Monday, February 26, 2007


I got an e mail from Aron with his flight arrival time. 0815. I can do that, right? Get my butt in gear and arrive on time to meet them just as they are coming out. No sweat! I hope his father in law will want to come with me. That way we can meet them inside properly with balloons and flowers and hug and stuff. If not, I'll just have to wait for them outside because I really can't wrestle with the wheely on my own.
I took my toes to the clinic yesterday and had the usual argument with the nurse who thought I should be taking antibiotics orally. I told her that no way was I going to do that, and she went to get my doc who agreed with me and told me to use the cream I'm using anyway. It always pisses her off when I'm right! Too bad. It's getting late and I have to run to the bank and get my license before they go on strike! And get the toes done.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Owch and double owch. Two of my newly shortened toes are slightly infected. As usual I went too fast and didn't take proper care of them. I am now, though. Orna forget to make an appointment for me with my pedicure gal, so I swung be her on Friday and she said to come back after 1100 which I did, after asking if I get a discount for only having 6 whole toes. She cracked up and I had a good giggle. In the end she worked on all 10 toes. She very carefully removed the scabs and took out the last stitch on one of them, and showed me where they are infected. No biggy at this point. I smeared them with antibiotic cream and put a crooked bandage on them. They seem to be a bit better today and I think I'll go to the clinic and have the nurse do them today.
The electrickery went off in the middle of the night and I thought it might be a general power outage, but it was just here. Orna arrived on time and turned it back on. I wonder what caused it. The usual suspects were on, but nothing new or anything that was previously troublesome. Even the a/c was off because of the mini heat wave. It's still in the middle 50s outside. It is supposed to rain later today and I'm trying to decide if I want to wear the snowsuit or not. I can always come back and put it on later. I have a few must do things today. My small purple wallet still has not shown up so I have to get another license. I have a sick feeling that Orna might have taken it. Why, I don't know, and I'm not about to confront her over it. It's just a feeling I have. If it was her, it's not the first time. Money has gone missing before. I just might have to set one of my traps to find out. More that what was in it, I want that wallet.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I was not pleased to say the least to discover that in order to post here I must have a Google account. As I really don't have the time or patience to move it all to a non Google site, I did as they demanded and just might find time on Saturday to play with template and get it the way I wanted it to start with, so maybe it'll be ok in the end.

I took Wednesday off and went to see Etty and Yaacov. It was the first time I could go after my operation. No way could I have climbed the stairs before. Yaacov is not doing at all well and looks just awful. He's a little more alert than he was the last time I saw him, but not himself at all. I just hope that wasn't my last trip to see him. I'm going again next week too. Yaron is coming over again for a few days in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure he'll hold on until then.
I'm worried about Etty now. She's lost way too much weight, but looks awful too. It's such a strain on her, but who could expect otherwise?

Shmaryah had his cell phone stolen the other day and they don't want to give him a new one, just a refurbished one. That's just not on because the one that was stolen was only two weeks old. I never liked that company from day one, and hope we'll leave them over this. We know who stole the phone. The idiot left fingerprints all over the store and Shmaryah identified him to cops so they might catch him. The same guy stole a bunch of other cell phones the same day, one from a pizza place. I told Shmaryah that the pizza guy shouldn't have blocked the line because the nonstop calls for pizza would have driven him so wild that he'd have returned the phone and turned himself in after half an hour.
I've gone and either misplaced my small wallet yet again. It's either in the car or someone knicked it. I got home after dark so didn't bother looking in the car. I'll look on my way out this morning. The only important thing in there is my drivers license and I can get another one on Sunday.
We are having a mini heat wave(55 sweltering degrees) and it's quite nice not to have to struggle into the snowsuit to keep warm every day. Winter will be back on Sunday/Monday. That's ok because we desperately need the water and I'm not quite ready for summer! Thing is there's almost no transition from winter to summer. It just gets hot one day and there's no more rain. No spring at all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I know, I know. I don't like it when those around me moan and groan about aches and pains, so where do I get off with doing it myself? It's like this; I'm allowed sometimes, because it's my blog and I don't do it very often or out loud around other people. And I do live with incredible levels of pain, but on the whole would much rather live with the pain than not live without it which seems to me to be the only other option!
My bank was on strike yesterday and I had a bit of a rant about that yesterday to Lavana and wondered if maybe I could sue them for denying me access to my money. The ATMs were down and the ones at other banks denied my bank's customers access through theirs.
Lavana hit me with her "You can't change the world" speech and I came right back with my " Oh yes I can" speech", and explained to her that if everyone took that attitude things would never change, and that's one of the major problems over here. Too few people try. I did back in '92 and made a whopping difference in the union here, so, yes, one person can make a difference. The trick is to keep fighting for right. And to pick your fight. Just sitting back and saying I can't make a difference is the best way to guaranty that you won't, and that nothing will ever change. I'm rather proud of the changes I forced in the union. I just wish I could have taken it all the way down. They were the cause of the bank being on strike yesterday. I do hate that union. It keeps certain monopolies too strong and should have it's wings clipped way back. That's not going to happen any time soon. Of course there are times when strikes are right, but not many.
There are so many times when I just wish I could be 'boss of the world' for a day. There are so many things I'd change. But as it's hard enough for me to be 'the boss of me' it's probably just as well that it will never happen!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I really am getting tired of the whole thing. I'm tired of the pain and the struggle to live in a train wreck of a body. There are lots of things that I still enjoy but they are getting harder by the day to do never mind enjoy.
Take today as an example. I had to make a quick run to a town near Haifa for some plants. Today was mother's day in Israel. Don't bother asking because I can't explain it! I had barely gotten out of bed when I had to get to the loo fast. The squits were attacking. Just what I need on an out of town day. I went with Lavana's son because I didn't feel comfortable about going with Orna. While I was in the loo it started raining. I came out and got dressed and headed straight out to the car because there was a brief break in the rain. I picked Netzach up and off we went into the storm. It poured buckets until we were over half way there. Lately I've been having trouble with my right (good) leg while driving. My hip starts hurting badly after about an hour. I'm sure that it's because I'm so freaking fat. We got to the place and the plants were loaded quickly and we headed home. Lavana, Natzach and his girlfriend off loaded the plants as fast as they could because I needed the loo again. So, what did I find when I got home? A traffic criminal parked in MY place. This is a space with a wheely picture and my license number on a sign. It is not a space for any other car. It is for mine only. I was dancing in place desperate to get in the house and leaned on the horn until Orna and Danny came out to see what the problem was. They went and told the illegal parker that if he wants a car in one piece he'd best move it fast. I yelled out the window that if he parked there again, I'd park there too. He yelled at me not to yell at him and I yelled back that if he parks in place again I'll do more than yell. So he moved his car to another place that's not legal for any one to park in. I thought I'd never get in the house, but I made it just in time. After what felt like an hour, I got some psyllium (Metamucil) and downed a dose with lots of water, put on the snow suit ( do not try to put a leg into a sleeve and the other leg into the opposite leg of the suit. It doesn't work that way. It is, however, frustrating.) and hopped on Harley to go to the flower store. Mother's day, remember? In comparison to other Mother's Days it was very slow, but by the end of the day we found that we had done quite well. There was a very strange 'feeling' in town all day. There are rumors of another war coming our way by summer. Lavana is all caught up in it, but I simply can't be bothered. If there's a war, there's a war and as no one knows for sure when or even if there will be one except for maybe Hassan Nassralla and Bashir Assad, I refuse to worry about it. But it does kind of cast a bit of a pall over things. I figure that if there is another war it will be my last one for the simple reason that I won't leave. I'll stay at home and what happens happens. I'm ok with that. I'm also totally knackered and really really want to get comfy in bed. NO RAIN TOMORROW!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


It's getting old. I am well and truly tired of trusted 'friends' stabbing me in the back. Ok, so lets define it shall we? You can pretty much walk all over me, but do not, I repeat, do not lie to me unless you know for sure that there is absolutely no way, I mean 100% plus, no way I'll ever find out. But, if you do, and I find out, don't be surprised at what happens next. It doesn't matter what the lie is. I will go ballistic when it's found out. Just ask Orna. I begged and pleaded with her not to black to her daughter's wedding. She agreed and promised not to wear black. In fact she came into the flower shop and showed us her new finger nails, and I asked what color the dress is and she said it matches her nails. They were shades of gray. Fine. I had told her what my reaction would be to black long ago so she should not have been surprised when it happened. I was as rude and nasty as only I can be when I rolled in and saw that dress. She should have told me to shut the hell up and she'll wear anything wants, or at least, said right out she was wearing black. Did she really think I wouldn't know her dress was black when I rolled in? I'm crippled, not color blind. I did stay at the noisy crowded wedding until just before coffee was served and gave a very generous gift by any standards, but, was miserable the whole time. Not because of the dress. Because of the crowding, noise, and lousy food. But I stayed.
I can't blame her for not coming to get me up the morning after. Fair enough. We closed the flower shop late the next day and poor Lavana came over after a full day to wash the floor because they didn't take Peg out. Ok, she couldn't get up in time, but Danny was up and about when I took Peg walkies on Harley. He could have taken him. I told Lavana that if she didn't come in and clean up as usual on Friday, she could consider herself fired and I'll figure out some other way to get the house cleaned. Orna, not Lavana. I guess at some point she figured out that her job is way too cushy to lose. She gets paid a few hundred shekels over minimum wage to do almost nothing. She takes Peg out, cleans the house (I'm out all day, so how much cleaning does it need?) cooks and runs the occasional errand. I doubt she actually puts in 20 hours a week for a full salary. The bad news is that those days are over. She is going to have to start putting in more hours or get a serious cut in pay. I can use her at the door store now that Ophir is gone and at the flower shop. The wedding is over, so she doesn't need time for that. I over pay her for a 48 hour week and she doesn't even work half that. That is partly my fault because I don't like having the difficult talk that I have to have with her about that. But, I will now. She's also going back to minimum wage.
I have decided that I am not going to any more 'events'. I just don't deal well with that many people in one place and noise at those levels. Nope, no more events for this gimp. I'll just send along a gift and stay quietly at home with a book and TV.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's not enough that local drivers park where ever they want, now they can do it with impunity. The Israeli Police announced that they are not giving parking tickets anymore. Not for parking in a cripple space, double parking, parking near a hydrant, near a crosswalk or on a sidewalk. It's too insane for words. And it's not like they really bothered with enforcing parking laws before the big announcement. At least no one dares so much as stop for a minute in my place at home anymore. They are all afraid that if they do and I arrive, I'll just park there anyway and destroy their cars! I would too.
A local parking authority was supposed to have been set up a few months ago. It got delayed because the mayor was afraid he'd have to enforce it and his pals who are chronic violators would get mad at him. Never mind that if it was enforced the fines would solve a good part of the city's financial problems, and traffic would flow better on the streets and sidewalks. But something strange did happen yesterday. I ended up driving by City Hall twice yesterday because there cars parked in the red/white zone near the flower store.There were no cars in the red/white zone in front of city hall. Not a one. Never have I seen that. Maybe someone woke up and told all the city hall employees who park there to stop it?
Granted it's not exactly a world shaking problem, but it is indicative of the general attitude over here. People seem to think that they can do what they want the minute they get behind the wheel of a car. It's an Israeli attitude thing. I do because I can. There is next to no accountability from the top down. We really are going to have to get over that if we want to get anything done here.

Monday, February 12, 2007


The local Geezer Scooter Brigade is gaining notoriety in the local press. Several of the geezers persist in careening down the middle of the streets in town at a breathtaking 10 kilometers an hour. This causes the drivers to get pissed off in the extreme. I don't quite qualify for geezer status yet. I am the only scooterer who actually needs one on account of crippledness. I'm also one of the three who drives and doesn't run the scooter down the middle of the street.
Thing is, I'm a vehicular trend setter in town. Scooters are multiplying at outrageous rates and new Land Rovers are appearing almost daily in town. Suzuki Lianas too. It seems that all I have to do is buy a vehicle and the masses run right out to get the same one!
I made pretty good time going to get the plants this morning. The drive home was a little tense for me. The jeep was full, I mean full and I was a bit nervous about sudden stops and curves. I had visions of Gs scattering all those plants with their dirt all over the place. Things went just fine until the last left turn at a stop light. There was a long line of military Hummers parked in the adjacent bus stop. Just where the road widens a cop came screaming up behind me and sirened me to move over. Idiot. He's damn lucky I didn't hit the brakes first. Must have been late meeting his brothers in blue for coffee. I was most displeased that the only incident was with a cop. Oh, well, cops are Israeli drivers, aren't they? And I actually expected better of them. Yeah, right.


I guess third time really is lucky. The connection held all night until there was a blip in the electrickery at around 0600.
I haven't been able to go to sleep with my favorite radio station since I got the TIVO because it gets stuck if it's on too long so I brought my station up on the lap top and it worked just fine until the blimp. Orna just did the plug trick and it came right back.
Valentine day is coming up fast and even though it's not exactly one of our days, the Russians are big on it so it's a huge day for the flower shop. We completely sold out of plants yesterday so I'll be making a quick trip to get some more. Normally I'd go with Orna, but as her daughter is getting married on Wednesday, she's a little busy. I can do it alone. We just call in the order and I call Lavana when I get there, she calls them, they bring the stuff out, take the check, bring the invoice and off I go! So, hurray, a trip with the Disco. It is more fun with someone else, but I like going alone too.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Just had the third router put in and it looks like it just might be ok. It's been online for over an hour now and so far so good.
That Maine movie
i mentioned earlier was in fact filmed in Maine. I don't know where exactly but, ayuhn, it's a Maine movie minus the bad imitation accents.
I got a speeding ticket in the mail last week, for driving a car I've never driven on a day of the week I don't drive on and at a speed I have yet to get to in this country. Damn speed cameras take pictures of speeding license plates and there's no way to see that the plate doesn't belong to that car. Now, if it were a ticket from Nevada on the rental car, yeah, I did go that fast, but not here, never here and for sure not on a Saturday morning at 0630! And I have yet to even drive the Suzuki once! Good thing Shmaryah reported the plate stolen back during the war. I hope a cop catches the driver in person. And it's a damn good thing the plate was reported as stolen. I don't need a speeding rap for speeding I didn't do in a car I never drove on a day I don't drive on at time I'm never ever awake any day of the week!
Now that I'm connected I think I'll go play with Zone Alarm. If Teadrinker can make it work, I can!


It would be really nice to know if the problems with my connection at home are the trouble, or if it's some place else. This morning the connection held for a whole hour, then just went away. Orna reported that they didn't have a connection all day yesterday. What that means I do not know. At least it's working ok here, at the door store, and as Shmaryah fired Ophir on Friday I won't have him skulking behind me asking questions that are non of his business. The kid has magic hands but his attitude and behavior drove us crazy and no matter how many chats we had with him, he never got the message. and the last straw was on Friday when Shmaryah walked into the store and found him sitting in my chair with his feet on my desk. Oops. He's not a bad kid, he just needs teaching and both of us have already brought up our own kids and have neither the patience nor inclination to bring up another one who thinks he knows it all already and refuses to learn by example or being told straight out. So, bye bye, Ophir. We'll just have to manage as we did before, and when things get straightened out, look for another kid who just left the army and wants to work!
I saw the strangest thing on TV yesterday. I decided to watch a foolish kiddy flic for no good reason and one of the characters was reading a Hebrew newspaper! Saw it twice and still can't quite believe it. Ill try to catch it again just to make sure.
Then there was the Maine movie. I'm not sure where it was actually shot. They make so many Maine movies in Canada, so it's hard to tell. It did make me feel all homesick, but I rather like that "I miss Maine" feeling. Maine is such a great place;It's just such a great place to grow up and I do miss my childhood.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I can't find my memory anywhere. It must be lost! There were at least three incidents I wanted to write about here and I can't remember what they were. Ah, yes. Miracle on Israeli roads was one! There was a very bad accident up here on last Sunday. A local woman was killed and her daughter is in critical condition. The accident was caused by a tailgater in a huge truck. He was so close he couldn't stop and ran right over their car. The next day I went to Carmiel (dentist) and Haifa(stitches) and no one would play the tailgating game with me. Not a one. That has never happened before. I wonder if it was a one day phenomena or if maybe Israeli drivers are figuring out that they are not going to get any place faster by sitting on the rear bumper of the car in front of them?
Yesterday it was still raining a little in the morning when I went to work. I decided to see if I could get my foot into the LL Bean boots, took off the remaining bandage, put on a sock (why do I think that's not what "Put a sock in it" refers to?) and put the shoe on. It only hurt a tiny bit and it was that nice muted 'almost better ache' that I quite like. I spent a few hours at the door store, then, got the jeep to take Lavana shopping. Because they can't have a bank account, they bought all their groceries at the local corner shop and it came to 4000 a month. That's at least twice what it would have cost where I shop. And my store accepts postdated checks for 60 days. I grabbed Orna, and off we went on a shopping adventure. Now, Orna and I know that store intimately and can do our shopping in 10-15 minutes. We zipped through mine, and I went off to watch Lavana shop for the first time in 5 years. Orna was tour guide telling her where things are. Lavana bought enough for the rest of the month and it only came to 900. If she does that twice a month it will come to half of the store they've been using until now. She was gobsmacked(ask a Brit) to say the least. And she had two full carts. I giggled at her the whole time. I haven't had so much since I can't remember when. Oh, and I walked to and from the jeep for the first time since the operation. I'm cured!! In foot anyway.
It seems the interweb was crazy yesterday. On Fox they were talking about massive denial of service attacks and my ISP has been having issues, so maybe that's the reason the computers weren't working yesterday? I got all my e mails 2 or 3 times. Odd. We'll see how it is today.
Shmaryah is on the verge of sending Ophir home and I can't say I'll be sorry to him go. His behavior is strange to say the least. He's only 20 years old but is tired all the time. Hey! I'm the one with wake up issues, but I'm allowed as it's just part of who I am, and I'm over it by the time I get to the store. Yesterday he was just plain rude to me. I was telling Shmaryah about the router issues and said something to the effect that I'm no computer expert and Ophir snorted in a very rude way, got up and went outside. Shmaryah and I exchanged glances. Think is we need him or someone like him. He makes it possible for me to keep legal gimp hours and for Shmaryah to go out to clients. I guess we'll have to have another chat with him.
I'm afraid I pissed off my son with what I wrote about his wife here a few days ago. He just doesn't understand what a big step it is for me to come around to being nice to her. Of course, things could warm up while they're here, and probably will. I don't hate her. I just have a hard time getting my head around some of things that happened back when, but if we work at being nice to each other, there's no reason I can't get past it.
Oh dear, the interweb just disconnected again. What a pain.


Why is it that I always have so much trouble with techy things? My new LAN router just isn't working right. It disconnects for no reason at all which means that I have to get up from which ever computer I'm at at and take out the plug, reconnect it and lurch back. It's getting old and this is the third router to be installed. I'll have to call yet again and have it sorted later today. The TIVO recorder almost worked. Operative word 'almost'. I will get both issues sorted before Jeanie and Kiri/Cab get here. I'm quite pleased that I started getting them so early. It gives us enough time to get the bugs out, and as things turned out, we need all the time we can get.
Today is the big day. I'm going to put shoes on come what may. My beloved LL Bean boots.
The weather people forecast a big storm for yesterday so I stayed in. That was a storm? I don't think so. It just rained without any of the fun effects like lightning and thunder.
B O R I N G. Today is my usual day off, but as I was away on Monday and having a storm day yesterday, I'm going to work today. Maybe just a half day as I have to sort the router and TIVO thing.
Etty and Yaacov almost gave me heart failure yesterday. I called their home phone and Etty's cell phone but there was no answer. On the verge of panic, I called Dotan who told me they were in Tiberius at Etty's parents. Whew! Of course if I were a better friend I would have called before and Etty would have told me they were going there. But I'm not and so got what I deserved.
If the router starts working I might post more later, or even from the store. There's a nice regular connection there that usually works.Any bets on if I have to get up to make this post?
Cab, your world is wonderful. I just hope you'll be able to deal with mine when you get here. I can't wait.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I woke up this morning in a blind panic wondering why Orna hadn't woken me up. After a slow lurch to the loo, I headed to the computer to get my coffee cup and make my first cup of the day, all the while thinking dire thoughts about Orna. The coffee cup was hot when I picked it up and while my brain was trying to process the fact that Orna had in fact been in, my left ankle panicked, then buckled, and I fell in to the chair. I do mean literally mean that I fell into the chair. If it hadn't been exactly where it was I'd still be on the floor. I think I sprained the ankle a little, but it's sort of ok now.
Last night, after my shower, I put part of the bandages back on the toes, and actually got that foot into a shoe this morning. It only hurt when I lurched/walked, so that's ok. After discarding the thought that I might just stay in today, I remembered that Shmaryah and I were supposed to meet and figure out the whole bank thing. So, yes, I went to the door store in the pouring rain and we figured things out. It's really not as bad as I'd thought it was, and it will only take a month or two to sort out. A lot of our big expenses will be finished with this month, and that will help no end. So, it was worth going out to find that out.
I went to the post office on the way home to pay Social Security and of course it started raining again. I stopped at the flower shop to wait for a break in the rain and finally got home and took off the shoes. That hurt, but got better after a few minutes. Orna was here cleaning and we had a good laugh about how I started the day.
Just to show what a state I've been in.....we were supposed to go get my stitches out today, then to the dentist tomorrow. It never entered my mind to do both tomorrow. Orna had to suggest it. I'm telling you, I'm out of it if I couldn't figure that out on my own.
It reminds me of the times I made an appointment with 'X' for the 5th at 1000, another with 'Y' for Monday at 1000 and yet another with 'Z' for tomorrow at 1000. Granted I haven't done that particular stunt for several years now, but there was a time that I did that fairly often!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


It is truly annoying that on most Saturdays my old home town newspaper is impossible to bring up. I suppose it could be because so many other ex Brunswickians are reading on line when I finally get around to it. Saturday is the only day of the week I have time to sit here and catch up.
Granted there are many more annoyances out there, but this one seems to get me every week.
I sent the lap top off to be reformatted and get Windows reinstalled, but here I digress. I think 'the kid' tried to bring it back yesterday. When I got home, the screen door was wide open. Why is it always guys who don't close it? Could it be because of the same gene that causes them to leave the bog seat up? Comes with the Y chromosome? Must be. I can't think of any other reason.
If I don't get the newspaper up today, I'll have to read it tomorrow if the lap top is returned early enough. Of course I'll have tons of things to reinstall, but that's just fine. Everything I'll want to reinstall is either on CD or this computer.
Tomorrow Shmaryah and I are sitting down to figure out where things went so wrong. I do wish I had better managerial skills. We have a 40,000 shekel hole to fight our way out of. It's actually closer to 57,000, with my debt to my brother and Kathleen. This business was not supposed to effect my life style, and it almost hasn't. It does however mean that I can't pay Jeffro and Kathleen or travel for the time being. I'm pretty sure that the two of us will be able to come up with a way out. At least the flower shop is solidly in the plus column, but not by enough to help the other account. Ah, well, I'm no stranger to money issues, and I'm sure we'll figure it out tomorrow before I go to get the rest of the stitches out. I'm quite looking forward to that. I might be back in shoes before I thought I would be.
It's truly amazing that I'm still walking around with the same 400 shekels Striar sent last month to cover his phone bill, but I am. I'm hoping I'll be able to hold on to them until Jeanie gets here. Still no dates from her, but I should have Aron's dates in a few days. Then, I have Kiri/Cab to look forward to.
We were supposed to have a big storm today, but it must have fizzled out somewhere. It did rain overnight, but now rather than storm as promised, it's just drizzling a little. And here I was, looking forward to a nice big storm.

Friday, February 02, 2007


The lap top all of a sudden quit connecting to the interweb so, I called the computer guy who sent the *kid* to sort it. I decided to reformat and put the Windows that's on this one into it. Several reasons for that. 1) This one is in English but Hebrew enabled. 2) For some odd reason I think XP Pro is better than XP home. 3) I'm tired of struggling with an OS that is all in Hebrew. The *kid* says it will run faster and better with the XP Pro and he'll find all the drivers that didn't come on separate CDs for the lap top. Seems they all come preloaded on the newer models. All I really want from the lap top is for it to work, and not give me headache every time I use it.
There's something wrong with all my phones at home. Neither line is working. Can phones die from non use? I'll have to get on to the phone companies later. I'll be in early today as it's Friday, and all I have to do is go to the bank and have a fight with Shmaryah. Things are just going the way they should and I'm tired of it. I'm not sure how we are going to resolve things, but resolve them we will!
Aron is coming at the end of March and I'm so excited I almost can't stand it. I might maybe let him use my jeep while they are here. He's a good driver and big vehicles are no stranger to him. He drove big rigs all over the US. I did tell him that he has to pass my test first and learn the rules to the Tailgating Game. It's so nice to be on good terms with him again that I'll even be nice to his wife. I can handle that, right? I'm not promising any huggy-kissy stuff, but, nice is a start.
I finally figured out what 's wrong with the Figure Skating Championships. This is the second year that Ragamuffin isn't parked on me while I watch. I start to miss her all over again at this time of year. I am thankful that I still have Peg. He's getting on, but he's a smart doggy. Somehow he knows that he has to get out of my way when I lurch past him. I don't know if he senses that I'm a lot more unsteady on my feet since the operation or if the fall he caused scared him. It really doesn't matter why, I'm just glad he's being so considerate.
I am most pleased with my left foot. It looks a bit like a wild animal nibbled on it but it hurts less after 2 weeks than it did before the operation. All the post op pain is almost gone. Second half of the stitches come out on Sunday and maybe a week after that I'll be able to wear some kind of shoe. It's not fun to go out in the rain with soft slippers that can get soaked easily.