Sunday, October 30, 2005


The cable phone guy just left. He confirmed that something indeed was very wrong. Mr. Installer Guy forgot to connect a critical wire, so only one cable connection was working, the cordless phone! Now all of them are. I'm happy to report that I'm only one phone short in my insane network. There's a phone in both lines in the *liberry*and, next to the computer. All I need now is one more for next to my bed to be able to have Bezeq for incoming calls and cable for outgoing. Richard and Mara have two of my phones. As they don't have a line at all, I think I'll ask for one back. Not a bad system when it's functioning. I had a loverly snooze after a cup of nice hot (fake) chicken broth only to be awoken by Striar the liar. I love telling him "It's ok, I had to get up to answer the phone anyway." Drives him bonkers. He's very concerned about my inheritance, and I am having great fun not telling him anything except vague outlines. Let him suffer. Even if he were to get his hands on the will itself (public record) there are no amounts there! Who knew payback would be so much fun?
I have a short list of subjects that I wanted to get into here, but don't have the time today. Tomorrow I *will* stay in. Right now it's time to call The Jeffey!


It simply can not rain in this country without me being outside without rain gear. It happened to me again today! The weather people (would someone please shoot them and put me out of their misery?) said it would rain all day up here. Well, it didn't start until I'd left the house. The original plan was to stay in, but last night I woke up with an insane craving for something sweet and I generally do not like sweets, so there were none in the house. I have learned to listen to cravings, so decided to go out and get something sweet. Of course I had no sooner checked my mail box than the rain started, and I was in my BasscatcherBob vest over a thin jacket, and my BU cap. Being a slave to my cravings and having been shot against flu and pneumonia, I continued on my sweet quest.
As I couldn't get the shop I wanted, thanks to some spoiled fat assed jerk who parked his la-di-da Chevy on the ramp, I continued on to the supermarket, where it took me almost an hour to decide what to buy. I finally settled on some cheap Israeli wannabe counterfeit Oreos. They were cheap, and of course when I left the store, a great big truck was blocking my only exit. I ended up waiting untill it moved, by which time it was pouring rain. Did I get wet? What do you think?
I'm home and dry now, and yes, the rain has stopped! I am now going to crawl into bed with a nice hot cup of (fake) chicken broth, and read, and maybe nap.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Ok, now that I've read and pretty much memorized The Philmore's will, and thunk hard on it for a couple of days, I'm just about ready to the rage out here.
The first person who tries to tell me that it's his money to with as he pleases had best start running real fast. It is, and it isn't. Every single thing/penny he had was due to my mother, and she made the mistake of leaving it all to him with the explicit understanding that it would eventually go to me and The Jeffey. She obviously didn't take Aunt Sylvia's( auntie Yenta) match making tendencies into account. Auntie Yenta decided that The Philmore and The Stepmother of Evility would be a good match, and so they were. The SOE never liked me, and she absolutely detests my bother. So, what's wrong with the will? Now, don't get the idea that I'm a money grabbing bitch, because, I'm not. I'm more upset on The Jeffey's account than my own. After all, I have a very nice disability payment every month, so I'm set for life. The thing that so enrages me is that the way The Philmore set things up, the SOE can do anything she wants with everything and anything he had, including give it to her kids at any time. There's a clause that says that she gets 50% of the funds in the trust, the residue of which is supposed to divided between me, the Jeffey, Irit and Aron after she checks out, but until then, it's hers to do with as she wishes. Be pretty hard to divide nothing between us. He also stipulated that if I pop off before she does, my kids get my share. No way. They have their own shares of that nothing. I must find a way to be sure The Jeffey gets my share, and that there's a share to get. I guess I'd just better be sure I outlive her, so I can make sure The Jeffey gets it. Once it's mine, there's nothing anyone can do about who gets it. I just knew there would be impossible strings from his grave. And I don't trust that SOE as far as I can walk. Of course there's a no contest clause. Did anyone think for a minute that there wouldn't be?
I'll be talking to my Florida lawyer in the next few days to see if an eagle eye can be kept on the residue, in spite of her. There must be a way. She had her own small fortune when they got married and The Philmore took care to tell me, before they got married, that what was his, would go to us and hers, to her kids. Hmph. I see her at work here.
The SOE completely ignored the fact that The Philmore was married before she even heard of him, to OUR MOTHER. I just hope there's a legal way out of this. Hells, any way is ok with me. Gotta get The Jeffey settled.

Friday, October 28, 2005


There was a report on the news recently that some bank in England decided to stop using the term piggy bank out of consideration for their Mussie clients. Odd, we have the same, if somewhat older, restrictions about pigs, but as far as I know no Jewish person ever thought to ask anyone to stop using the term! Hells, the term is pretty much universal in Englishes speaking countries, and can refer to anything used to save coins, from an old coffee tin to a proper piggy bank in the shape of a pig. I even know people who called the JNF(Jewish National Fund. The money that was used to buy land here in the name of the Jewish People) collection boxes 'piggy banks'. What is the world coming to when we have to stop using the words 'piggy bank' because some Mussie might take offense? Don't bother answering that, I already know the answer. I'm sure you've all figured out by now that I've done my bit for Western democracy, and freedom of expression, and bought a piggy bank today! It might be in the shape of a purple hippopotamus, but that doesn't change the fact that is, and, always will be a PIGGY BANK! It's giving in to them on these seemlingly small issues that will come back to haunt us in the near future. Must go and put it in pride of place and dig all the small change out of the mortar bowl that was until today my piggy bank! I have a good spot to retire the mortar and pestle to! It served long and well.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Here's some very important advice: If you happen to be a gimp with foot problems and find it easier to lurch around in big fluffy doggie slippers, and decide to go out on a very hot day, wearing a sleeveless dress, do not forgot to take the slippers off and put sandals on. The minute you lurch out the door you will feel a right idiot wearing those slippers. I know this to be true because it happened to me last week. Also, if you are a gimp that has to shower sitting down, take those slippers off BEFORE you get in under the water. Those fluffy furry fuzzy slippers take forever to dry. I don't have to repeat myself and tell you how I know, do I?
One more bit of advice: If you get a will in the mail and are on an electrick scooter, do not stop under a shade tree to read it unless you are prepared to tell every single person who goes by why you are crying. There is also the hazard of blurred vision when you finally realize that it can wait until you get home. Trust me here. This I also know to be true.
Back before the century of holidays started, I saw a fantastic telyphone at Sari's store. That woman should be against the law. She has many things purple and wooden. I just adore the things she has there. I've had that phone, an old fashioned looking one with one of those funky skinny receivers that sits on those brass hooky looking things that stick up, and an old round rotary dialer. I decided on the very day I saw it that I must have it as it will fit in my living/dining room perfectly. It's all roundy curvey like the table and chairs, and is a nice dark wood.
I bought it today! And it looks even better than I thought it would. Of course my trip to Sari's couldn't end with just a telyphone. There had to be something else! This time the something else was a leather covered vanity table with lots of little drawers and a mirror and matching stool. It was love at first sight, and Sari will hold it for me. It's an amazing piece of furniture and will fit right in with my dark antique stuff.
I'm home now, so after a shower without doggie slippers, I'm then crawling into bed to memorize the will!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cab/Kiri's blog

This should be required reading!


I'm getting well and truly fed up with saving this page where I want it. It stays there for a day or so, then self deletes!
Didn't get much done yesterday or today, but at least the month (it seemed like a year) of holidays is over, and tomorrow I'll be able to get back to my usual activities.
Peg ran out of food last night, so first thing this morning I called the doggie store. They are supposed to be here with it any minute. I was zipping blissfully though the several thousand (or was it million?) posts at the VA when Bat Chen called and asked for some emergency translation. We plowed our way through that in an hour or so, and nothing else got done.
I never even finished my first coffee!
The idiot new cable phone isn't working so I unplugged the modem in the hope it will sort itself. If not, I'll call them. Nope, no joy there. The lights are all blinky. Gotta dig out their number and give them a shout! Even before that, I think I just might make a fresh cup of coffee and finish this.
Cab/Kiri is doing pretty well with her blog. It's a joy to read. If you want a fun read, look up Funkadelic Sandwiches at Blogger. It's well worth it.
I've been driven wild over the last few months by Dwight fans who joined the Dark Matters list and started gushing all fannish there. I've had a private word with two of them, and luckily the third emailed me off list to ask, and I headed her off at the pass. Granted, a fair number of us are there because of him, at least that's how and why we went there to start with, but most of us sort kind of almost forgot he was there too and really got into the list and radio show on their own merits. Doesn't the guy deserve one list where he doesn't have to run for cover from over zealous fans? He *is* very generous about sharing himself with us at cons. It annoys me that some just don't get it and need to have it explained of words of less than syllable! If this latest lot behaves themselves, maybe he'll stop in and post more often. He's certainly done enough for us, isn't it time we give him a little too, even if it's only peace and quiet from fannish behavior? Poor guy, you'd think he has enough to contend with, with me flying all over the globe to see him?
Off now to organize fresh coffee and catch up on the guy who went boom in Hadera, today.

Monday, October 24, 2005


There seems to be a minor problem with Firefox. Every time I try to add this page to the tool bar folder, it self deletes after a few minutes. I hope I'm not the only one with this problem and that they'll sort it soon.
I'm pretty much recovered from the worlds shortest case of the flu. All that's left is an itchy nose, but no more leaks from said appendage, and I feel just fine, if sleepy.
Yesterday I figured out what is bothering me so much about the Wicked Stepmother of Evility. She never once asked me or The Jeffey if there were any of Dad's things we wanted. There ARE two things I want and I know they were in the house not long ago, at least one. Way back when I was in Jr. High, I made a clay thingy of a face and glazed it half black and half white. It actually won a prize and Dad was so proud of it that it was always on display. I want it. He also had a slide rule in a leather case. I want that too. I'm really not up to calling and asking her for those things partly because she should have asked, and partly because I just want to forget that she even exists. I *do* have the important things though; Dad's baby book, and the love letters he wrote to Mom. And a few other things like the telegrams they got when they got married, their wedding picture, and some things he gave Mom over the years. I told Dad that I had them about a year ago and he thought that was great! I think so too, especially in light of the way she ignored the fact that he actually had a life before they met. I'll ask The Jeffey if there's anything he wants and if there is, I'll make sure he gets it. At least he has some of the stuff from the Longfellow Ave. house we grew up in, like the insane French Provincial mirror with the shelves and the nik naks that go with it, and some other things. Funny how comforting those things are. I still get a bit weepy when I look at them, but I am a well known senti'mental' slob, and blubber at the slightest excuse.
The holidays are almost over, and things should get back to normal(?) by Sunday. This bunch of holidays all in the same month is a bloody pain as nothing functions until they are over. Not that things ever function as the should in any event, but at least the government offices aren't on group vacations and shut down. Now, they can all go on their annual post holiday strike!
Orna asked why I haven't been going there on Fridays for dinner, so I explained about the texting, and she didn't much like it. I'll go this week, and see how she likes it when I get going with the texting! There is nothing in the world I'd rather do than text with Cab/Kiri, unless it's to actually be able to sit and talk with her face to face, or should I say Murdockian to Murdockian? If The Plan comes off we'll be able to do that in 2007, and it can't come soon enough for me. It might even happen sooner than that, if she could stand a nice quiet weekend in some resorty type hotel over there in her area. That idea is running rampant in the remnants of my mind. I'd much rather go volcano climbing, and general exploring, but that's kinda hard to do in a wheelchair! A nice 4 day weekend at a resorty place is much more my speed. I'll start working on that as soon as I get the next two trips organized. UK in Feb, Maine in the spring, then, the Far East.
It's coming up to nap time now. I was up most of the night for no good reason, made a quick run into town for fags, fish and ground beef, so I can go crash in bed for a bit.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


These weekend text sessions with Cab/Kiri always get me to thinking of the oddest things. That much be yet another reason why I love her so much. She gets my brain into gear and there are so few people around who can do that, especially since Teadrinker decided that I am beneath her notice. I still don't know what I did to piss her off so, and I miss her. Back around Yom Kippur I sent her an IM asking forgiveness, but she never answered. That means that either she never brings up Yahoo, or she won't forgive me. I suspect it's the latter. It's not like EVERYTHING I did to/for her was bad. I told her how to get maximum benefits, her first wheelchair, arranged for her to get an electrick scooter and paid for part of it, taught her that she can spend money on herself, got her off the charity case list, and made her buy things that otherwise she'd be without, like a new fridge, washer, dryer, TV, CD player, bedroom set, sofa, chairs, cell phone (which I paid for for a long time) and the list goes on. There were several times that I got fed up with her, but always 'forgave' her and we picked right back up from where we left off. Then, out of the blue, she told me to piss off,(without telling me why) so I did, until Yom Kippur. With my daughter I pretty much know why we aren't talking and it's her problem, not mine. Teadrinker is another story and it hurts worse than I imagined. We always understood each other almost without words, but that connection failed just when I needed it most. She sent several IMs that day that were perfectly normal, then, out of the blue she sent the meanest email imaginable. Ok, enough beating that dead horse. All those texts with Cab/Kiri brought it crashing back last night. It's entirely possible that I'll get in my car, when I get it, and drive down there one day and have it out with her. Yup, sounds like a plan.
Cab/Kiri got me to thinking about relationships I've had and why they were with who they were with. It seems to divide into two groups, those who are brighter than I, who challenge me to keep up and those who are not, but because of other qualities I like them. It's not that I think I'm brightest bulb in the fixture, but I'm not stupid and I love to be challenged by people who make me work to keep up. Cab/Kiri does that. She awes me with her writing ability, hells, she just plain awes me. Awesome is the word that best describes her. Her major flaw is her lack of confidence in her abilities, but she seems to be getting over that. It's what holds her back from doing what she was meant to do, write. Of course other things interfere as well, like the need to earn a living, but she's doing that in a most adventurous manner, and if "The Plan" comes off, she'll be able to use that to write the "Great Novel" It's in her and it's starting to fight to get out.

Orna and I went grocery shopping this morning and I found pomegranate juice. Yum.
I heard from Ciara in England yesterday and as I have her address, can look her up on the map and figure out how to get there. I still don't have Finger's address, but should soon and add that to the growing file. I had a lovely chat with Rosebud/Karen yesterday and we sorted the care package to Cab/Kiri, and her map is already in the file as I've actually been to her house before! This next jaunt is going to be so much fun.
Time to go chat with The Jeffey.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Friday is the end of the week here, which is quite enough of a reason to like it, but lately, Friday nights have turned into the most wonderful text chat evenings with Cab/Kiri. That gal is the most amazing person I know. She's over in Indonesia running a bunch of English schools, and seems to never rest. When she's not at work, she's off having adventures in volcanoes and in rain forests in Borneo. She's one of the few people I know and quite possibly the only one who is actually LIVING her life. Add to that her genius, yes, GENIUS as a writer and that's my Cab/Kiri.
I climb into bed early on Fridays and wait for the smart ass phone to buzz with her first text of the evening. There's a kind of weird connection between us that lets us understand even the craziest texts. Of course last night it took her a few minutes to get a Murdock reference, but she did!
Crazy lady is going through a bout of anemia, as being a vegetarian in Indo is difficult. It's hard to get all the fresh greens she needs over there, so I'm going to try and organize an airlift of tinned veggies for her. I'd ship off a few crates myself, but I don't think the Indos would be too happy about it, being as the tins would have Hebrew all over them and the Indos and us are not the best of friends, and I don't want her getting arrested for consorting with the *enemy*.
I don't care what she says, she *is* one of the bright shining lights of this time.
On to the mundane. I'm almost out of fags and have to make an emergency run into town. My preferred brand won't be in the store until Monday and I only have about 4 Duty Free fags left, so I'll be off soon to get enough to last until Monday. Other than that, the plan for today is to do some more planning for England, look at more maps, and stuff. I'm also going to call Rosebud/Karen and see if she can ship some tins of greens (no peas) to her cousin, then have a chat with The Jeffey. I just got a new super cheap rate to the US and UK and fully intend to take advantage of it.
I *did* look up flight schools in Israel as I fully intend to take flying lessons, and found two in the north. I'll call them next week and find out if they have a crip plane. One of them should. Leia's does in Wales, so, we should have one here. If not, I might just have to figure out how to learn over there. I've only always wanted to learn how to fly, like ever since I can remember, and I will.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Now that I've found a reliable Pegasus sitter, I can travel! The next trip will be to a Star Trek con in Bournemouth England. I went to it 2 years ago with Jipster because Dwight Schultz was there. That was just about the only reason, unless you want to count the fact that I wanted a trip. The con itself was a blast, and I could indulge in one of my favorite pastimes, people watching. Jips and I spent a lot of time in my 'meet and greet' position near the front door as well as in a strategic spot in a corner.
About two days after the crap con in Holland,(the con was crap, but we had a great time) I decided that sfball was a must. Granted I don't much care about Star Trek, and am so not a Trekkie, but that is one well run con and the people that go are just great. Yup, I'm going to it, and intend to go to Wales and as many other places as I can squeeze into a week. There are a few people I really want to see when I'm there, mostly VAers.(Fingers, want company?) I must get busy with a map and start planning properly.
Got my annual flu shot today, and stopped in to tell Dr. Sawbones that we aren't doing any more structural repairs until after England and the first project will be to see if we can do anything about my free floating collar bone. He gave me the forms for X rays and an ultra sound. I'll do that next week, and then we can figure out if anything can done about it.
I went into the bank to see if I could pay off the balance on my credit card, and of course, it can't be done. How annoying. Ah, well, the 2nd isn't that far away, so I'll just wait. Insane Israeli banks.
As happens every year with the flu shot, I'm sleepy. The nurse who shot me and I had a good giggle about the bird flu hysteria! Really, it's too much. Ok, so zillions of birds fly over us, but our poultry business is pretty modern and chickens are under roofs, not out and about just waiting for a migrating bird to infect them. It seems people are even afraid to buy chicken.
Either there will be a pandemic, or there won't. Why get all crazy about it now. In any event it will be different to the one in the 1500s. Medicine has advanced a wee bit since then as has personal hygiene. Indoor plumbing means we can keep our hands clean. Stuff they didn't have way back when, or even dream of then. Come on, folks, get a grip. File this bird flu thing under earthquakes, volcanoes hurricanes, tornados, and other things you can't do anything about and get on with your lives.
I'm going to bed. Friday tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I just spent an hour trying to edit yesterday's post, but had no luck with it. Somehow the first few sentences repeated themselves in the addest places. I just deleted it and am now going to try and see if this obeys.
Child Genius came and gave the computer a crash course in Hebrew, so that's ok. We also ordered a DVD of the original Bye Bye Birdie. Channel 16 seems to have lost their copy, so, I'll just get one of my own.
It was bucketing rain until a few minutes ago, so I opened the door to enjoy it. it's not cold enough to even think of heating, but lond sleeves are nice. I'm not going out until tomorrow in any case, so it can just rain all day!
I'm still in a very weird mood. I can't quite figure out what I'm doing here. I'm just drifting through the days, and pleasant as that is, it doesn't feel right. Not that I'm in any rush to check out, I just feel a bit useless. Things might get better if Bat Chen and I get moving with Ygal. We made a pretty good start and there's a site and message up and running, Hebrew only at this stage. I must get a move on the English translation.
I think maybe it's time to get started on that. I also want to see if this posts properly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Purplegimp wrote:
  Not much has happened since I posted last, but I'm in one of my moods. I am
also completely frustrated about the %$&*$*! H.P. printer. It doesn't. Print, or scan, or any of the other things it's supposed to
do. I almost took a hammer to it yesterday, but decided to replace it soon. I
just can't take it anymore. No more H.P. I'll look for another brand that has
the features I want. Might even get one with a fax. I'm also frustrated that the
computer refuses to type in Hebrew no matter what I try. Child Genius will be
over later to try and make this thing bilingual again.
The 'Project of the Day' is to find out what(if anything) is on all the unmarked
CDs in the rack. Most of them are labeled, but some aren't so it might be a good
idea to find out if they are blank, and if not, to label them. I labeled all the
Office disks while installing them, so might as well check the rest.
On a note of weirdness...........It is my firm unshakable belief that we are all
here for a purpose. We don't always know what it is. I've done no small amount
of pondering on the subject since my stroke, and still can't figure why I'm
still here against all logic. I'm sort of just drifting along day by day and not
doing much of anything. Not complaining, mind you, it's quite pleasant, I'm just
I *do* have to start pushing Bat Chen to get moving on Ygal, our non profit help
the crips organization. We made a good start, but it's stalled now. Part of the
reason it stalled was my trip to Holland, then she had to get Reef settled in
kindergarten, remodel her kitchen, and get her new Indian(from India) home
helper settled in. He's all set, Reef is settled and the kitchen is in the
breakdown lane, so we might as well get a move on. The government is less than a
month away from implementing the Laron Report, and Tzudkevitch has to be removed
fro the NIS board of directors and his plan for his organization to be named the
representative organization for all crips with an accomanying monthly deduction
from our benefits to his outfit. That can not happen, but it will if we don't
get off our butts and do something. There are so many othe crip issues that
urgently need attention as well. It's time get a move on. I'll have a car in a
month or so and it will be easier to get around then. As it is, not a day goes
by that someone doesn't stop me and ask about their favorite crip issue. Among
recent questions were three about benefit adjustments for inflation and rising
fuel prices. The benfit for travel hasn't been raised in over 3 years and fuel
prices have sky rocketed here in the last 6 months alone. Never mind that no one
can even begin to live on the basic benefit only. I'm "lucky" to be cripped
enough to get all three benefits, which means I can get along quite well.But so
few of us get all three, it's just not right to expect anyone to live on NIS
2300 a month. It simply can not be done. This must be changed, and soon.
As today is a holiday, there's nothing to go out for, so, I think I'll just get
on with the CD project and wait for Child Genius to come and teach the computer

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Monday, October 17, 2005


What a grand evening it was. I took Peg out for a short run with Harley Too. Up by "The Circles" I saw dark clouds racing to cover the moon, and thought, "Ah, yes, rain" On the way back we stopped to chat with Orna and Yechia who were sitting outside chatting and looking at the clouds and intermittent lightning. Yechiya doesn't like dogs and every time Peg tried to get him to pet him, he moved away. Poor Peggles. All he ever wants is a bit of love. He finally decided it was time for payback and lifted his leg and wet on the very edge of Yechiya's sandal. Perfect aim. Yechiya didn't even notice until Raz, Sophia's kid asked what that puddle right next to Yechiya's toes was. I was laughing so hard by this time that it was rude. When Yechiya found out what the puddle was, he went racing home muttering that canine urine is poison. Peg is now a hero. Sweet as Yechiya can be, he is also a bit of a pest and anyone who can get him to leave for any reason immediately turns into a local legend. Poor Yechiya. At just about that time it started to drip rain and by the time we got home it was pouring down. I brought Peg in and clipped him to his inside chain and left the door open. Ah the scent of first rain. There's nothing quite like it. I sat by the door just breathing it in while the news was on. There's still a hint of that scent in the air this morning, even though the sun is out. It's too bad that can only happen once a year. It's also too bad that the dirt that Peg will track in doesn't come in with that scent too. I wish there could be a first rain several times a year, but, once a year is better than nonce a year, right? It's starting to cloud over, so I'd best get into gear if I want to go out, and I do.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Ok, the new cable phone line is in, but not yet working. I'm sure it will be soon. As soon as Mr. Cable Guy left, I got dressed and started on the days errands. The first was a raid on The Hole In The Wall Bank. Has a nice Wild West sound to it, right? Certainly more fun than ATM. From there a quick hop to the clinic to see if they had the anti flu shots yet. Not til Thursday, so, I'll get shot then. Then on to the fag store where they were out of my brand. Try again in a few days. The second best thing I sorted was that I got that idiot 850 shekel check to the grocery store squared away. Thank G-d that one's finished. Best of all was getting my beloved A Team ring in one of the new smart ass cell phones.
As there was no one in the store, I did my usual full speed entry, squeal to a stop entrance while shouting EMERGENCY! I handed the phone over to Alex, who can put any ring tone into anything, and he got it done. Lior, the manager and I had a good old laugh about things in general, then he decided that I must change the phone insurance policy to theirs, so we did and it's cheaper and covers the batteries as well. That means that when the batteries are old and tired, they'll replace them. I left with a grin a mile wide then went to the butcher where I found puff pastry from whole wheat flour. Oh joy, oh happiness. I was just wondering last night if such a thing existed, and there it was, staring me right in the face. I also got a chicken and some ground beef, and frozen chicken soup veggies. And now I'm home, just as the clouds are moving in. A very good morning all in all. It's time now to get undressed, then, figure out how this new fangled cable phone works, and why it still isn't working at all.


I'm quite in love with my new smart ass cell phones. They were easier to learn to use than the old *dumb* ones, or, maybe I just took the next step with them? They are also great alarm clocks. I don't much like having to use alarms to wake up, but as I had to up and awake (after coffee # 1 by 0700, there wasn't much choice, so,here I sit waiting for them. They said between 0700 and 0900. Now that I'm up and awake, it'll be closer to 0900. There's so much to do today, payday...........and the weather says rain tomorrow and the next day, so it all has to get done today. Raid the bank account, settle a few outstanding issues, buy fags, and a few groceries, get air in BBC's tyres and see if that automatic convertible is still for sale. With my luck it's long gone. If it's gone, there's a Ford down the road that needs a paint job, and just might do. How I hate automatics, but I'd better get used to that change, as even if they hadn't restricted me to them, I wouldn't exactly have much of a choice. Lefty can't work a clutch in any case. Therefore. There's no big rush to find a car, but I want to have a good picture of what's available in town. If I can't find a ragtop, second best is a gimp car with it's own parking sign! I'm just looking so far, not calling or talking. No one will hold a car they want to sell until the money gets here and I don't know how long that will take, so why start driving other people crazy with it now? HA! The phone guy just called. He'll be here in a minute. More later.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Maybe I should just call this week "Unhinged At Gimp House"? I finally brought Peg in last night and somehow managed to prop that screen door up in a position it held all night. Inspection this morning revealed that it's not so bad after all. The pin from the lower hinge is missing in action, but it will be easy enough to find something else to use. I'll just add "new screen door" to the growing list of things to do in and around Gimp House after the estate settles! Actually, that can go on the Insurance policy list.
I *did* manage to make my coffee without incident, but, dribbled some on the keyboard. Nothing new in that.
Pay day is Sunday, and if I'm very very careful, I'll be ok until the insurance check gets here. Pay day after that is Nov. 28. This early payment is due to the holidays. For once it actually is ok for me this time, even if the check is delayed. There are so many it doesn't work for that it's scary. Monthly pay days took a while to used to, but once you get into the rhythm it's just fine. With the exception of travel, everything is on auto debit and most of those amounts don't change much from month to month.
I really don't like money and the fact that there's absolutely no way to live without it. I'm not complaining so much for myself because my benefits are actually quite good. It's people like Orna and Danny who are at the mercy of the NIS(National Insurance Service-our equivalent of Social Security) and if someone somewhere decided that one of them has broken an arcane rule, they get nothing. They haven't gotten anything for over 4 months now. There really should be a law that says they can't stop benefits for any reason until after the appeal process is finished. The way it is now, they stop the benefits, then pay up retroactive if you win the appeal. In the mean time, starve to death with your 4 kids, live without water, phone and electrickery until then, unless you happen to have a wealthy family, or me for a neighbor. Most of my present financial issues right now are a result of helping them through this morass of bureaucratic crap. Ah, well, they have to eat and pay bills, and one day soon, they'll get their benefits back. The NIS thing is kind of like the old Israeli joke: Prove you don't have a sister!
The weather is showing signs of changing, and rain is predicted for the middle of the week. It's only a 60% chance, but I'd be very happy if it does rain. The nights are cooling down too, which is really nice. I'm ready for some nice violent thunder and lightning storms. There's nothing I enjoy more, unless it's snow. Haven't had any white stuff since 1992 up here, and it sure would be nice to have at least one proper snowstorm this winter. However, if not, I can always go out and look at Mt. Hermon and imagine the sharp cold air.
It's time to stop procastinating and install Office. No reason for putting it off, just lazy, and I promised Orly's girls that we'd write a story during succot vacation, which is coming up fast, so I'd better get it done PDQ.

Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm afraid that recent events force me to recant my previous post! Yes, I *did* successfully make a cup of coffee and drink it without spilling it, and I *did* sort the Firefox snafu. Things took a decidedly downhill turn when I took Peg out for his nightly, and the screen door came off in my hand. There I stood with the dog on the lead in one hand and the door in the other, a look of stunned disbelief on my face. It's sort of propped back in place and I'll get Danny to put it back on the hinge tomorrow. And here I thought *I* was coming unhinged while all the while it was the screen door. The challenge is now to get Peg in without having the door disintegrate in my hand, right?
Will she succeed?
Or will she be left standing there all night holding the door in place?
Tune in tomorrow for the answer.
Now here's a scary end to the day. Spell Check just came up with no mistakes. It must be wrong.


Things seem to have settled down somewhat since this morning's insanity with the coffee. It seemed prudent to stay in today and not tempt the fates. At around 1300 a wee kip seemed to be in order, so, after a shower, I hunkered down and surfaced at around 1630. So far so good. I didn't fall out of bed, or crash land in the shower, though it seemed like my left leg was on the verge of folding in on itself, in the end, it didn't. After this mornings performance it seemed wise to delay making another cup of coffee until I was wide awake and capable of planning and carrying out such a complicated mission. I successfully prepared a coffee and got it to the computer just before the news at 2100. If that isn't a worthy record for Guinness, I don't know what is! Quite a commentary on my life, that. Imagine being so pleased about doing such a simple task. Of course it could have been worse. I might have goofed up on the second cup. I also got rid of that annoying notice in Firefox. It was just another example of what happens when I'm not paying attention and in the end was easily fixed.


I may have only been awake for 15 minutes or so, but it's not too soon to state categorically that today is going to be longer and more insane than usual. I've only been making my morning coffee for as long as I've been drinking coffee. It's really not difficult. Heat water, put coffee in the cup, pour the water, bring the prepared coffee to where I want to drink it. Right? Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Ok, so I've only been drinking morning coffee at the computer since 1999 when I got the contraption. That's only 6 years This morning, I was a bit off my stride, to put it mildly. I usually turn on the gas under the kettle, grab Peg's lead, take him out, put the coffee in the cup, turn off the gas, pour the water, bring the coffee here. Today, for some reason unknown to me, I unhooked Peg, then remembered to turn on the gas, while holding his lead, put him out, filled his water bowl, put the coffee in the cup, turned off the gas, poured the water, came to the computer WITHOUT THE COFFEE. I'd read two emails before I noticed that I'd forgotten the coffee in the kitchen. I'd say that's a pretty good indication that today is going to be more nuts than usual.
After futzing around with the computer all day yesterday, I discovered that I messed something up with Firefox. Every time I bring it up I get a stubborn notice that demands a CD in drive G. Now that I have all my favorite plug ins and extensions just the way I like them, it looks like I'm right back where I started, unless I think of a way to sort it without uninstalling, then reinstalling Firefox. So upgrade the day from just nutty to very long and nutty!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


For someone who doesn't talk much on the phone, I certainly have enough of them! 5 connected to the Bezeq line, two smart ass know and do it all cell phones, 2 spares regular phones, just in case, and I'm getting a new Cable line come Sunday. I regularly get low phone bills because I just don't call much. One of my cell phones hasn't even bothered sending a bill for the last two months because the amount is so low! That will change because the new cell phones come with hefty monthly payments, but as I don't talk that much on them, it's ok. So, if I talk so little on them, why all the phones? I really don't know, maybe it's comforting just knowing I have the option? I really don't know and right now, I'm too hungry to even think it about it, but maybe I should give it some thought after I eat something?
Aside from that, my butt hurts from sitting here all day. It's not really kosher, but, I guess I'm just wicked and should have done to Synagogue today, but they aren't accessible to gimps in wheelchairs, so I just stayed in and did computer stuff very quietly so as not to give the neighborhood big mouths anything to gossip about, though they do just fine without any help.
I just got the greatest videos from the Holland con. They are here. Just unzip and watch. The first one is THE ONE. Can't see me in either, but boy can you hear Dwight in the first one!

Enjoy the audio on the first one, I sure do. Dwight is such a sweetheart. I think it's time to get out of this corner, find some din dins and beat myself up figuratively.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


It's Erev Yom HaKippurim and this jet lag, as well as time change, have me waking up at 0630. That's just fine on days like today when I want to get into town early to pick up the local papers, raid the ATM, then get a few things at the grocery store. Waking up early means I can have my first coffee while reading e mails, then get dressed and go. I was out of here by 0915 today and dropped off a thing my clinic needs to pay an old ER bill, then the raid on the ATM, then get the papers. Traffic was totally insane today, cars all over the place with Israeli drivers. Even the cops were driving nutsy today (not sure that's any different from any other day) but today it stood out. I decided to take the north by west, then, east route to the shopping center I wanted, and it was better traffic wise. There were only 3 things I needed from the store, but, as usual, it took well over an hour to get them and get out. While waiting in the line at the only register Harley Too can go through, one of the gals who worked with me at hotel started to interrogate me on why I buy ready made salads from the deli rather than make them myself. I smiled and suggested that she try it with one hand tied behind her back, as I only have one fully functioning hand, not to mention that I can't stand up long enough to do anything like that and my chair doesn't fit in the kitchen. Sheesh. That after yesterday when an old friend who works there tried to convince me that if I wanted to I could walk rather than use Harley Too. Where do these people come up with these things? Ok, I can walk a bit and do. I can lurch around the house, the longest distance in here being less than 10 meters, but that doesn't mean that with practice I can walk around a grocery store! And my left leg is getting worse daily. It's developed a weird shake and is very, very weak. I would love nothing more than to be able to walk like I used to, but, as that isn't likely to happen, I'm just thankful that I can get out and around on Harley Too. In a way, I guess I feel a little sorry for those *why don't you* people. If they don't get that, what else don't they get? Maybe I should scrounge around my tool box and see if there's something in there I can use to adjust my attitude?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the first time I came to Israel. What a day that was. The minute I got off the plane I knew I was home. In spite of all the idiotic insanity here, that hasn't changed one little bit over the years. I'm exactly where I was meant to be. The day would have escaped me if my favorite ex hadn't mentioned that it was a holiday when he called and I asked which one. "Columbus Day" he replied, and it hit me. The very day so long ago that I first came here.What a great day that was.
My favorite ex called last night to find out if I'd heard anything about Dad's estate on behalf of his children. I told him to send Aron to the probate courthouse in Palm Beach and get a copy of the will himself, and that it might take a lot longer than anyone thinks as there a many questions I'll be wanting answers to before I sign off on it. A few minutes after that call, Aron himself called and we had a lovely chat. In my fury at him I'd forgotten how personable and funny he is. And yes, I missed him and his wacky sense of humor. He even sent me a picture of Cowboy Aron. What a handsome guy he is!
To put rumor to bed, TBFH is not pregnant, contrary to what her mother told some of the neighbor ladies. I decided not to mention the rumor TBFH's father is spreading. Time will take care of that one! I'm just going to ignore it. Aron also told me that Irit had her baby. I *knew* that a while back, but it was good to have it confirmed. Another grand daughter I'll never know. I don't even know her name. Either Irit will grow up and get over it like Aron did, or not. I'm not backing down. I'm too old,gimpy, and creaky to hop on a bus and go there when she beckons. I have a perfectly good, if small, house and they can come here any time they want. I'm still smarting from the fact that she never bothered to call, never mind, come here after Dad died. That was about as inexcusable as can be. Much much worse than not letting me know she had the baby.

On a happier note, Cab and I had a wonderful Text Message session on my new phone. She is the most amazing person I know. I discovered that one of the phones does more tricks than the other, which is good. It means they aren't really redundant. I'm going to play with the *smarter* phone when I get back from town today. I have to go back to Cellcom and investigate the issue of the name they gave me for the email there. After living over 50 years with wrong names, I'm not putting up with it anymore! I guess it's time to get out of here and go do that and take back the wine that turned out to be vinegar that I paid 54 shekels for! Expensive vinegar.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Called The Jeffy last night and he still hasn't gotten anything from The Wicked Stepmother of Evility. My poor baby brother. He's tried so hard and done so well with what he has, and it took a long explanation from me for Dad to see it. The Wicked one still doesn't and The Jeffey's heart is broken. I only got around to telling Dad a few months before he died so The Jeffey didn't get much time to enjoy his new upgraded status with Dad. It's so sad to see how hurt he is by it all.
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to do some digging into what Dad had and didn't have. No way on earth was there only one life insurance policy. I also now know how much he got for the business, and that he had a sizable stock portfolio before he sold the business, so where is it all? From something the Wicked one let slip, I also know that there was a trust fund that he used for living expenses. Knowing Dad, he had a mortgage on the house down there, which is probably long paid off. Something is way off there and I have no intention of sitting back and letting go without finding out. Mom and Dad spent their lives building up a business that would have been crap if not for Mom. That Woman is not going enjoy anything from that; not if *I* have anything to say about it, and you'd better believe I will have plenty to say about it. SHE (Mom) was our mother, not that Wicked Stepperson.
On a more mundane note, went to the bank and my ATM card worked just fine, and those weird charges were gone this morning. One of the clerks there witnessed my signature and I sent the whole thing by courier to the insurance company. I didn't bother to ask Mordy what that was all about as the bank was very busy. As long as it's sorted, it's ok. Then up to Pelephone to get the numbers switched. Done! Then to Cellcom to get one of their smart ass phones. The poor guy there wanted to put the phone on my credit card, but I resisted, and eventually the manager gave in, and said ok to an automatic debit. So I have yet another brand new smart ass cellphone. Must put it in the charger, then, memorize the book. I'm sleepy and my back is killing me. I'm now off to make a falafel in 1/3 of a whole wheat baguette, then to rest my poor back on the air mattress while memorizing the cell phone book.
Also have to kill two of my Bezeq lines because the cable phone will be put in on Sunday morning. Can do that from bed!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


It is not recommended to try to drive a scooter while crying. Tears make it hard to see oncoming traffic. I learned this lesson today. I went to the big shopping center to get a new battery for my Cellcom cell phone, and ran in Jacko, our mail man. He mentioned that I had something in my box from the States, so, after a bit of small talk, I charged of there to collect it. When I saw the slip, I knew that was something to do with Dad's estate, and the tears just started flowing. I managed to stop them before I got to the main post office to collect the envelope. There was a form to sign and send back to the insurance company, and an original death certificate. That got me started again. Dealing with all it makes me feel so grubby and mean, as well as sad, but it has to be done.
After I got the certificate photocopied; because I have to send the original back with the form, I went to Pelephone to get a smart ass phone with camera, email and internet. It has a large screen as these things go and works out of the country, which Pelephone cell phones never used to do. I just checked the Cellcom site and am thinking of getting one of theirs as well. I came racing home, planning to play with the new phone, but checked my bank balance first. For some insane reason, it shows that my ATM card was cancelled. I wonder what that is about, but as the bank is closed today, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. There was a 200 shekel charge for it too. Some one is going to get well and truly yelled at for that. My balance is well withing agreed limits and there was absolutely no reason to cancel the ATM card and charge me 200 for it. With that to look forward to, I think I'll go play with my new toys.


There are some interesting side effects to being bilingual. I've pretty much been living my life in two languages since 1972 when I first learned to speak Hebrew. There was then a period of 7 years when I spoke Hebrew only without any trace of an American accent. I forced myself to learn to read in Hebrew because the only English language newspaper at the time was crap, and I figured that if I wanted *real* news, it had to be from the Hebrew papers. It was a landmark moment when, driving to airport, I looked at a sign and wondered why they wrote the same thing on it twice. It was a split second before I realized that the sign was in both English and Hebrew, and therefore, written twice, and I'd taken in both languages pretty much simultaneously!
The next hurdle was to read a book in Hebrew. Reading in English is still easier and as I read so many books for pleasure, it made more sense to read in English. Achi gave me a special book in Hebrew for my birthday one year, and I read it with great pleasure and proceeded to get the rest of the books by that author-Irit Linor. My first run in with complete brain confusion was when reading one of her books that partly took place in Maine. What was weird was that she got Maine right, in Hebrew no less.*That* was strange to read. Even freakier was finding out from her husband (who was a frequent guest at the hotel where I worked) that she had never even been there! Somehow she got it just right! Maine is not easy to get right, but she did!
It happened again last night, in reverse. There was a movie on channel 10 that took place in Israel. Ok, I've seen lots of movies they either took place, or were filmed here, but done in English. I'm still trying to figure out why it was so strange to watch this one. I kept an eye on the subtitles because it seemed that it should have been done in Hebrew, but of course, Charlton Heston and Claude Van Damm don't exactly have the fluency level required to do a whole movie in Hebrew. The whole Israel in English thing in that movie reminded me of the Maine in Hebrew thing, and I think I'll be athinkin' on it for a while.
We changed to Winter Time last night, and I only have one clock left to change, unless you count the one in the TV. That last is a royal pain to change, so I'll do it later.

Some time after the news last night, I remembered that I had heard there had been an earthquake some place in Indonesia, so I texted Cab, who turned out to be nightclubbing with friends. We exchanged a few hilarious texts, then, next thing I knew, I was being serenaded via cell phone. Seems she was teaching her pals some songs. After the first somewhat bad performance she called back and with her as lead singer and her friends as back up vocalists, they pretty much got it right. I do adore that woman! I also revel in the insanity that a Welsh gal in Indo and an ex Mainer in Israel text and email each other from countries that are not exactly on friendly terms!

Last night I was smart enough to lock the door after bringing Peg in, and it's a good thing I did. Child Genius arrived after midnight and I just wanted peace and quiet. He has his own computer at home, so why does he want to use mine? It wouldn't surprise me if he was up to no good. Now that it's back to running the way I want it to, no one, but NO ONE else is going to so much as look at it.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Having been a good girl yesterday, and not drifting off into nap mode in the afternoon, I was asleep by midnight. My big mistake was to not lock the door when I brought Peg in earlier. I looked at it and said to my self, "Self, don't lock it" So I didn't. At a little after midnight, Child Genius and Krasny arrived. That was just fine as I had previously realized that the sound wasn't working here, and he had promised to come by and sort my private emails for me. He sorted both mails and the sound, and then did a bunch of stuff that left 29 critical objects on AdAware. I have learned to run it the minute he leaves. Now I can listen to Dark Matters.
I finally got my butt in gear yesterday and took the meat off the turkey , and got it wrapped and frozen. Also made what turned out to be a yummy turkey soup, using the bones and several packets of frozen veggies. By the time I'd recovered from getting the meat off the bones, the bits and pieces just fell off the bones in the pot. Didn't even need any salt or soup mix!
I sicced a lawyer on the probate thing in Florida. The Wicked Stepmother of Evility told me ages ago that she was sending the papers out right away. I found out on the great www that she filed the will for probate on 20 Sept, and that The Jeffey also hasn't received anything. There has been more than enough time for the papers to get here, never mind to Maine from Florida. A friend found a lawyer down there who will represent us now and I'll pay him when things are sorted.
I'm having a hard time letting go. I dissolve into tears at the oddest times. So many things remind me of Dad, that the tears just turn themselves on at the strangest times. The worst was on the flight to Holland. I absolutely love take offs and give a loud Murdockian take off howl in my head. The next thing I knew the tears were doing freefall down my face. Before I moved here permanently, that happened every time I flew out of the country and I was a legend on ElAl. It doesn't happen anymore because when I leave, I know I'll be coming back home.
The cable company is now offering telephone service, and I've been most anxious to get it, but if you call the company, you have to pay for it by credit card. No way. All my other cable stuff is on automatic debit, as is my Bezeq(the *real* phone company) so I informed them that when they let us use auto debit, I'll get it. I found out that if the cable phone is ordered through the field reps, it can be auto debited. Guess who's coming on Sunday?! Right! The cable field rep. What's the big deal about getting cable phone? Simple. Bezeq charges 75 shekels a month just to have the line, and unless you have their 7/77 package, for each call. Cable charges 35 + VAT per month and that includes 2000 minutes. That's two thousand minutes to either Bezeq or cable phones. After the first year, it will go up, but the included time will stay the same. I'll just keep the Bezeq line for incoming and international(international calls are charged through a different company) calls and use the cable line for in country outgoing. That method worked just fine when I had two Bezeq lines. I'll be able to cancel the 7/77 package and just pay the 75 every month. The cable phones being new and running off a modem, it makes sense to keep Bezeq for back up.
There's only one payment left on my Cellcom cell phone (the one I have for overseas travel) so it's getting close to the time to look into a 3rd generation cell phone that does email and other fun stuff. If I get one of those, I won't have to spend hours tapping out text messages to Cab asking her to post to the VA, I'll be able to send her texts about other stuff, and be able to use the cell for email. I wonder if I can get a cable connection for it and watch A Team? One of the cell companies has a very nice deal for internet and e mail. Must find out which company and if it's the one I don't have yet, just get a new battery for the Cellcom and get one of theirs. Maybe I'll go looking on the great www. That *is* what it's for, innit? Time to go text Cab. There was another earthquake in Indo.

Friday, October 07, 2005


So it took most of the day, but it finally hit me that those 1500 shekels could only have come from one place! It seems that some 20 odd years ago I bought a share in what was then the largest chain of supermarkets in the country for 10 shekels. A couple of years ago I got a phone call in the middle of the night, 0800, and a gal asked I was Frances Golan who had once lived at my last address in Nazareth Elite. I admitted it and rattled off my ID number in my sleep. She then informed me that the chain had been bought and the new owners wanted to take it private and were buying back all the shares, which were then valued at 7 to 8,000 shekels each. I spent most of the day walking around in shock, then called back to find out if I had been dreaming or if it was real! It was real and about a year or so ago I got the first payment of two. It was either 3 or 4,000. Must search out the paper, and we had to sign a thing with our bank account numbers when we collected the first payment at the post office. That means there's more on the way at some point and I am quite chuffed at having solved the mystery all by myself!
Things are so slap-dash in this country it's amazing. They just stick 1500 in your account without so much as note in the mail and leave you to figure it out for yourself. Not complaining, mind you, just commenting. That money put me back on the legal side of the bank, so I am most thankful. I'll be even more grateful when they pay the rest of it, no matter if it's just another 1500, I'll be thrilled. So will my bank.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


If I didn't already know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that I am nuts, today would have sent me screaming to nearest loony bin with padded walls.
I was sitting here quite happily this morning reading my email, when the phone rang. It was my sawbones calling to ask how I am and how was the trip. I told him about the sprained ankle trick and he said he wanted to see it and the two crooked toes! I dutifully got dressed, dodged market day traffic, and went to the clinic. I just sat there waiting until he finished with the patient who was in the room with him. Two others who were waiting tried to figure out who was next. The bossier of the two asked what time I was listed for? With great pleasure I told him that I'm not on the list, the doc called and asked me to come in. Confident that he (the bossy one) would be next in, he almost knocked me over when Dr. Sawbones came out and told me to go in. Mr. Bossy did not like that one little bit, but there wasn't a thing he could do about it. My foot was inspected from all angles and declared no longer sprained. As to the toes, we'll discuss them after the scarring gets better. During our chat he let slip that he called because he missed my wacky take on things medical!
From there, I went to my butcher to pick up some bony beef for me and Pegasus to enjoy, then battled the traffic yet again to get home. I sauced the beef and stuck it in the oven, then came to computer to check my bank account. Hmph. 1500 shekels were dropped in it through the postal bank, and I have no idea who did that, unless it was Albilia. This after the blazing row I had with my account's manager. I also discovered something weird with my credit card. The grand total was 2200+ shekels, which was about what I thought it should be, and left over 1500 to play with, but when I went to charge travel insurance to the card, it was refused. I called the cc people and they said I was already over my limit. I wasn't even close, so I don't understand what's going on there. Looks like I'll have to make a few calls and find out what the hells is going on! That 1500 has me flummoxed, and it would be nice to know where it came from. If it *is* Albilia, there's still 28500 to go, and I hope it's not going to be 19 months of dribs and drabs. It might be a good idea to call the shyster and find out. Better than sitting here wondering, right?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I am heartily sick and tired of thinking I'm smart enough to do anything on this 'lectronic pencil except send e mails and read newspapers because I obviously am not. One day last week while still suffering from jetlag (never mind that the time difference was only two hours) It was jet lag, I tell you, jet lag, I thought it might be nice to catch up on some routine computer maintenance, like scan disk and the like. Even though I actually do know better, I clicked ok on delete last date for system restore and spent the week off line texting with Cab who posted to the VA to inform them of my latest insanity. Today was spent reformatting/installing my idiot OS and getting back to the way I like it. Of course Child Genius had to be SOSed to sort the connection and he forgot to do my private e mail accounts. Grrr. Tomorrow. I really hate doing this and never again intend to so much as look at the delete sys restore last date....until next time!!
It all started because I suspected a virus and indeed found one in Norton (insert obscenity of choice) and deleted it. Dumb. I'm not sure what was dumber, letting Gerald put in Norton(insert obscenity of choice) or deleting it. What ever, I'm back with my beloved AVG and a proper firewall that is driving me nuts with constnt popup things that ignore checked notices. It just keeps on showing it. I've got a ton of other stuff that has to be put back, like e-addys and the like but will do it tomorrow, maybe. Being the work-a-freak I am, I hate leaving things undone once I've started, so I just might be here all night.
Jaguar got her surprise in the mail and sounds quite happy with it. What was the big secret? Just a little thing I spotted next to the cash register at Duty Free when I was paying for my fags.....a wee bottle of Jaguar perfume that I could no way not get for her, then have Dwight sign. I'm so chuffed that she likes it. Made the whole trip worth the hassle and jet lag!
Rosh Ha Shana (our New Year) is over and I have a turkey in the fridge waiting to be demeated. There are two things I KNOW I can make, one is a nice moist stuffed turkey, the other is a special secret recipe cheese pie. Orly and Chaim ordered me to appear at their house for holiday dinner and I said, "Not without a *chick*" They had never seen a whole stuffed turkey before and were blown away. It came out perfectly; if I do say so myself, brown and smelling so good it was almost wicked. As there were only three adults, there's a lot of left overs waiting to be stripped from the bones and frozen.
There are tons of things I want to post about, but the unfinished stuff is calling, so I'll just have to come back after I finish it, or tomorrow. Is sooooooooo good to be back online.