Monday, March 31, 2008


This is the short version!
Today was almost fun. The plan was to leave early, get there early because more times than not, there's trouble with the paperwork or no parking (same damn inner city teaching hospital). My appointment was for 1300, and a miracle happened! There was parking space about as close as you can the door. When I left it was cloudy, but no rain. The rain started when I got to Haifa and there was a nice big puddle right where I had to step to jackknife myself out of the car. The cloth slipper I had on the pressure sore foot came off, and there's no way to put it back on when I'm standing. I was parked right outside a security booth and the sweety came out and helped me put the wheely together. I plonked myself into and rolled in, and signed in, over an hour early. The paperwork was ok, and I decided that I needed a fag which were in the car, so, out I rolled into the pouring rain and the same guy got them out of the car for me. After my oxeegen break I rolled back in and they called me for the exam! I was out there well before 1300 and on the way to my sawbones to get shot. He was supposed to get there and start seeing patients at 1230, but I got there before him, and he took me first, gave me the scrits and I went to the in clinic pharmacy to get the cocktail. When I got back up to his floor there was a ruckus in the nurse's space so I had to wait. The nurse came out and gestured for me to come in, took my vials, the orders and disappeared with a doctor. Then an administrator showed up and they called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived and the stretcher took up most of the front room. They loaded the patient onto it and parked him right next o me while they finished the paperwork. By then my doc had joined the party. The nurse mixed my cocktail and while my doc was pulling down my pants to find the 'trigger spot' he and the nurse talked about the guy. He was an attempted suicide. I got shot, did some cripple ballet and headed home. It rained most of the way and I knew that Harley's seat would be wet when I arrived, and so it was. Damn right I sat dab smack in the puddle and drove up on to the ramp. I was a little afraid that he would pull his 'won't move an the rain' trick, but he was just fine! That's why I staggered to the computer with a wet butt. I was drenched to the bone for the Doppler, and my feet are still wet. And my whole body is tired. Where O where are the days when I go full steam ahead for 36 hours and not blink?
I'm taking my tired abused body to bed. I have a feeling that I'll have an early night tonight!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm not really sure why, but it's been a strange week or two. I have been enjoying having Gimp House to myself again, getting the car insured and the tank filled, and making make up appointments for the medical stuff I'm behind on. I'm off to Haifa and Akko tomorrow. The first for a Doppler ultra sound of the artery that was rotorootered, then, to get my right shot. The last shot lasted for three months which is pretty good, but the last few days there have been a few really twinges that almost sent me crashing to the floor. I think I'll have him take a look at the pressure while I'm there.
I've pretty much been ignoring my blogs, but haven't been in much of a writing mood. It'll come when it comes.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Right! There's that done. On Friday I took my stupid stubborn pressure sore to the clinic and decided to try leaving it open to the air until today. I made it until 2000 or so, then had to put some Polidine cream on it as was hurting, I mean, really hurting. Somehow I got through the weekend and when we took off the mini dressing I'd put on it was actually a little better. There is now a new antibiotic patch on it, and the solution to keeping it off the mattress was on the ramp when I got home in the form of two blosters. The wedge shaped one looks like one that will do the trick.
After the clinic I went to see if Shmaryah had the money he owed me for using the toll hiway and he did! Then, on the way home I stopped in at the butcher to explain why I can't pay the bill this month, but that I will, even if it's only a couple hundred a month. The boss lady was just fine with that. She knows that I will pay and she knows Orna which helped her understand why I can't pay yet. They are so good to me there, and never once asked when I'd pay because they know I will and that if there's a problem they are great about not pestering me about it.
When I got home there were two bolsters on Harley Too that look like they just might do the trick and keep the ankle up. I'll get them sorted by the time the World Championship Gala comes on at 1500.
Was that ever a competition. I was glued to the screen. The results were pretty much what I expected and with our dance team in the top 10, we'll be able to send another couple next year, if we have one. We didn't do so well in Pairs, Ladies, and Men's, but that was only to be expected.
I was thrilled with the results in Men's. France's Brian Joubert (who I dislike only because he reminds me of Tom Cruise) lost his crown to Canada's Jeffrey Buttle, which was just fine with me, and America's Johnny Weir took bronze. I had been hoping for a better finish for Thomas Verner, but it wasn't to be. Oh well. I did notice something worth commenting on about some of the coaches. A few of the Russian coaches were down right mean to their skaters who did poorly, almost as if the poor skater skated badly on purpose. One even went so far as to sit as far from his competitor as possible in the Kiss and Cry while waiting for the results. Most if not all of the American and European coaches were right there for their skater's with a hug and words of encouragement. It was so obvious that it just seemed worth mentioning. All in all it was a wonderful competition even if I did cry more this year than any other. I so desperately want to be on the ice again and have that wonderful feeling of being where I belong again. Damn this useless wreck of a body.
I don't know how it happened, but I've become a major fan of Ice Dancers Delobel and Shoenfelder. I even had a dream about skating with him. I also went wild over The Brit's Original and Free Dances and think they should have finished higher than 8th place. They were that good.
It's interesting to watch the new crop of contenders work their way up the ranks. By next year some of the national champs who were too young to compete as Seniors this year will be making their presence felt next year. The excitement and wonder of the big competitions never changes for me, just the names and faces of the competitors. I love it so much.
Other than that, not much else is new except that I did get my car insurance paid and made new appointments for the stuff for that sorted.
Dem Der might be down later to take some more of his stuff out. He really does have to get it all out of here soon.
I think it's time to get the cushions sorted and make something with the ground beef before it goes bad, then settle in for the gala.
The Gimp of Purple is now officially back to what passes for her as normal!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The World Figure Skating Championships being held in Sweden this year, started today. I did go out this morning, only because one of my fellow Cripple Warriors from the Jerusalem demonstrations asked me to go to some idiot meeting. Ok, I went, I saw, I heard, I shut up. Now, I can just stay home next time. I am so not into the 'going around the circle and everyone tells their name and why they are crippled'. Me, I just point blank refused by saying "No". That, of course was my joke on the lady from the welfare department who was the only person there who didn't know me! I'm sure there was a lot of checking going on after I left. Going there meant that it was too late to go into town or grocery shopping before Sweden. Not the end of the world, though. Town will most likely still be there tomorrow.
See yas alls after worlds!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm having a hard time believing it, but, it is, indeed over. Except for the getting all of his stuff out. But, he's gone and Peg and I can get back to our nice quiet (ahem) lives as dog and human gimp. Dem Der took his phone and went out quietly on Sunday morning, then called to announce that he'd be staying up there on his mattress on the floor and figure out a way to get down here for the rest of his stuff. He did in fact come on Wednesday and take a fair anount out of the shed. His fridge is still there and a few more things, and the room he was in still has stuff all over and there are a few things in the 'liberry'/shelter. He has until next weekend to get the rest out or I will and I don't mean that I'll take it to him. I mean I'll get it out.
He was only here for four or so months, but it felt like infinity. It's not like he was a constant irritant, but just his being here was enough to remind me that I like living alone. Then, he made a really huge mistake. Two in fact. The first was asking if he could borrow one of my TVs. Knowing how his mind works with stuff like that, he was thinking that I have three sets, all of which are better than his old one, so, I won't miss it. Yes, I do have three TV sets, two of which I seldom use. But they are mine. I paid good money for them, and if I want one in my bomb shelter and another in my guest room for the occassional guest, there they will stay. His next mistake was to try and wheedele me into putting his cable subscription on my bank account. Not bloody likely, not even for an hour. Dumb ass actually had the nerve to hang up on me when I said no. He did call a few minutes later to tell me he was on the way here to get his stuff. And he tried again while he was here. I told him that I don't need a reason, I'm just not doing it. Hells bells. He lived here for four months rent and utility free, and still couldn't get even a little bit ahead of himself. He's already dead broke and is starting to borrow from just about everyone he knows. Then he has to pay it all back on the 28th and it starts all over again.
I can safely say that I won't be going down that road with him. I feel bad for him, but, he really doesn't do anything to help himself and he spends on things he doesn't need. Just stupid stuff like those rotisseried chickens he buys at the grocery store for more than a chicken would cost, fresh or frozen. And he goes through paper towels like no one I've ever seen, and toilet paper. In two months we went through what for me is almost a years supply. And water, he uses it as if he's trying to use up the whole country's supply in one go. I'm scared to death of getting my next water bill.
Yes, I am now thankful that it's over and things will get back to their previous usage levels, and that I have my glorious aloneness back. I'm not sorry I did it because there was just no way I could leave him out on the street or begging a bed for the night after he got evicted. Right now I'm not sure if I'd do it again for him or anyone else in the future, but it's still to close o actual trauma to decide anything like that now.
He now has a home of his own, and I'm happily alone in mine, and we didn't kill each other. I guess that's something!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


The way things look now, the Dem Der episode will be over this week. It had damn well better be. I think the following is close enough to spectacular to warrent inclusion in the on going saga.
Yesterday I was sitting at the computer which is as close to the kitchen as it can be without actually being in it. Anyone sitting here would have to be blind to not see what's going on by the fridge. Dem Der walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, took out something, opened it, then stood there eating it. He closed that, took out something else, opened IT, ate from whatever IT was, closed IT, put IT back and took out another something. In all he took out four somethings, opened them, ate from them, closed them and put them back, all standing there with the fridge door open. I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't even open my mouth to ask what the hells he was doing.
For his next trick, he appeared in my room holding two cell phone chargers and asked if I wanted them. After I asked him why he thought I might want them, he said that he knows I have several cell phones that I don't use, so he thought maybe. I replied somewhat nastily that the reason those chargers are in that room is because I'm not using the phones they go to. Sheesh. I only have three sets of chargers for most of my cell phones, an Israeli one, a European, and American. All three ares have different electrical sockets, so, I ended up with chargers for each type of socket. AND I keep the different types of chargers in different places so I'll know where they are. How he got to them I don't know. You'd kind of think he might have made some kind of effort to keep his crap separate from mine. At least I know what I have in there and where it's supposed to be. If anything disapears, I'll know where it went. And he knows that I know where everything is. It amazes him every time I tell him exactly where any given object is. So, yeah, he knows that I know!
I hope I don't jinx this by writing it here, but he's found someone with a sort of bus who is willing to haul his stuff from here to his new place, maybe tomorrow. In any event, he's going to start staying at his new place, maybe even tonight. He has water, power and a mattress on the floor. AND I think he took his phone up there today so the cable folks can connect him. I can but hope.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I should have known. It was too good to be true. It's Tuesday and guess who isn't moving out quite yet? He has organized a bed for himself, gotten the water and power turned on and is up there with one of friends who is cleaning the place for him. I don't know when he is actually planning on moving because he doesn't have the money to pay anyone to haul his junk up there, and even if I did, I wouldn't.
It was very tense up here after the army went into Gaza to try and stop them from shooting kassams at Sderot and other places. We were all waiting for our friends to north to join in and bombard us with katyushas. It looks like that won't be happening now. Our fearless leaders pulled the troops out of Gaza before the job was finished, but that's a tale for my other blog. I'll just say that for now we are not too concerned about another round with the hizzbullies. The operative words are 'for now'