Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't remember ever being this sick before. It's getting better, but, I'm not quite there yet. It all started on March 2 when Golan and I went to Acre to see my ortho doc, and stopped on the way home to eat a restaurant that he highly recommended. Lamb addict that I am, I had a lamb shislik. It wasn't very good, so I didn't finish it. I took the left overs home for Peg and he gobbled them right down. Come morning we both had the squits and by evening I had developed the worst case of nausea imaginable. All nught long I did sit ups from my semi reclining sleeping position to release the most unbelievable burps ever. Finally, at around, 0300, I managed to throw up. The next day, the very thought of food made me ill. This ritual went on for two weeks, and I have lost a lot of weight. This is good. One Thursday, I finally cried "Uncle", and went to the gastro guy at the clinic. He listened to my tale of woe and barf, then told me he was going to prescribe a pill that should get things moving in the right direction. He said that all the barfing might have reversed the natural downward route of food so that instead of continueing downward, it just came right back up. That made a kind of twisted sense to me as being something my body would do to me. I started taking the pills Thursday night, and they didn't work at all. Being the stubborn gimp that I am, I kept on with them Friday morning,and through Saturday and kept down a youghurt. I am cautiously optimistic about this, but still don't feel like eating anything. I know I have to, but don't want to. Never mind that there's nothing in the house to eat. I have to plan meals with these pills. I'm supposed to eat 45 minutes after taking the pill. I'm rying to work out a schedule of things to eat, that I can turn into a grocery shopping list. I'm still a little weak, but have to go grocery shopping soon.
So, if my three faithful readers have been wondering where I've been; I've been in bed. I'm back now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Political correctness can be taken to lengths never before dreamed of by the least likely organizations. The United States Figure Skating Association is now giving out four medals instead of the traditional three; Gold, Silver, Bronze and now Pewter. What will they do next? Start giving out medals according the wedding anniversary list in reverse order?