Friday, July 16, 2010

I'M ALMOST BACK (read first for pic explanation)

Yes, well. Truer words were never spoken than that line about the best laid plans of men (and women)........I've had a slightly wild (understatement much?) two months. Aron, Liat and their kids were here for much too little time. They came over for Liat's sisters' wedding and it was lovely. I usually HATE events like that and avoid them like the plague, but I wasn't about to miss so much as one minute with them, so, I worked hard on m
y head to get it into shape to tolerate the event. In the end it was a huge waste of time. That wedding was the most enjoyable one I've ever been to.
Obviously seeing Aron and the kids was the highlight, and I have tons of pictures. I'll start with the one of the infamous hair cut on the sidewalk. My hair gal moved to a new place with stairs. Her brother is a genius who suggested that I park Harley across the doorway and that she stand there and do it! It worked.

Next project was to find a dress. I did and it's not strictly mine!

I hate that I can not stand up straight any more, but I guess that's just part of being a crippled gimp!
Aron and his family got to the wedding a little late thanks to their charter flight making them miss their connecting flight and they arrived very late, but arrive they did.

I'm still trying to sort a lot of things out in my head, so I'll just post my favorite picture of all. I got Adee a sippy glass just like one I have and her face says it all in this picture.

As it is quite impossible to get the pictures uploaded here in the correct order, I'll just stick them all in as they fall. It is most frustrating, and this is the 8th attempt.