Monday, April 30, 2007


It seems that all I've been doing this past week or so is putting out fires that flared up thanks to Shmaryah. I am, however, well on the way to being completely extricated from the mess I made for myself, with his ever so generous help.
My bank has been wonderful. Granted part of it is to cover their own butts, but they are being very good about helping me find solutions.
I've canceled all the auto payments and *S* found himself cut off from cable TV and the cable phone line, among other things. I just came back with Orna from a quick hop to get some of my stuff from the store and she reported that he is with the cable people renewing the things I canceled. Best of luck to him.

I got a phone call from one of people who had a check bounce. The call came in as I was sitting in a massive traffic jam at the entrance to my bank. The guy kept on talking and sort of threatening me with all kinds of dire consequences when I got fed up and told him yet again that I really can't talk about it now because I'm on a scooter in a traffic jam. I then hung up on him and went back to tell Lavana about the call and for her to handle it. Because of the traffic I had to go all the way around the block which caused me to get to the bank 3 minutes after they closed. I was not pleased to say the least. There were a few other incidents I wanted to write about, but they've slipped my mind. I'll come back when I remember them! probably in 5 minutes.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


After months of trying to figure out how to get out of the door store, I managed to do it yesterday. I had a nice a long talk with my bank manager and she suggested several things that I immediately agreed to. She also understood that Shmaryah can be a problem and told him to come in to the bank so she could explain a few things to him. He spun his fantasy to her and she didn't buy a word of it, and sent him off to come up with an agreement. He agreed and was supposed to bring it over yesterday afternoon because I am still not up to stairs because of two pulled tendons. If anyone thinks he brought it over, think again! He's already starting with delaying tactics, but it won't work. I just love the the fact that my lovely bank manager made herself a witness to his lies!
And best of all I'm not backing up his adultery any more. It finally hit me that not putting a stop to it was as bad as doing it myself. I'm well out of it. There are just a few little things left to do like get my cell phone bill switched over to my account. I really don't want to lose that number and as I don't use cell phones all that much, it won't cost alot.
I'm so thankful that I'm getting out before it got to a point where I'd never see the light of day again and with the jeep. I gave it my best shot and it didn't work and could have been so much worse.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I just don't have enough time these days. I find myself in the strangest places just trying to figure out what to about Shmaryah. I wasn't getting very far with my thinking so I took myself off to Teadrinkers for a day, and had the whole long drive to ponder the issues. I got home on Thursday feeling able to talk to him at last.
He came up with a plan that I just might be able to live with. I'm going to tell him today that if he can meet a few conditions.
I've also gotten involved in what is probably the funniest Future of the US thing called Juliet's Diary. If things were a little different today, it wouldn't be so scary. I can see the things there coming to pass far too easily.
On Wednesday I put myself and a ton of lamb in the jeep and went see Teadrinker. Between us we figured out what's wrong with my right leg. I pulled a major tendon on my last fall out of the jeep and it will take ages to heal. It's a little easier knowing what's wrong, but it still hurts and there's really no comfortable way to sit in the jeep. But this too shall pass. Quickly I hope.
Oh, well, time to get a move on. I can play catch up tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This whole business mess is taking way too much time and energy, but, in the end it all work out.In my spare time I've been hanging out at a fantastic blog on Town Hall. A gal there who goes by the name Peppermint is writing a fantastic diary that hopefully will not turn out to be prophetic. The idea that it could is not all that far fetched these days.
I went up to Safad the other day to see Striar and had to sneeze a few times. Driving that jeep and sneezing made me wonder why it is that our eyes close while we sneeze. I tried really hard to keep them open, but it just can't be done.
I was on the phone with Teadrinker planning my trip down there, and tried to take a sip of water from the ever present bottle. I completely missed my mouth and poured the water right down my front. Teadrinker and I laughed so hard that I almost wet the other end as well.
I picked up her lamb from my butcher today and plan on leaving around 0930 or so. We are going to have ourselves a fine old time, feasting on lamb and I'm taking her shopping too. We have such a good time at her shopping center. Both of us on wheelies acting like infantile teenagers.
There were a few other things I wanted to mention here, but I have to find my card reader thingy to take down with me. It should be with the rest of my camera stuff, but as it isn't, I'll have to look for it. And take a shower and go to sleep early because it is a long drive down there.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Aron, Liat, and the Beach Ball should be on the plane heading home by now. Two weeks is just too short a visit for me. I didn't get to see them even close to enough! Of course we can thank his mother in law for part of that. She actually invited Aron's aunt and uncle to the Seder, knowing full well there was no way I'd be in the same room with them. It really was too much.
On the Friday before the Seder Aron and Liat went to Nahariya to visit friends. Of course the jeep broke down on the way home. At least I have free towing. It being Friday afternoon meant that there was no one at my garage to talk to, so I had it towed here. It took the truck ages to get to them, and the friend they'd visiting was a darling and brought a mechanic (who totally missed the diagnosis), food and water to the stranded couple. He waited with them until the tow truck arrived, then brought them home. I was going nuts waiting for the "Land Rover Ambulance" to get here. It finally arrived and I cried like a baby when it got here. HE(my son) BROKE MY CAR" *Thank you Mr. Clarkson for that much need phrase* Sunday being a short day, and the Seder on Monday, there was nothing to do except leave my poor injured car in it's place until Tuesday. I got onto my garage and they gave me the number of another * car ambulance* and off we went to get my 'baby' fixed. Getting me into the cab of the tow truck was quite a project, but after a couple of false starts, I was in. In the end, getting down was even more of a challenge! We had to use a pallet lift, but I did get down. Oh, how I wish there was at least one picture of that!
We already knew that the jeep had thrown it's belt, but the visiting mechanic said the tension arm was bent. Ok, how did it get bent? That was what the mechanic guy missed. The ball bearing had frozen, as they sometimes do. Lucky for me the garage had the part! And hour and a half after the diagnosis I drove home in my nicely fixed jeep. And wonder of wonders, it didn't cost too much. I'm willing to bet that it was the least expensive repair ever made by that garage to a Land Rover!
Oh, I do love my jeep.
On the Wednesday before, Aron and I went to my orthopod who said that my toes are just fine, then we went to pick up some plants for the flower shop. It was just wonderful being with Aron for so long.
Yesterday I got to see him twice, the last time before they left. They came over once before then and we went through the 'black box' where all my mother's stuff is kept. Seems that my late ex's sister got all of her mother's jewelry and sold it my ex who turned around and gave it to Irit which hurt Aron no end. I had a few pieces that she had given me, so we went through the box and I gave them to Liat. We also had a good time remembering some of crazier things that happened when Aron was younger, among them, how I got his school off my back about Parent's Day at his school. It has always been my belief that waiting for an official parents day is stupid and if there's a problem, get it sorted immediately. It worked just fine at the other schools, but this one needed special treatment. One fine day, I got all kitted up and hopped on my trusty motorbike and went to the school, banged my helmet on the principal's desk and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to wait until Parents Day to tell me about anything concerning Aron when a phone was just as good. Poor man turned at least 100 shades of white and said that the phone would be fine! The one thing he didn't need was a biker mom at his school.
A few stories later and the kids were off again. Oh, how I wish I'd had more time with them.
My big computer up and died on me yesterday, so I'll have to get the geek in soon. The lap top is going just fine so far, so at least I have that.
I won't have the one at the store even as emergecy back up because it looks like I'll be closing down real soon. My lying adulterous partner has managed to get me into a really bad financial situation, and I've had it. Down he goes. I an thankful that it's still not too later to salvage things. I can barely look at the man without barfing. No matter, I will save myself and if he goes down in the process, so be it. Granted, there's no going back, but how I wish I hadn't done what I did, and kept my money for myself instead of letting things get out hand. Now is the time to look ahead and figure out exactly how I get out of a nightmare of my own making.