Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I do not, repeat, do not, like early morning wake ups no matter what the reason. I'm up now, in the middle of the night in order to get to my 1300 appointment with the anesthesiologist. Orna was supposed to go with me, but something came up, so I'm going with Hofit, her belly dancing daughter. My shoulders are still sore from all the insanity last week, so going alone is not a smart option.
Eema Rivka called last night to tell me she won't be able to pick me up on Saturday. As I'm not sure what time they let out, I'm not in a panic yet. Busses start running at 1530, so it's not that bad and if all else fails, it's after pay day so I can get a taxi. I'm just about ready to go now. Just have to bring Peg in, put a dish of water in his room, get dressed, put the foot rests on BBC, throw some stuff in my bag, and I'm out of here. At least KFC is a good incentive. We'll be stopping on there on the way home.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Israelis have been watching too many American movies. I did go to the wedding Thursday night and it was a revelation. I'm not big on going to weddings, bar mitzvahs and the like. So finding myself going to two within thirty days was a surprise. The first one I went to was OTT in several ways, but on the whole quite pleasant and served the purpose of getting the couple legally wed. The OTT was in the catering department. Weddings now have extravagant buffets before the ceremony instead of the guests waiting until after the ceremony to eat they all now fill up on finger foods and are too full to eat, not to mention enjoy the full course meal that follows.
Thursday's affair went overboard all the way. The pre event buffet was insanely large, the ceremony itself was copied from American movies and included bridesmaids and other strange elements that a typical Jewish wedding doesn't usually include. There were human statues situated all over the place and there were costumed dancers with huge feather headresses who should have been dancing in coordination with each other, but each did her own thing. Most strange. I was a good girl and kept my mouth shut and will forever hold my peace about my opinion. There are more than enough evil tongues on the neighborhood to ruin the feeling for Yechiya and his wife. The Sprintzak Council had it's own table and aside from a few remarks from a very drunk Danny it was just fine. The bus left pretty much on time and got there just as Danny, Orna, Orly and Haim arrived by car. I pretty much gave the buffet a pass with the exception of 1 kubbeh. I can not pass on Kubbeh.
They finally got around to the ceremony at 2145 rather than the planned 2030 and it was different to the usual in many ways, but the objective was obtained and the couple is now legally tied. Thanks to the kubbeh I wasn't very hungry so only had the fish and some salad. The noise was earshattering. Don't they have volume controls?
They announced the first bus back to Kiryat Shemonah at 2300 and I rolled my way over to the busses at 2345 fully expecting to catch the second one whenever it might leave only to find the first one still there but full. It was blocked in by insanely parked cars in the far lot. The other bus driver had to be called and when he arrived, he found me a seat on the first bus. We left and ended up going through all the neighborhoods in town before we got to mine. On the way I made an exciting discovery. There's a KFC in Carmiel!! Hoorah. Of course we were left off at the top of the street and something got stuck in my wheelchair's wheels and I needed help to get it unstuck. I rolled down to Gimp House and hit my ramp just as the people from the second bus arrived.
Somehow I managed to get up in time for my appointment with Dr. Sawbones and stayed awake long enough to get the date for the toe operation- Friday, July 29 at 1100. I can get myself to the chop shop in plenty of time. Eema Rivka will take me home the next day. This is good as busses don't run on Saturdays. I also have to go see the anestheiologist on Tuesday, but that's ok. After that, I got the local papers and came home to read them, only to fall asleep again. I woke up again at 1730 and finished the papers and the new Harry Potter. I made it through the news at 2100 and zonked out again until midnight when I watched The Dead Zone and went back to sleep until this morning. I'm back at the computer for the first time and am seriously considering another nap. I can't remember the last time I was this sleepy and sore. Manual wheelchairing is not for me. Owie shoulders and arms, and never mind my right knee (the one that does the pushing) No matter what, I will find the cash to take Orna with me on Tuesday. Enough things are going to hurt on Friday without adding muscle aches to the mix. I'm mostly focusing on the joy of relatively near access to KFC and ultimately painless toes.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


It's not bad enough that my neighbor Danny has a drug addict brother living in the apartment over his, he has an insane sister, Sonya, who moved back to apartment over Orna and Danny's yesterday with her two kids. The smart money says there'll be a murder up there yet.
It is a fairly well known fact that I detest kids, specifically kids whose parents indulge their own kids at other kid's expense. It's a major miracle that I didn't land myself in the slammer last night, bloody toes and all. Eema Rivka, David, and his sister arrived just as A Team was ending. I had spent the whole day racing around town getting everything we needed for the BBQ, and it was all ready and waiting at Orna's. As dark settled over us, Eema Rivka and I went down to Orna and Danny's yard. Hofit and Daniella were all excited about dancing for us, and all the invited guests were there. Sonya decided that she and her genetic accidents must have been invited by default. Not so. Things were going along just fine until the girls started dancing. Sonya's girl decided that she wanted a dancing outfit too, and Sonya told Daniella to hand hers over. All the while Sonya's brat was throwing a tantrum. I lost it and lit into her, she started cussing me out. At the point where I almost sent her on an unscheduled flight, I decided it was time to cut out. I rolled myself out there and was home in record time. She and her monsters were banished and I was rolled back to my party. Sonya, not able to leave well enough alone launched another verbal attack from the window and threw something at me. Lucky for her I didn't see what it was. Later she came back out and screamed in my ear while I was studiously ignoring her.
Ok, the party was in Orna and Danny's yard for convenience. They have the grill and tables out there, but it was *MY* party and I'll invite who I want. It is a well known fact that I hate kids and for the most part the neighborhood kids leave me alone. Not Sonya and her brood. I have no problem with Orna, Danny, Orly and Haim's kids as they know how to behave and know that if they throw a fit, it's straight to bed. Where does Sonya get off crashing my party, then demanding that one of my guests relinquish her dancing outfit to her kid? I don't think so. This is going to be a long hot summer. All I want is quiet and no kids. I just hope that Sonya figures out that giving me a wide berth is best for all concerned.
Other than my tantrum it was a great night! Eema Rivka, David and his sister had a good time and stayed until midnight, which is really late for them.
I think it's time to take a shower, watch Star World's A Team episode, get my bandage changed and do a few other errands. We are all going to Yechiya's grandson's wedding tonight. While looking for something for Orna wear, I found a nice pantsuit that I forgot I had. Pants are much more comfortable than a dress! Ok, I'm out of here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The closest meaning I can come up with for Hafla is a mix of party and celebration. We are having a Hafla tonight for Eema Rivka, David and his sister who are coming North today. I already have most of what we need. Orna was supposed to come early and help me get Gimp House ready. It's 0830 already and she still hasn't arrived. I still have stuff to get and I really don't to leave until things are ready here. I really want to get out and back before it gets too hot. it's supposed to be pushing 100 yet again today. I'd much rather stay in, but I need tabouli and beer, and a few other things. The meat is pretty much taken care of. I also have to copy all the stuff stuck on my old computer desk before the second hand guy hauls it off along with a bunch of other junk in the guest/spare room. It would also be nice to clear off the new table. Like mother like daughter; our dining room table always had odds and sods on it, as does mine. Mine has a dictionary or two and a few medical reference books, a bill or two or two or three or four and assorted telephone gear. I think I'll go stash it all, then yell for Orna before it gets too hot. I'm already on the verge of turning on the a/c but Peg is outside and the door is open. No matter, it's time to get a move on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did tonight. The Sprintzak Neighborhood Council had a BBQ at Orly and Haim's with Danny, Orna, Shimon,Natan and Yechiya. Hofit and Daniella, Orna and Orly's daughters belly danced for us and very well. Haim ran the grill, and did no small amount of dancing as well. After what must have been his 6th beer he took Orly's empty dough mixing bowl, filled it with water and danced his way to the path between the buildings where he dumped the water over his head and started banging the bowl against his head. He continued until there was nothing left of the bowl and his nose was a bloody mess. My face muscles are sore from grinning and laughing.
Another such evening is on schedule for Eema Rivka and David Wednesday. I can't wait. This is indeed the best neighborhood I've lived in yet, Shimshon the addict not withstanding.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I've adored Eema Rivka since the day I met her at the Great Gimp Demonstration Of 1999 in Jerusalem. I spearheaded that takeover of the Treasury building and she was in charge of the kitchen along with Eema Levanna. Something just clicked between us and we've been buddies ever since! Why is it that people who are in a miserable relationship can't accept that some of us can be quite happy on our own and have to push us into relationships too? It's not like they want us to be as happy as they are, because they are not happy at all. Misery loves company? We had a long chat last night and again she brought up the *forbidden topic* of why I refuse to even consider getting involved with a guy. I hate explaining it to her because I think it makes me sound more than a bit arrogant. After my disastrous marriage and the two relationships after that, I'm just not interested in another involvement. This is the arrogant part....It's not easy to find someone who can keep me challenged mentally; not after Gabby and Mark. It's not that I'm so bright, or that men are stupid, it's just that I need more of a challenge than I've found with anyone since Mark, who ended up blowing his brains out. That's usually the point when Eema Rivka starts with "but I'm not smart" and I have to explain that she actually is, but that's not the issue. The issue is men, and the litmus test for them is different to the one for my woman pals. One of my best friends is about as dumb as you can get and still be alive. She also has a heart of solid gold. Of course my last woman friend of great intelligence quit talking to me reasons I have yet to understand. We were on the same mental wavelength and often had idiotic arguments about who was brighter. As she just quit talking to me one fine day for reasons known only to her, I guess I was right and she is the smarter as I can't figure out the reason.
I was talking to Eema Rivka about the coming operation and she informed me that she is coming up to deliver me to the chop shop, take me home after and then, spoil me rotten for a few days. We both know that she's doing it because my ex daughter, who should do that herself, won't. Bless Eema Rivka. The battles between her and Orna should be fun to watch.
I read the hospital approval form from top to bottom and discovered that it's only for the hammer toes, but who wants to bet against me that The Toe goes too?
The Sore has taken a turn for the worse and I'm nervous that a minor infection that close to the op site might cause trouble. I decided to go back to a treatment we used before the present one. The previous one was working, but the nurse decided the sore looked better so we stopped it and it immediately got worse. Dr. Yuri agreed with me and the change was made! As Orna was waiting for me to take her shopping (out of money and not a thing to eat in her house, I skipped getting the X Ray form redated and decided to do it tomorrow. No rush as the sawbones won't be here before Friday. I'll do all that tomorrow and go to the butcher as well. I got a late start because of The A Team. I simply can not miss and episode. That worked out well because my new crutches arrived. It took the three of us to sort them; me, Orna and Danny. One of them has a very narrow cuff and my right forearm doesn't go in. We simply switched the bottom and put my old top in. The other cuff is fine and after we figured out how to adjust the length, I had two crutches. Of course I can only use the one because my left shoulder is a train wreck. Hells, my whole body is a train wreck!
Gerald finally caught up with me today and with any luck the Great Tape To Disk Project will be back on track tomorrow. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my font color back.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I have the oddest thoughts at the oddest times. Yesterday it hit me that, I raced through the first part of my life because somehow, deep down, I knew that last part would be lived at a much slower pace. Looking back, there is some evidence of this. As far back as 1972 when I designed and built that house in Topsham there must have been a little voice guiding me. I designed the perfect house for wheelchair use. That house indeed ended up as a home for someone in a chair, and I ended up in a chair as well. The fact that I'm no longer there to live in the house is not relevant. Somehow I knew.
I read somewhere that there are two (maybe more, but only these two are relevant) kinds of people. Those who choose a path and stick to it, and those who try many things. at this stage, I'm not sure those are mutually exclusive. Choosing a path of many trials and sticking to it is pretty much what I have done so far. Not for me the same nine to five daily grind. I've tried so many jobs, and had no trouble changing them as and when they were no longer interesting. Of course that drives the nine to fivers like my father mad. The nine to fivers can not understand how we adventurers can trade security for diversity. Maybe it's just confidence that no matter what we'll land on feet, or lacking functioning feet, in a 4 wheeler. The very thought of staying in the same job for years makes me ill. In fact, the only job I'd like to go back to is the last one I had, night manager of the hotel at Cfar Giladi.
There was a comforting sameness about it, while, every night was different. I loved that job and still miss it. It indulged my night owlness and my taste for variety. Every night indeed brought something new to deal with, from the dead tourist to the sex maniac, to terrorists on the lose to the politicians, and the large groups, to the media, and the cast of a play, to the various employees of firms that stayed there, and the property damage evaluators who basically lived there during Grapes Of Wrath when katyushas fell like rain. Never a dull night.
I learned a lot about myself from the other jobs I had before finding that job. Some I was good at, some I was crap at, but I wouldn't change a minute of any of them for long term job security with any of them, except maybe the last one.
I can say at this point, that I am quite happy about my life to date, even though there are things I might like to go back and change, but on the whole, it's been pretty good so far and I'm looking forward to more adventures.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I just love ambushing my ortho guy. I got to the clinic about 4 minutes before he did and told him "This is an ambush" He laughed and when we went into the clinic itself, he was accosted by one of the clerks who asked him to see this guy who waiting there before his official start time of 1000. Fair enough, Official ambushes take preference over private ones. There were 2 other women already waiting and 1 of them asked why *he* was going in now and Cahalit(the clerk) told her that it was an emergency, and checked the list. She implied that I wasn't on it all. I just smirked. After *he* came out, lady big mouth #1 went in and I chatted with Lady Big Mouth #2 who was going to be late for work. When #1 came out I told #2 to go in even though the doc called me. I then noticed that not only was I on the list, I was #2 on it!!
We discussed the toe situation and he wanted an X ray. Ok, fun and games as I can't get to the X ray place my clinic uses. Lots of stairs and not so much as a hand rail. That means I have to go to a different clinic that does X rays for the local emergency room. Paperwork and time. Got the X Ray and headed back to my clinic. We had previously discussed chopping off my big toe and/or cutting the tendons to my hammer toes. My left foot is useless in any event, and there has been no improvement in the toes, so it's not like cutting the tendons will make any difference. The doc filled out a hospital approval form for the surgery and gave me a list of tests including blood tests. I referred him to my recent blood test and he said fine, also that I have to talk with the anesthesiologist and get a chest X Ray. Ok. I did mention that I'd prefer if he did it with a local as I like to supervise. His reply was to the effect that that's exactly why he wants me out like a light. At this point I'm not sure what we are cutting, the toe or tendons. The toe pretty much requires a sledge hammer to put me out.........I guess maybe I'll ask him next week when we set the date. With any luck, he'll do it all.
Last night my brand new digibox went wacko and I called the cable company. They promised to send a supervisor to check it out between 1300 and 1500. He came and changed the box which promptly went haywire. Called in again and he came and changed the new one. Seems they made some improvements that really aren't. The box before the box before this one lasted 36 hours. The one before this one lasted 36 minutes. I wonder how long this one will last.
My crutch broke last week, luckily, not while in use and the pharmacy said they'd order one for me and it would be in Tues or Weds. I went in today and they said next week. I told them not to bother, I'd take care of it myself. After all the to do with cable I called a crip supply house in Tel Aviv and ordered crutches. Bet they'll be here by Sunday. I really should have done that last week when it broke.
I'm having a hard time wiping the grin off my face.
1) Toes will be sorted
2)crutches are ordered
3) after trying for 2 months to get the clock on the big TV set to proper date and time, I
got it done last night.
4) I'm just chuffed in general
Gin and Tonic, anyone?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Why does Hollyweird have to remake movies? I have yet to see one that comes to being as good as the original. An added issue is that, often so many years have gone by since seeing the original, it's often difficult to pin point what exactly was different about the remake. The Harvey remake with Harry Anderson wasn't as bad as some. It actually seems to be the same script and Anderson is quite good, but still can't match Stewart's performance. No one can.
Bye Bye Birdie is another example that shows exactly what I mean. In the remake they changed the story. The original was so much better.
This tirade against remakes was sparked by Babes In Toyland. I saw the remake the other day and while I don't have total recall of the original, I *do* know that the new unimproved remake was way off the mark.
Why oh why do they feel the need to remake what was great to start with, and change things that don't need changing? Never mind the BSG re make, which was a disaster, as well as Charlie's Angels. And now the Dukes Of Hazzard County will soon be coming our way to ruin our memories of a fun TV series. Who needs it? I don't. G-d help them if they try to remake The A Team. Actually I don't much care because I have ALL the original uncut episodes on tape as well as the scripts. It's the sacrilegious aspect of taking something that just fine the first and trying to cash in on the original success by redoing it. I *do* wish they would just leave well enough alone.
I think I'm going to stay in today. I'll do my contortion trick and change the bandage myself and spend the rest of the day trying to straighten myself out from pretzel shaped gimp. Gerald might show up today to connect the rest of the stuff to the computer and there's no reason to go out.
Rivka messengered me this morning before my first sip of coffee even to announce that she has diarrhea. Methinks she's trying to tell me she won't be coming this weekend. A dose of Metamucil, know as Psillium here will take care of that.
This might be a good time to straighten up the mess that is this corner of the house, and sort through the disks Gerald will need.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I made a most interesting discovery the other day, no, make that two. The first was that if you want to look for something on the www, it helps to connect to the www first. I made this discovery the other day when I was looking for my bank's site and all that would come up was my IP's home page. After a few more attempts and several choice curses, I figured out that I was getting nowhere fast for the simple reason that I'd forgotten to connect!
The next discovery was that Harley Too won't go unless he's disconnected from his charger. I'll skip the detailed description of how stupid I felt immediately after both discoveries.
On the day to day home front, there's not much to tell. I'm sleepy all the time, but still stay up late, but have been getting up in the middle of the night;around 0700. This usually gets me to the clinic nice and early and home in time for Star World's A Team episode. Today was an exception. Yesterday I decided that the new digibox is worse than the one it replaced and called Cable to ask if maybe they have one that will work 24/7/365 without going all wonky after a week of nonstop functioning. The gal said she'd send a techie today at 1300. He called at 0915 and asked if it was ok to come. Sure, and he was in and out by 1000.
Maybe I shouldn't complain, but do they go out of their way to hire people who can't tell time or figure out a calendar? The phone guy did the same thing. He was supposed to come on the Sunday after 1300, but showed up on the Friday at 1030. That kind of thing does make me wonder.
While at the clinic getting my bandage changed, I asked if my blood test results were back; they were and all is well in that department, including cholesterol which my doc tells me is more a function of stress than saturated fats! Must check that out. He also said that he wishes his cholesterol was as low as mine. Ok, I cheat and drink olive oil out of the bottle daily!! The pressure sore is better, but I'm concerned about keeping it gone if it ever goes away. There's not much that can be done about the cause until a cure can be found for drop foot. Thursday and my appointment with Dr. Sawbones is almost here so we'll have a chat on the subject. I'd also like to get rid of the hammer toe thing. It's only the last 3 toes of my left foot, but a major irritant non the less. And big toe gotta go.
Rivka is coming up on Friday or Saturday for a few days. That should be fun and she'll be here long enough for me to get her addicted to The A Team. We might even go to Nazareth one day so I get Dwight's pressies.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Ok, so it's going to be a scorcher today, close to 100 F, but inside it will be nice and cool. These are the days I say "To hells with the electrickery bill. Need cool" Of course the heat won't stop me from going out. I have a thing or two to do out today, then back home to the frigid interior of Gimp House. Rivka might come up today for a few days. I hope so. it's always fun to have her here. I'll call her before I go out to get my bandage changed to see if I have to go shopping and what to get.
The computer did a few odd things yesterday. When I came over to check mail, I'd no sooner touched the mouse when it decided to shut down and a notice came up that there was another user logged in and if I shut down, the other user's unsaved stuff would be lost. You guessed it, I shut it right down. This must be investigated and I think I'm going to start using a password for my own access. Must get a hold of Gerald today. It also did an odd thing when I ran Norton;I still don't like or trust Norton, but, I did promise to give it a fair chance. I ran the update that day and after it ran and restarted as per directions, it said to run to update again, then again, then it gave a notice that there's a corrupt file. I not only don't understand Norton, I don't like it. I have it set now to run every day at 0800 and run the other 2 things every other day. This security crap takes so much of the fun out wwwing. Why are there so many jerks out there who enjoy ruining things for us? Right, time to get out of here before the heat climbs too high.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


It was quite a crowd at Orna and Danny's last night for Shabbat dinner. Orly and Hain and their two girls were there too as one of Morris's(Danny's brother) daughters. For once it was relatively peaceful as the girls didn't immediately get into the usual loud argument about who would clear the table/wash the dishes/do the pots and the usually Friday evening bickering. It was very pleasant. After dinner we all sat out on the back porch and planned today's expedition to The Jordan River. I really want to go but am now having second thoughts because it's a rough ride out there and my back is not happy just at the thought of it. Maybe I should give it a pass, but it's so lovely out there......
Poor Haim, he made the mistake of trying to sell me the CNN/liberal party line on Bush. It is infuriating that the news stations here are little more than Hebrew outlets for CNN and do absolutely no independent investigative reporting. Bush got the US into Iraq for the oil. Period. It must be true, that's what they say in the press. It really is too much. If an Israeli really wants to know what's going on they need to work at it and not be satisfied with the one sided reports from liberal sources only. They still think Clinton was great, and have no comprehension of the insane pro Arab machinations of the US State Department, and how hard, nay, impossible it is to get around the entrenched ideology there. It is simply assumed that because State is so pro Arab and the Arabs have the oil that by extension, Bush is pro Arab/oil and that explains everything. It looks like Haim is in need of The Gimp's Crash Course In American Political Insanity And The Effects Of One Sided Anti Bush Reporting.
My back started screaming that it wanted to come home at around 2100, so I indulged it and decided to start a thorough search for my missing e mail address book. I found it and got it in it's proper place. Computer is running much better, but there are still a few oddities that I'll have to talk to Gerald about later. I also NEED to get the video/tv stuff sorted, but for now, I think it might be nap time. I was up until my usual Friday night bed time of 0300 and got up at 0730 when Peg decided it was time for him to go out. I'm sleepy, and just about decided not to go to the Jordan. Maybe I'll give them a call around 1500 and if they are still there, head out. We'll see. But now, it's nap time.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Last night while I was merrily looking up useless stuff on the www while keeping an eye on London via Sky News, Orna brought my weekly supply of Eggplant delicacies over and informed that the a Council meeting was convened in Orly and Haim's yard and that my presence was wanted. I sent Peg into his room, grabbed a pack of fags, a beer and my keys and headed off to the meeting. Danny, Orna, Orly, Haim,Shimon, Natan, and 2 of Orna and Danny's daughters' were there. I know Orly and Haim from around, but never spent an evening with them. It was great fun and I was allowed to expound on my favorite subjects.
They are heading for the Jordan River tomorrow and want to me to go out there too. Sounds like a plan. Harley Too can do it no sweat as the road is flat. The only trouble is that my crutch broke and they didn't have one at the pharmacy, so getting around there could be dodgy at best. I'm sure I'll manage. I do so many things that are supposedly impossible for one in my condition, that I'm not too concerned.
Today I got up in the middle of the night (0700) and went racing out of here in time to get to the newspaper shop (they weren't in yet) and to the clinic by 0800. The cutter who is treating my ankle says it's better and to continue with the ointment and bandages. It *is* better, but still hurts and I'm concerned about it becoming chronic because there's not much that can be done to fix the cause-dropfoot. The good news is that my sawbones will be back on Thursday and *him* I trust.
After seeing the cutter I went back to the newspaper shop but the locals still hadn't arrived and there were lots of Russians who can't even read them waiting for the papers to get there. I pulled in and had a fag until they came in. Then to the grocery shop to pick up a few things where I discovered that my change pouch was AWOL. I told the cashier to put the stuff aside and went to the ATM. By the time I got back, they'd taken my stuff back from whence it came, so I had to get it again.
A Team started at 1200 and there were 2 of my favorite episodes-Pros And Cons and Bad Day at black Rock. Good mindless fun. After 3 A Team episodes, I came here to catch up on e mails and posts to my blogs. There's not much going on and I still haven't finished the papers, so I think I'll go do that until Top Gear starts at 1800, after which it will be time to go to Orna and Danny's for dindins.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


The last couple of days have been great. The Health Ministry delegation was here yesterday and indicated that they would be handing a positive recommendation to the committee that decides who gets electric chairs. The committee might decide to visit as well, but that's just fine with me. Gimp House was all nice and clean and ready for their visit thanks to Orna. I was up and in BBC at the computer when they arrived early and Orna was here too. She stopped in after a traumatic experience at one of the house she cleans and I took advantage and had her make me a cup of coffee. She was still making it when they got here and served it before leaving. That kind of stuff is always good in front of Health Ministry delegates!
Having them arrive at 1000 messed up my morning outing so I stayed in and finally got Zohar, the secondhand guy to come over and make an offer on the stuff in the guest/extra room. He will give me what I want for it all by Sunday.
I went out today. I got my bandage changed, raided my bank account, picked up a few things for Orna,Bought a pillow thingy for watching TV in bed[purple,(duh)] exchanged the book that bought for the second or maybe third time, bought fags and came home tp tweak the computer, then caught A Small But Deadly War-A Team, then ended up on Sky News for the attack on London. More of that at A View....
Child Genius came over and we ordered the tickets to the con in Holland. He had to do because I refuse to have a Paypal account or do any money transactions on line. He had enough money in his account, so I gave him cash and the tickets are on order and will arrive by mail at some point. He also sorted my troubles with Thunderbird and got gimphouse.com working. franne@gimphouse.com is up and running, so feel free! News is on in a minute(Hebrew) so I think I'll go see what's up in our corner of the world then, post to A View....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yeah, yeah, I know, I usually moan and groan and gripe about nothing of consequence, but today I'm all smiles. What happened? Nothing earthshattering, just nice stuff. I finally got the letter of praise about Zehavit(the detested upstairs neighbor's daughter who is a guard at one of the entrances to the mall in town where my medical clinic is). I printed out a copy for her, one for the company she works for and one for the mall's management and gave them to her to run up to the top floor where the relevant offices are while going in for my annual blood test. After the nurse drained my arm of a gallon or so of blood, I stopped near Zehavit's chair for a fag break and we got to talking. Turns out I was her English teacher in 1994!! It took a while to figure it out as it was so long ago. She was amazed that I remembered her class so well. Teachers always remember their favorite classes and students who stood out for whatever reason. Just now I'm starting to get a picture of her in that class. She was one of the quiet ones and a pretty lousy student. Well behaved but a bit on the dumb side. That was fun and I grinned all the way to the coffee shop. From there I took the video remote to Yehiel, then went on a town wide search for a non electric kettle. I broke my rule about not buying exactly what I want because the one I want costs 350, is cast iron and weights 2 tons. It looks ok, but I really want a pretty enameled one. One day I'll find one and use this one as part of my electricity diet. Electric kettles use lots of the stuff and I'm cutting down where I can.
I rolled in at about 1145 and the phone rang just after TAT started. I answered anyway. Boy am I getting lax. It was from the health Ministry in Safad. They want to come tomorrow for the obligatory home visit for the electric chair. Hmmmm, something must be very wrong in the office. They didn't lose the paperwork yet, and it went really fast. Less than a month after the paperwork was handed in! A new record for the Safad office. I'd better get Orna in to do a quick floor wash, or maybe not...........sometimes a mess is good. I will be on the chair so as to be able to show them how hard it is for me to move it! So, I have a lot to be pleased about.
I was looking through the notes I jotted down while the computer was gone and realized that I forgot to write about the cop who almost got taken to the wedding last week. Monday was the day the settlers set for a quiet roadside demonstration by anti withdrawal drivers. We were all supposed to stop by the side of the road and hold up signs at 1800. We were driving past Rosh Pina when tens of cars stopped and there were cop cars escorting them. The cop cars were in the middle of a two lane part of the road and a cop was standing behind his car. I don't know where he came from, but he almost went to the wedding as a hood ornament! Luck was with me and I swerved and slowed down just in time to miss him. As I have discovered that I can not smoke and drive at the same time, we stopped at Amiad Junction in front of the other demonstrating cars and Child Genius, who went with me, asked "Why?" I told him that it was a fag break and to give the cops time to catch me if they so desired, and in front of everyone so as not to get stuck in the demonstration. Always thinking-that's me!
I'm going to stop thinking now, grab a beer and go out for a Sprintzak Council Meeting in Orna and Danny's yard.

Monday, July 04, 2005


At this point, I'm not sure exactly which day it was that Gerald took the computer away to sort it's insane behavior,but I know when it came home, after a thorough cleaning of viral material. There was a knock on the door yesterday and a tired looking lad hauled it in and deposited it on it's bricks. The mousie decided not to work so I just turned it off and grabbed a book and the TV remote. Child Genius wandered in this afternoon and connected everything except the video stuff and here we are almost sorted. For some reason, purple looks brown. Must figure it out. There we go. Today was a bit nuts. I started that savings account 6 months ago knowing it would be a giant step on the road to financial health, and that I'd get the loan it entitled me to at the start of July. I had a bit of trouble convincing the boss of my money at the bank (Mordy) that he really did want to approve it. Yes, of course he approved it in the end, and wrote the approval out for Tikva who was supposed to do the paperwork on it. I went in today to sign the loan papers only to find out that it could only be done at the end of THIS month. Grrr. I rolled out and decided to get a new black keyboard and mousie, and my brain kicked into gear on the way. What to do? If I don't get the money in my account NOW, I'm going down in flames, and no Holland. What to do? What to do? Aha! Convince Mordy that he really wants to do is give me a bridging loan for a month. YES!! He agreed, so I am now the happy smiley owner of a black keyboard that is very comfortable to use, a new mousie and a bunch of CDs and CD cases, not to mention a bank account in pretty good shape! And I got this to type in the correct color. Yup, life is pretty good.
The only thing I can really complain about is that the video rig on the computer isn't up and running yet, and The A Team and Highlander are back on AXN from the first episodes as is Highlander. I'll get that sorted tomorrow. Ah, heaven. A Team 4 times a day if I want. 0800 AXN 1000 Star World 1200 AXN and 1700 AXN. I've already overdosed on Mexican Slayride, the first episode, which I adore.
It's catch up time now. On June 27 I rented a car to go to a wedding at Megiddo and promptly lost a 3 way battle for the same piece of road. Coming home from the rental place I had to go by 2 schools that always have cars parked on both sides of the street. Some jerk who had just parked opened the driver's door just as huge truck was coming along. So as not to rip the door off the jerk's car, the truck swerved a bit a towards me, and so as not to plow into the truck head on , I swerved a bit to the right and and bunged the mirror on the passenger side into a huge green garbage dumpster. The mirror disintegrated, but I got away from the truck. I enjoyed driving again and other than that had no trouble. The wedding was lovely and it was fun seeing all the folks from Tiberius and Nazareth. The next day I decided to see how it was using the car for errands as I'd paid for 2 days. I left the chair in the trunk and went to the clinic to get my bandage changed. The guard at the entrance helped me get the chair out and I ran into a neighbor who pushed me into the clinic. I really can't make the thing go myself. Then I somehow got down to the floor my bank is on and got some cash for the petrol I'd have to put in the car before returning it the next day. Back up to the top floor, cigarette break and this time we needed help getting the chair back in the boot. Home, rest, TV and next morning off to get petrol and return the car. The mirror cost 525 because the electric that moves it got busted by the dumpster, (sigh) But, ok, it might have been an expensive trial, but I *can* still drive. This is good. And I am feeling up to taking on the British roads in September.
I've been here sorting the computer since about 1500 and it's 2120 now and my back is screaming, so I think I'll finish this update tomorrow with the tale of the telephones. 'Gnight