Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm not quite sure just how I twigged to this insane development, but it does look like I do in fact have a very small, very demented fan club. As far as I can tell, there are 2 living human charter members, one long deceased human, and two deceased canine members, as well as one living canine charter member who seems to have appointed herself to be the reigning chairdog of my fan club.
The first fan I was aware of was my orthopedic surgeon from way back in the 1980s. Every time I had an appointment with him, he made a point of telling me that he thought I was amazing for going through all those shoulder surgeries with such a great attitude. He was, in his own words flabbergasted that I went through one of his procedures without passing out on the spot. We won't go into the time I took the stitches out of the second operation site. Sadly, he retired, then died and we got a new orthopedic surgeon at my clinic. It seems that my attitude to this whole being crippled thing is something he admires, not to mention my willingness to try just about anything he suggests. I've heard him take off on patients who he thinks are faking it, and even heard him tell one that if she wants to see real pain to take a good look at me on her way out. She left in a huff and glared at me in a most unfriendly way. He doesn't have much patience with slackers or pretenders.
Pegasus and Ragamuffin were also great fans of mine, but it was mutual. They adored me, and I them. No brainer there.
Now, my dentist has added his name to the fan club roster. It has turned out that the last few times I've gone to see him, I've gotten worse as far as taking a few steps goes and I have to take a few more than a few to get to his chair of torture, and he always has something to say about my spirit. Yeah yeah.
Now, last but far from least we have Miss Missy, the intrepid terrier who was badly abused before we found each other. It was love at first sight when we first saw each other. She shadows me where ever I go in the house and has appointed herself to the role of bathroom supervisor. She scoots under the wheely every time I go in and parks her little butt firmly on the floor and makes sure that I'm doing it right. She cracks me up every time she does that.
Coming home to her is incredible. Obviously she hears me on the ramp before I get to the door, and as soon as I open it, she's all over me with her little body literally quivering in excitement. I love coming home to that most times.
Last week it was almost a problem. Golan and I went to see my orthopedic doc in a suburb of Haifa. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant we both like. I got the car parked just fine, if maybe a little to close to the pole that supports my gimp parking space sign and had a little trouble getting on to Harley. When I got on the scooter I saw my cell phone on the seat, and that the little blue bit of silk that I use to put my anti death stockings on with had fallen out of my bra onto the ground. Great, just great. There was no way I could get to either item, so I decided to go to the ramp and get my picker upperer off the back of my in house wheely which was chained to rail the on the ramp. I took the corner badly and Harley got stuck on the little wall and could not be moved. There I sat with no way to get to my phone, until some guy came along and I asked him to please get the phone and blue thing and to close the car door. He was a blessing at just the right time. I immediately called Golan to tell him I was stuck on the wall and he came a run to get me off the wall. As if all that wasn't enough, I needed the loo badly. Oh, did I need the loo. Poor Miss Missy must have going wild hearing my voice so close, but not coming in. She went ballistic when I finally came in and couldn't care less that I needed the loo. She needed loving first, so while she did her 'happy that her human was home' dance I did my own dance of 'I need the loo' in the wheely while petting her. I made it there in the nick of time and she of course supervised.
So, that's my fan club. And I'm a great fan of each of them in return. Anyone interested in joining can sign up in the comments section of this post!
The infamous Harley capturing wall: That's Harley on the ramp, and last but far from least, Miss Missy, Loo supervisor extraordinaire

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