole in the wall and prove to him that there was really a lawn of sorts out back. He couldn't argue with the picture. Meir saw the diary I kept on the process and asked me to translate it to Hebrew for him. I'll do that after he finishes the odds and sods! On my next attempt to get from town to Home Center, Menachem Horowitz stopped me and asked if I'd like to do a bit for a story he's doing for channel 2 on the Transport Ministry's plan to take gimp scooters off the road and only allow them to used on kibbutzim, moshavim and pavements (sidewalks to Americans) Of course I agreed and waited for his cam crew to arrive. They shot lots of stuff and Menachem got a few great(if I say so myself) answers, including a statement that even if they *do* manage to pass such a law, I have no intention of obeying it. Statistics show that there have been no, repeat no fatalities involving scooters and vehicles! They are trying to get us off the streets even though there is no reason to do that. I wonder who put that bee in their bonnet? Menahen says there have been very few accidents and NO fatalities. How kind of them to protect us from ourselves for no reason. They won't get very far with this plan, and if they do, it will be ignored by most of us. Drive on the pavement, yeah, right, and at the end of the street, what are we supposed to do? Jump the curb? I mean, why are we on the streets now?
On my next attempt to get what I need from Home Center, I got there but my credit card was refused, so I charged home and tried to get into my account online. No go, password troubles, so I called tech support and they were no help, so I tried an end run through my bank account, it took forever to get in and Teadrinker was driving me wild on the phone the whole time. I finally got in and I'm so close to my limit it isn't funny. I called Striar the liar, and he called back while Yogi was here, how Yogi didn't arrest me for the things I said to STL, I'll never know, but he didn't! Yogi saw the new room and was suitably impressed by the bokcases, and left happy with his new camera. I have 2 hours to continue work on the bookcase, then maybe I'll eat, then watch my 18:00 to 21:10 TV, then, maybe continue. I'm still in a raging bad mood about all the trouble I had getting into my accounts, but working should be good as a calming influence. I blow up fast and cool down almost as fast.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


At long last, the suit against Victor has been filed. The shyster forgot to call and tell me, so, I just called him to ask. And he filed on Thursday. Even better;THE ROOM IS FINISHED! A/C/filter is in and it works. All that's left is to finish the books. WOOHOO! I just came in with 4 more shelves and and a couple of putty knives to scrape up the cement on the floor. Fanny will come a bit later to clean up and I'll carry on with the books. In principle I can finish the books this week. That room is going to be so great when it's done! The a/c guys couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what I've done already in there. I'm feeling really good about it. I have to scavenge in my cable/connector box for a phone thingy so I can have a phone in there. Maybe a *combina* with the fax/panic button thingy. Not worried, I'll get it sorted in no time! Hi ho, hi ho, It's off to work I go!


I finally got my cell phone to behave and set to ring at the correct time for Sunday morning Dark Matters. Then, at some time during the evening I realized that the computer had suddenly gone mute. Nothing I did could get a sound, beep or peep out of it. After pondering for a long time with mounting paanic, (no sound, no DM) I thought it might not hurt to see what was up with Media Player. Sure enough! All I had to do to get sound back was reinstall it. It works now. Of course I'm driving myself wild trying to figure out how/why it went away.
In another flash of brilliance, I found out why the fax doesn't work. It wasn't connected! At least I got those snafus sorted.
Not much else got done yesterday except that I've almost finished Angels and Demons.
I have to go out soonish to find out if Igal got anywhere with Q. Badshit, get more shelves, see if my ID and passport arrived, then home to tape my two shows. With any luck, I'll get more done on the Great Book Project!
I was really sad to have missed Billy. It seems I only find he was online after he leaves.(like I did just now-10:05) It *is* Sunday, and he just might not work today. I'll be home for the rest of the day from 12:30 in any case.
I didn't get very far. The a/c guy called and said they are ready to make the new hole and install the a/c,so home I raced. They are busy rearranging the furniture with the books so they'll have room to work. I rather doubt I'll get out today. But the room will be finished!
I'll use the time to list the books that are still waiting.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Of course Mordy wasn't at the bank today, so there was no one to approve my 200 withdrawal. I just went outside and called Striar the liar, who started to tell me yet another sob story. I told him that all that yada yada yada was getting old and, he had best ship off 200 NOW or 3 taxi drivers from Qiryat Shmonah would arrive to take it out of him, or send him to ICU. He said ok,I went to wait outside the post office, he called with the transfer number, I got the cash and sped off to the taxi station to give Yochai the money. Luck was with me, he was there, and said that he wasn't at all concerned. He knew that if I said today, it would be today, no matter what. I told him that's the last time I commit to paying before the 28th if I don't have the dosh in hand. He asked me to only call him if I need a taxi to leave town because I'm the only customer who hasn't screwed him for the fare. At least that's done and my good name is intact. We may be from the same state, but *I* pay my debts, as opposed to a certain Striar the liar.......
I'm still waiting for my new ID card and renewed passport to come. The clerk said a week and a half. Maybe Sunday. I want to get on with all the name change crap.
When I got home I found an IM from Billy that came in 5 minutes after I left. Talk about bad timing. Seems the poor dear went and got himself a case of chicken pox, then landed on night shift. At least he's ok and back at work. Seems an e mail went mising in yahell's vacuum. Grrrrr Yahell. AND CABLE.
I think I'll take my aches and pains back to bed and read for a while, untill I hear a buzz, soon I hope!

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Next time, I'll do the whole thing by bus. I agreed to pay Yuval 280 one way, 200 today, 80, wheever. Of course I could only find 100, the other hundred I had disappeared, so now I have to figure out a way to get my hands on 180 to pay him tomorrow. The X-rays and CT went at supersonic speed. As soon as I was out of X-ray, I had time for 1 fag, then right into the CT. They use iodine and the connector doohicky looks just like a phone plug. I asked the guy if I was going to be ringing? Seing as how I'm a bit of a dingaling on the best of days it wouldn't surprise me a bit. Due to the cash situation I decided to bus it home, which is fine,(and free) except now my knees and toes are screaming at me, not to mention my stomach which has yet to be fed today. Gotta do the CT on fast, and again due to the cash problem, couldn't get anything on the way home. If all that isn't enough, the cable box is playing silly buggers and refuses to change channels. I'm trying the disconnect reconnect trick and if that doesn't work, I'll call them. If it's not the computer, it's the TV box. I HATE CABLE. And just for fun my arm is still leaking a bit where they put the phone jack in. Every time I unbend my elbow a little red juice leaks out. I've still got the wee bandage taped on. If it doesn't stop soon, I'll have to figure out a way to put a cork in it. Obviously, no work will be done on the books today. I'll continue tomorrow. I just hurt too much in too many places! This too shall pass. I'm enjoying Dan Brown's other book- Angels and Demons. Made a good start on it while waiting and on the bus home, so even if the cable WHICH I MAY HAVE MENTIONED THAT I HATE doesn't work, I can read, Time to get undressed, reconnect the cable and TV, eat, and hope Billy shows up soon. I realy miss him, damn it.


I am so not in the mood to go to Haifa today, but if I want to get the tests for my appeal, I don't have much choise. It's going to be another hot one today, and Aurelia isn't going to be able to take me. Her kid has a check up in Tiberius. I'd much rather spend the day working on the books. I am so pleased with the way it's coming along. That room is going to be great, even better than I hoped. The computer is now turned around in it's corner. Not the way I'd planned because the cord for the HATED CABLE is tooo short, and the phone and fax are on the bookcase next to the computer. I'm going to move the files there too, but not until I get new binders. The CD, tape and record player will get it's own shelf too. The other bookcase will go into the computer's old spot and the video tapes will go there. I just want to get on with it.
The only not great thing is that Billy hasn't been around all week and I really miss him and spend way too much time wondering what happened. BT again? Tired of the gimp? Found a new love? [huge sigh] I keep trying to convince myself that he could very well pop up out of the blue again at any time, but it's getting harder as the days go by. If he wanted to end this, all he had to do was send a note saying "Time for me to move on" or some such. Sudden silence is one way to get the message across, I suppose, but............I hope he hasn't had an accident, or gotten ill. I really miss that thrill I got when I heard the IM buzz and it WAS him. I'll keep his window open until Monday, then take it down. He didn't even answer the last mail I sent him.
The much HATED CABLE is behaving a bit better now, but not enough to make me even think about keeping it when the year is up. I HATE CABLE. Ah, well, time to put the dogs out, get some coffee and get the paperwork and myself ready for Haifa. If things are so going so wel, why do I feel so sad?

Monday, July 05, 2004


It took only three minutes of standing in the shambles that is the new room to realize how best to carry on. It was so simple that I'm astounded! The so simple solution is to start building the bookcase along one wall, and start putting the books in it in reverse order z to whatever fits, then use the top shelf for the other books until they are all listed, then do the other wall and start the *A*s there! Maybe you have to see it to understand, but trust me, it's nothing short of genius. Sooooo, I went charging off to Handyman to see how much the shelves would cost because I really don't want to mess around with dismantling the existing shelves! The shelves will cost about 800 for all of them,(2 whole walls) and that's not too bad. Those two walls should hold most of the books and if they don't, there are 2 more walls! In the end the challenge turned out to be getting the shelves home in time to get to the clinic in time for my appointment with the SW. They kept falling(3 times) off Harley, until I figured out a way to bungee them on. In the end, I got to Igal, the SW on time, and *he*( remembers the PTs both recommending an electric wheelchair for me, and is going to have a go at dr. badshit! Before all that I called Aurelia, and she's going to Haifa on Thursday, anyway, so I have a ride!
Now, if my back would just stop screaming, I could get on with the shelves and books. Maybe an extra pain pill? Yeah, I'll do that, lie down for 1/2 an hour to give it time to kick in, the get on with it. I can't wait for the room to be sorted!

Sunday, July 04, 2004


If I hated cable before, I REALLY HATE IT NOW. The computer is working, but not the TV! When I called about the TV hours ago, neither were working. I guess one out of two is pretty good for them. It probably doesn't help at all that I have holes in my right thumb and pinky from the bricks and a new scrape on top of my right foot. The old one was almost better, and now there's a new one and as usual, I don't even know what they are from. All I know is that my right side is a right proper mess. It's actually good as far as tomorrow is concerned. I'm going to try an end run around Dr. Bad Shit using the clinic's social worker. It just might work and save a lot of yelling and agro. All these bloody holes, scrapes and bruises will help make my case.
Have cable on the line now and am,as I have been most of the day on hold. Ok, TV's back after missing ALL my shows. Why is it that they love turning me into a circus contortionist? Unplug this, unplug that, press this, unpress that, then the whole thing again in reverse. I HATE CABLE, but I'm going back to watch it with some tabouli. With any luck, Hetty Wainright is still on good old Beeb prime. If not, I'll find something else. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY.


Someone is watching out for me, I tell you. Just as I was getting up to go back out and continue with the bricks, the phone rang. It was Fanny asking if I wanted her daughter to come help. Duh, of course. So, she came and did the rest of the bricks which are now nicely piled on that table. Then she took the books off their present shelves and took them into the new room to put them in the correct piles. At this stage, I discovered that English is not her best subject! THe piles are in alphabetic order abd she still couldn't match the authors last name to the correct pile. I'll be in there sorting it all night. Working in chaos drives me wild. It's ever so much easier and faster to have an orderly system. No, I didn't lose my temper with her, but she will learn. The computer keeps getting kicked off line and it's driving me wild! I HATE CABLE. If it doesn't sort itself quickly I just might pay the fine and go back to a proper connection. They have been warned. it just went off again. I HATE CABLE.


Yup, they're here, all 131 of my new bricks. They arrived all nice and neat on a pallet. They are occupying the far corner of the ramp, patiently waiting to be brought in. I dragged in the old school desk that I liberated from a pile of junk near the closest school to Gimp House, and shoved it into the computer's old spot. Perfect fit! Then BBC and I started bringing the bricks in. 30 in 101 to go. I'll need a lot of rest breaks to get it done, but done it will have to be if I ever want to get out of here on Harley. Give me a few more hours, then take a look at my right biceps (do not look at the bleeding eczema) I HATE CABLE It just disconected itself for the 10th time today. Have I mentioned today that I HATE CABLE? I'm not sure if it was cable that caused the troubles this morning with Dark Matters, but they are # 1 on my list of 1 of probable causes. I HATE CABLE. But I love Dark Matters and today was super good. Don said he had some e mails to read and Dwight asked if maybe one was from me!? So I wrote a quick one:
Shalom v'boker tov! Due to technical difficulties I got here 45 minutes late. But things are sorted now.Did you by any chance mention anything about that commander of the prison who is now blaming the scandal on us?
I'm still amazed that the brilliant folk who spend so much time bashing America seem to to have absolutely no comprehension of the fact the rights that allow then to do that will be the first things to go if/when the islamists take over?
Dwight, bless his little cotton socks went on a mini rant about her, then said about the second part that he couldn't have said it better himself. Getting a compliment from someone as bright as Dwight (average intelligence not with standing!) makes my day.
Then he went on a full blown rant about how the worlds ills are always blamed on the Jews and how sick he is from it. Is that man ever eloquent when he gets going.
Time to get reconnected (I hope) post this and get back to brick transport. Doesn't everyone use a wheelchair to move bricks?

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Yes! books are coming along nicely and the alphabetical piles in the new room are growing AND the black bookcase [which will be staying in this room] is finished, sorted and in order! The one in the corner near the security room is half done, which leaves the one behind the computer and the lot in the alcove! I've been at it all day, and it's going just fine now that the system has ben fine tuned!
How did it happen that three minutes before I sat myself at the computer with coffee#1, Billy signed out? So I slept in. ratz. That's two days now. [big pout]
Now if I can just get Teadrinker off the phone, I'll be able to get on with it. She's tied me up for an hour now. AND I HAVE STUFF TO DO.
Tomorrow, it's up at 05:45 for Dark Matters, then at 09:30 off to pay for the bricks, then to Freja to pay that bill, then home to tape Charmed, Any Day Now, and start on the bookcases.


I ordered the bricks for the bookcases for the new room today. They'll be here Sunday. I also stopped in at Bebber's to get a price for that Dutch door I've been dreaming about. I'll order that at the end of the month and when that project is finished, I'll order the table! Cheers to Bebber, he knew exactly what I meant about an accordian table!
I've made a start on one of the bookcases. Got a nice alphabetized list going and half the books from that book case are already in the new room. With any luck, I'll finish that one, the one behind the computer and the black one tomorrow now that I have a plan worked out. It's easier than I thought it would be!

Someone tried to call collect to one of the cell phones. I have no idea who it was, but if I have to guess, I'd say Striar the liar. Like I'd accept a collect call from HIM on that cell. He's due for some nastiness on Sunday.
I'm feeling very happy about the progress here and that things are shaping up. I'm really excited about the door.

I missed Billy today, and that's made me feel kinda sad. I always feel happy bouncy after an IM with him. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow. I will be at the computer most of the day working on the books.
It's 01:20, so I think I'll head to bed and *imagine* cuddles.[sigh]

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Intermttant Memory Loss! Except it's not really, it's more like Idiotic Memory Loss. I've been charging blythly around town without my check book since Friday, and only realized it today when I wanted to write a check for the lenses in my reading glasses. It wasn't there, so I'll pay Amos on Sunday. Not a problem. I wracked my poor damaged brain and couldn't for the life of me remember when I last saw it, so went charging into the bank to tell Mordy "no more checks this month" He's so good at that stuff. This was after Ilana did her Dracula act and drained 3 tubes of blood from me. I kept leaking for almost an hour, but a very small leak that has turned into a huge hematoma, as usual! From there, staight to my fave coffee shop for a wake up jolt of java. Blood tests after an 8 hour fast are easy, it's the no coffee that hurts. I could do 48 hour fasts, but stay away if the fast includes coffee. From there, into the bank to consign most of my savings account to my checking account, so that's done, then a quick run home to get the paper the shyster needs to file the Victor suit. IML again. As I had about an hour to kill before he showed up, I went to see how much bricks are at the company that isn't there anymore. Off to the Industrial Area tomorrow. By the time the shyster should have arrived, my left shoulder was hurting so much I wasn't sure I'd make it home, but I did and the syster called and said he'd late and I told him he'd have to come here. AND I found my check book. It was in the bag I used Friday when I went out with the kids. Whew! I wonder where the shyster is, he's really really late, and because he was supposed to be here ages ago, I didn't take a nap and I needed one. I zonked out early last night and was out of here EARLY today.
It didn't help at all that the Lunatics upstairs had some kind of celebration last night with Atlas Mountain "bongo drums" going nonstop until the legal last minute. It looks like there's even more planned for tonight.
I wonder how to get the smell of turpentine out of here. I put in a new Haze thingy, turned off the a/c and burnt about 6 insence sticks. It still stinks!
The Shyster just called and he'll be here in 5, so I'll just post cause that's about it for today!
Syster's ben and gone! He's filing on Monday and then things will get interesting. I'd bettter get a new tape and batteries for my tape recorder. I wouldn't put anything past Victor.
I missed taping Any Day Now today, I just hope tomorrow mornings' is a rerun of the one on now. I reallly want a set of the whole series. It will make for a short morning out to get back in time to tape it. I've also started taping Charmed from the 20th episode because I only discovered it on channel 3 by accident yesterday. They are running it every day from the beginning. That's good because I missed most of the first 2 seasons, and Star World is in the 5th or 6th season now.
Off to bed and TV until maybe the IM buzzes. A gimp can hope, right?