Saturday, April 29, 2006


My computer at home is back! I have no idea what happened; no, I know exactly what happened; but that's another whole blog, not a post. Shmaryah's son is a bit of a computer whiz and he offered to come over and have a look-see. All he had to do was push the turn on button and it came on. Just proves what I've always known-some people have -it- and some people don't. My daughter has the opposite -it- anything electric she touches stops dead in it's tracks. I'm beginning to believe she got that from me even though I don't usually have that trouble. Anyway, the computer is back and I'll be able to wake up properly from now on, with a cup of coffee and my emails. Even better, my email works both ways on this computer as opposed to the one at work that I somehow got wrong and only receives. I have to set up an account for Shmaryah anyway so I'll do mine on Outlook Express at the same time and just use Thunderbird at home. The other thing is that being my father's daughter, I feel guilty every time I write a personal mail or post at work. I was brought up to do personal stuff at home and work stuff at work and I just can't get my head around it even though I AM the boss there. Shmaryah gets mad when I tell him that because the previous owner's daughter was installed there as *owner's watch dog* and all she did all day was talk on the phone and chat on the interweb. The outgoing phone line has 2000 (two thousand) free minutes a month and she used 4000 (four thousand) without blinking an eye! ALL on personal calls. I don't think I've used even 20 (twenty) minutes on personal stuff from that line yet and we're into our second month.
On Wednesday we closed a business phone deal with one of the cellular companies that lets us talk for free between ourselves, oureslves being me, Shmaryah, Orna, and his kids have one phone at home. The package also gives me and Shmaryah phone cars with the same number as our cell phones, and the best part is my number! It's the same number we had at home when I was growing up, except for the first two numbers! And I might be able to get those two numbers changed. How neat is that? I sort of feel that it's a cool way to keep my parents closer to me. I can't help but think about them every time I say that number. The Jeffey is going to be so freaked when I tell him later today.

The bad news is that Bat Chen suddenly turned on me and sent a very nasty personal attack by email. I won't go into too much detail here because the mail is on the computer at work and I have absolutely no intention of translating it. Both Shmaryah and Orna read it and were as shocked as I was. Scratch another friend. It hurts so much because she took things that happened and conveniently forgot her part in them and turned it all on me. She also said that the money changed me for the worse. Oh, well. The major issue was that I offered to loan her the money to pay off her debts but she said it was too complicated and she didn't want to go through the hassle of sorting it all out. Fine, so I went ahead and bought the business, then, she called and asked if I could still do it. I told her that as I'd already bought the business, it wouldn't be possible right now. Well, gee whiz, I'm ever so sorry you were too damn lazy (did you actually think *I'd* do it for you?) to do what was needed at the time I offered and I went and did something else with the money. As to the money having changed me, after long talks with both Orna and Shmaryah I think that maybe it did a bit. If anything, having financial security after so many years, it has made me a bit more confident, but certainly not uppity or superior, or arrogant, or any of things she accused me of. She also asked me to add a friend of hers to the account I opened for her, but that just isn't going to happen. She'll have to deal with me whether she likes it or not, and I for sure won't go running like I did before to sort things for her. The money I used to pay a few things Tzion's family cancelled on her can just be written off as a bad mistake without too much pain. As I put those things on the business Visa, I'll just sell some $s and pay it off myself. Shmaryah says no, leave it, but it's my mistake, so, I'll take the hit. I have absolutely no intention of answering her mail. I'm just going to wait until she needs me again, and she will, then, I'll just tell her "No, sorry, no can do. You had your chance and decided to attack me, sort it yourself."
I am feeling totally crap about having seemingly ignored my friends in England and can only hope and pray that Fingers, Rosebud and Leia understand that all their addys were in this computer and even though I had the one at work, everything was in this one, and that, even though it's not the same, I think of them often with much love. I feel most guilty about Rosebud because I so rudely (yes, I can be a cow) never thanked her properly for her hospitality when Leia and I stayed with them. That is inexcusable to me, and totally unlike me. I adore her and will find a way to make it up to her. Being busy and Interwebless is no excuse. There is no excuse. I'll just post this now and send her a humble apology and hope she can forgive me for being such a cow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


If I'd wanted a swimming pool, I'd have bought one, but as I don't really want a swimming pool, I bought this business instead, only to see it turned into an Olympic size pool in half an hour before my very eyes! We had a freak (undertatment) rain storm yesterday and the whole town almost floated away. New roads with a new drainage system were recently built, but the drains were all plugged up and caused major flooding all over town. Our 82 year old bike assembler almost had a heart attack while pushing the storm surge out of the store with a squeegie, which in turn almost gave me another heart attack. Finally, Shmaryah made a hole in the floors of the two rooms we use for storage and the last of the water went down the holes. About 10 minutes later Avi, the guy who built a storage room under the biulding illegally) came screaming in and accused us of flooding his illegal room. Shmaryah figures he deserved it because he spent the whole morning laughing at 'our' flood. Our new holes in the floor couldn't have flooded his illegal room because no more than two buckets went down there from us. Avi was most displeased that he couldn't pin the damge on me, and he's still in a rage today. Too bad. Now he'll have even more to laugh at me about. I just killed the TV set. Shmaryah put the volume way low and when I went over to turn it up, I hit the wrohg button and now we only get notices in Chinese. Where is Kiri/Cab when I need her?

Monday, April 24, 2006


I never thought we'd be this busy, but, it seems there's just not as many hours in a day as I need. Not that I'm complaining mind you, it's just that every time I think that it will be a good time to write a post a huge wave of customers charges in and demands to buy bicycles right now, or to have a key made this very minute. Today has actually been very slow because it's pissing bucketsful of rain with no sign of letting up.
The computer at home is still dead as a doornail and heaven alone knows when Gerald will get to it and e mail comes in here ok, but only goes out through yahell! What a pain.
Otherwise, not much news to report, except that the jerk at the bank has learned his lesson, or, so it seems. He made a big mistake and was shown up in front of everyone. Now he just signs off on anything I want!
Being a working girl again is fantastic. I only started working at the ripe old age of 9 in Dad's store and never stopped until my stroke in '98. Now I'm here from 0845 until we close; sometimes at 2100. I love it, and it's just wonderful! Mine, all mine!
I'm starting to get excited about going to The States next month. Finally got around to getting my passport renewal sorted and it will be here in time, or, so I was promised.
I'm starting my trip in Maine (duh), then, south through Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, DC,and NC then Florida. From there, to the western half, Nevada, Washington, LA, then back to JFK and home. A whirlwind trip to see old friends and new places. I can't wait.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Days just keep racing by, leaving me with no time to do much of anything aside from business. No, I'm not complaining; just saying, is all. Somehow or other, I managed to get out of town only an hour behind schedule for the drive to Bat Chen's and got there at 1730, without any wrong turns for a change! The drive down was fine except for the two civilian Hummers I saw going North. Just about the only stock road vehicle that can out do my DS5! I got my smile back when I joined an informal convoy of Discos headed South. I manhandled BBC out of the back of the Disco all by myself. Bat Chen's mother had been cooking since early morning and the house smelled great. Avner, his girlfriend Vered and their two kids were there as well and Tomer, Bat Chen's other brother was almost late for the Seder, but got there in the end. Avner, being from Yemen, raced through the Hagada at warp speed, but didn't miss a word! The meal was delicious, and after the second part of the Hagada, Bat Chen, Avner, and I sat up talking until 0330. Bat Chen and I slept in her bed because Avner and his crew were in *my* room. Thursday we just lazed around chit chatting until it was time for Bat Chen to Take Avner et al home.
On Friday we went to the bank and raised the limit on her card, then flew home as it was nastily hot. I love Bat Chen dearly, but she drives me wild with her constant complaining about the heat, and almost as bad, she's always moaning that she doesn't have energy for anything. She just doesn't seem to understand that no matter how much she whines about the heat, it will still be hot and that complaining about lethargy is self perpetuating. I simply refuse to complain about either anywhere except here, and even here, rarely. Ditto on aches and pains. It does no one any good, and no one wants to hear about it. And the more you dwell on it, the worse it gets. I've explained all this to her more than once, but she doesn't seem to get it. Odd in light of the fact that those are the very traits she admires in Ronit, who, in spite of having both multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, never ever complains about her physical state. Too bad she doesn't follow her example. I try to because Ronit is a role model for us all.
Avner came for Friday dinner but left early because we were all knackered. He appeared bright and early Sat morning with some Passover delicacies his mother had made. Yum. About an hour before I had to head home, Bat Chen's brother, Aaron came over with his kids who proceeded to create chaos. Good thing I didn't have to suffer them for long because after a day of Bat Chen's hysteria about a huge storm's imminent start, I left as early as possible so as to out run it. Not a drop of rain has yet to fall. I decided to try the new toll road as it's supposed to be faster, and got off at the wrong exit because the signs are shite. I pulled in at 2230 and made a young jerk get out of my space by telling him that if he didn't get out right now, I'd just park there anyway. He sure did get out of my way fast.
This morning I woke up bright and early. Made a fag run, and came straight to the business. Bicycles have been flying out here at the speed of light. It's starting to look like we'll need to order more even before the end of the holiday!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my sawbones. One way or another, he must do something about my toes because it's just too much, and I'm not going to the States like this.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


These have been the most amazing three weeks I can remember, and it gets better daily. My pal at the bank, Mordy, made a huge mistake and got taken down in the middle of the bank for it. I've told him at least a million times that I will not, repeat, WILL NOT discuss my banking with him outside of his mini office/cubicle. I am more than willing to park Harley outside his office and walk the 2 steps inside. On the day I went to vthe bank to get the cashiers check to pay for previous partner's share of the business, he actually had the nerve to stop me out in the main bank and try to advise me against doing it.
I took a deep breath and the exchange went like this.....
M "I want to give some advice. You really shouldn't do what you are thinking of doing."
F "I really don't think you are the person I want advice from. I know at least as much about business as you do, if not more"
M "But you really should....."
F "Are you my father?"
M "No"
F "Is the money yours?"
M "No"
F "Then, run along like a good little clerk and sign the form"
Didn't he just fly into his corner to sign it? And didn't everyone in the bank crack up laughing? Stupid man. I can guarantee he'll never make that mistake again. A couple of days later, after I got the paperwork done, I went in to open a business account and Mordy's counterpart on the business side, started the advice part by saying, " I'm not your father, and it isn't my money, but could I give you some bankerly advice?" Even he had heard the confrontation! And yes, I was willing to listen to him and he said some very sensible things about managing the business account.
Things have really started moving business wise, and, I couldn't be more thrilled. In the first week I was here we doubled sales over the whole previous month! And today, we've already met the first weeks figures, in just one day!
The very best thing of all happened this morning. Over a year ago a dear friend and I stopped speaking to each other over the stupidest thing ever. This morning she came in to find out what was happening with a door she'd ordered. We made up tearfully and had a wonderful, if too short, visit. I missed her so much, and just never got around to making up with her, but, thanks to me being in this business now, we found each other again.
I know I said I'd have more time to post here because I'm in the shop all day, but it isn't working out quite that way. There's so much to do here that there really isn't time to post. Business first. With any luck I'll have my computer at home up and running in a week or so. In the meantime, back to the salt a business to run!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Let there be no doubt about it. Things are moving at breakneck pace and I've never felt better or been happier. All, I repeat, ALL my debts are paid in full except one which will paid this week, and, I've just about finished my spending rampage. That is the best word to describe my little spending spree. There are only three things left in Gimp House that I bought from that criminal and they will soon be gone. I don't want any reminders of *him* left, and it sure is a good feeling.
As my computer at home is temporarily dead and won't go to the computer hospital until Thursday and only G-d and the techie know when it'll be back, I'll be using this one. More details on the business I bought, but right now, I have to fly and get the camera installed on the Disco.