Thursday, March 31, 2005


Luck was with me this morning and Danny popped in to talk about the *patio* and fixing the doors. I skedaddled out of here and bought a new door handle and some picture hangy up on concrete wall thingys, then on to Richard and Mara's for a coffee. They've sold the business and are maybe going to live in Jerusalem where their daughter in law is going to maybe give him a job. I just hope they know what they are doing. Leaving an apartment they can't be thrown out of, and moving into a free market rental while at the tender mercy of an in law is not my idea of a smart move. I just hope it works for them. Ah, well, at the end of the day, it's not my problem. I just find things people do curious at times.
There's a new book about Adam Smith out in Hebrew and I'm off to the bookstore tomorrow to see if they have it yet. I've always liked Smith and it will be a challenge to read it in Hebrew. I'm making my way through Secrets Of The Code slowly but surely. There are lots of things in there to think about, and I'm enjoying it. More at the other blog.


I stayed in yesterday for no good reason that I can think of, and got some computer maintenance done. Another go around with Yahoo Groups on the authorized to post from address issue left me muttering dire imprecations in several languages, but got sorted.
Orna came in and did a quick dishes and floors wash up. Peg seems to be getting the message about not using the corner of the living room for things better done outside. I'll probably wish I hadn't written this soon, but he has gotten better about it.

I'm not one for complaining about the weather. It's at the top my list of things that are a waste of time to gripe/worry about, like earthquakes, and other such. Things about absolutely nothing can be done. I do gripe about the electric I get that is a result of the weather, and there *is* something I can do about that. I can not use the a/c. Yeah, right, in 6 degree Celsius winter weather, I'm going to sit here and shiver just like I'm going to sit here and melt when it's 40C. I'm pretty happy about things right now. Winter is mostly over even if they are talking about a cold wet weekend. The a/c has been off for a few weeks now and the house is cool enough that I'm still in socks and bathrobe. I hope I'll be able to get the ceiling fan for my bedroom put in soon. This coming summer will be a scorcher and the less a/c the better!
We turn the clocks ahead tonight which will put us out of step with the rest of the world! I'm ready. Two early to sleep nights lead to two get up early mornings, so bring it on.
Danny (Orna's husband/my handy man seems to have disappeared and I want him to tell me where to buy the stuff we need to do the side garden. I want it done next week and have two doors in here that need his attention.
I'm still in a right snit about that Passat I can't buy, and just might have a yell up with Striar the liar. I WANT THAT CAR but can't scrape up 4000 in cash for it. At least I've learned my lesson and will not ever put myself in that position again. I *am* owed 200 or so by someone but have written that off. 200 shekels is hardly the difference between car/no car. It's just a minor annoyance. I had a nice little rant about that on my Hebrew blog just to let off steam.
I think I know what happened to my posts at my political blog and to ensure it doesn't happen again, I'm saving them before I post. There might very well be a long post there today about a few subjects that have been patiently waiting for me to get to them. Yup, I'll do that, then head out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Of course I can't remember which program it was, but something on TV last night showed someone eating mea tloaf. Oh, right, it was Just Cause....and I haven't been able to the scent out of my mind since them. The obvious thing to do was make a meat loaf, so I got some ground beef and made one. It's comforting to know that now the scent is real, and not an active memory triggered by a TV show!
I picked up the ground beef on my way from sending the fax to Visa, having a coffee at Mara's, picking up some cukes and peppers of assorted colors. There was just enough time to mix it all up and shove it in the oven before Charmed started, and it was done by the end of Charmed! And was it ever good.
As if the meat loaf wasn't enough, I am now being haunted by thoughts of a certain VW Passat automatic that is for sale for only 4,000 shekels. Grrrr. Not that I particularly want a VW, but it *is* cheap, and in reasonable shape. The problem is that I just don't have the cash now, so I'll just have to grit my teeth until August when I'll be able to buy myself a car of sorts.
Still no word from Ms. Cab, and that worries me. She usually Texts back right away. Comms must be out again. I have a short list of things to check on the net, so I might as well get to it.


This is one of those mornings when I wish I could sleep without the radio. I switched over to my all night talk station around 0100, and was blasted by awake at 0530 by the words earthquake in Indonesia. The second hunt for CabAret was on 3 minutes later in the form of a text message. The next step was to turn to Sky News. We are almost at the stage for the third step-finding the EF URLS from the last go-round. From what I've been able to piece together, it hit pretty far from Jakarta but was felt there. I just hope comms aren't down this time. I'll try a call a bit later.
Child Genius was over yesterday and we sorted the Visa $ thing, with a mini shopping spree. Bye Bye Birdie will be mine and a Chemex Coffee maker. We also got gimp working both ways, so I'm happy about that. Answers to my mass mailing are trickling in, and I have two more to answer before I go to the bank. As my fax is dead, I have to take the letter to the bank and ask them to send it to Visa for me. I'll leave a copy there. I wrote it in English, so watching Mordy struggle with it should be fun.
I figured up how much I spent last month on incidentals-purples, books, and stuff. 700 Shekels should be enough to get the side garden started, and maybe leave enough for a decent DVD player. Zahavah called last evening and wanted to know is she and Hannah can come for a couple of days. Duh! I've only been waiting for her to come since she got her van 2 years ago. I haven't seen Hannah since the last demonstration in 2002, so that will be fun. A mini gimp convention, the power chair brigade, and all. Maybe we can get a wheelchair race organized!

Monday, March 28, 2005


Some idiot company has decided that it might be fun to charge $ 50 to my Visa every other day. I put a stop to it this morning and then went to get my new card in my NEW and finally correct corrected name. Visa will get the unauthorized charges back, and no more will be made. From the bank I went to get a hair cut, then came straight home and got Child Genius over to sort the domain and do some e bay shopping as he owes me a bit of money. I will at last have a Chemex Coffee maker, and Bye Bye Birdie will be mine!
Harley Too is all paid for now, and my Visa bill is relatively small, and no more HUGE electric bills until summer gets here, so my bank account will have time to recover from buying Harley. No more big buys for a few months, except maybe a DVD player. It should cost about what I spent on *fun* stuff this month-purples and books. So, if I can keep the Visa at the same level, all will be well and I'll be able to buy that anorexic monitor I want.Yesterday was the first Monday I can remember in ages when I stayed in for nonweather reasons, except to take Peg walkies, and today was just quick hop to the bank and a haircut. It's a real good way not to spend money. I did take out the cash I'll need until the end of the month, including what I'll need to take Orna to Haifa next week.
I'm pretty much caught up on my e mail. I sent a mass mailing to the usual suspects and replies are starting to trickle in. It's wonderful to have mail functioning in both directions, including
Yup, Gimp is feeling pretty satisfied right now.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


It was close, but, by sheer luck, I saw my beloved original Bye Bye Birdie today. It has become a habit to flick through the channels every day to see if maybe it will be on. When I went to check to see when Charmed comes and if it is several episodes at a time, like I thought it might be, I kept right on flicking and THERE IT WAS. It had already started, but I missed only the first 2 minutes. Oh joy, oh rapture. I *do* like that movie. The new version is total crap next to the original, and I've seen the update for the last time. Originals are ALWAYS better. Among the standouts in the original, Kim's bedroom is purple. The same shade as Gimp House and the MacAfees have an upside down refrigerator like I had years after seeing it, and still hope to have one day. I was so excited to find the movie that I actually cried a few times. Yup. That's how much I love that foolish icon from my younger days. I was also thrilled not to be bothered in the middle by any phone calls, I missed the first 2 minutes and was not about to miss any more for anyone or anything. I didn't tape it this time because that would have meant going into the *liberry*, setting up the VCR, and missing more than I was willing to miss. It will be on again, and I'm going to get the DVD soon, the CD too. Happy gimp. Funny how it's the little things that make me feel so good.
I guess I could a tape in and tape the 3 eps of Charmed, but I don't feel like fighting my way into the *liberry*. The Great A Team taping project was quite enough, and Charmed will be in reruns for a while yet. It's starting in 3 minutes, so I think I'll go carve up some veggies to chomp during the Charmed semi marathon.


I can still remember clearly the first time it happened to me, even though it was way back in the 6th decade of that last century. I woke up in a panic that I'd be late to school. I was in Jr. High at the time, got dressed and ran out of the house. When I was about half way to school, which was a good mile from my house, I noticed that no one else was going that way. I got to school and it was closed. At that point I figured out that it was a no school day. I can't remember why; maybe it was a Saturday, Sunday, or a vacation break. I *do* remember feeling like a total idiot as I trudged home.
Years after that my What Day Is It Syndrome took a new direction and I found myself making appointments for 'tomorrow' 'Sunday' and 'the 27th', all at the same time! After the first time I did that, I tried to keep things straight with a calendar. It mostly worked and when I made 2 appointments for the same day and time, I could switch one of them.
My WDII Syndrome has taken on a new twist. Now I'm having trouble remembering what day it is when I wake up. It's a very odd disoriented feeling and I end up looking at my cell phone to find out. Since this new twist I've been telling myself what day/night it is before I go to sleep, but at least once a week it gets away from me, as does the week. I am always surprised by Thursday, which is not a day of any must watch TV shows, or anything like that. It's just the day before Friday, the end of our week, when I like to get up early so I can get into town in time to pick up the local papers. The worst day for it to happen on is Sunday. Trust me, it is very disconcerting to wake up on Sunday and think it's maybe still Saturday, when everything is closed here. There *is* some comfort in having the cell phone to hand. I mean imagine going through life not knowing what day it is? There was a time when, like Mac on Jag, I knew the time without a watch, but if I can't keep the days straight, what use is that? I'm still pretty good at that and can call the time to 15 minutes or so.
Ah, yes, the local papers. One of them has been an institution in town for over 20 years, but I think the owners are tired of it. They recently hired a new editor and star reporter who have turned that paper into an unreadable mess. I think I may have mentioned this before, but it's getting worse by the week. I always thought that in addition to other things, the editor was supposed to correct grammar and syntax so the reader would have a fighting chance at figuring out what the article was about. Not our intrepid new editor. He seems to think that the more obscurely it's written, the better it is. And you thought *I* had syntax and long convoluted sentences! I'm not even close to his level! Ok, ok, enough already. I'll bring Peg in and go bake something fun.

Friday, March 25, 2005


When will I learn to do what I say I will, and not do what I say I won't? Maybe this time the lesson will take and I can get back to *my* things? "Now what?" you ask. "Teadrinker, of course." I reply. She called to ask how to save a link on the toolbar folder of Firefox and after telling her 10 times how to do it, and her not listening, and me getting upset(she called just as I settling in for a kip) I said to leave it. By the time I'd woken up, she'd sent a couple of rude e mails and posted a blast on her blog. Before I saw her blog, I called her and she was rude. I answered one of her e mails in kind and I swear, when she comes groveling back, she had better be prepared for the frozen(not just cold) shoulder she'll get. And just for fun, I'm going to delete her blog posts that I was saving for her. I spent over half my on line time telling her how to do things, and when I want to do something else, like rest, she gets her knickers in a twist. I opened a Yahoo group for both of us yesterday and deleted it today. Enough is enough.
At least my email seems to working both ways now, sending and receiving. Maybe tomorrow Child Genius will have his server sorted and will work. One thing I can promise is that will never work. I paid for it and it's mine. Go suck a teabag. I'm so far behind on both my blogs it's not funny.
I had much fun at my clinic today. I went roaring in and told the clerk to delete my cell phone numbers from my file. She didn't want to, but I demanded that she do it after explaining that calling the most expensive option first is stupidly wasteful when the health system is in the state it's in. The nurse who was sitting next to her told to leave one of the numbers in case the have to get hold of me fast. I told her there is absolutely nothing they'd have to reach me for that urgently, and to delete them. I think she did, but I'll check on Monday when I go to find out if I have the Plague or not. I have a few places that itch like crazy and have blisters and odd coloration around them. Two on my left arm and two on my right upper instep. The doctor who isn't (a doctor) was there today with a pediatrician. The pediatrician took a look and thought they might be bites. Maybe, but I don't think so. I'll have my usual doc take a look on Sunday.
I got the voucher for my annual Doppler which is for the 5th of April, and while Child Genius was arguing with his server, looked for last years results which I don't have because the check up was at the quacks office, not where it's usually done. That's ok because I want the results in my hot little hands before I decide what to do-go see a new quack, or fight to see the old one. Whatever, it will be a fun day in Haifa.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


It looks like maybe the very worst is over for Teadrinker. She got Effie over yesterday and he sorted her e mail, blog and Yahoo issues in record time. Yuppers, she has her very own blog and later today I will tell her how to paste the posts I saved into it so they only post one time instead of three times like thay did last night when we were both giddy from having opened a Yahoo Group for our automotive hero, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame!
To recap: In about a month Teadrinker has gotten a computer, learned how to turn it on and off, send e mails, search the web, IM with Yahoo, acquired her very own blog and become co owner of a Yahoo Group. How great is that? Oops, almost forgot....she can send e cards too. We will endeavor not to recall how long it took a certain gimp of purple tp get that far. My prediction will yet come true. Teadrinker will soon be teaching *me* stuff!
My e mail is still not working. They are sending, but not getting anywhere. Hmmm. I'm using Yahoo until it gets sorted. At least it's receiving, which to me is more important than sending. Just tracked Child Genius down and he'll be here in an hour or so. The mail thing is from HIS server. My out box is configured to his server, not mine, and as there's a glitch there, nothing goes out. No, it goes out, but stays out. I would love to have working, but if it won't, I want the configuration to be for 013 until such time as he sorts things.
Child Genius also owes me $50 because my credit card got charged on account of he forgot to cancel the charge. I want to go shopping for a couple of DVDs, books and a Chemex, funds permitting.
I got around the new quack question by explaining that as I've had the doppler every year since my stroke, it's just plain stupid to send me to a new quack for him order a test, go for the test, then back to the quack. Of course with the new health regs, they can't just make the appointment and hand over the authorization slip. It has to be approved by the approvers. I got a call this morning that it's all approved. Of course the idjit clerk called me on the cell phone, but my home phone which is about 600% cheaper. And they wonder why the health budget is out of control. Try the house line first, if there's no answer, try the cell. I *am* not a typical Israeli and my cell phones can be turned off in my vest pocket for weeks. It's going to fun going to get the paperwork for the test. Cell phone addicted Israelis assume that everyone else who has one is glued to it. I don't much like them, but, as gimp who charges all over town on Harley Too, it's kinda like Amex: Don't leave home without it.
Not much else happened yesterday other than a few marathon IMs and phone calls with Teadrinker, and staying wide awake until after 0300 with no energy to get up and do anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


There are times when being a night owl has advantages. I snuggled in for the night early, around midnightish, and woke up at 0500 or so for a quick loo run. Back in bed for the duration(or until I woke up) I was shot into a bolt upright position (thanks to the millions of sit ups I still do) by a horrendous noise from the loo. When I managed to unglue my eyelids I saw what looked like Niagara Falls spurting from the right hand side of the toilet. Put sandals back on and went to take a look. I couldn't get my head in to take a proper look, but it wasn't hitting Peg, so I got him out of there through the other door and put him outside, then, I called my neighbor (they get up before I go to sleep) and asked him to come and turn the water off, as I can't get to the shut off myself. In the meantime, his wife, Orna, was on her way to the Kiosk, saw Peg outside, the door open and water flowing inside, and in she came, to be followed seconds later by wrench wielding husband in mismatched(1 pink, 1 yellow) slippers. Danny turned the water off and changed the little hose that connects the tank to the water,then, turned the water back on. There I was sitting on the bed surrounded by water-my own little island. Orna took over and squeegied the water out. It was in the kitchen I waited until it was mostly dry as gimps walking in water on a tile floor is not a recommended activity, then, made a cup of coffee. AND A GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO. That pretty much explains what I'm doing at the computer hours before I usually wake up.

The Philmore's check arrived yesterday and I deposited it in the bottomless hole that is my bank account. Things are now back on track. Before I went home, I went by my dog supply shop and got some tick stuff for Lexie, the dog who calls Teadrinker her human, and I'll mail it to her when I go out to find out why I have to change vascular quacks. I called my usual one yesterday and he said he no longer works with my medical insurer, so I have to get a new. It sucks to have to change quacks after having the same one for 6 years.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


After having all the competitions come out more or less to my satisfaction, I'm back. I'll watch the gala from here, close to an endless supply of tear paper. It's been an exhausting week and I feel like skated every single event 20+ times. The best was feeling like I was on the podium with Slutskaya when she was presented the gold medal in her home town. She was magnificent and earned that medal the hard way.
My daughter called today during the ladies free (after our yell up) She's been transferred to Afula-a 7 minute drive from home and is working the front desk at least until after kid # 2 arrives. This is good and I hope it teaches her not to come screaming at me to talk to the minister ever again because I WILL NOT.
I'd really like to take a nap now, but it's too late. I'll just have to struggle through until a reasonable hour to go to sleep, say, midnightish.
It's also time to decide if I'm talking to Teadrinker or not. On the 1 hand, I'd like to, on the other, I like the peace and quiet. That last bit really was close to too much. I should have known that no matter how pissed she was she wouldn't hijack and delete a blog. Two reasons for knowing that. 1) It's not her style and 2) she wouldn't know how. But mostly the first. Yeah, ok, I'll talk to her, BUT I WILL NOT HELP HER WITH THE COMPUTER, or let her monopolize my time on it. I really do have things to do other than IM with her or anyone all day. I haven't IMed with any of my other friends even once since she got her computer. I learned all by self, so can she. She *is* smarter than I am, after all, even if I *am* the Goddess of Communication!

Friday, March 18, 2005


This thing with Teadrinker is getting to me. It is of course possible that I deleted A Gimp's View From The North's posts myself when I thought I was deleting her posts. Anything is possible, and I've done far stupider things.
It's a shame that our friendship had to end like this, but that's her call. At least I'll have some peace and quiet from her incessant phone calls and be able to do what I want without being interrupted to hear the latest totally inconsequential event in her life. I'm saddened by this almost as much as I am angered by her turn around because I found it more pressing to go out, then watch Worlds that I did to IM with her. In one post she went from reasonable to petulant, nasty, insanity. I just might post the whole story here, e mails, IMs and all. I will if I catch her here again before we know exactly what happened to those posts. Hit counters are wonderful things!


Stay out of this blog, and my other blog, Berg, or I will file a complaint. I want the posts back NOW. The blog I deleted the posts from was MY blog and I saved the posts. What you did was illegal among other things. I really don't have time for childish games. If you want to hate me, go right ahead, but keep it legal. Don't speak to me ever again, just send the posts back by noon. And after this STAY OUT OF THIS BLOG. As of now you will not have access to my account here as I have changed the password. Keep in mind that I didn't delete your blog to ne mean. I did it because things got too weird even for me. Now, return the posts.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


What a finish to men's Worlds! Stephane Lambiel, gold, Jeffrey Buttle, silver, Evan Lysachek, bronze with Joubert and Weir off the podium our lad in the top 20 and my personal favorite, Plushenko withdrawn due to fatigue and a sprained dick (any connection?) I couldn't be more thrilled. The judging was a bit odd, but more of that at A view From The North. I as knackered as if I had skated ALL the programs myself. That's the price I pay for still being able to feel it inside. I AM glad I can still feel it even if I can't do it anymore, but boy is it ever tiring at competition time. Now I only have to get throught dance and ladies in one piece!


What a finish to Worlds! Stephane Lambiel Gold, Jeffrey Buttle Silver, Evan Lysacheck Bronze, Weir and Joubert off the podium, our lad in the top 20, and my personal favorite, Plushenko withdrawn due to fatigue and a sprained dick(is there a connection?). I couldn't be more thrilled. The judging was a bit odd, but more of that over at A View From The North. I'm as knackered as if I had skated ALL the programs myself. That's price I pay for still being able to feel it inside. I AM happy that I can still feel it, but boy is it tiring at competition time! Now I only have to get through ladies and dance in one piece!!


After spending over 90% of the time I was on line since Teadrinker got her computer, with her, she had what is likely to be her last hissy fit at me. I *did* delete her blog last night for the simple reason that mine got hijacked to her name. I DON'T know how it happened, only that it did. I was on IM with her for a minute this morning, but had to go out and pay Deutch for the work he did on Harley Too, and she went ballistic when I didn't reply immediately. I just happen to have a life away from the computer, and right now, it's Worlds and no one, no how, no way, is going to interrupt me on a Dance competition day. I flashed a quick IM when I came in, but as Teadrinker thinks her blog issues are more important than my seeing the Original Dance competition, she got all upset that I had something better to do than spend that time IMing on a dead issue. She wants a blog, she can just go get one. I'm going to take another look and be sure none of mine are in her name and vice versa. If she doesn't have a miraculous recovery from her insanity of today, I'll just keep her domain (the one *I* paid for) and she will NEVER have access to it. Child Genius and I were going to sort the blog script issue and put her blog there. Not much of a reason to do that if she keeps on believing that crap she's been spouting. At least I have ALL the IMs and e mails saved so as to prove the inaccuracies.

I went out to pay Deutch at 1145 and knew I'd miss the first two groups in the original dance, but the last thing I needed was for him to be upset with me because he ordered that parts and I blew him off. He was not thrilled that Yefim fixed it, but got over it when I paid. I then stopped at Richard's for a quick coffee, then picked up a carton cigarettes to pay Orna. The price of a carton of her fags is exactly what I owed her and as she would buy the fags anyway, I might just as well pay her that way. We did some major sorting and throwing in my room yesterday and in the process found my mother's passport. I'd forgotten I had it. Also found my birth certificate, and a bunch of other important stuff I hadn't seen in years.

Time to move on. Moscow was great today. The original dance is one of my favorites and Galit and Sergei were great. They are in 7th place now, but have a shot at the podium or 4th place if they skate a perfect free dance. They really are phenomenal. No one skates like Sergei. I've been madly in love him since the first time I saw him on the ice in Metula. He is one of the few whose total love of skating shows with every stroke. Galit is no slouch either. Every time I see her skate, I am reminded of the time I met her at Jacob's Ladder at Sachne. When the person I was with made a crack about us talking skating, she put his jaw on the ground by saying something to the effect that it's rare that she gets to talk skating with someone who actually knows the sport. Until then he'd thought that I was all talk, but she let him know that you can't talk the talk if you can't skate the skate! Maybe that last should be in past tense because I sure can't skate the skate anymore! But I *do* still feel every move inside when watching.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Child Genius should be showing up soon to work his magic on the e mail issues. It *could* be worse and the computer could be fu**cked up like it was only two weeks ago instead of working faster and better than ever, with no viri or spywares to be found, not to mention no errors on the drives! So, if all that's wrong with it is messed up e mails, maybe I should stop whinging and start counting my blessings.

I took Harley Too to Deutch early (for me) this morning, and wouldn't you know it, he doesn't have the part I need. It seems I'm not the only one whose vehickule got treated with glue! Yup, the post mortem on the charger socket showed without a doubt, it was glued. Ranni, Ovadia's head repair guy is going to get a very nasty phone call Sunday morning. He called yesterday at 0815 and told me that one of his guys was in town the day before and couldn't get in touch with me. The wonders of caller I.D. show that no such calls were placed. It's real stupid to lie to me about something that can be checked so easily. ALL my phones show ALL incoming calls, answered or not. Ooops, Ranni. I ended up staying in town rather than going to the Industrial area so as not to run out of battery juice. But that's ok. I got the rest of this month's fag stock, my meds, a few last minute things from the grocery store, the local scandal rags (one of which is unreadable since they changed the editor and reporter) So I am now all set for a nice long, rainy, quiet weekend. I have lots of things to do here, newspapers to read, blogs to update and the Ex's site to finish, among other things. I have a lovely pot of cooked whole wheat to chomp my way through. Yups, I'm back on the macro thing.

The only thing I wish I could have this weekend, but can't, is daily episodes of Hercules. I adore that series, not just because the Sorbo lad is so easy on the eyes, but also because the show itself is hysterical. In one of last weeks eps they had character names that had me in hysterics. Herc was supposed to judge an art contest, with contestants who had names like Picassoius, and the like. It's also great fun to read fun to read the disclaimers at the end. The one for this ep, where Hercules was persuaded to pose for the artists wearing only a bunch of grapes, went something like: It was again proven that it is not the size of his grapes that proves the worth of a man. It's fun, fun, fun! And for no good reason that I know of, they don't run Hercules on Fri/Sat.

Oh, and one more thing. Teadrinker, Instead of checking in here 9 times a day to see if I've written any more nasties about you, pick up the phone and call!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


It's almost too much to bear. Both e mails are still not working. 013 recieves, but won't send and is completely down. The only thing working, or giving the appearance of working is Yahell and we all know how much I detest their mail. The only one I detest more is hitmail! And if that's not enough, posts to my Yahell groups are returned from Yahell as undeliverable because they have to be sent from a recognized addy registered for that group. VA posts come ok, but, for some reason I can't post from 013 even when it's working. It's all too much.

It's pissing rain right now, so I'll pretty much be staying in until it lets up. I should be able to get more done on the Ex's site, and if the rain lets up enough, run out long enough to get the rest of my meds and have Deutch fix Harley Too's charger issues and maybe get a DVD.

The phone rang yesterday afternoon and no one answered when I said "Hello" I waited a minute and heard Irit talking to Romi. After a minute or so, I hung up and she didn't call back. What was that about? After this most boring post, I'm off to have a bit of a rant at my other blog. If it isn't already in my profile, I'll add it later. I had absolutely no luck adding a links thingy here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I have the most amazing ability to torture myself. It seems my credit card wasn't cancelled after all. I began to have my doubts after Child Genius said this month's charge went through! After I cut the wires to Harley Too's charger socket I went to my butcher and the charge was accepted! Next stop Steimatzky to see if my book came in. It hadn't, but they had a new reference book for Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, which I had been talking to Ayal from Traklin about not 15 minutes previously. This companion book should be almost as interesting as the book itself. Then on to the grocery store to get a few things I still need, then home to take Peg walkies and write this report on my idiocy!

The e mail is still messed up, but Child Genius says it's his server, which makes sense as I get a Netvision notice and that's where his server lives. He said he should have it fixed later today and will come over later to see what I've done on the Ex's site.

It's time to build a salad and climb into bed and start reading my new book.


Yuppers, it's chilly/damp this morning and Harley Too is still sitting there with his charger socket wires hanging out. One way or another, I'll get them either cut off, or undo them from under the plastic case. I have three whole things to report from yesterday. The first is that, in spite of my troubles with the scanners, the pics came up ok on the M$ editor and I have the first page of my favorite ex's site done. The second is the blazing row I had with Irit. She called and had a go at me for not calling them. I tried to explain that I am not a friend who can be expected to call, but rather, her mother, and SHE should not only call me, but come up here to visit with Romi at least once a month. She disagreed vociferously and I ended up saying "If you decide to come visit, call" and hanging up. I'll follow that with a letter today as I can explain things better in writing. The third is that I started a new blog for political ravings and rantings called A Gimp's View From The North. I haven't added a link here yet, but will today. So far there's nothing much there. I just thought it would be less confusing (for me) to keep the two separate.

I had the oddest dream, and even odder, I remember it! It was mixed up with a show I've started watching on AXN-PSI Factor. Somehow, I was taking some courses through them, in Hebrew and on my first test/essay got 90% in Hebrew. The test was written in Hebrew and I got 90 on it! After all the tests were handed back, we had to go out in the bad part of Tel Aviv and hide, I'm not sure from what or why. We were all comparing grades and trying to hide. It *was* pretty odd. The oddest part was that I showed it to The Philmore (where he came from, I don't know) and he was upset that he couldn't read it!

It might be a good idea to get Harley Too sorted and go into town before the 4 days of predicted rain start.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Some very not nice person, who most likely will not live long when I find out who it was, glued Harley Too's charger plug into the charger socket and no one can get it out, and, of course he won't move with the plug in. The whole socket thingy came out of it's housing when I tried to disconnect it last night. I'll put a camera out there later.

If that's not enough, my emails worked for one whole day and now will not send or receive. I keep getting a popup that says it can't connect to Netvision. Well, of course it can't. I don't have Netvision any more! Will I never be free of them? On top of that, Yahoo isn't accepting my posts. They say the addy isn't associated with my account for that group, but it is! What is going on here? No e mail, no Harley Too and I have to get out of here and back before 1100 because Child Genius is coming to work on The Favorite Ex's site. I have it all blocked out, and can picture it in my head. I don't need these delays. I guess I'd better call Yefim and ask what he suggests I do about the plug. I am so not in a good mood it's not funny.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I can't remember having such a bad night for ages. I kept waking up, and that is so not like me. Child Genius appeared and sorted most of the stuff I messed up. All e addys are working, is in Yahoo and sound is back. Now, all I have to is sort Scrabble. Not exactly a must get done now, but I would like it to work to properly. He'll be around to sort out the favorite ex's site. I started scanning all things he sent, but the scans look like crap, so he's going to have to show me how to sort the image. I *do* miss my old Microsoft photo prog. HP's are good, but I'm crap at working them.

Could someone please tell me why I'm sitting here freezing my butt off, and on the verge of falling asleep. After finally falling asleep, I woke up at 1100, and still want to sleep.

I think maybe I should have a shout up with Netvision. My e mail keeps trying to connect to them, and there is no good reason for it to do that. There are only two designated accounts-
BBarak and gimphouse, so why is Netvision butting in?

The favorite ex called last night about his site and told me that our daughter is preggers again. That surprises me not in the least. They can't fire her and by law must find her a place close to home. She's no dummy and if she plays her cards and timing right will be able to sort things out with TPTB while having as many kids as she wants! This one looks to be an 18 or so month difference, which is exactly the age difference between her and her brother. I found it to be a very nice age difference.

Looks like it might be time to think about getting something to eat and warming up a bit.

The person who bet that I will talk to Teadrinker tomorrow evening wins the pool! If she calls tomorrow after 1900, and doesn't try to apologize/analyze, I'll talk to her as if nothing happened.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am now accepting bets on how long it will take me to talk to Teadrinker! She called yesterday and tried to apologize, but I'm not having it yet. She'll just have to wait until this freaking computer is working right. is not working, except it let 1 post through, there's no sound (the infamous trojan is hiding in that file) and I'm frustrated as hell that I can't sort either issue myself, not to mention that C.G. is still not answering his phone.
The news last night was most entertaining. Assad announced that his minions will Lebanon if there's a consensus that the Lebanese want them to go! And after he consults with Lahud- his very own puppet. The Lebanese are not demonstrating for the Syrians to stay, and Lahud is hardly going to tell his mentor to leave. As one of our talking heads said, consulting Lahud is in effect, consulting himself! They have to get out of Lebanon and stop blaming us for their presence there. They also have to take the Hezbollah with them. There is no reason to think the Lebanese can't govern themselves. They did a fine job of it before the Syrians arrived, and in spite of the clash yesterday, I can't see any real reason to expect them to have another civil war. They've already done that and are not stupid to go there again. I'm sure the clash yesterday was sponsored by Syria, as a ploy to show that without them things will deteriorate. Anyone who buys into that deserves what they get.
Bush, Blair,the frog and all are telling Assad to get out now. I think he might try to Arafart them...........make like he's leaving, then, drag things out with inane excuses, like blaming us and whatever else sounds good. They gotta go and soon.
Ok, it's almost noon and past time to get out of here, go into town, the grocery shopping. As to the pool, the winning bet will be the one that's closest to the date and time the computer is sorted. I can't begin to guess!

Saturday, March 05, 2005


I have yet again, managed to piss off Teadrinker! The woman just doesn't listen, and as a complete newbie has trouble saying exactly what she wants to do, and the minute you tell her how to do something and it doesn't work, she gets hysterical. That's it. After this morning, she can either wait for someone who knows what they are doing to come and sort her e mail snafus or bin the bloody thing. Like I'm not having troubles of my own! I can not get my to work right. I don't know what I did to mess it up. It was working just fine and receiving with no trouble, then, out of the blue it decided the password is wrong! That password lets me into the server, but, will not work to get mail Grrrrrrrr. I've done everything I can think of to get it to work, but it won't, so I can only sit here and wait for Child Genius to answer his phone and come here to fix it. Other than that, things seem to be working ok and I can only find 1 virus/trojan horse that sneaked in with the back up disk. I can live with that. At least the scans are not coming up with hundreds of read errors. I got all my links and e addys back and spent 4 hours last night putting things to rights in the addy book so the names would show. I guess it could have been worse and I could have had to re enter them all by hand. Thank G-d for import-export!
Teadrinker accused me of saying that her Adult Genius did something wrong, and doesn't know what he's doing. I never said that. All I said was that there was something wrong with installation of Thunderbird if it didn't show inbox, sent, trash, etc. There's a huge difference in saying the installation was bad and saying the installer was bad. She also said that she asked me to talk her through opening an attachment. She didn't. She asked me how to get a mail out of her inbox, and put someplace safe. I told her how to move it to another folder (for which she has no icon) and it went missing. What she wanted to do was work on the prog without the mail bothering her. I'm supposed to guess what she wants? Hells, if she wants to think that, fine! I can hang up the phone with the best of them. When I reminded her of the hysteria with the camera scanner, she denied ever getting upset about it. The story now is that she called HP right away and the nice guy there talked her through it. I just love selective memory. She'll either calm down in a day or two, or not. I wonder how long it will take before I talk to again. I know the reason for this whole thing is that she only listens to her end of the conversation, and not to what's being said to her. I can't count the times she's called me and rabitted on for hours and not let me get a word in edgewise. What do I do to attract people who do that? I must put an end to it. She can think anything she likes about me.
I've been sitting here since 1030 and my left shoulder is killing me. I think I'll take the cell phone to bed with a bottle of water (ice), some soup and try to get hold of Child Genius.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Well, we finally did it, and so far, 12 hours later the computer seems to be behaving itself. I hope I haven't spoken too soon. I *am* having major issues with configuring XP to my color. Some how, by accident I got the previous installation to give me beautiful purple everywhere I wanted it. Yesterday it suddenly self destructed and ALL the purple was gone. I haven't been able to recreate the miracle that did it for me as yet, but with perseverence, I'm sure I will!
Today is the big day! I finally, after a year of nonstop suffering at the untender hands of Netvision, go back to Barak. I'm staying with cable and take beack evry nasty word I ever said about them. It was Netvision all the time. I came very close to participating in a *bidding war* with both comanies. Netvision offered me a deal for 5 shekels a month less than Barak, but, I'm going back to Barak. Cable also came up with a sweet deal with TV and internet combined into 1 low price.
Netvision has been seriously misbehaving this morning and refused to let me send a mail to myself. Ha! Netvision wants 2.50 a month to let me keep my e mail account with them. I don't think so. Barak let me have access to theirs for free. I won't miss the Netvision one at all. However, the very thought of changing all the Yahoo settings for my groups does fill me with joyful anticipation. I somehow have to make them accept my purplegimp@ gimphouse addy. So far they haven't let me add it.
Teadrinker is coming along nicely with the exception of a few glitches with Thunderbird. She swears that she doesn't have the local folders thingy on her main page. That just isn't possible, but she swears it's not there. Then, thee's the fact that it's taking hours for her e mail to get there. Something is very wrong. Effie (Adult Genius) will have to sort it for her.
I haven't seen news for two days, so have no idea what needs my attention out there. That's what happens when you have to get the computer ready for a reformat and reinstall. There is nothing else! I think maybe I'll post and have a yell up with Netvision, the continue getting my links and color back!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It has been decreed that tomorrow is the big day, or should I say night? I am heartily sick and tired of virus announcements popping up when and as they will. Getting this computer was supposed to put an end to all that, but because of stupidity, it didn't. I didn't know then that transferring data directly off the old computer's hard drive would just put all the old crap right on the new one. Yes, I asked, but he said, it should be ok. Well, it wasn't ok, so now, we have to reformat. At least this time, I have a place to export all the important stuff to!
Teadrinker's Adult Genius arrived at the appointed time with a dead modem from the phone company, then had to go out and get a live one as well as the software for the web cam that didn't come with, as it should have. Latest update was that there are some mega troubles getting the modem to work. When/if he gets it working and has her e mail downloaded and configured for bezeqint, I'll be able to tell him where to access the info for!
I wasted a little time watching Fox today and found their commentary on Syria to be interesting. There's a lot of hopeful talk about how Assad just might have gone a little too far lately. It still pisses me off that absolutely no one made so much as a peep about Assad Srs take over of Lebanon until just recently. After all it happened long before Saddamn went into Kuwait and has continued unhindered since long after Saddamn was thrown out of Kuwait. It does kind of look like a domino effect is taking hold over here. Assad Jr. is, by all accounts most nervous about the possibility that Lebanon might strike a separate peace deal with us and that is just too much for his little pin shaped head to assimilate. The appeasers want to go slowly, when what is really needed is FULL SPEED AHEAD and get Lebanon back to the Lebanese. If Syria can be stopped, that will leave only Saudi Arabia, and Egypt(which is making appropriate whimpers) in line to dragged over to the good guys, which will leave the terrorists pretty much homeless.