Saturday, June 15, 2013



I was a very bad Human this week. Miss Missy was in bad need of a hair cut and getting her nails clipped. Neither of which I can do myself. I made her an appointment at the local doggy spa for the full treatment, had Golan move her seat belt thingy to the front seat, and somehow got both of us in the car. She was just fine riding along, then, she balked at getting out with a perfect stranger. SHe did not want to go. I did wait until she was out of sight before driving away to get the a/c in the car it's annual dose of cooling gas. That done, I went back to wait for her. Thing is, I can't get into that shop on any of my wheely things. The step is just too high. Had I been able,  would have gone in and waited downstairs where she could hear me, if not see me. As that can't be done..................When she came out the door nd saw the car waiting for her, she literally pulled her escort to her door and flew in when it was opened. Poor little thing couldn't get close enough to me. I hugged her and petted her until she calmed down enough for me to put her seat belt thingy on and she got as close to my driving arm as she could and I could still drive. She stopped shivering after a few minutes, but looked very confused when I turned into the Mickey D's drive in to get her an ice cream cone. Ragamuffin and Pegasus loved this part of their spa days and scarfed their cones down in record time. Miss Missy was not having any of it, and refused to even taste that lovely vanilla cone. I tried and trying to conjol her into taking just one lick, even showed her how, but she wasn't about to budge. She was not going to let me off that easy. No ice cream bribe for her! When we got home, and out of the car, she went nuts and pulled on my arm just as I went around the corner with the stone wall and I got the scooter stuck on it for the second time thus year! Serves me right for what I did to her. So, I called Golan nad he came running to get us free of that wall, and she was all over him in a flash. He took her in the house, then, came back to free me nad Harley from the stone wall. Once I was in, and Golan was ready to leave after yet another successful heroic rescue, she danced around him in an attempt to make him stay. I think it was her way of showing me that I was not yet forgiven.I'm not quite sure that I have been forgiven yet. She is still a bit aloof, in spite of having gotten two huge steak bones. I think I'm going to make a "Miss MIssy Ice cram Day" once a month and take her for a car ride to get her one. At the least it will get her used to going in the car with me nad not being dropped off only to wonder id she is being abandoned yet again by her human.

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