Saturday, December 31, 2005


I should be used to it by now, but idiocy still annoys me. Ok, so I have a car now, but that doesn't mean I have to use it every time I go out. That's not what I got it for. An amazing number of people, who really should know better, have asked me why I still use Harley Too if I have a car. I take much pleasure in telling them that I can't use the car IN the super market, clinic, and other places I can use Harley Too in! Duh!! Some things should be obvious, but, still have to be explained. I know, I know, it's no big deal, just a minor annoyance, but I expect better from the very people who asked.


I can't believe another week has gone by and that England is even closer now. I've actually gotten a few things done over the past week. I got Kiri Four Wheels insured, the letter I need for the gimp parking card arrived yesterday, so I'll be able to get the card. I talked with the guy in charge of sorting gimp parking, which means a space and sign with the car's plate number on it outside Gimp House, and he's promised to let me have a space in the (unenforced) no parking area closest to the house. I park there anyway for now because I simply can not walk one step further. I got about 20 of my music CDs burned for the car, and have 9 more to go. There's not much sense in leaving originals in the car to get ruined by constant handling, and burning them has turned out to be easier than I thought it would be! I also finally got the CD with the song Jessica on it mailed to my niece Jessica. I've only been meaning to send it to her for several years. Better late than never! Plans for England are moving full speed ahead. I'm picking up tids and bits for it. I suspect that it's going to be much colder there this time than it was 2 years ago! Next weeks project will be find boots I can wear and not scream in pain while wearing them. That thing on my big toe is getting worse, and I'm not getting it fixed until after I get my check up for a subsidized car done. Every little thing helps. Orna and Danny's daughter won 3rd place in a local talent contest and I went out twice to watch. That girl can dance! She really should have won the whole thing, but 3rd place came with a 1000 shekel gift cert. for a clothing store which is much more practical for her than the 1st place trip to EuroDisney. It was a very odd contest with both singers and dancers, kind of like apples and oranges and not one of the singers could carry a tune, and made my ears hurt.
I am busy plotting and planning how to get the contractor who stole electrickery from me all summer to pay up. At least things are sorted so he can't do it anymore, and my last electrickery bill was reasonable, and not just because the a/c wasn't used. I'll wait for the next bill, then take several to him and demand that he pay the difference. We're talking a few thousand here.

Monday, December 26, 2005


I just can't say often enough how much I admire my baby brother, and how sad it makes me that our mother didn't live to see how well he ended up. He was a monstrous child, but had a certain light about him even at his worst. Just look at him today! He's stayed married to the same woman, brought up her son like his own, and their daughters, the youngest, severely disabled, and most impressive, survived the crap The Philmore and The Wicked Stepmother of Evility piled on him, or rather tried to pile on him. When I called yesterday, his house was full of friends and family who love him. That shows more than anything what a great man he grew up to become. His wife's mother died last week and it's as if he lost his own mother again. They were that close, and yes, she was wonderful too. I'll never forget the day in 1989 that I called him at their house in Brunswick and she ran me through an interrogation the CIA would have approved of before I convinced her that I really am his sister! No strange woman was going to come between her daughter and her husband! The really funny part was that I had to convince him that I really was his sister. Once convinced he almost broke my speed record on Mere Point Rd getting to me. She treated him as a son, and he will miss her as much as Vicky will. My baby brother is one special guy, and I can't wait to get there for Jenny's graduation. Ooof. I forgot to tell him to watch NBC news on Thursday so he can see my translation. I'll call later today and tell Vicky to tell him!
The big storm is over, almost. It's still raining and cold, but they say the rain will let up soon. The minute it does, I'm taking Peg for walkies , then going to get my reading glasses mess sorted. I managed to break the 'bedroom' pair and only have the computer pair which for now have to taken from room to room. With a bit of luck, my glasses guy will be able to weld the 'bedroom' frame back together. If not, I'll get two new pairs, one for the bedroom and another for the *liberry*. I hope he has two purple frames in the cheap Health Fund subsidized section. I'm all out of my favorite Galilee Optics purple frames. They, G.O. are out of them too as I finagled the last two pairs back in 1998! They've lasted a long time so I shouldn't complain, but I do like them.
I had a lovely talk with Kiri Two Legs yesterday. She's home in Wales for the first Christmas in 7 years. She's warned the family that I want to visit in February, and they are agreeable. Yes! I'm going to the smallest village in Britain. It has two whole houses. I can't wait. That's going to be almost as much fun as our planned meeting in Vietnam next year sometime. I say almost because by the time I get to Wales, she'll be back in Indo. That has it's up side. For some odd reason, cell phone and internet reception in Wales is "shite" (her word), but the phone line was clear as a bell. The opposite of when she's in Indo, the texting works just fine, but the phone connection is less clear. Oh, well, just another cosmic example of "you can't have it all"!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Today is one of those odd days when the the whole western world has the day off, but things are 'business as usual here' I'm not sure why it feels weird to me, after all Sundays are regular days here, and this *is* Sunday, but it's also Christmas and the first night of Hanukkah.
It's been raining here for two days now. It started Friday night, continued all day yesterday and let up for a bit a while ago. I took advantage of the lull to take Peg walkies before it starts up again. It feels just about cold enough for snow, but the snow scent isn't there. Maybe it will be later. I hope so. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the worst of this storm, and it looks like there's another one hot on this one's heels. That's just fine with me, but it would be nice to have a day between to get some things done, like getting my reading glasses sorted, more kerosene, groceries, mail, and a few other odds and sod's.
It's almost time to start my annual Christmas calls, so I'd best organize the numbers and get on with it.
The piece I did the translation for NBC will aired on Thursday.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


After running the usual Friday errands, I came in and got into bed with the local papers to rest up before Bat Chen arrived. Orna and I had everything under control: guest room straightened and ready, floors washed, cooking done, a/c on because she can't stand kerosene. At around 1330 Richard called and asked if he could come over with a friend who needs translation help. I said "ok" and he arrived with Jimmy, one of the Lebanese guys who just happens to work for NBC news and needs someone to translate for the subtitles they run to translate the Hebrew for American TV. I told them we'd have to do it fast because Bat Chen was on the way. I read, translated out loud and Richard wrote. We finished just as Bat Chen arrived. I got her settled with coffee, had a coffee myself, then came here to type the translation into an email for his editor. They both loved the translation, so I just might have me a job doing that freelance! Jimmy asked me how much he should pay me and I told him that if he can organize me some tabouli, it would be considered overpayment! I am in desperate need of a tabouli supplier. I can live on the stuff. He is bringing me a batch of it tonight. When I told Richard to be careful parking outside Gimp House, especially near the red car, he 'got it' and was all excited for me. And most impressed with Kiri Four Wheels. It's been so wonderful that my pals are honestly pleased for me and not narrow mindedly envious in an 'evil eye' way. I feel so blessed, but a bit scared that things are going to well. I'm just not used to it. I feel off balance when things don't go ahead with great difficulty. Bat Chen and I had a long talk late into the night about all that and she thinks I should be grateful for it and enjoy it while it lasts, and stop looking over my shoulder and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'll try. I still get all choked when I think about it and cry tears of thankful joy often. I am truly blessed.
It's pissing rain and snowing on the Hermon. Poor Kiri Four Wheels is getting all wet.
I have discovered why my electrickery bills have so high. Workers in the area have been using Harley Too's socket for compressors and stuff. I caught one just before he connected to it when I left to go see Etti and Yaakov. He implied that they always use it. I told him that if he takes one more step towards it, I'll call the cops, then went back in and pulled the plug on that socket. I had Danny put that socket strip on the wall so it would easier to get to. Now if they plug into it, they will get nothing. The nerve! I'm not going to let it go quite that easily. Those electric bills were way to high, and now that they can't get it, my bills should go down to a normal level. I'll make a stink about it when I have a few bills to show the difference. Stealing electrickery from a crip is not nice. Redefines the word Israeli chutzpah. What really pissed me off about it was that he actually thought he was entitled to it. I don't think so. If he's sent here to do work for City Hall, *I* don't have to supply power. I pay quite enough in property taxes and power, without them adding to the burden, thank you very much.

Friday, December 23, 2005


I was born knowing how to drive. I still know how to drive and have a license to prove it.
I had a few problems yesterday when I went to visit Etti and Yaakov at their son, Dotan's plant store near Nazareth.
1) Do not put your foot on the brake and accelerator at the same time. It causes insanity, can burn out the brakes, and uses way too much petrol.
2) Do not put a CD in the player unless you are sure you want to listen to it over and over until you get home.
3) Pick up hitch hikers you know so he can change the CD for you.
4) Turn on the headlights so you can see the cop in the middle of the road before turning him into a hood (bonnet) ornament.
5) Go to the loo before leaving on a drive of more than 15 minutes.
I learned all of those lessons the hard way yesterday. The worst was the first. I know I have big feet, but the brake/gas thing was too much. Things got better once I figured it out. Boy did I feel stupid. And now I have to get the brakes checked because driving with a foot on both can cause bad damage to them.
Ok, I did have a lovely visit with Etti and Yaakov, and even bought some plants. I got 4 rose bushes and hyacinth for Orna and Danny's garden and some hanging plants for my ramp and a bonzai for the house. To say I was tired when I got home would be an understatement of epic proportions. I was totally and completely knackered, but quite pleased with myself. I got there and home with myself and Kiri Four Wheels in just about the same condition as when we left.
Bat Chen and Reef are coming for Shabbat and we are eating here instead of at Orna's because there's no way to get her up those 4 steps with her 'lectric chair. I'm looking forward to the first real use of my new table. We have it all figured out. We can open the table, I have the 2 chairs that go with it, 2 plastic chairs, Bat Chen and I in our wheelys, 2 of Orna's kids on the sofa, the computer chair and maybe 2 stools from Orna's collection. It should work just fine. Of course no one will be able to move, but we'll work it out.
I'd better get dressed and go get the local papers, some veggies and the new Harry Potter book that is waiting for me at the book store. Then, I can have a rest before they get here at around 1500 or so.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


After deciding to buy a car, then not to buy a car, then, not to buy a car unless that Citroen was still for sale, I'm buying the Citroen! I actually have the cash in hand and the money for the insurance sitting in my account. I'm not exactly known for my financial smarts, but I did do one very smart thing. I started a savings account with money from my very first disability payment. That savings account has grown to a very nice sum, and has biannual dates when money can taken out without losing the whole amount. I have more than enough for the January date, and we sorted all the paperwork so it will be done automatically on the date and I can buy the car today, insure it, do the "new old car maintenance' stuff like change the oil, plugs, points, filters, etc, and start planning visits to my out of town friends. The car even has a name! I was trying to think of an appropriately insulting name to the French, then thought that I'd rather have a name with nice associations, and came up with Kiri Four Wheels, in honor of Cab/Kiri Two Legs, who often has red hair. She quite liked the idea, So, KFW it shall be. Of course, I'm not sure how long it will stay red, and I already have plans to have a friend who makes signs, put a picture of my purplegimp on wheelbroom logo on the doors! Woohoo! A car. We are doing the sale and transfer of ownership today, if Orna and Danny's daughter is available. I don't want it in my name because that will make me ineligible for a loan I will need to buy a subsidized car through our Social Security. Insane, idiot, senseless rules, but they can be gotten around. It's not like the car is worth all that much, but the simple fact of it being in my name means no loan, and the loan is for 80% of the cost of the new car, after taxes, which are waved for us gimps. That's a lot of money to throw away, especially as the loan turns into a grant after 5 years. The car can be in Talia's name and get a gimp parking sign because she lives in the same building I do! Just thinking about all those rules is enough to give anyone a headache!
I bought a vanity last week. It's dark, and covered with real leather. Since it was delivered last week, the mirror has been sitting on the table, patiently waiting for Danny to come and hang it on the wall. It is now hung, a few centimeters above the table, and it looks fantastic! I even solved the problem of what to put on that side of my bed for books and other stuff that pretty much have been living in bed with me.
Several years ago, I bought a tiny dark wood stand/table thing with a drawer. I had no idea why I bought it at the time, just that it would come in handy one day, and that day was today. I took all the accumulated junk off it and moved it to the wall next to my bed and put the books and a few other things on it. NOW I know why I bought it. It's another of an ever growing list of things that my ex daughter gave me endless grief about buying because at the time it had no purpose. HA! It does now and I'm happier than ever that I bought it. I do that fairly often, buy things I like, but have no clear use for at the moment, then, one fine day, there's the reason I bought it!! Slowly but surely Gimp House is coming together, and is starting to look great. Every time Mara comes over and sees the improvements, she tells me how nice and cozy and Mainey it is. I love hearing that because that means that Gimp House is an original in this country of 'follow the trend' look alike homes. I am nothing, if not uniquely original.
Right, no sign of Talia, Orna's daughter, so I'll just get the car put in my name for now and transfer it to her next month. Should work. It's only two weeks away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I feel like celebrating. Netanyahu won the election for Likud Chairman yesterday, and now all that's left is for him to win the general election. For more on this, go to A Gimps View.
I'm going to let out the world's longest scream of frustration shortly, I think. The Citroen is still for sale but unless I find some extra money in my savings accounts, I can't buy it. I have exactly enough in my checking account, but I need it for other things. That leaves me with scouring savings to see if there's enough left over there to swing it. There's a 'station' coming up there and I just might have it. I'll look after posting the blogs.
Winter is here. It's cold and nasty outside, but, nice and cozy warm in Gimp House, thanks to the new kerosene heater, and I have hot water all day because of the kettle on top of the heater.
Orna put my kerosene soaked sheet and socks in the washer, and I shoved them in the dryer. The nightmare was putting the sheet back on the bed. It took forever and I was exhausted when it was finally on. It wasn't just the physical exertion, it was all the places that always hurt, hurting even more. At least those pains go away as soon as I lie down.
The police called yesterday and after the cop identified himself, I said "But I didn't do it; yet." He laughed and said, "No, you didn't do anything, but you might have been the victim of credit card theft" "Aha" said I, and we discussed the incident. He told me that they suspect the same person that I suspected at first, and he told not to say a word to him. I won't, but I'm not at all happy about it. He still owes me some money from stuff I gave him cash to order, but never came, and Gimp House. com is down. If I decide I can have a go at him about those things, and not tell him the cops suspect him, I'll get him over here and try to get the money back. It's not much and won't make a big difference in the scheme of things. What I really want is for Gimp to work. If he can't sort his server, he can just move it all to a server that does work and pay for it himself. I'll send him a text later. The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

Monday, December 19, 2005


If it's not one thing with the cable company, it's the other. The TV and phone are both acting up. I don't think that expecting something to work the way it's supposed to is being spoiled. The remote for the cable digibox is supposed to let you preset the box to change channels, but it isn't doing that now. The phone hasn't worked since yesterday. The TV fixer guy just called and asked exactly where I live. I told him and added that it's the apartment with the ramp. He then asked what floor? Excuse me, but a ramp can only be on the ground floor. I don't have high hopes for the TV getting fixed! Maybe he just hadn't finished his coffee when he asked that question. It's ok. He got the phones and TV working. It's just a matter of wait and see for how long.
I bought a nice new modern kerosene heater heater yesterday and some kerosene. They have to left on low for at least 6 hours the first time they are used. It got the whole house nice and warm. Of course I closed the doors to the *liberry* and guest room. There was a leak in the jerrycan I filled and my slippers and socks got soaked in kerosene. I ended up going out again to buy a new jerrycan, and will take it out to be filled in a few minutes.
I called Elaine on her birthday(Sat) and we had a lovely chat. I called The Jeffey yesterday because I haven't called him a ages. He's so sweet, and good. He's my hero, and I can't wait to get there for Jenny Jump's graduation.
I called another old friend, Nancy who I've been wanting to call for ages, but couldn't find her phone number. She sent me a Christmas card with the number and I called yesterday. We had a delightful chat. Talking to old hometown friends is so comforting. Kind of like slipping into a well worn bathrobe and slippers. Alice is next on the list with our annual Christmas day call.
What a morning!!! The plan was to buy another terry cloth sheet like the one that got kerosened yesterday, but I found those square purple plates I've wanted for ages and bought 4 of them instead. Then, on the way to fill my new jerrycan with kerosene, I SAW THE CITROEN still with a for sale sign on it. I just got off the phone with the owner and we're doing the transfer tomorrow! HOORAY. How great is that? Ok, so it's red, and doesn't start with an *F*, but it looks fine and runs well, and will do until I get the subsidized one sorted! Orna and I got the veggie soup going and my back is screaming at me. It's time to post this and have a rest.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


The plan was to buy a cheap car now, then, start the process of getting a subsidized van. I've pretty much decided to stick to renting a car, rather than buying one and starting the procedure for the subsidy now, unless another really good deal pops up. I found a Citroen for next to nothing a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't buy it on the spot because of the bank's insane policy of waiting a month for a nonbouncable check to clear. I will buy a car on the spot if another one like that comes along. Until then, I'll just rent, and let Mutznik worry about the upkeep and depreciation.
I made a wonderful discovery, or more accurately, rediscovered, an internet 'auction' site where I can get the fridge I've been planning and plotting to buy for 10% of it's retail price.Back in the good old days in Maine we had an upside down fridge-bottom freezer and it was great. There was a company in Israel-Friedman-that made them a long time ago, but Israelis never understood the simple genius of them, and they only reappeared here a few years ago. They cost over 7,000 shekels in a store, but the auction site has them for much less. I'm going to wait, or at least, try to wait until next month to bid on one. There's a monster three door one at 499 right now with only a few hours to go before bidding closes. If I can get it for under 799, I will!
I also am going to get a kerosene heater because I refuse on general principle to pay our outrageous electrickery rates to heat. Our rates include free power to all employees of the electrickery company, which has a union that threatens to turn off the switch whenever their free power is threatened. There's not much that can be done about it in summer as there aren't many cooling options on the really hot days, but, winter is a different story. There's gas, which gives me a headache and makes me nauseous, and kerosene which bothers me not at, kerosene it will be.
It might be a good idea to get out of here while the sun is still shining and sort the heater. Winter, such as it is, has arrived and we are supposed to have a cold wet week.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Dollar to Shekel exchange rate has been going down ever since that check arrived has been going down steadily. It was at 4.70 and is at 4.45 now. That's a fair amount of shekels to lose because the bank is afraid the check might bounce. A check from Met Life? I don't think so.
I decided that enough was enough and went charging into the bank to tell Boris, the foreign exchange clerk to sell and do 1, 2, and 3. He did and I promptly took out 6,000 shekels and told Orna who had been shanghied for the purpose that we are going to clear up their financial mess. Our idiot Social Security stopped Danny's disability because someone told them that he was working. First they stop the payments, then check. He hasn't had a payment in 6 months and their bank is bouncing everything in sight. After the cash was safely in hand, I sent Orna home to get the bills that had to paid and we went to the post office to pay them. There was a line out the door, but I did my 'no line gimp thing' and was in and out in no time at all, much to Orna's amazement. We then went to her bank and covered her overdraft which was the result of bounced auto pay orders and deposited enough to pay this month's remaining bills and most of next months.
Her bank's equivalent to my Mordy just sat there with his mouth open and did exactly what I told him to do. We have one more bill to sort, and all will be well. I simply can't sit here and enjoy my inheritance when they are on the verge of ruin. We'll get things moving at Social Security on Danny's disability later today. Poor Orna was exhausted by the pace I set and the way everyone just did what I told them to do! If we can't take care of each other, what's left? She helps me with cleaning and cooking and whatever else she can, so, why shouldn't I help them, if I can? It's not like she asked or even hinted. I just can't stand to see such wonderful people in that situation because of a jerk who told a lie to Social Insecurity. Not when I'm around. They'll get their disability back one day and repay me in easy installments. One thing you can't take from Orna is that she pays their debts. One way or another, it all gets paid back. Even if not, it's not the end of the world. And it was well worth the looks on the faces of the clerks at the banks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Orna and I had a most lovely weekend in Haifa. This after a not great start. There I was all weirded out by things going too smoothly, when I got a call from my travel agent demanding to know why we weren't in Haifa yet. Seems there was a massive misunderstanding. Somehow the reservation got made for Thursday and Friday and I was sure it was for Friday and Saturday. I was sitting in the sun not far from her office killing time until I could pick up the rental car. I flew to her office and after a bit of talking it was agreed to change things to Fri-Sat and that I would pay 400 shekels as they had no available regular rooms and we'd have to take a suite. As the cancellation fee was 500, I jumped at, and went to get the car. The drive to Haifa went fine except for two minor wrong turns. No big deal. We found the hotel and entered a whole new world. The suite had two bedrooms with king size beds, a living room, kitchenette,TVs in every corner, and balconies accessible from every room except the bathroom. We had views of the Med from every window. As neither of us had eaten breakfast, never mind lunch, we headed for the lobby bar for sandwiches. They were so huge we couldn't finish them, so we took the leftovers to the room and had a rest before dinner.
Dinner was a huge buffet affair and very nice. Assistant managers kept coming over to ask if we needed anything, and if all was well. As it should be with guests in suites. Poor Orna had never seen anything like it, but quite enjoyed her new role as royalty! As I was completely knackered from the drive, we gave the evening entertainment a pass. After I climbed into bed, I discovered that we'd left the water in the car and I needed it to take my pills. Orna volunteered to get it and went wandering out in her jammies. That left me in gales on laughter. Her jammies are proper flannel ones that could not possibly be anything else. She arrived back with the water, I took my meds and tuned into the news. I was fast asleep before it was over. We woke up at 0645 or so and went down for breakfast; a coffee emergency having been declared. Another huge buffet, then, back up, I parked myself on the balcony and Orna went exploring. After a while I went in to read in bed and woke up when Bat Chen called. Orna had returned from her adventure (fully dressed this time) and we got ready to go down to meet Bat Chen who came to have a birthday celebration with us in the lobby. They had coffee and cake, I had coffee. We went up to show off our suite to Bat Chen who was properly impressed, then saw her off and went to the other building for dinner.
Another early night and some idiot woke up at 0530 and decided it was 0830 after looking at the watch without glasses. We packed up and went for breakfast at 0700, checked out and headed for home. About 15 minutes out of Haifa proper, something went 'click' and I was driving again. Until that point, I wasn't 100% comfortable driving. I was doing ok, but the old 'this is right' feeling wasn't there until then. It's a bit odd driving with the ball on the steering wheel, but, now, it's ok. I relaxed and we got home in plenty of time to get the car back. The whole weekend was marvelous and Orna had a blast. I think my best moments were reading the texts from Cab/Kiri Two Legs. I love her texts so much. Of course, I'm busy trying to convince that Christmas will be on Feb. 13 this time, as that's the day we leave Bournemouth for Wales, and as she's going home for Christmas, it might as well be when I'm there too. Plan *B* is for her to stop here on her way to or from Indo. I so want to see her.
It's time to get out of here and get my international drivers license. Watch out UK! I'm on the way.

Friday, December 09, 2005


After the con in Utrecht that was such a disaster, fun, but a very poorly run fiasco, I decided that Leia Fee and I must go to the sfball in Bournemouth UK in February. I kept a close eye on their site and for the longest time it showed that the tickets I wanted were sold out. Then, one fine day it showed 39 left. I hoped and prayed that there would still be some left by the time I got my new international credit card. I sailed into the house the other day with the new card and called to order the tickets and a room. The tickets were no problem, but the lovely guy I was talking with said there were no rooms at the 'inn' but that he would try to sort one for us. Yesterday I got an email from him that said we now have a room. I now have the flight reserved and paid for, con tickets sorted and paid for, the hotel sorted and it will be paid for before we go. Planning even a trip into town never goes this smoothly. I'm well and truly nervous that something big is going to crop up. The last time I went to sfball I got the dates all wrong and had a very anxious time waiting to find out if the airline was going to hit me with a fine. They didn't, but the point is that things didn't go smoothly, like they did this time. Maybe I should just look at it as a sign that I am meant to go. I'll try that for a few days and see how it goes while waiting for the roof to cave in.
My reading glasses broke last night. I have two pairs of the same glasses, one is kept by the computer, and the other by the bed. The computer pair has a mark to keep them straight. It's ok because I have another frame that the lenses can be put in. I'll get that done today on the way to get the car. Orna and I are off for the weekend in a few hours.
I finally got to see the new Harry Potter movie last night. I'm not sure about. It was darker than the others and left out much more detail from the book than the others. I'll have to think on it for a while and maybe reread the book.
Well, time to get dressed and out of here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did! I turned 51 for the 4th time yesterday. This was very different to the 'black curtain at 30' that I went through until I moved back here in 1980 at 28. For several years before that I knew, KNEW that I would not make to 30 over there. Like most people I could picture my life, but at the age of 30 there was just a black curtain and nothing after that. When I moved back here at 28 the black curtain went away, and I could picture myself after 30. This was very different. The MI made me even more aware that life is fragile and can be over in a flash. I'm not sure that G-d's purpose for me is to enjoy life, but I am enjoying mine, challenges and all. Granted, I would prefer to not be quite so disabled, but it's really not that bad.
I got my new fancy International credit card and promptly paid the second half of this weekend's hotel, then flew home to order the tickets for sfball in Feb. The tickets are set, but there's a problem with a room at the venue hotel, but the lovely chap I spoke to said he'd make every effort to sort something for us, after I played the wheely and birthday cards. I'm hopeful. Even if we have to use a different hotel, we'll go. Maybe I'll just tell him that we'll sleep in the car!
Orna and Danny appeared last night with 4 purple helium balloons that are now floating on the ceiling, and there's a new purple bracelet on my left arm from their son, Eliad. Child Genius was here earlier and gave me a deliciously gaudy purple and green Russian egg that now sits on the DVD over the TV. It was actually a nice day and I didn't have to deal with too many well wishers. Just a regular day, which is how I like it.
I have an appointment to speak with my lawyer later. He asked *her* lawyer for a copy of the trust agreement, so she knows I'm asking questions. He didn't send it to my lawyer; must do something about that. I've suspected her of getting things set up to her liking, and now, I'm more convinced than ever that *SHE* pulled a fast one. Her day will come. I'll talk to MY lawyer and see what can be done. Prison is too good for them, but knowing that I know just might be enough.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Only two more days and I'll turn 51 for the fourth time! Just a month ago I wasn't so sure I'd make it, but now it looks like I'm good for another two days, at least.
I've started a new tradition in the 'hood'. I've been giving my pals presents for my birthday. It's actually much more fun that getting gifts. I'm giving myself and Orna a weekend at a very posh hotel in Haifa that is built so close to the sea that it might just as well be in it. I just want a quiet weekend and Orna deserves one. I'm renting a car for the occasion and we're leaving Friday morning, coming home Sunday morning. There's a monster swimming pool on the roof with a clear cover. I suspect that I'll be up there much of the time dividing my attention between a book and the sea. I have hopes for a wild storm.
I've been very lazy about being at the computer and spending lots of time outside in the sun. It's damp and cloudy today-no rain expected, so I just might stay in today and catch up here and A Gimp's View. The political scene here has gone wild. There's also a slew of emails I should write.