Monday, April 28, 2008


I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to my three faithful readers for not posting as regularly as usual. My mood has been a little bit off what with allthe pressure of Orna Gate, the reappearance of my pressure sore (at least one thing likes enough to stick around), and the insane goings on, locally, nationally, and internationally.
The police waited until the end of Pesach to call Danny in to be interrogated. That's only to be expected. This morning his mother arrived at my door to beg me to cancel my complaint because Orna is hospital at death's door. She said that Orna has a thrombosis that she is not expected to survive. Uh huh. It just so happens that I know a thing or two about blood clots and what can be done for/about them. Been there, done that, have the wheely, don't need a T shirt. The real imminent danger from a clot is if it moves to the lungs, heart or brain. Otherwise there are some excellent clot busting drugs that can take care of it. Surgery is also an option depending on where it is. She is in the surgical ward, and later tonight I will know exactly what her condition is. It's ever so nice to have that hospital wired! I'm very sorry that she's so sick and in hospital, but, that's hardly a reason to take back my complaint against her husband. Nope. Not going to do it. After listening to her hysterionics for 45 minutes I explained exactly why I intend to see thing through to then. Until Danny broke and entered my shed, I didn't have a thing on them, just the daughter. Now, I have them both. Sueing Danny for the shed and swing glider they stole while I was away in 2006 and refused to return when I got back, give me reason to open a civil suit against Danny. Sueing him is the same as sueing her. Enough is enough.
On the local front, our mayor was convicted of a whole bunch of crimminal election activities, among them accepting bribes, falsifying legal documents and whole long list of other things. He's going to jail, at long last!
The national stuff I'll cover in one of my other blogs more fully and just say here that our poorest ever excuse of a PM had the nerve to take his annual vacation in a cabin on the Golan Heights and was quoted as saying after his vacation that he couldn't see what all the fuss was about between us and the Syrians over the Golan. All he saw up there was a bunch of volcanic rocks and security men (HIS security detail). He is such a lout, but more on that at the other blog.
Sorry for cutting this short, but some new pictures of my grand baby just came in and I must look at them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Some people just don't know when they have it good. This morning, Danny, Orna's husband, asked for the key to the shed so he could take 'their' Passover dishes( the ones *I* bought for them) and when I refused to give it to him, he went right ahead and broke in and took them. I called the cops while he was doing it, but they got here after he left with the dishes. The cops, wanting to keep life simple for themselves hinted that as Danny said that he'd fix the damage, maybe I'd wait with the complaint, then, went their merry way without taking a formal complaint. Danny also had the nerve to tell the cops that I owe Orna 3 months salary. Um, I don't think so. She was paid for every day she worked, and then some. Her salary was based on a full work month, and if she averaged 3 hours of real work a day, I'm a harmless kitty cat. I was ready for his nonesense, so just said very quietly that I can prove otherwise. One of the cops winked at me as if to say that he knows the liar is! Before heading for town, I took a picture of the damage, which looks small, but will require that the whole door on that side be replaced. When I got home, an old friend who is a cop called to wish me a happy holiday, and when I told him what had happened, he told me that it was indeed breaking and entering, and to lodge a formal complaint tomorrow. My lawyer said the same thing when I called him about it. So, that's exactly what I will do, first thing tomorrow. The pilgrimmage has already started with three neighbors trying to convince me to not file a complaint. Everyone would be well advised to save their breath. That family crossed my red line long ago, and I am out for blood. They can say anything they want about me to anyone they please. I know the truth.
I just love stuff like this when I am 100% right, and ready for the fight. This is going to be so much fun.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's just been one of those weeks when everything annoys me, often for no good reason. Well, maybe there is a reason. I have a post for one of my other blogs percolating in my head, and that kind of makes it hard to write here. It's almost brewed, so, I can update here now.
Not much of interest has happened this week, except my lawyer finally managed to get himself over here.
I almost went berzerk, as well as blind getting all of Orna's daughter's phone bills into Word from PDF. I still am not sure exactly how I did it, but, I did, and now my lawyer has it, along with all the details. There is just one tiny glitch. Before it can filed in court, a letter of intent to sue has to be sent. That means that she gets fair warning and a 14 day period from when she gets the letter to pay up, including the fee the lawyer charges for writing and sending the letter. If I know her, and I do, she will be here 3 minutes after opening that letter, begging for easy monthly payments. I'm ready for her! She gets exactly one payment. I am so looking forward to this!
Ok, the phone stuff is done and I just got myself a new deal from the cable company! If you have their interweb, phone and TV, for 199 a month instead of 189 a month you can get all their channels! That's actually not a bad deal. Those deals are usually for new customers, but, for some strange reason, this one is also for existing customers! It goes into effect tomorrow. Granted, I might not ever watch the new additions, but, on the other hand, I might, and 10 shekels more a month is a joke. Actually, it's less than $ 3! So, that's ok.
I spent most of this morning in town trying to get just one of the long list of people who owe me money to give me enough for a few packs of cigarrettes. The really annoying part of that is that it wasn't so long ago that all Orna had to do was tell me she was out of smokes, and I'd run right out to get her a carton. Now, thanks to her, I have trouble scraping together enough money for even one pack. That really gets my motor running! As things stand now, I'm ok until Sunday.
The bandage fell off the pressure again, and I'm leaving it off for now. There's a nice dry scab over it, so, with any luck, that bit of torture is over. I'll keep on using the pyramid pillow invention just to be on the safe side.
I think it's time to scrounge some lunch, then have a little rest. See? It really was a boring week!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


I willing admit to having been a lazy gimp this week. I just haven't much felt like writing. No real reason, just was doing other things. But, yesterday I did actually do something somewhat note worthy! After my quick Friday swing through town for the local papers, I decided to make bread with my handy dandy machine. I like whole wheat bread, and the machine does just fine with whole wheat flour. Thing is, if you want to make whole wheat bread it helps to have whole wheat flour. I only found about a quarter of a 1 kilogram bag of whole wheat flour, but had a whole one of rye and another full bag of white bread flour. Ok. I decided to just combine them, and dumped some of each into a bowl, whisked them all together, then, started measuring the mixed flours into the machine bucket. I was more than a little amazed to discover that I had put exactly enough of each flour into the bowl! The bread that came out of the machine was the best so far.
I wonder if I'll ever manage that trick again? I wasn't even trying. It just happened.