Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Three cheers for me! I think I've finally figured out what's wrong with the whole rat poison thing and why I'm so damned sleepy tired all the time. My body is waging a war against the rat poison and keeps the PT values fluctuating in it's attempt to do things the way it wants to and always has. The PT has only ever been in the desired range twice since I started taking it. That also explains the squits. Good old body is getting rid of the toxic stuff the best way it knows.Just what I need; a body with a mind of it's own!
This is very strange stuff. I have some very bad news for my body. This is one argument it's going to lose. It WILL start behaving the way it should, or else. Just don't ask me what the 'or else' will be.
The good news is that the burn is starting to get better. It still looks awaful, but healing can be seen under the yellow gunk.
Last night was annoying in the extreme. It wasn't so much that the other guy won the run off election. It was that all his supporters took to streets in the their cars with horns blaring and the jingle screaming from speakers at 0100. That's 1am. I don't care if it's traditional. The guy who won should have told his followers not to do it. People were innocently sleeping in their beds only to be rudely awakend at 0100 by horns honking and music screaming. This went on for close to two hours. I don't want to be a spoil sport, but couldn't they celebrate by trashing their headquarters or doing something quieter? They could have a huge celebratory party on another evening and not wake the whole city up in the middle of the night. Oh well, all I can say is that he doesn't want to run into me any time soon. I remember stuff like that and I'm very sorry but that's no way to start your first term as Mayor.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I used to love roller coasters. These days I'm not so sure about them. This up and down, all over the chart with the rat poison isn't at all fun. And I'm not too wild about the side effects. Why do I have get ones no one has ever heard of? The squits, and all night belching. It doesn't matter if the PT INR is high or low, I just start belching the minute I settle in to bed, and most days wake up to an hour of squits. Peg is not at all happy because the squits means that he has to wait to go out. I think he's catching on because this morning he was very good about waiting. But, Golan put him out while I was at the gimp meeting, where Four of The Five caught up on things. We have a meeting on the 1st of Dec with some new expert who is supposedly going to help us. ANOTHER EXPERT? I don't want another expert. I want My Communist. He's more than enough of an expert for us and I still have nightmares about the media guy they stuck us with. Huhmph. But being the good little gimp that I am, I'll go, I'll listen, I'll ponder, then I'll decide.
Itzik the photographer called me and Alberto McGyver in for a meeting. One of his TV contacts asked him where we had disappeared to, and he told the guy that things kind of went on hiatus with me and Savta in and out of hospital, the holidays and local elections. I'm pretty much back up to speed, in spite of the earler whinging, and Savta only has out patient stuff now. Itzik's TV guy suggested that we do exactly what I had in mind when we got back, but Savta was against. Now that it's come from outside the group, we just might be back in buisness. McGyver and I are trying to get a meeting with Bibi in the near future. Then, we'll sic Hezi on the head of his party.
It was so nice being together again, even though Moshe was at his computer course. We'll be having our own meeting before the 1st.
I just love it when all of us or even just some of us are together. You don't spend 11 days and nights with the same people, then come home and go your own separate ways without a thought. We are good together, even if we annoy others with our in jokes.
I think I'm going to stay in today and play with St. Gracie at her TH blog. Yup. Sounds like a plan!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I feel crap lately. Nothing specific except for some very bad pain in my right hip. I'm just tired all the time and want to sleep. For the first time I can sleep in the afternoon and at night too. It's most strange. I wonder if it has anything to do with the rat poison? It shouldn't.
I just never remember feeling this listless. I don't feel like reading. I don't feel like writing. I don't feel like doing much of anything, but I do drag myself to clinic for the blood tests and drag myself back here to check the results on line. The results are wackier every day. Either way up or way down. It just doesn't seem to want to stabilize.
I'm fading again. I just wanted to stop in and post this for my 3&1/2 loyal readers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just never seem to learn to keep my big mouth shut. I had no sooner announced that bog nights appeared to be a thing of the past, than I got a double whammy. It's an understatement of epic proportions to say that I was not thrilled to find myself spewing from both ends. From 0100 to 0630 I was in the loo holding a trash bag lined bucket, and wondered if it would ever stop. It eventually did stop, but I was left with laundry to deal with. Luckily it was a day that I didn't have to go to the clinic or anyplace else, so I could just stay in, which I did.
Thankfully last night was uneventful so I could go to the clinic and have a go at the doc about my insanely fluctuating PT levels. He got all upset and told me that I done the wrong thing. So, I just sat back on Harley and asked a question in such a way that he caught on to his mistake and saw that I had in fact done the correct thing. The proof is in todays result. The PT INR level was spot on.
I went from the clinic to the school that supposedly had an accessible voting booth. The booth might have been perfectly accessible, but, there was no way to get to it. One bright bulb told me to go accross the street to the Senior Citizen Center. I did and it was even worse. Cars were parked in the places where I could have gone from the street to the sidewalk and the door was too narrow for Harley. Back to the other place determined to make them open a gate that did give access. It took well over an hour and lots of backing and forthing until someone arrived with the key and they sorted a way through a candidate's propaganda booth. I voted and had another fun time waiting to be let out again.
This happens every election because the officials who are in charge of things never think to get a proper gimp check to see if they are indeed ok. The officials just assume that they know best.
On the way home I stopped in at Moshe's and offered to accompany him to vote. He ran into the same problem and after we checked out the other place, I called a reporter pal who promised to check it out. Then, I decided to get hold of yet another reporter and headed for town to try and root him out. Moshe had asked me to pick up some fresh Pitas for him, which I did and I arrived home with a flat tire. McGyver and Savta showed up and went off with my tire, to fix it. It's still not back yet. Oh, well, they'll appear with it sometime. I don't exactly need it tonight.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I seem to be all squitted out. Who would have thought that it could be that exhausting? I didn't! Yesterday I slept pretty much all day, then, all night. That hasn't happened since I can't remember when. Usually even a 10 minute doze will have me up most of the night, but not yesterday. I woke up bright and early at around 0600 and actually got up and spent a few hours at the computer until I saw what time it was. In a panic, I got dressed, sort of. I did try to pull my pants up with both feet in the same leg. That does not work.
Just take my word for it and do not try it yourself. I actually managed to slow down a bit, get dressed and got to the clinic a few minutes before they finished taking blood samples.
Then, I went grocery shopping and just as I was wondering how to get all the stuff inside, Moshe came along. Problem solved. I usually have them bring it because their delivery guy brings it inside, which is all I need. It's too much to do it myself. I can barely get myself and handbag in as it is.
My staggering lurch days are numbered. I just can't do it. Ok, I do it, but that means less than it sounds. For all it's lovely purpleness, Gimp House is not wheely friendly. It's still easier to lurch around than it is to wheel around.
For my next trick, I cleared out all the left over junk from Dem Der's last stay here when I was on the trip and washed all the dishes. Now, I'm going to make 'cheaters fried chicken' and clean the top shelf in the fridge while it cooks. That's the cheat. I boil it, then fry it. After that, it will be rest time.
That might not sound like much, and just everyone else in the world can get it done in 3 1/2 minutes, but to me it feels like 10 hours of over time at hard labor!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Ok. It hasn't been all bad, just mostly not good. I have been refusing to pay attention to the US elections for the simple reason that I knew deep down that Obummer was going to win and I was in no mood to have it shoved down my throat. But, my body had it's own brilliant idea on how to handle it. The night after I checked the results on the Interweb was spent in the loo on the bog. I would no sooner decide that deluge was over and crawl back to bed, than it hit again. This went on all night, but let up during the day so I could go to the clinic to get the burn treated. And hopes of a quiet night in bed were quickly dashed when I had to make a mad dash to the bog for yet another night of non stop squits and a day of laundry. I attribute it to the fiasco of the elections. Talk about getting your bowels in an uproar! Thankfully it seems to be pretty much over. Only one mad dash last night and a slightly less mad one this morning.
The rat poison I have to take seems to have stablized and the PT tests are coming back in the correct range. With a little luck I should be able to do the test once a week now.
As to the burn, it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better. There is now a special patch on it that is supposed to draw all the bad gunk out of it and it sure is doing that. There is some evidence of healing going on under the yellow gunky stuff. So that's encouraging.
I didn't do much this week other than spend too much time on the bog. As that is not the most pleasant subject in the world, I didn't bother posting here. I'm posting about it now because it's almost over.
Now I have yet another election to face. The municiple elections here will be on Tuesday and I still don't know who I want to vote for. My reaction to this election should be a non event. Let's face it; municiple elections are not in same league as Presidential elections. Then, in Feb we have our own national elections. I expect a similar reaction if my choice loses. At least I have a few months before that happens.
My body is very tired from the whole thing, so I think I'll take it to bed for a rest.