Friday, January 30, 2009


Strange moods and I are not exactly strangers to each other. What is odd about this one is that I don't feel much writing lately, and that is odd in the extreme. I usually find myself burning to write; either here, or in my notebook. The last couple of weeks I just haven't had the slightest itch to put pen to paper. I have had thoughts chacing themselves around what passes for my mind lately. I have also had a several 'light bulb' moments, the best of which has since been forgotten. The other one is going to be passed on to someone else to use as it doesn't quite fit in with the subject of the blog at the other site, and it's too good to not use.
No, I am not depressed, just been thinking about things. Good things, in fact, I think.
I spent most of last week in Helsinki via Eurosport watching the European Figure Skating Championships and enjoyed evrey minute. Watching skating usually transports me back to my childhood as well as to the venue of the competition. And that usually gets me to thinking of what a wonderful childhood I was blessed to have had. And that leads me to thinking about what a great life I've had, and how few regrets.
I ran into one of my fellow gimps this week and he asked how I can be cheerful and happy all the time. I tried to explain that I kind of see my life as a soap opera and it's fun waking up to see what the next chapter will bring. That's the closest analogy I can come up with. I'm one of those lucky people who doesn't usually have expectations from any thing. That way I'm not often disappointed. Things turn out as they turn out and are dealt with on a basis of One Bridge at a Time. Every day brings something new.
I might be a raving head case, but I'm having a great time here.

Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been so cold here for the last few nights that I didn't bother taking my bra off at night. That's all fine and well, except that yesterday I found out, quite by accident that it is a really uncomfortable method of suicide. I was having horrible chest pains and was nauseous all day. I finally figured out that I was strangling my chest with the damn thing which is just a tad too small. I undid it and finally took it off thise morning. I may never put it back on. I do feel better now. Still can't face the thought of eating, but that's just fine. Trust me on this. Suicide by bra is a really bad idea.
I am bracing myself for a barrage of phone calls. I finally decided to let my old pal Teadrinker talk to me. She's right in the thick of all those missiles down south and has had some near hits. I'm not exactly being nice about it. I just dialed her number and when she answered said "Talk" That was it, just talk. And talk she did. We also figured out that a major part of her difficulty in dealing with the rockets is most likely PTSD from the London blitz which she remembers from her childhood. It's already 1530 and she hasn't called yet. She will as soon as I get the groceries put away and settle in for a nap. She has uncanny timing. Oh, well, I knew what I was doing when I called her. No use complaining about it.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


The Iranians took great pleasure in announcing yesterday that if we go into Gaza on the ground, my old friends the hizzbullies will start shooting at us. Fine, says I. I'm ready for anything they can throw our way. I have fags, water, food, and meds. What else do I need? Oh, and a full tank. Not that I plan to go anywhere when the shooting starts up here, but a full tank is always good.
I went to the clinic for a blood letting and the possibility of the hizzies horning in on the act has everyone on edge. Maybe they'll figure that's enough and not shoot hoping to drive us all nuts. With them, you never can tell. Whatever. I'm ready. I do feel bad for the people from Sderot, Ashkelon and other places within range of the the Gza rockets who came up here to be safe, only to find themselves facing even bigger rockets. That really sucks.
I figured out why the patches I was using on the burn hurt so much. I ended up tearing one off in major pain and replacing it with an antibiotic cream at 0330. When I saw the surgeon on Wednesday we told him that the patches were too painful and that I want the other stuff. He gave a prescription for 3 tubes. The first time I used it, the pain came back right away and a light bulb went off in my head. I saw that patches have a petroleum ingredient, and so does the ointment version of the cream. I switched the ointment for the cream, and no pain! And just for fun, there is now some kind of cut on the far left side of that foot. I have no idea where it came from and as I am no longer a rubber girl, I can't see it. I'll have the nurse look at it tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be too bad, just annoying when I rip the burn bandage off and open it up a little.