Monday, September 27, 2010

I don't know if I want to cry or laugh. That game I've been playing so much to keep a grip on what's left of my sanity needs a patch that refuses to download. I've done absolutely every single thing they suggested but it will not download. Last night, or rather this morning, I got their tech support on the phone again and it seems the critical elements of my OS are corrupt. Working on the principle that Gimp House is a corruption free zone, I have 2 options. One is to reformat and install my beloved XP, or become upwardly mobile (an interesting thought for a gimp) and go with Windows 7. My beloved geek is coming to clean up the corruption and put in Windows 7 tonight. He says I should have the computer back late tomorrow or early Wednesday. At least I'll have the lap top until then for mail and interweb. Today I'm going grocery shopping, and just hope that Harley doesn't misbehave too much. The store I shop at is pretty far away. I'd best get dressed and get on with that. I'm almost out of computer fags!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now I've really gone and done it! My last post was over a month ago. I don't even have a good excuse for it other than Time just gets away from me. No, wait! it's Bush's fault! I shouldn't even say that as a joke because bad as he was, he was far and away better than the joker now occupying the White House. I'd gladly blame him, but he doesn't deserve even that much attention from me!
I just get myself lost in my game and idiotic TV shows. I've even stumbled across a few new 'house' shows that almost satisfy my craving to see the interiors of houses. I don't even know what it is that causes me to be such a house freak. I just like to see different houses. I have two American shows, an Australian, two Brit and one Kiwi show that I DVR regularly. The DVR just records every show after you tell it to, so, I have a steady diet of house shows.
The High Holy Days came and went, and except for Yom Kippur, passed me by almost without notice. I went to the Savta's for the New Year, stayed home for Yom Kippur and fasted, except for half a yogurt with my meds. Succot I might go to the Savta's, then, stay in for most of the long weekend.
I'm starting to display symptoms of stress as the settling of Dad's estate drags on. An ache here, a pain there and a minor come back of eczema on my hands. It's been almost 2 months and I had hoped things would move faster, as it's already been through probate. From what I understand they are tracking down all the assets. That I don't really get. If I had been the executioner, I would have known where every single stock, bond and note was at all times. I'm also a bit concerned that what was left might have taken a big hit in value thanks to the Communist in Chief. I try really hard to not think about that, and spend a lot of time playing WoW because I'm so bad at it that it requires my full attention and there's no room to think of other things.
I'm also very sad that I missed my 40th high school reunion. I foolishly hoped against hope that the estate would be settled in time for me to go, but should have known better to even think for a nano second that it might. I'll just have my own mini reunion when I finally get there, and get there, I will!
I was so sad on the day of the reunion. I sat and looked at the list of friends who went and was so sad I wasn't there. I remember every single one of them so well. It would have been so very wonderful to see them all now, even if from a very different angle. I was one the taller girls in my class, but, now, from my wheely, I'm one of the shortest. That's ok. Enough of spilt milk!
Other than that, I'm quite happy and contented. I'm still here and quite enjoying myself in this life, now that I seem to have the pain med issue sorted, and the freaking pressure stockings are ok too. They aren't as hot as I feared they'd be and I can get the right one on and off now! Neither is easy, but I can do it.
Somehow things aren't the same without Peg. I miss him so much and even find myself yelling at him to move if I wake up for very late night, early morning loo run. I'm not anywhere close to ready for another dog. Maybe in a year or so. Pegasus and Ragamuffin were such special dogs. It was an honor to be their human.