Tuesday, July 31, 2007


After figuring out that Striar had indeed already the house, I went to the bank to talk to the final authority about the loan and she was just fine with my 'plan B'. Then she asked what my connection to certain supermarket chain was as they had deposited 1400 shekels in my account. Talk about timing! It was the last payment of a share buyout by the new owners. I bought one share almost 20 years ago for 10 shekels and got the first payment of the buy out 3 or 4 years ago and the last one yesterday. It couldn't have come at a better time. I can still pay a few of my outstanding debts and start next month at either -0- or in the plus column! After the bank, I went by Lavana's to get the phone number fot our a/c guy who can't do anything until Friday, then back to the bank for some cash, bought some cigarettes and a purple lizard air freshener for the Focus, then, home. Saw my geek at the cig store and he told me that hard drive in my brand new computer had died and asked if I want a 160 gig one or to wait 2 days for a 180 one? I told him to go with the 160 and he wanted to know when I'd be home because he needs the Windows disk. I swapped them over and gave him the Hebrew enabled one. I hope he doesn't mix them up because that is really annoying. The one he sold me a while ago was not Hebrew enabled and that was most annoying. For a geek he is saddly software ignorant. He thought Windows was either English or Hebrew and had no idea that there's such a thing as Hebrew enabled, never mind what it is.
I got an e mail from my son. Seems my daughter wants out of the power of Attorney on my bank account. She isn't planning a heist. That's ok because I checked with the bank and she was in fact removed, so tht's ok. Now Aron can tell her that.
When Striar got back we had a good laugh about me thinking he was still here yesterday morning. He hadn't realized that I was sitting only a few feet from where he would have been, and actually writing about it at the very moment he called. I excuse my stupidity on the grounds of having been pre coffee at the time! Today I heard him leave, so it's ok. He found someone to install his a/c today, so it looks like I can close the refugee shelter. I'm glad I could help him out. It's not always easy for two people who are used to and like living alone to find themselves sharing the same space. But both of us got through it without killing each other and that is a major accomplishment!
Today I think I'll get a hair cut and pedicure, then pick up a few small things for the house. Orna said she'd be by later to clean up after Striar who really can't not miss the bog. But I was ready for him this time. Last time I had to throw out the rubber rug thing I have in the loo, but I replaced it with one that is too long so all we have to do is cut off the part he peed on and wash the floor. I guess his father didn't teach him to sink submarines when he was being potty trained.
I'm thinking about maybe going away for the weekend. I owe a good friend a visit and she's getting upset that I haven't been to her new house. Now that I can drive that far without pain, I just might head out on Friday.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I got a very scary e mail from my son this morning. Well, only part of it was scary, the other part was absolutely beautiful-3 new pictures of the baby. I freaked a bit that he asked if his sister has a power of attorney on my bank account. She must have told him that she does. She used to, but I cancelled it years ago. I wonder what she's up to. I have to go into the bank this morning, so I'll have a chat with them on the subject.
I'd be on the way to the bank by now, but Striar is still not up and I'm not going to leave him here on his own. He has to get up soon anyway. A 'good samaritan' bought him an air conditioner yesterday and they are delivering it this morning. As this is the busy season I might have to find someone to install it for him.
I really should pay more attention to what's going on around me. Striar just called and he's been in Safed for over an hour! And I thought he was still asleep in the 'heat shelter'! The joke's on me. So, I guess I don't have to wait for him to wake up, do I?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I simply can not believe that my brand new computer is already dead. It refuses to boot, and I can't even call the geek until after 2100. Frustrated doesn't quite cover it. On the other hand 5 of the missing books turned up, so now only 4 or 5 more books are on the MIA list!
I just twisted myself into a pretzel so I think I'll take one of the found books and go read for a while before I call the geek.


Isn't it amazing how some people think? That guy who sold me the air conditioner that ended up costing me 30,000 shekels and has been ordered by the court to pay me close to 60,000 pretty much threatened me on Thursday. He owes me money and he yells at me on a crowded street to "Be careful" I think he has it a little backwards. I called my lawyer and asked him if he thought I should go to the cops, and he said to go complain if he does it again. That would be the same guy who was thrown down the stairs by some other people he did the same thing to. It would be a damn good idea for him to be very careful. I think he's forgotten who he's dealing with. Another flight down stairs could be in his future if I tell the person who found his daughter for me about the veiled threat.
I had not planned on going out Thursday morning, but there was a registered letter to pick up from post office. I decided to go get it, and to remind Shmaryah about the traffic ticket. After that I went home and had a short nap. I woke up at 1615 and left for Nazareth to pick up Etty and Yaacov to go visit his mother in Tiberius. The drive was nice and easy with no pain. Yaacov's mother is 84, and is in amazing shape. She does the most intricate needlework without glasses and tells fascinating stories about the 'old' days. There's a beautiful pergola porch on the side of her house with plants that she takes care of herself. I can't wait to go again and I just might go down there some evening on my own just to hear her stories. (Yaron, don't waste the time on the phone telling your mother to pay me for the gas-it's not going happen). I can't remember such an enjoyable evening since I don't know when.
I've pretty much fallen in love with the Focus. All that driving and not so much as a twinge of pain. And it's real easy on the fuel. I was sure it use more than half a tank with the a/c on but it didn't. Yeah, I'm in love with the Focus! Now I can plan trips to visit a few other friends who live in the center of the country and not worry about hurting.
Striar is back in the heat refugee shelter. It was 106 outside when I left to get him. It's not even 0800 and it's already 84. I'd like to personally thank the inventor of air conditioning. The plan for today is to catch up on all my blogs and do some routine computer maintenance. I might even get around to doing the DVD burns I'm so behind on.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Things happen for a reason. Period. End of discussion. I've been going by the door store several times a day all week and never caught Shmaryah there. Yesterday when I parked the Focus after getting the second car phone put in, I turned off the lights. I'm one of those fanatics who always drives with the headlights on. At around 1830 Orna's sister in law stuck her head in to tell me my parking lights were on. Indeed they were and I couldn't get them off and the Focus instruction book was in my bag in the house. Not only that, the car wouldn't start. I called Rami and he told me how to turn the lights off and said he'd be right over to give me a jump. He arrived five minutes later(in a silver jeep; thankfully not the Disco. I don't think I could have handled that) and using his and my cables we got the car started. While waiting for him, I had Orna's son get my bag and lock the house because I knew I was going for a drive. I decided to go for a nice up hill ride to Metulla, have a quick look at Lebanon, then swing through town and make another end run around town by way of Kibbutz Cfar Blum. I spotted Shmaryah at a traffic light in town and told him that I need to talk to him. We pulled up across from his store and I told him that he really wants to sort the ticket by the end of today.
If I hadn't goofed up with turning off the lights, needed a jump, gone for a ride, I would still be looking for him. Strangely enough, I was wearing a dress and it didn't get all twisted when I got in the car. I must be learning. And I am starting to really like the Focus.
I actually managed to get through to the lawyer's office about the money they say I owe to that much hated Interweb server and it turns out that there is someone else with the same name out there, but a different I.D. number who lives in the center of the country. And the phone number involved is not mine. Looks like someone made a mistake, and for once it wasn't me.
I'm staying in this morning to rest up for the trip tonight. Except for maybe a quick run to my mail box.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to catch up on my other blogs, and get a few other things done.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I think I just out did myself! I was up, out, and in the bank by 0900, and had a major success there. Plan A was to refinance the loan with balance of the money from the Great Disco/Car swap. Going ahead with plan A would have pretty much wiped out most of the advantages of the original loan. Sure, it would have lowered the payments and the overall amount, but the early partial payment fine as well as the interest rate would have cost an arm and a leg. So, I decided to go for plan B. With plan B the money stays in an interest bearing account and the loan payment comes out that account every month for the next 20 or so months! No early pay off fine and no refinance charge and the interest rate stays the same. I'm so chuffed at having come up with that plan.
I was out of the bank at 0920, went home and got the Focus to take it for it's 1000 appointment to have cell phone #2 installed. I was out of there at 1030 and went to pick up the spare tire, and find out when it's next tune up is. There's another almost 6000km until it needs attention. Home again, on to Harley and into town to see Lavana. And I was back home at 1215. A new record for me.
Tomorrow I'm taking Etty and Yaacov to visit the family in Tiberius late in the afternoon. We are smack dab in the middle of another heat wave and going to Tiberius much before sundown is just plain stupid. For some odd reason none of the family has air conditioning. It's still hot there after dark, but bearable. I suspect that Striar will be renewing his refugee from heat status soon.
Now, I have to take care of an interweb provider that has decided that I owe them 2000 shekels. I don't, and isn't it just too bad that I can prove it? They are going to be so sorry and this is going to be so much fun.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yup! I'm just an old gimp degenerate with an obscene toe. There's not so much as a shadow of cartilage left in my right hip. The new pain is just a badly pulled tendon that is already getting better. I'm way too young for a hip replacement and a bad candidate for it in any event because of my partially paralyzed left leg. I checked it all on the Interweb and there's no way I could do the post op rehab. What I can do is try to use my left leg more and force it do things it doesn't want to do.
On a really happy note; I did the whole trip with no pain at all from the driving, and it was a long drive; the longest yet in the Focus. I even got back in it 15 minutes after getting home to make a quick run with Orna for cigarettes. Never ever would that have happened with the jeep. I'd get out and stay out.
It seems that I left the keys in Harley Too when I headed out and two kids knicked him and were spotted by Orna's daughter. She sent her husband on a rescue mission and he returned Harley and the keys. My only excuse for forgetting to take the keys is that I was struggling with a large bottle of water, and just forgot them. Bless Danny for bringing them safely home.

Monday, July 23, 2007


With any luck, I'll know what (if anything) is going to be done about my hip later today. Something is diabolically wrong there. But, before that, I have to go to the bank, the DMV to get my new 'cripple parking card' and zoom through Rami's to give him the voucher to get one of my car phones taken out of the jeep. I'll get one for the other phone tomorrow. I got the new and last Harry Potter book yesterday and am about half way through it.
Seven of my favorite books have gone missing, and it's driving me wild. I KNOW exactly where they are supposed to be, but they aren't there. No, I don't THINK I know. I DO KNOW. And I can't stand this. It's like when money was disappearing from where it had been put. The books bother me more than money.
Striar will most likely be coming up here to escape the heat wave predicted for the rest of the week, so I'll organize a search with him.
But, now, it's time for a quick shower, and to go out and get the in town stuff done before leaving to see the sawbones!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I am in big deep trouble. I have gone and done something diabolical to my back. It's not like I don't know that I should not wear a dress when going for a drive. I do know that. I was just too damn lazy to go in the house and change, so when I got in the car to go up to Safed, the dress I was wearing got twisted by the contortions of getting into the car. While the nice man was filling the tank, I tried to straighten the dress and heard a loud click from my back. The pain was blinding, but settled down to a dull roar after a few minutes. Something is seriously wrong there. The results of the bone density scan arrived yesterday, so, I'll get the X rays of my hip that the sawbones wanted done today, and go see him tomorrow. I am so not in the mood for this now. And as with all things of this nature, it had to happen just when things were starting to get better, and I had a few out of town trips planned. Oh well, what will be will be.
There are still lots of little things to clear up from the Shmaryah fiasco. He never did take care of that speeding ticket I got on the car I've never driven, and a few other minor issues. That ticket still infuriates me. I have never driven that car.I have never driven at 129 km/h in this country. I do not drive on Shabbat, and for sure am never even awake at the time the camera caught the car using the stolen plate. He's had almost a year to take care of it and every time I ask him, he says he did. Well, if he did, why do I keep getting letters about it? Yeah, yeah, I know. If you want something taken care of do it yourself. The problem with that is that he has the letter that says the plate was stolen and keeps "forgetting" to bring to it to me. He's going to get an earful like he's never had before today. And on that note, it's time to bring Peg in, get dressed, and start the day.

Friday, July 20, 2007


The great car registration nightmare is finally over. I am now the proud, if sad, owner of a Ford Focus. It only took two weeks to solve a problem that never should have been in the first place. It took a threat or two yesterday but Shmaryah finally got the lien removed from the jeep, and Shula got the new registration sorted. Never mind that I had to go there twice yesterday. Never mind that the streets in town are so bad that my back is still screaming from the crap streets in town. It's over, and the bank is almost happy and now I can go places out of town. After going from the car place to the bank, I went to a grocery store that is at the other end of town and has a torn up street to get through on the way to pick up a few things for the weekend, and got into the only check out line that Harley can get through. The lady in front of me was the strangest I've seen yet. She had a full cart and there I sat with my screaming back and sore butt, holding the stuff I wanted while she took one item out her cart, waited while the cashier rang it up, discussed the price, and then took out another item, waited, discussed, and so on. I felt like screaming at that woman to just take the stuff out of her cart and get on with it. Never in my life have I seen anything like that. It was a good 25 minutes before I could put my stuff on the belt. I got home at around 1830 and crawled into bed to read until the news came on. I fell asleep at 2100 and woke up at 0515.
Today I'm going to do my usual Friday morning run to town for the local papers, get the car, fill it up, then go for a drive. Cars need exercise too. I'll probably rest a lot over the weekend. O Reilly just came on. I think I'll go watch. 0600 is too early for me.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I only traded my beloved jeep for the Focus two weeks ago, but, there are still major issues getting the registration sorted. Shmaryah didn't exactly hold up his end of the agreement and a lien landed against the jeep. He supposedly sorted it on Sunday, but obviously hasn't. If that alone isn't enough, he's playing the "poor me" card by going on about how he went from here to there on Sunday to sort it. Not buying it. If he had just done what he was supposed to do, he never would have to go anywhere, and, yes I did tell him that just now. He actually had the nerve to give Shula the lawyers phone number for her to sort. IT'S NOT HER JOB TO CLEAN UP HIS MESS.
Then, on top of all that, Harley Too misbehaved on the way home and I almost got stuck in the middle of town. Just what I didn't need. I called Yefim, Harley's doctor as soon as I got home and he was here within the hour. Seems that Harley Too has a nice little feature that shuts him down when he gets too hot. Crazy thing is, I've gone much farther on him on much hotter days. I sure do hope that's his problem. That's all I need right now. No scooter and a car I refuse to drive until the paperwork is sorted. And on that happy note, I think I'll just get dressed and check the mail and maybe take a swing through town. Wish me luck?

Monday, July 16, 2007


I can't quite believe that I'm actually getting yet another new computer. My main computer, which was relatively new, but never really very good has been sent off to be gutted and the important bits and bobs will be put into a nice new box with a new motherboard with a whole bunch of new parts that will hopefully make it better. The guy who put it together the first time really didn't do a very good job and it was always troublesome. My present geek actually does know what he's about with hardware, and he's cheaper than the old geek. Also there's a lot of new things(two brand new DVD burners, a 120 g hard disk) he can just put in the new one. And on top of that, he's going to put some stuff in my old box and throw in a monitor for Striar so he can have a computer.
And miracle of miracles, Shmaryah actually got the liens against me lifted yesterday so we can get the Focus registered to me today. I've been a little more than upset and distracted for the last week by that situation. But it's over now. When I called him at 1700 to ask if it was over, he told me that he had indeed gotten it sorted, as well as informing me that he did not appreciate me telling Rami and Shula bad things about him. From that I figured out that they blasted him about taking advantage of me and bringing me to a point where I had to sell the jeep. He was only a small part of why I sold it. The major reason was my right leg and the awful pain I had while driving it. I did enjoy knowing that someone went to bat for me. It's not a bad thing that he got told off. And he can think what he wants. I did not tell them anything. Gossip on the subject is rife in town. People figured things out without any help from me. There's also the fact that I have never once told him so much as one word of the things people have told me about him. I just don't see the point in telling people hateful things others have said about them. And have I ever gotten several earfuls about him.
It's almost over, and we only have a couple of other loose ends to tie up, then, I'm free of the biggest mistake of my life. I can't say it was all bad. I did meet some great people through him, like my new geek, and a few others. It was just another of those 'live and learn' experiences, and it could have been a whole lot worse. I could have lost everything and been left under a pile of debt that I'd never have been able to dig my way out of. I put a stop to it in time to come out of it with a managable loan from the bank and a decent car. And most important, without another heart attack or stroke, though there were a few times I wasn't so sure about that. When I think about how bad it could have been, I thank the Good Lord for letting me off so easily.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It was but a month ago that my personal geek told me that my main computer had about 6 months left to live. He was off by 5 or so. It is absolutely refusing to boot. I'll have to get him in to take it away and sort a new one. I so do not need this now, but it could be ever so much worse, I could also be without the lap top. Thankfully I have it and it's still working, if a bit quirky, but it's been quirky since day one.
It had to happen today. The very day I had planned to finish off some DVD burns for Teadrinker. Oh, well, there's nothing for it but to wait until I get a new computer sorted.
That means that today is a good day to catch up on some reading. so, I think I'll head over to my 'reading corner' and curl up/stretch out with a book, and plot my next post for Town Hall.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Peppermint asked yesterday if a picture of me and Bibi would be in the local papers. I didn't think so, unless it was on the gossip pages, but I forgot for a moment who the editor in chief of one of the papers is. He's a die hard member of the Labor party and will take any opportunity to make the local members of the Likud unhappy. So, what did he do? He used a picture of me instead of any one of hundreds of the local Likud functionaries. So, there it is in living color; everyone's favorite gimp shaking hands with Bibi Netanyahu. I really would have preferred it if they had published a picture of my message to Olmert, but that was not likely. Sending that message sure felt good, though.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today's 'to do' list was short because last night I got an automated phone call from Likud Headquarters saying that Bibi Netanyahu would be in town today and please be at the local headquarters at noon to hear him speak. Ok, that's easy enough to do. All I wanted to go out for was some of those smart @ss florescent light bulbs everyone is so gaga over. The only store that sells them here is an almost straight run along one of the main streets. It was blocked to all traffic because our criminal sleaze of a prime minister was here too. Excuse me, I have to sick. Thanks to him I had to go forever out of my way to circle around and get to that store. On the way home it was the same story except that one of cops who was guarding the route stopped me and told me to get up on the traffic island with him because the posse would be passing us any minute. That particular cop is a good buddy from way back, so I did and sat there with my arm and one finger raised while the posse went by. It felt real good telling Olmert what I think of him in "International Sign Language'
From there I went to the Likud office which does not have a ramp, so I found a nice spot under a car port in the shade and settled in for a long wait. When Bibi finally arrived only 45 minutes late, he stopped on the way in to shake my hand, and again on the way out for a short chat, holding my hand the whole time we spoke. He actually remembers me from days long gone by when his very first headquarters were in my motorcycle garage and from the campaign spot I did against the Union in '92. I caught glimpses of the local mucky muck's faces while we were talking and they were a study in consternation.
I wonder how long it will be until they put a ramp in for me? By bet is days.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I'm just about recovered from Thursday. I'd like to meet the non gimp who could have done what I did in one day in this country. And I got a late start. After deciding to be sensible and sell the Land Rover in order to get a car that I can drive without major pain, I set out to do it. NOW .Before changing my mind. My first stop was my car dealer to see what he had on the lot and the first thing I saw was a purple Peugeot. Uh oh. Then I spotted a white Ford Focus, checked the prices with Rami and charged to the bank to see if we could do what I wanted to do. The bank said ok, so, home and into the jeep to close the final details with Rami, then, back home to get Harley Too and back to the bank to close one last detail, then, back to the jeep to close the deal. Deal closed, and Rami's guys took the stuff out of the jeep and put it in the Focus including the important stickers. We faxed the Focus' papers to my insurance guy so he could get the new one ready. There's a transfer fee. I drove the as yet uninsured Focus home, jumped onto Harley Too and took the check to the bank, then got the insurance from Doron, but as the bank was already closed couldn't pay the fee until Friday morning. Now, all this was done in a combination of Harley Too and the jeep. Rami's is at the far end of town, the bank is in the center of town and I live just between the two. I started after 1000 and finished at 1845. On Friday I took the car for it's first drive under new ownership to Safad and it really is easier to drive and less painful, but I WANT MY JEEP BACK. And I WILL GET IT BACK.
Tomorrow I have to go to Haifa for a bone density test so we'll see how it is on a long drive. I was cross eyed with pain half way there with the jeep. If the Focus isn't any better, I'll just take the jeep back!
Today we have to finish the paperwork at the DMV and transfer the comprehensive insurance.
I hate being sensible and the fact that the price difference sorted my bank account doesn't make me feel the least bit better. If anything it adds an element of anger, so the topic is still off limits.
Susie, it's ok. You didn't know when you sent that e mail. Now, if I could just get the title of this into the Title space, all would be well. I think I'll post, then, try to do it from 'edit'

Friday, July 06, 2007


For what is most likely the first time in my, I did something sensible. I sold the Land Rover and got a Ford Focus instead. It would be a very good idea if everyone refrains from expressing sympathy for the loss of the jeep. I'll get over it in my own good time. Not only will I get over it, IT WILL RETURN TO ME AGAIN. As soon as my hip is sorted and I'll be able to drive it without going cross eyed from pain after 15 miles. And you can take that to the bank.
There is now a nice Ford Focus sitting in my parking space. Believe it or not, O passed up a purple Peugeot for it. I'll always take a Ford over just about anything else. We managed to get most of my stickers off the jeep and onto the Focus. The ones that didn't come off weren't the important ones. My Wales sticker is in place as is the most important one, Maine Guides Know the Way and the mean looking gimp in a wheely holding two cannons that says" Tested negative for patience. Leave 8 feet to get wheel chair out" It has a Sony CD player and Don McClean is already in it and I even figured out how to turn it on. We're putting my phones in on Sunday and finishing up the paperwork on Monday. I quite like the Focus. It's a pretty car and drives very nicely. I'm sure that when I get the seat adjusted better it will be a joy to drive. I took it up to Safad this morning and hurt a lot less to drive than I thought it. It will always hurt to drive until we get my hip sorted. I'm thankful that I could get the Ford and not some rice burning Asian car. I really really don't like then, and I am a Ford gal, after all.
It's still a kick in the gut when I go out and the Disco isn't there, but it will be one day.
So, please, just leave me alone and let me get used to having done two sensible things in one day! It won't be easy, but I'll get there. Any awww Franne comments will not be answered.

Monday, July 02, 2007


I knew it wouldn't take long. Three late nights and I'm already back on standard night owl time, and all because I decided to burn a specific episode of Top Gear for Teadrinker. I got the burn started at 0300 and went to bed. Then, of course, in proper gimp fashion, messed it up in the morning and had to start all over again. I did get it done, and burned off two more. I'm chuffed to say the least, that it's finally working and now I can burn a few more things for her later today.
Aron sent me some new pictures of Adee Polly. She's a beauty if ever there was one. Gimp House is going to be less purple very soon. The way I'm going every spare millimeter of wall space will be covered with pictures of the baby. Oh, how I wish I could hop on a plane and go see her.
Something strange is happening (so, what's new there?) I strongly suspect that my daughter has been reading here. I wonder if she's maybe, just maybe coming around the figuring out that one day she's going to have to tell her kids that they actually have another grandmother? Or that maybe having me pop my clogs while on the outs with her could be even worse than it was with her father. At least they were on speaking terms when he died, if not on the completely made up. With her, who knows? There's a lot to get around. Just for starters, after our last little go around 5 or so years ago, I heard not a word from her when my father died, and less than that when I had my heart attack (yes, she knew) and the day I sprang myself from hospital and her father came to see me was the start of the rift between them.
What she doesn't know yet is that after that I specifically wrote her and hers out of my will. Even Aron didn't know that until recently. When they were here and using my jeep, they went to visit her and I asked him what she thought of my jeep. Her reaction was along the lines of "Cool, I can't wait for her to check out so I can inherit that jeep" Not going to happen. In the unlikely even that she's looking for a way to make up, she'll have a long way to go before I rewrite that will. Hard? You bet. The one thing I don't need is her and her demanding ways to mess up my pleasantly disordered life. I'm quite happy as things are. I really don't know where she got it from; the mean streak. There's no question where her stubborn streak came from. But the selfish mean part of her? That's a mystery even to me. If she thinks a phone call will sort things, she had best think again. The only thing that will get me talking with her again, will be that whole menagerie of a family knocking on the door one day. Somehow I can't quite see that happening any time soon.
Oh, well, it's getting late, so I'd best get Peg in, dressed, and roll into town to get a few things sorted. I have lots to get done at the computers today!