Sunday, November 07, 2010


It's over! The financial nightmare I got myself into is now officially over. Homeless worked wonders over the phone with the people I owed a small fortune to by getting them to reduced the interest on the original debt by huge, almost unbelievable amounts and all except 2 have been paid! It's an incredibly wonderful feeling to be free of that stone around my neck after so long!The last two I intend to fight. One is shmaryah's traffic tickets, the other isa back property tax that I am not liable for in any case. Those are not large, it's the principle of the thing. But all the rest are paid and gone forever! I spent two solid mornings at the bank gettting all the *id* dotted, *ts* crossed and all the payments sent out. When I left the bank on Thursday, I declared a holiday from the bank until Monday (tomorrow), when we will sort out the other things, like my account there and all that fun stuff. Right now it looks like I just might be able to buy my flat and just maybe get my Land Rover back. Two things for sure will be done this week. The Ford's butt will be fixed, and I'll get another new Harley, as well as fix the old one. In fact I just called Afikim, the scooter place and told my old pal at the service center that I want to fix Brand New Harley Too, and buy a new one without having to deal with Danny Lev, the guy who screwed me over when I bought my very first one in 1999, and was rude to Savta last week. MY demand that Danny Lev not be involved left her in a bit of a quandry, but, I think they'll figure out a way to keep us far apart so as not to lose the sale. I also told her quite happily that if worse comes to worst, I'll just get McGyver to take me to my dear late exhusband's kibbutz and have his classmate, Baruch sort it there!
The best part is that the main office knows that I am dead serious and a force to reckon with. When the woman in the group of 5 who rode scooters to Jerusalem tells them she wants, the chances of her getting it are pretty good. My only demand is to keep Danny Lev as far away from as possible. They know I mean business! This is going to be fun.
Savta was transfered to my old rehab hospital on Friday and the freaking idiots at the hospital in Safad wouldn't let him take his own wheely on the grounds that they have wheelies there. Um excuse you, stoopid person. You do not separate someone from their wheely and expect them to get along on a strange one. It just doesn't work like that. Our wheelies are as much a part of our bodies as our arms and legs and after so long they fit us like a glove. Poor Savta was so out of it with the pain and meds that he just went along with that lunacy. I sicced Homeless on that one too. He has the hospital in wired and I hope he makes a big enough deal of it to get them to take Savta his wheely. People who have never spent any time in a wheely just don't get it. But those of us live in them know. It takes a long time to adjust to a new every time we have to get one.
Cripple rules number one is do not even think about separating us from our chairs! Where I go, my wheely goes.
I just might go visit him there today. It's back to the bank and car repairs tomorrow! Right. That's sorted. Mrs. Savta and I are going to visit Savta this afternoon! As she can't leave until around 1400, I can try to get onto WoW. Have they ever made a mess of that game. Sometimes it works just fine, at others you just can't get on and it disconnects you from their servers whenever it wants. What a mess!