Sunday, September 30, 2007


I never would have made it today if not for my beloved Don McClean disk. My visit to the clinic for my three months of prescriptions was only partially successful. I got the scrits and the letter for the echo doppler I have to get done before I go see the new vascular guy. No sense in going to see him in Nazareth only to have him send me to Haifa to get it done. Just cut out a lot of driving. The doctor who slept through medical school had to have it explained very slowly. I have no use for him at all. I only ever see him for stuff I control like prescriptions and referrences like that. As I'd had no luck in finding my ortho doc before leaving the house, I didn't want to tell him to give me a scrit for the joint shots tomorrow. I did get hold of him when I got home and he told me what to get. I'll get it in the morning, then head out. Whew. Then, I want back out to get the locks, came home, changed clothes and at 1500 left for Nazareth. I had to stop and pop a pain pill. I kept telling myself "Only one more day. Shot tomorrow. Quit whinging." I cranked the CD player way up and croaked along with Don. Funny how that CD really does help. We had a lovely visit with Etty's parents and some of her sisters, got them home just fine popped another pill and set out for home with Don blasting at almost full volume. Of course when I got here, there was a van parked just on the rear line of my space and I was not pleased. I ended up parking just a bit too far from the wheely that was locked to the post. That was a brilliant idea. One of my best, in fact. It's now time to watch the news, scrounge something to eat, and with any luck fall asleep early. By this time tomorrow my leg should be feeling no pain. I've been thanking G-d and Don that I got through today with help from both of them.
Any one who thinks that's blasphemous should have just one hour of the pain I had all day. Amen.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I really don't know who suffered more when Orna got that job at the hotel, her or me. Other than just missing having her around Gimp House was a mess. Poor thing just didn't have the strength to deal with my disaster area after a full 8 hours of chambermaiding in an Israeli hotel. Can't say that I blame her one little bit.
She's gone and found herself a new job with normal hours, holidays and Shabbat off. It is shift work, but every other week she switches from morning to evening (no nights) and that means that we'll be able to do stuff and go places together. Just like the 'good old days, almost) The best part of her new job is that it isn't labor intensive physically, so she won't be wiped out after 8 hours. I'm happy not just for me, but for her as well.

I had some very nasty chest pains last night, but I'm pretty sure it was just anxiety. I always get a little (ok, more than a little) stressed when things sort themselves. It's getting so close to the end of the financial nightmare I made for myself that pains somwhere are only to expected. Nothing new there.

I am going to have find a good vascular surgeon soonish. The one I used to go to doesn't work with my health plan any more and I haven't had a check up since he left 3 years ago. I suspect that the other carotid artery is getting pretty much blocked off and it's time to get it checked. I'll start working on finding a good doc for that next week. Even before I get my right leg shot. That is almost more important that anything else. I truly dread getting out of bed in the morning, but after the first 5 or so minutes that pain goes from excrutiating to a dull roar.
I just spoke with Etty about our trip tomorrow. It seems that Yaacov is in a foul mood and is being obstreperous about just about everything. Yesterday he had trouble climbing the stairs home. Now THAT I can identify with. I'm a bit nervous about taking him out because I can't excatly help him up the stairs myself! I did tell Etty that I want to go towards evening to avoid the heat in Tiberius. That leaves me plenty of time to get a chain and lock for the wheely, so that I'll be able to use to get the car and leave there for when I get home. I'm not going to use the chain and lock to leave New Harley Too out there because the chain would be too easy to cut and the wheely I'd leave out there just isn't worth expending any effort to steal.

Friday, September 28, 2007


My first stop was to buy yet another padlock for the shack. The last one was no good and Shmaryah put it on in such a way that I couldn't get it off and the key broke anyway.
It only took weeks, but, I finally went to my grocery store and paid for the bottled water that I accidentally stole and bought some more. Nothing irritates me more than getting home from shopping and finding items I forgot to pay for because of where I put them on the scooter-either between my legs on the 'floor' or on top of the basket cover, or, hung from a handle bar that has something else hung on it as well. I usually go right back and pay up, but this time I was hot, tired and had dropped my wallet and had to go back for that. I just decided to wait until another time. That another time was today.
The store owners find it quite amusing that I'm always rolling in and paying for knicked stuff. The last time it happened I told them it was a toss up between turning myself into the cops or, giving them option of letting me pay, or calling the cops themselves.
I could probably roll out of there with New Harley Too fully loaded and they would just wait for me to come back sometime and pay.
When I finally got home, I asked my neighbor Golan (it's so much fun to call him and say "Golan, it's Golan" I am known as Golan in the 'hood' because Franne is difficult for an Israeli to say correctly. He got the old new lock off and we arranged the junk inside so that Harley will fit in.
Then, I caught Orna who hasn't been here in ever so long. I told her long ago that she has to get her TV cable off my account. Today I told her that either it comes off or, she comes in at least once a week to clean up after me, and Danny starts taking care of Peg in the mornings. If I had to pay someone else it would cost a lot less than their cable, but I'll be more than thrilled if this works out. I was afraid for a second this morning that both Peg and I would be spending the weekend on the ramp. My leg almost gave out from under me. I really do need more help now. At least until I get that leg shot.
After she left, I took the car for a little exercise and filled it's tank, then decided to give the exterior a quick wash! It was just starting to look good to me, but as I'm going to Etty and Yaacov's on Sunday, thought they might like it a little cleaner even though they are well aware of my car washing habits. Next wash will be in December after it passes it's test![NO, Aron, I haven't gone soft in my dotage(look it up)]
When I got home after that, I found Danny's brother Simon sitting on New Harley Too because someone tried to steal him. I must find a better method of getting to and from the car than leaving N. Harley T. in the corner. I could leave the black wheely there chained to my cripple sign, but that requires a chain and yet another padlock. I'll think on it.
As Simon was waiting for his other brother, we got the wheely stored in the boot and cleared out most of the trash from the back seat and floor.
So I am now home and feeling chuffed at being able to check so many things off my 'to do' list.
Now, if Gracie and I can just catch each other on IM, all would be well.
Interweb IM tag should be an Olympic sport. We'd win hands down!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


That friend I was missing so much while she moved has finally gotten herself back on line and published her good news. She and another poster at the same site where I met her have found each other after many years of lonliness for both for both of them. They started by exchanging comments on posts, moved on (not dot org) to e mails, and now they are a happy couple in an isolated farm house in the wilds of Kentucky. I've been deleriously happy since I finally heard from her yesterday. He actually moved cross country from L.A. hauling a trailer full of his stuff. That is so romantic, and here I thought romance was dead. I just love it when good things happen to my friends. There was a not very suble Devine Hand moving them along towards each other, so, maybe they really didn't have that much of a choice. Every single detail just fell into place pretty much effortlessly and there they are-together.
My day was pretty good as well. The lawyer was here and we are going after City Hall next week AND the agreement between me and Shmaryah can easily be given a judicial blessing that will keep the people Shmaryah has undertaken to pay away from me. That is a huge relief as I was on the verge of paying one of them off myself. I can wait a week or two to get him off my back. And the Case of the Expensive Air Conditioner is moving ahead as well. My lawyer actually saw them(the father and daughter tag team of scam) together at the hotel she's running their latest scan business from. Now that the other stuff has settled down, I can wait on that too. I'm feeling much lighter this morning, now that I know the wieght of those issues will soon be legally lifted. Now, if Shmaryah would just get over here and get the old lock off the shed, I'd be exstatic. It really is ludicrous that I can't use my own shed.
Yet another holiday starts tonight and I'm ready for it! I just have to pick up a few minor things on my way home from my daily run into town.
I went to the post office to pay something yesterday and the computers were down. It was kind of amusing to hear all the local addicts telling each other knowingly that there was 'no communication' which is what the Hebrew expression literally translates to. Benefits were paid yesterday so the Postal Bank was jammed full of those unfortunates who are in so deep that they are only allowed to have an account at the Postal Bank for their benefits. They were accepting payments so I was ok. I just hope they got the computer snafu sorted before the addicts lost it.
I have to go back today and get the money Striar sent to pay his phone bill. I also want to get the Focus's tank filled today. And I have two more blogs to post at later today.
Busy gimp. Busy gimp.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Next week by this time I should have the financial shenanigans well behind me. Lavana infuriated me yesterday when I asked her if she's taken care of the overdue cable phone bill. He answer in the negative included a comment to the effect that she hadn't wanted that phone to start with. She couldn't grasp the concept that it's much cheaper than the regular phone company line. Fine. I paid it today and told her that I'm canceling it. She really does have a nerve. Now all that's left is the freaking cash register. The guy who has to bring the forms to put it in her son's name is taking his own sweet time getting here with the forms. And I'm not paying for it anymore. She already owes me for 5 months. I'm not signing it over until she pays me. I've had enough of the Sagron family fun and games. But, soon it will be over for ever.
Shmaryah is supposed to come later today and sort the lock on the shed. My lawyer is also due any minute.
I must be getting senile. I forgot to go to my insurance agent to get coverage for New Harley Too. There's not much point in doing that before I get the shed sorted. So, maybe I'm not as senile as I sometimes think I am.
Then there's the whole decrepit issue. I got a new phone for my bedroom yesterday. It was on special offer because it only speaks English! All the menus and memories and stuff are in English only, which is just fine with me. What would have taken a 'normal' person 5 minutes (if that long) took me over an hour. Of course before I even started that project, I lost my "ear" when the other phone rang and I took it off, only to disappear. I looked in all the usual places but it was nowhere to be found. After a 5 minute rest from connection the new phone, I straightened the sheet and quilt where I suspected it might be hiding. Another hour gone. Then, after another rest, I went to loo and from there spotted my "ear" trying to hide on the floor just at the end of the bed.
I will be so happy when the holidays are over and I'll be able to get my knee and hip shot. They haven't been shot for several years now, so the pain should stay away for a good long time. I used to get them shot before trips, but didn't for the last two. Considering the condition both are in, it won't matter if I keep getting them shot. The damage is done and irreparable, so the name of the game is pain control.
OMG Gotta run. Peppermint's back!


I just got a new bunch of pictures of my grand baby from my son. This one shows that she is already her own person. Watch out for her. She's obviously more like her Granny Franne than anyone suspects!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Poor old Harley Too is parked in all his broken pain on my ramp in such a way that it will be really hard to get him get out. We have his front jammed under one of the rails.
My neighbor just stopped in to tell me that some Arabs tried to take him yesterday and that she stopped them. The nerve! It's too bad I wasn't home. I would have called the police. Harley Too is up on the ramp like that so it will be clear that he's not an abandoned wreck.
Golan disconnected the batteries (worth over 1000 shekels) and as soon as I get the shed open we'll put them there along with the other bits and bobs that are worth something. Someone rummaged around in his basket, obviously looking for the charger, but that's in New Harley Too's basket and is going into the car boot later today.
The lawyer is coming over later today and we're starting the procedure to get City Hall to pay for New Harley Too. I have all the invoices, pictures of the bruises and pot holes all ready to go. We also have a few other things to go over like the expensive air conditioner case. That one is taking way too long and he needs a fire built under him. I have a few other things to run by him as well.
I have to stop in at the bank, and do a few other things in town and be home before 1300.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yom Kippur is without a doubt the longest day of the year. Not in terms of daylight hours or an other measurable means. It just seems to go on forever and ever. The up side of it is that it is very quiet. No cars, and only the voices of people going to the synagogue behind Gimp House can be heard. Kiryat Shmonah doesn't even get many of the bicycle riders the rest of the country is afflicted with. That's one of the things I love about this town. Most of the people here still have great respect for our religion. Even those who do not practice it don't get in the faces of those who do. Not that there is any sneaking around, it's just that you won't find anyone having BBQs or doing other blatantly sacreligious things in public. We have had our share of uproars over shops that sell pork, but that has pretty much settled down. There is a new tempest brewing over a new coffee shop in one of the malls that's open on Saturdays but that should blow over soon. They didn't advertise so people only found out that it's open if they went to the drugstore in that mall or by reading a letter in one of the local papers complaining about it. The Burger King in the same mall is also open and no one pays much attention to it. We all know that the whole town is closed except for two places in town, and those who want to eat out on Shabbat simply drive 5 minutes out of town. It doesn't much matter to me, as I don't drive on Shabbat or handle money. The thing about the new coffee shop will probably just blow over and they will stay open. Or not. It doesn't much matter to me. I'm not all that interested in it except as a topic to write about this morning.
I spent most of yesterday reading and thinking. When the fast was over (I do fast except for my meds and a cracker with them), I watched a movie that was on my TIVO from the beginning and had a right fit and yell up at my father. The movie was Blizzard and it's about friendship mostly, but the girl is a skater and it touches on what is still an open sore with me.
My passion in life was, and still is figure skating. I had a natural talent but no one ever bothered to develop it properly and it's not exactly something you can teach yourself. It has always been my bitterest disappointment that my father put all his effort into my brother's hockey and left me to my own devices on the ice. I've gotten over the other acts of favoritism, but that one still hurts. Granted, I might never have gotten very far with it, but I'll never know because I never had a chance. The one good thing that came from it all was that I learned at an early age that if I wanted something, I had to work for it. While my brother was given new skates twice a year, I was put to work in our store to earn money to buy my new skates. And anything else I might want. There were many positive life lessons in that, among them to appreciate my things.
But I still wish that something had been done with my talent for skating. As nothing was done, maybe it's time to let go as it is now too late and we'll never know if I'd have been any good. I AM thankful that I got to spend as much time on the ice as I did, and am very sad that those days are over. As is last year. It's a new year over here. Let's see if can actually implement any of the lessons I've learned.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I bought a nice little garden storage shed a while back and now want to use it to keep New Harley Too safe, but I don't seem to have a key. Orna does and I asked her for it today but she hasn't yet appeared with it. As it's just after 2300, I doubt she will. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a key to it on one of the chains someplace. I know she's put some of her stuff in there, but, excuse me, that's my shed and I want to use it. I have no objection to her using it too. But, REALLY.
At the same time I bought the shed I also bought a glider swing which is now in Orna's garden because some thugs tried to take it from my garden while I was out one day. I am not pleased that the canopy blew away and less pleased that I have not yet even sat on it, never ming swing.
And now Danny is making noises about getting Harley Too and fixing him. I don't think so. He was supposed to finish painting Gimp House before my son arrived in March. Only two rooms were done by then. And he actually thinks I'm going to give him Harley Too? I don't think so.
As of tomorrow I'm finished with Lavana. All I want is a letter from the landlord stating that I don't owe him anything. Once I have that I'll be able to get my bank account sorted for once and for all. It's a nice feeling that the nightmare will be over. I honestly tried to help her, but even I have my limits. Enough is enough. I am taking my life back as of tomorrow morning. No more Sagron headaches. That family can sink or swim on it's own from now on.

Monday, September 17, 2007


We changed our clocks early Sunday morning-0200 to winter time. Why, I don't know, but we did. It was all of a sudden dark in the middle of the afternoon.
I woke up this morning to bright sunlight and had a hard time figuring out if it was today or yesterday. I didn't remember going to sleep. I had to change the channel on the TV to the local one to be convinced that it was indeed the next day.
I'm thinking I should do or look for a psychological study on the subject of what causes people who have been helped to turn into pathological ingrates. Lavana of course paid everyone except me after the holiday and more than rude about what she owes me. In the end I told her to start paying the utilities from the stash of credit cards she's hoping to run through someone else's cash register by tomorrow. I'm going to try and have the electricity turned off today. Rats! I'm on the phone with them now and it will take a few days. Just my luck!
On the bright side of things, I got a parcel yesterday with a fantastic shirt and 2 1lb packages of dark chocolate M&Ms. Yummy. Both the shirt and M&Ms! Never mind that it took almost all day to get the parcel from the post office which was full to bursting all day after the long holiday weekend. It was well worth the toing and froing.
I can't quite believe that it's only 0800. It feels much later, but, then, by my internal still on summertime clock, it is an hour later. It will take a day or two to get the old gimp body adjusted.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been stabbed in the back for the last time-until the next time. My inability to say "No" to "friends" must be some kind of personality defect. My first instinct is always find a way to help. It's getting tiring that every time I do, it's thrown back at me in a most hurtful way.
I've been turning the last two fiascoes over over and over in my mind since Wednesday when Lavana shoved the knife in hard then twisted it. She organized a full family deception then when I called her on it, just turned her back and said "So be it" to my "this will not end happily." I'm not going into details on either incident.
The second was yesterday and came from a completely unexpected direction. Just let her call again for help. And she will when/if she realizes that she was just plain ungrateful. I'm actually glad that I only left a message for my insurance guy to change the policy to Shabbat driving. After yesterday's "Thank you" I won't be going back there on Shabbat or any other day.
I don't expect effusive thanks or a medal. On the other hand, I also don't expect a tirade with a list of transgressions that include three lousy cups left in places other than the kitchen, a bed that smells of cigarettes because I slept ON it. Hey, News Flash! I smoke, but I did not smoke in the bedroom. Ever so sorry if I reek. If that carton of fags is beyond you, so were the two I mailed to you way back when. I figure we're even on that. There was also the inconsequential fact that I wasn't able to get them myself for the simple reason that I was there helping you. And while we're at it, my arms and shoulders and right leg are still hurting from all the rolly rolly up and down and around.
Oh, well, live and learn.
At least I have some leverage with Lavana. She loses electricity and water tomorrow unless she pays up. Even *I*, the local punching bag have limits.
And she wonders why her business is failing. I don't any more. She brings it all on herself.
I'm just glad it's over with all of them.
The one bright spot over the long holiday was a phone call from my son, and some new pictures of the baby. He's such a sweety, and the baby is so cute.
Now, if Peppermint could just get herself back on line. Is Kentucky in the dark ages? How long does it take to get the interweb up and running there?
Orna was just here and cleaned up. There were only two unused plates left so she got here in the nick of time.
Not that I feel much like eating. The food poisoning I gave myself with that fish is just about over, but I still don't much feel like eating. I'm still a bit weak from it, so I think I'll put the laundry in the drier and go read for a bit.
So, screw off the pair of you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


With Teadrinker safely settled at home and feeling reasonably ok, I headed north for hearth and home. Ok, so I don't exactly have have a hearth, but, home. Oh yes. The drive would have been just fine except for two minor things. I ran into a long convoy of vehicles from the much hated UN trying to keep up with the posted speed-110km/h and failing miserably.
I blew past them at around 120, but had to pull into a rest stop to take a pain pill. Of course they got ahead of me again and I had to speed past them a second time.
I was hoping that would turn the other way at the end of the 'super highway' but, no luck. On the stretch of road between Afula and Golani junction the north bound lane was stopped dead in it's tracks with a fire spreading just next to us on the right in a field. As there was a huge truck in front of me, it was impossible to see what the problem was. It was a good 20 minutes before they stopped the other lane and let us by. A truck had somehow managed to flip the flatbed it was puling onto it's side and somehow start the fire. It was a mess. At Golani I stopped at McDonald's for a fish sandwich and pulled into the parking lot to eat it and wait for the convoy to go past. An hour later I was home. And it never looked so good. Orna had been in and done some basic straightening up, so that was real nice.
I did some quick e mail clean up and collapsed into bed. I was asleep by midnight. Now I have to get dressed and go in to help out at the flower shop and find the time and patience to go grocery shopping shopping. I'm out of everything and the eve of a holiday is the very worst time to go shopping. Tomorrow is going to be a lovely lazy day for reading, computering and just lolling about. I can't wait!

Monday, September 10, 2007


It's a darn good thing I like driving so much, even on roads crowded with Israeli drivers! On my way home Saturday night I found myself in a vehicular jousting match with a mad man in a silver Focus with a dent in it's butt. Just before the hospital in Afula he was pulled over by the cops and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that I'd seen the last of him for the night. Not so! Just before reaching the entrance to town, one headlight appeared in my rear view mirror looking like it was trying to attach itself to my bumper. After it passed me, I realized that it was the same Focus that had been pulled over in Afula, obviously for the headlight that wasn't working! How he made up the lost time I can imagine. He must have broken every existing land speed record for a Ford Focus. I found out quite by accident that they do 140 km/h with no strain. I gave a slit second of thought to following him to see where he went, but it was no contest. My bed won and I turned off to go home.
After a quick look at e mails and an even quicker post here, I fell into bed and woke up at 0830, had morning coffee at the computer, threw some things in a bag and headed south again. I am using Teadrinker's computer, and answered a hysterical (ok, just concerned) e mail from a friend of her's in Teadrinkerland).
She really is much better and with any luck will be out today or tomorrow. This hospital is no different from any other. No matter what you go in with, they will find something else wrong. She's almost all rehydrated and only wants to come home. That would be good as I am well on the way to becoming dehydrated myself. It's hotter than hell down here and she doesn't have a/c. BUT I have figured out how she can get it put in without redoing all the wiring in the house! And I will make her do it. Having a/c does not mean she has to use it. But she should have the option.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


It struck me as I was driving home from Teadrinker's tonight that I like my life. I'm free (no entanglements except for Peg) white [not that it matters (between the bruises)] and over 21 (more over than I sometimes like to remember!) And I can do pretty much what ever I want when ever I want and my goofs are mine alone. I can't blame them on anyone else, and that's just fine most of the time. Of course there are always those really big screw ups that would be nice to able to blame on someone/anyone else. But thankfully those are few and far between.
Ok, so I moan and groan from time to time. Who doesn't? On the whole I am just plain old happy to be here, even if I resemble a train wreck or the aftermath of Katerina. It's 0145 and I came in just a few minutes ago. I think it just might be time to get some sleep before I head back to Teadrinker in the morning.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


It wasn't that long ago that I thought the hospital in Safad was the very worst of many bad hospitals. Then, last night I found one that is without a doubt even worse. No contest. It's so bad that I have retracted every bad thing I've ever said or even thought about the one in Safad. Yes, it is that bad and most likely even worse than I think.
How did I come across this disturbing information, you ask. Quite honestly, I reply. I had just settled in at my computer at home to do whatever it is we all do at computers when the phone rang. It was Teadrinker calling to say that she had to go to hospital NOW and she was calling an ambulance. She sounded so awful that I told her I'd be on my way in 10 or so minutes, and I don't drive on Shabbat. As it was after 2200 (10pm) that she called, I took Peg walkies on NHT, threw a few things into a bag and headed out. As it was so late I decided to call Orna in the morning. After an hour on the road, just before Afula, I called Teadrinker to find out what was going on. She was trying to hold out until I got there. Somehow she landed herself on the floor after a particularly violent bout of vomiting. She was told that if she didn't call for an ambulance now, it would be done for her! She was all concerned about giving me the keys to her house. So, I told her that I'd just go straight to the hospital. This I did and I found her right away, pushed into a far dark corner of the ER with a supply of bin liners to barf into.She was being blatently ignored for the crime of spewing on their floor. They did put in a vent for an IV in the crook of her elbow, but no IV. She was abandoned in that corner for over an hour until I got there. Then, the fun started. The Friday night staff was all Russians. Not that I have anything against Russians. I just hate them. Not a one of them understood a word of English and that is supposed to be a requirement to getting a license to work in any hospital. When I got there and asked one of the nurses where she was I was asked who I am for her. Reply, just the person from Kiryat Shomnah who got in her car and drove for 3 hours to make sure she's alright. Go ask her! And then, I found her in the farthest corner, surrounded by barf in bin liners and in desperate need of a bed pan. On my way to loo I suggested that they should get her bed pan PDQ unless they want to add cleaning urine to cleaning 'sick'. At least they did that. One of the nurses asked me why she's in a wheely. "Because she can't walk" Why can't she walk? "because she's a cripple" Why is she a cripple?" "because she can't walk" And on and on. I suggested that she might want to ask the patient. Turns out they did but, decided she was delusional. Oh, boy. Let the fun and games begin.
Turns out they understood English well enough after I asked Teadrinker rather loudly if she wanted to check out AMA and go to a real hospital. Ten minutes barely passed before an orderly of the Russian persuasion arrived to move her to a ward, still without the IV bag, just the vent. Fool asked whose wheely that was next to her bed. I just looked him, then, when he asked again, said," I'm sitting on mine, she's in a bed. I'd hoped you could figure it out for yourself!" He got mouthy and I joyfully informed him that I like nothing better than taking on incompetents!
At around 0230 I headed out to her house which is on a religious Moshav that rarely sees traffic on Shabbat. Being the polite considerate person I am, I drove to the rear entrance, and came in the back way. I let her little dog out for a few minutes, then collapsed on her bed at around 0330 and slept until just after 0800, let the dog out, organized coffee and called Orna to ask her to be sure Danny takes care of Peg. Then, I called Teadrinker who sounded much better. They think she might have some kind of acute pancreatic infection. My money is on dehydration or heat stroke. She sounds so much better after 4 bags of IV stuff. They are insisting on keeping her until she can keep real water and food down. That could be days. I'm going to see her tonight, go home (need more meds) then, coming back tomorrow. That hospital is for the birds. And it will not go by quietly. Thy ER staff wrote that gave her an IV. They did not. The put in a vent, but never connected it to anything. That's illegal. Even here falsifying hospital charts is a no no.
So, here I am on a religious Moshav with only 3 fans and no a/c, with a bewildered dog for company.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Here he is in all his brand new glory! New Harley Too arrived today well before 1100, and he's great! Just look for yourself.
I'm not quite sure what did the trick, because when we spoke yesterday I understood that Larry was bringing a loaner until mine was ready. It really doesn't matter because HE'S HERE. Just as I posted this morning there was a bang on my door and it was well before 1100. There was Larry! As the company is suspicious in the extreme of checks, we decided to go to the bank in his van so my asst. manager could tell him in person that the check is ok. After she did that we came back to Gimp House and he took NHT out so I could test ride him. Larry made a comment to the effect that my asst. manager obviously likes me. Well, yeah, she does. It also made no small impression that several other bank employees greeted me by name. Not many Israelis are on such good terms with their bank and especially not those who were so recently in as much trouble as I was! Very few have the good sense to go the management, tell them they have a problem, ask how to solve it, then do exactly what the bank suggests! My 'know it all' neighbor arrived just as we were getting NHT in position for me to get on and just had to butt in and try to show off how much he doesn't know about scooters. Being a typical male Israeli he had to ask how much I paid. There are few things I hate more than that. "Israeli, get thyself the hell out of my bank account!" Larry, bless his little cotton socks, told him the list price which was much more than I paid. Then, he starting telling me what I should do with poor broken Harley Too who is sitting forlornly on my ramp. There he will stay until things are moving along with the Health Ministry for my electric chair. He also suggested that I organize all the scooter owners to sue City Hall for the damage caused by the streets. He was told to organize them himself as I'm suing them anyway.
After Larry left, I changed back into a dress and headed for town to get the local papers and a few other things. NHT is a joy, adjustable arm chair seat and shock absorbers on the front fork. And he's fast. The handlebars are adjustable too and we'll have to play with it a bit as they aren't quite right. As I was going in the house, the guy from upstairs was just going in too, so he stopped to say "mabruck" Congratulations in Arabic/Moroccan. It was obvious that what I'd paid had already reached him. Little does he know that he was well and truly taken to the cleaners on his! He was more than a little shocked that I got mine in less than a week and he had to wait almost a month. Chuffed? Who me? Damn right! And now I'll be able to race all over town on New Harley Too, and G-d help the next jack *ss who asks me why I don't have a canopy on it.


I ended up explaining the facts of life (in reference to buying a scooter) to my beloved Yefim the best scooter fixer in the whole wide world. I very calmly explained that if the scooter (loaner will do) isn't here immediately, I'll call the competition. Yefim said he'd get on to Larry who called me back to tell me he'd bring one this morning by 1100. He tried to explain that he has to get it ready. GET IT READY? Like hell. He just couldn't be bothered to find someone to bring it up here. That's all he had to do. Get one of the other employees to drop off a scooter until he sorts my new one. Then he launched into a song and dance about how they are giving me special attention by getting my new one ready this fast. For crying out loud. They sell these things to old geezers and cripples and don't have any new ones available all the time? Doesn't sound right to me, but Israelis always have to make you feel like they are going out of their way for you.
So, now all I have to do is wait until 1100 and hope and pray that there are still local news papers left by the time I get to town.
I'm even more furious at him because that phone call set me off on a crying jag that was a combination of frustration, pain and anger.
I really did some serious damage to myself over the two days I did the car/wheely thing. I really should be using the wheely in the house, but, for now just grit my teeth and stagger around. I won't be doing that for much longer. Even Peg knows how how unsteady I am these days. He scrambles out the way every time I get up. He's no dummy. In fact that's what tells me just how bad I am. Dogs know. I only have to wait an hour and a half for the loaner scooter to get here.
I suppose the up side of all this is that it's taken mind off other things. I'm trying to wean myself off my news addiction, but no sooner do I get down to watching only two of the several five minute news bulletins, than the Syrians start to stir the pot. I did manage to stick to the 5 minute quickies and Striar was smart enough to not bring it up after the incident on Wednesday evening. I really hate it when he feels that he simply must read the blurbs he gets on his cell phone, and when I interrupted twice to stop and he didn't I yelled at him "What part of I do not want to hear it do you not understand? Maybe this will clarify it for you" and hung up on him. Fool actually thinks that discussing it will make a difference. Ah, well. Part of my reaction was that I really really get annoyed when he does that and there's also the stress and pain that were in the mix. So, I yelled at him. Nothing new there. He'll get over it and so will I.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I can not for the life of me understand how a company can risk losing a cash sale for 16,000 shekels because they are having a 'fun' day for their employees. There is one other place to buy scooters from and I have a pretty good connection there. I was giving my usual company the chance to make the sale because they are more convenient. The sales agent and I agreed that they would get one up here for me to use until the new one was ready. When I talked to him he actually had the nerve to tell me that guy upstairs waited 2 weeks for his. That's just fine. They guy upstairs can walk. I can't. And they know it.
Yesterday was the last straw. I had to go sign a form to get the jeep's security system out of my name and off my credit card, then decided to pick up this months meds as long as I was out. I almost passed out in the car park while putting the wheely together but managed the two steps to the car for a rest before continuing. Never mind all the rolling around the mall that left me with chest pains. When I finally finished there, 2 soldiers who were walking by very kindly helped me get the wheely back in the car. I don't even remember walking back to the house after the customary fight with the person who was parked in half of my space. I was blind with pain at that point. Still am, come to that.
Then, I found that a very dear friend I talk with at least twice a day on IM will be off line for about a week. It will be for the most wonderful reason imaginable and I am wildly happy for her, but I will miss talking to her until she gets back. She's one of the few people who actually gets the whole pain thing and I feel comfortable whinging at.
THEN, just before going to bed I stumbled across some very sad information about an actor I new quite well from his days at what is now the Maine State Music Theater. His wife and I were good buddies back then. He died in 1992. That's just sad. He was only 50. That pretty much explains why it was so hard to find him. It disturbs me that so many talented people die young, and he was talented.
Enough moaning and groaning for now. I must organize myself a scooter. And this time I'm taking no prisoners! Afikim, you have been warned.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Stupid is as stupid does. I managed to forget that I have a nice amount of cash set aside for a specific purpose. Then my favorite assistant manager suggested that I use it to but a New Harley Too. So, I'm going to loan myself my own money and buy a new Harley! As all of my commitments to the flower store end this month and after the New Year holidays, Lavana will be able to reimburse me for the utilities I paid because I hold the lease, things will settle down in my account and all will be well! I ran the whole thing by the bank this morning and got the Ok to go ahead.
I'm not letting City Hall off the hook either. Everything is all set to sue them. Pictures of Harley Too lying broken on my ramp ad of all the bruises from the handle bars collapsing and trapping me under them. It might take a while, but I will get to pay. Harley Too replaced Harley Ben David for the exact same reason except the whole thing didn't collapse on me while I was on him! So, either tomorrow, or the next day they're bringing me one to use until mine is ready! And then, I'll have a brand New Harley Too. So, all is well there, thank the good Lord.
This whole car/wheely nonsense is really too much for me. But it soon will be over.