Thursday, July 07, 2011


Amazingly, we got me to the airport in plenty of time for my flight. After a farewell coffee with The Savtas I was whisked away by wheely driver and left to carry out my cigarrette smuggling plot. I bought 10 cartons, 5 of marlboro light for me and 5 Marlboro red for Jeff. I took the packages apart and stuffed the individual packs into my carry on bags, and they got through!Never mind the 3 cartons in my checked bags-giggles- The only problem was at LaG uardia, where the TSA stole the gifts . That for Jeff and Jonathan. I got to Portland a few minutes after Susie and we got the car and went to the hotel. That was a bit of an adventure! I was headed in the right direction but stopped at a huge place with a huge parking lot in to try to figure it out. A guy in a pick up stopped to ask if we were ok and tried to show us where the hotel was. He was very sweet and found two wrong ones. Then I found the right one quite by accident.
In the morning we went to Jeff's and found it after quite a few wrong turns. I made it up his porch steps but went ass over teakettle trying to get in the door. I landed on our bags and my crutch and burst out laughing. I used the steps to get up and got in. We had a lovely visit with Vicki until Jeff got home. Then the waterworks started. We laughed and cried and told old stories until it was time to head for Brunswick and find a hotel. We stopped at the Comfort Inn-no smoking-grrrrr- and took a room until Sunday. Ok. This coputer is driving me wild. More later.

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Pepperhawk said...

OK, you are slipping up. where is the rest of the trip? I guess too much partying and no blogging eh?

Will wait to see more later.

Pepperhawk said...

I hope the weather was better for you in Nevada. Sounds like you were having fun there.

Weather has not changed here much. Still in the 90s and too hot to be outside, but I have the AC room and the dogs to bug me.

Ron stays in the hot room as usual. I guess he just doesn't like being in here with me. He has so many excuses.

Purplegimp said...

The rest of the trip is in my notebook to be written up on a computer that knows how to behave!
Ron is just being his typical Y self