Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Things have gotten interesting now that Miss Missy has arrived. She hasn't been here for a month and already has me pretty much trained to her standards. The poor little thing was abused badly by previous humans She must have known that I would never do that to her.Fischel the intrepid guard fish drowned in his bowl on the Friday. On Sunday I suddenly decided that I wanted to go to the shelter to see if they had a dog for me. Golan came along to help. When we got there, I was put through an interrogation that would have made the Mossad proud. I passed and the owner told us that she had just the dog for me at her house, where she keeps 30 dogs. We followed her to her house and when she came out with the dog, I opened the car door and she jumped right on me. That was it. End of story. There was n question that she had found her human! So it was back to the shelter to do the paper work. And that was it. Miss Missy had a new human. At first she was a little confused as to which of us was in fact her human, but she figured it out quickly. She now knows exactly who her human is, and adores Golan as well.She has pretty much gotten over her fears and even asks for a tummy rub.She doesn't much like it when I leave the house, but her welcome when I come back is worth going out for no reason other than to be welcomed back by her. Her whole little body quivers in joy and she jumps up and down demanding attention which she gets in excess.We have a wonderful mutual admiration society thing going on here.

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